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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #110

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      | Saturday, June 27th, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 1 1 0
      | *Issue #110* |
      | | Wrestling-Online.com's Official Newsletter
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      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Ok! Makelist.com is working again, and the new subscribers are added!
      Yesterday, they were completely down! Thank God, everything is back to
      normal again.

      We're doing the Q & A, in the section "Ask PrimeTime". If you have any
      wrestling questions you want to clear, read that section, and mail your

      Back tomorrow!


      As you may know, the phenomenal hit Titanic is scheduled for video
      release on September 1st for $29.95 SRP -- we will be taking pre-orders
      starting June 11, 1998 at the unbelievably low price of $9.99! To
      order, go to http://www.reel.com/cgi-bin/session/WRON/sale/sale.html

      ____ __ ______
      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
      \ \ / \ / __/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - The KOTR Special will be on TSN, June 28th at 12:30 pm (Sam Creamer)

      - Afa "The Wild Samoan" and the WWF are teaming up to present a free
      show at the Lehigh Valley Sports Festival on July 12 at 9:30pm.

      Called Sportsfest 98, the show will include matches such as, Superfly
      Jimmy Snuka vs King Kong Bundy (managed by Johnny Glitter); The Samoan
      Gangstas vs The Bushwackers;The Nation of Domination (with Rocky Maivia)
      vs The Love Connection; Salvadore Bellomo vs Hungarian Barbarian; Nasty
      Boy Knobbs vs Devon Storm; Perfect Creation (with Jim Cornette) vs Kale
      (with the Prophet); John Rambo & Doink the Clown vs The Bad Crew
      (managed by Jimmy the Geek). The showwill include appearances by WWF
      Superstars RockyMaivia and Dude Love. Matches are subject to change.The
      show takes place on July
      12 at 9:30 at the Cedar Beach in Allentown. (Bob Ryder)

      - Federation Television Producers Win Awards!

      We would like to congratulate David Sahadi and Chris Chambers for
      receiving the following awards at the Annual PROMAX Convention last week
      in Toronto, Canada:

      The “WWF ATTITUDE CAMPAIGN”, produced by David Sahadi and Chris
      Chambers, was awarded the Gold, recognized as best in the category,

      In addition, the “WWF ATHLETE’S IMAGE PROMO” garnered a Silver in the
      category, TV ANNOUNCEMENT (single spot). Also, the STONE COLD STEVE
      AUSTIN VIDEO PRESENTATION, produced by Chris Chambers for the William
      Morris Agency, was also recognized with a Silver in the category,

      The PROMAX International Gold Medallion Awards are given each year for
      creative excellence in promotion and marketing in the electronic media.
      For 37 years, the awards have been recognized as the industry’s highest
      accolade for creative professionals in television, radio, cable and
      program distribution worldwide.

      PROMAX is the international association of promotion and marketing
      professionals in the electronic media, dedicated to advancing the role
      and increasing the effectiveness of promotion and marketing within the
      industry. This year’s conference and exposition, which took place June
      17-20TH, was attended by representatives from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Warner
      Brothers, Paramount, Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star, Turner Broadcasting,
      and over 9,000 broadcast professionals worldwide. Please congratulate
      David and Chris for their outstanding work!!!! (WWF.com)



      __ __ ___ __ __
      3 \ \ /\ / // __\\ \ /\ / /
      \ \/ // /| | \ \/ // / WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
      \ // / | |___ \ // / ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \/ \/ \___/ \/ \/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - 52 pictures from last week's Nitro are available at WCW Online. Go to
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/wcwonline/ to download.

      - WCW Hotline Report:

      - In addition to Rodman & Malone, Greene will be appearing at Bash at
      the Beach, as he teams with Goldberg to take on Hennig and the Giant.
      The match will be interesting to see how the fans will react when
      Goldberg wrestles for longer period of time.

      - Bret Hart vs Benoit to be the first of many. They should have a long
      series of matches. Look for Iron Man Matches and 7 fall matches between
      the two.

