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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3641

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2012
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      Sunday, January 8, 2012 Issue #3641

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Well hello everybody. Long time no see. Finally back home after three weeks
      out for the holidays. It's been a great ride but now it's back to reality
      and back to work.

      We should be migrating the newsletter to HTML in the next week, so please
      make sure you can receive HTML messages and set your preferences in Yahoo!
      Groups to receive this in HTML.

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      - Live tonight from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, TNA Wrestling
      presents Genesis on pay-per-view. The full card is as follows: Bobby Roode
      vs Jeff Hardy for the TNA World title; Matt Morgan and Crimson vs Samoa Joe
      and Magnus for the World Tag Team titles; Austin Aries vs Kid Kash vs Jesse
      Sorensen vs Zema Ion for the X Division title; Gail Kim vs Mickie James for
      the Knockouts title; Abyss vs Bully Ray in a Monster's Ball match; D'Angelo
      Dinero vs Devon; James Storm vs Kurt Angle; and Gunner vs Rob Van Dam.

      - TNA President Dixie Carter announced on Twitter that TNA will tape its
      first IMPACT Wrestling show in London later this month. This is the first
      time that the show will be taped outside the United States and Wembley Arena
      will be the host on January 28. The date was supposed to be a regular live
      event for TNA as part of the upcoming UK tour but fans with tickets will now
      enjoy a television taping instead.

      - IMPACT Wrestling did a 1.11 rating and an average of 1,595,000 viewers
      overall last week on Spike. The number is down from last week's 1.16 however
      the show had 85,000 viewers more. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media
      Research and put online by PWInsider.com)

      - Bill Goldberg - the former WCW and World Heavyweight champion - wrote on
      Twitter responding to a fan that he would do a match against Lesnar at
      WrestleMania if the opportunity comes. The original tweet was answered by
      Ross who said that a match between the two would be "miraculous," although
      "highly unlikely." And that's when Goldberg came in with his response.
      "......I'd do it," Goldberg wrote in reply to Ross' tweet. Goldberg and
      Lesnar fought each other at WrestleMania XX at Madison Square Garden in New
      York City and that match ended up being Lesnar's last match in his WWE
      career. The match - refereed by Steve Austin - was won by Goldberg but
      Austin had the last laugh of the night as he ended up delivering the stunner
      to Goldberg when the two were celebrating.

      - The Ultimate Warrior posted a ten minute video message reply to Kevin Nash
      regarding his $100,000 MMA challenge which Nash suggested to take place a
      day before WrestleMania this year in Miami. Warrior said that everyone in
      this business from the top guys to the people who sell food at the
      concession stands know that he is a "two-face manipulator" and a "phony
      motherf**ker*" among other things and that he likes to hold other young guys
      down, adding that he's a cheater and a thief. Warrior told Nash that the
      only reason he has a job in the WWE is because of his friend "Paulie" -
      obviously referring to Triple H. He described HHH along the same lines of
      Nash and said that both are the same kind of human beings. The former WWE
      champ said he respected the boys - the young men currently in the business -
      and he can never say bad things about them, unlike those guys who had
      success in the past but still are there to steal the spotlight from the new
      generation of stars, robbing the boys the chance of success. He told Nash to
      pack his gear back, do the right thing, "and take your ass home." Regarding
      the MMA challenge that Nash issued, he said it was odd that Nash wanted an
      MMA fight since neither of them ever trained for MMA. He said that both of
      them would have their ass handed to them by any MMA fighter in any MMA
      competition. He said if he has that fantasy, he should pick up the phone and
      call Brock Lesnar or even Dana White directly to help him. The saddest part
      of the offer, Warrior said, was the money. He called $100,000 "chump change"
      and would not go back to any kind of ring for that little money, and not
      even if he added another zero to that amount. He told Nash to round up some
      investors and put some serious money up and if that happens, he will happily
      accept his challenge. He told Nash that if he were to secure the money,
      negotiations should be made open to the public and if he doesn't agree with
      any of the demands, it's best to keep his distance from Warrior because if
      he touches him he's not going to enjoy the outcome or consequences.

      - Kevin Nash looks like he didn't like Ultimate Warrior's demands and reply
      to his $100,000 MMA challenge, writing that he thought he was listening to
      "the vagina monologues." "Helwig goes Dr. evil on me. What does he want, 1
      billion dollars?" Nash tweeted, in response to Warrior's video that not even
      adding a zero at the end of his proposed $100,000 is enough. "How about this
      Jim, you pick the time and place for free and fun." Hulk Hogan, Nash's
      friend and Warrior's real-life rival, jumped to Nash's defense and picked
      the winner if the fight ever happened. "In a real fight Nash will destroy
      the Underdog Worrier. HH," Hogan wrote.

      - Navy Seal Sharpshooter Chris Kyle was a guest on the Opie and Anthony
      radio show and recounted a story when he decked Jesse "The Body" Ventura in
      a bar in 2006. Kyle said that he and his SEAL team were having a wake in a
      bar for a team member they lost in Iraq with the family of the fallen
      soldier also present. Ventura, a former SEAL himself, walked in the bar and
      started talking against the war, calling them murderers. Kyle told Ventura
      that it's okay not to agree but told him to keep it down because of the
      family being there. At that point Ventura - according to Kyle - told him
      that they deserved to lose a few guys, at which point Kyle punched him in
      the face. Ventura went down on the floor and when he was asked if he knocked
      him out, Kyle said the punch knocked him off balance but Ventura wasn't
      knocked out. He added that Ventura didn't fight back and with cops already
      outside since it was a SEAL party at a notable SEAL bar, he fled the scene.
      You can see the video of the interview at http://w-o.it/zZyDHz

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