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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2012
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      Friday, May 25, 2012 Issue #3719

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Anyone saw The Hangover 2 which was filmed here in Bangkok? If you thought
      for a minute that all the sh!t that they do is all Hollywood, believe me,
      it's all real! This city is crazy. There are no words to describe the
      nightlife here (well, maybe I can use x-rated) and everything else. It
      really has to be seen to be believed. Good God!!

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      - Chris Jericho has been suspended by WWE for kicking the Brazilian flag
      yesterday during the company's debut show in Sao Paolo. Police officers
      threatened to arrest the former Undisputed champion during the live event
      after Jericho took the Brazilian flag from CM Punk and decided to play
      stupid with it. Desecrating the national flag is a crime in Brazil and
      anyone caught doing it can be arrested for his or her actions. While the
      event was halted to clear the mess, police officers told Jericho that he
      has two options, apologize now in front of everyone or get a taste of
      Brazilian jail. Jericho apologized immediately. Police allowed the show to
      go on as planned after Jericho apologized. On the WWE.COM website, WWE
      issued a statement regarding the incident saying, "Chris Jericho has been
      suspended indefinitely due to an irresponsible act of denigrating the
      Brazilian flag at a WWE event in Sao Paulo on May 24. The WWE has
      apologized to the citizens and the government of Brazil for this
      incident." Jericho on his Twitter wrote that he loves Brazil and he wishes
      he could've spent more time there, calling it a "beautiful country." The
      flag spot was not planned beforehand and none of the WWE officials signed
      off on it.

      - WWE's debut show in Brazil which was supposed to be held Tuesday was
      postponed and schedule for yesterday night. Most of the Superstars, Divas,
      and crew, did not arrive in the country in time as their flight to Sao
      Paolo was canceled. The rest of the team arrived later at night and the
      one day off scheduled for yesterday was changed to accommodate the show.
      "Flight to Sao Paulo cancelled. Mad scramble to find a place to sleep
      tonight. Status of show unknown. Sorry everybody we'll keep u posted!"
      Chris Jericho wrote on his Twitter on Tuesday. The current WWE champion CM
      Punk also wrote about the canceled flight, saying that "everything just
      went sideways," adding that they're working on trying to get there. After
      the Brazil show, everyone scrambled out of the country to make it in time
      for their first of the two Ecuador shows scheduled for tonight and
      tomorrow while Smackdown has a Mexico tour which started yesterday, then
      one show on tonight, and Saturday.

      - The pay-per-view numbers released by WWE show that Extreme Rules
      featuring John Cena vs Brock Lesnar did just 251,000 buys worldwide. This
      was Lesnar's first match back inside a WWE ring since WrestleMania XX
      where he wrestled Goldberg with Steve Austin as the special guest referee.
      Despite an eight year hiatus, fans didn't look particularly forward - or
      didn't want to pay - to see Lesnar back in a WWE ring. 147,000 buys were
      registered from North America while the remaining 104,000 were from
      overseas. The former UFC Heavyweight champion made a big splash in the UFC
      when he moved to the Octagon and holds some of the best pay-per-view buys
      in the history of the company for his fights. However that didn't
      translate to wrestling fans as this year's Extreme Rules only did 35,000
      extra buys from the previous year.

      - Nashville's City Paper is reporting that TNA Wrestling has filed a
      lawsuit against WWE and Brian Wittenstein - a former employee - citing
      numerous charges on contract tampering. TNA is claiming that Wittenstein,
      who worked for TNA before moving to WWE and then getting fired - revealed
      several contract information of current TNA Superstars and said that it
      created civil conspiracy and unfair competition under the Tennessee
      Uniform Trade Secrets Act. "This wrongful disclosure and misappropriation
      allows WWE to effectively price TNA out of the market and cause
      irreparable harm to TNA's business and profitability," the lawsuit reads.
      "WWE now knows the confidential details of TNA's business affairs
      including its marketing and business strategy and analysis, which leaves
      TNA vulnerable to WWE's unfair position in the market." WWE fired
      Wittenstein after he came forward with the TNA information but TNA still
      claims that they were informed by WWE only several weeks after it actually
      happened. One major point being raised is that WWE started talking again
      to Ric Flair after they learned about his contract situation from
      Wittenstein and Flair now wants to leave the company to allegedly return
      to WWE. Flair has been off TNA television for several weeks and no party
      has come out to explain why. Jerry McDevitt, WWE's top dog attorney said,
      "Our reaction is that no good deed ever goes unpunished. What the WWE did
      here is what you would hope any company would do in these circumstances it
      found itself in."

      - TNA's newest Knockout Brooke Hogan joined the Fox & Friends television
      show along with Velvet Sky and ODB in New York yesterday. A ring was set
      up for the interview in the street next to the Fox building. One of the
      hosts got some action against Sky and ODB and was even low blowedŠbut no
      sold the move! The short interview was basically done to promote the new
      time slot for IMPACT which is going live at 8PM EST starting May 31. A
      group of military personnel were present ringside and one of them even got
      in the ring to get head locked by ODB. You can see a video of the 5 minute
      interview at http://w-o.it/Kn6osS

      - RAW this past Monday night drew a 3.0 rating off hours 3.08 and 2.99
      with a total of 4,156,000 viewers. That is up from last week's 2.94 but
      had around 250,000 less viewers in total. Smackdown on Friday night did a
      1.81 rating and a total of 2,803,000 viewers. That is up from last week's
      1.7 and around 290,000 viewers more overall. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen
      Media Research and put online by PWInsider.com)

      - Deadline.com is reporting that The Rock's movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation
      has been pushed for nine months, yes, nine months, and is now scheduled to
      be out on March 29, 2013 instead of June 29. The push, according to
      Paramount Pictures, is to convert the movie into 3D. The movie wasn't
      originally shot in 3D cameras but can be converted like The Avengers and
      Titanic were. "We're going to do a conscientious 3D job because we've seen
      how it can better box office internationally," a Paramount studio exec
      told the website. A March 29, 2013, release date would put the movie out
      one week before WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey, an event that The Rock said
      he would be participating in. Paramount went all out to revive the G.I.
      Joe franchise after a disappointing first movie and is banking on Dwayne
      "The Rock" Johnson to lift it up like he did with Fast Five. Apart from
      The Rock as Roadblock, Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis are the two other
      leading actors in the movie which had a budget of $125 million.

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