      - Worldwide & Pro have final tapings this weekend, then will go to
      magazine format, recapping Nitro matches.

      - Giants smoking is extremley controversial. While it does make him come
      across more edgy on TV, the Fan & Media backlash will cause a lot of
      trouble, due to a family-orientated program basically promoting tobacco.

      - Time Magazine running article on Monday Night wars.

      - Snuka recently backstage at Nitro. May make some appearances, but no

      - Rey Mysterio returning very shortly. Put on 15 lb's of muscle.

      - Scott Hall will be back within 2 weeks, and will join The Wolfpac

      - Tennesee Newspaper recently wrote 2 page article on Kevin Nash. He was
      kicked off the team for attacking his coach. Nash said he has 5 years
      left in his career.

      - WCW opening theme restaurants, similar to Planet Hollywood. First one
      in Las Vega in September probably. Lot of appearances by wrestlers. WCW
      have big commitment to Las Vegas. West Coast presence gives them more
      'worldwide' coverage. (WrestlingHeadlines)

      - Sting was on Hard Copy yesterday (June 26) promoting his new movie,
      after they had an interview with Sting with his hair down (not puffed
      up) and no make up on. He said that wrestling was indeed entertainment,
      but the pain was real. (Sam Creamer)

      - Thunder got a 2.7 rating

      4 COLUMNS

      By PrimeTime
      E-mail: mjukof@...

      Well, I only got a few questions this week.. So I'll go ahead and answer

      Q: Is Ric Rude ever going to wrestle again? He is one of my favorite
      wrestlers of all time and I would love to see him back in the ring. He
      appears to be in pretty good shape and if Hogan, Savage and Piper can
      still wrestle I'm sure Rude could still do some damage. I'm tired of
      listening to him talk and cheap shot people. Is that going to be his
      role from now on? Thanks for taking my question. Even if you don't use
      it in your column I would appreciate any info you may have on the
      ravishing one. Thanks. Matt.

      A: Rick Rude went down a couple years ago with a back injury. I'm almost
      positive that his wrestler career is over. Rude is just a manager type
      for Curt Hennig and basically just there to be in the nWo.

      Q: I was wondering if you could answer when and how did buff bagwell
      join the new World order?

      A: Let's see here.. On November 25th Nitro, Eric Bischoff announced that
      all WCW wrestlers have 30 days to convert their WCW contracts to nWo
      contracts or risk becoming targets of the nWo. Bagwell was the first to
      sign up.

      Q: How is it going? I have a question that hopefully you can clear up.
      My half brother who lives in New York receives a wrestling newsletter
      that has the quote-on-quote "real" facts that happen behind the
      scenes...like in the wrestlers real lives. Apparently, this newsletter
      featured a blurb about how Eric Bischoff and Miss Elizabeth are DATING
      in real life, and that even though the legitly broke Randy Savage's
      leg--on accident--Savage is alleging they did it on purpose!! This is
      really odd, and I wanted to know if there is any truth to this. Please
      print the answer in next week's column. It will be greatly
      appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

      A: Elizabeth and Bischoff are just on-camera dating I guess. Liz has
      since been married to a lawyer somewhere. And Savages leg was not broken
      on purpose. It's pro-wrestling. They don't do stuff like that.. Or, at
      least.. Not in WCW :)

      Q: Are Liz and Randy Savage really divorced?

      A: Yes, they are. Like I said above, Liz has since been married to a

      Q: When was the last time Tully Blanchard was in a wrestling match?

      A: Of my knowledge, it happened on January 7th, 1995 when he came out of
      retirement to wrestle ECW champion Shane Douglas for the ECW
      Championship. The match ended in a 60 minute time limit draw. And
      Blanchard has not since wrestled I don't think.

      That's all the questions for this week. PLEASE send your questions to me
      mjukof@... . I like to answer them for some strange reason :)


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