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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #109

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 1998
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      | Friday, June 26th, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 1 0 9
      | *Issue #109* |
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      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Hello fans! Right now, I'm uploading a RealVideo clip of something that
      was never seen on TV before. It's the press conference AFTER
      WrestleMania XIV, which has Tyson, Austin, McMahon and tons of media
      journalists. You probably heard what happened, now you'll be able to
      download it and watch it! Look for tomorrow's newsletter to see the
      location where it's at.

      Blake Norton is conducting the Ted DiBiase interview in about....5 hours
      from now. Of course, this will be in RealAudio. Again, look for the
      coming newsletters to see when the show is available.



      As you may know, the phenomenal hit Titanic is scheduled for video
      release on September 1st for $29.95 SRP -- we will be taking pre-orders
      starting June 11, 1998 at the unbelievably low price of $9.99! To
      order, go to http://www.reel.com/cgi-bin/session/WRON/sale/sale.html

      ____ __ ______
      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
      \ \ / \ / __/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - The WWF topped the Neilsen cable ratings this week. Here are the top

      Rankings for the top 15 programs on basic cable networks as compiled by
      Nielsen Media Research for the week of June 15-21. Each ratings point
      represents 980,000 households. Day and start time (EDT) are included in

      1. ``WWF Wrestling'' (Monday, 10 p.m.), USA, 3.4, 3.35 million homes.
      2. ``South Park'' (Wednesday, 10 p.m.), Comedy Central, 3.1, 3.06
      million homes.
      3. ``World Championship Wrestling'' (Monday, 10 p.m.), TNT, 3.1, 3.06
      million homes.
      4. ``WWF Wrestling'' (Monday, 8:57 p.m.), USA, 3.1, 3.01 million homes.
      5. ``World Championship Wrestling'' (Monday, 9 p.m.), TNT, 3.0, 2.984
      million homes.
      6. ``Thunder'' (Thursday, 9:05 p.m.), TBS, 3.0, 2.976 million homes.
      7. ``NASCAR Winston Cup'' (Sunday, 1 p.m.), TNN, 2.9, 2.88 million
      8. ``World Championship Wrestling'' (Monday, 8 p.m.), TNT, 2.9, 2.80
      million homes.
      9. Rain Delay (Sunday, 2:07 p.m.), TNN, 2.7, 2.66 million homes.
      10. ``Thunder'' (Thursday, 8:05 p.m.), TBS, 2.4, 2.31 million homes.

      - For those of you who requested the number to order tickets for the
      Captial Carnage UK event, that will take place on December 6th in the
      Docklands Arena, it's +44 (0) 115 912 9237!

      __ __ ___ __ __
      3 \ \ /\ / // __\\ \ /\ / /
      \ \/ // /| | \ \/ // / WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
      \ // / | |___ \ // / ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \/ \/ \___/ \/ \/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Roughcut did a small interview with Eddie. Here's what he had to say:

      Chad Damiani: What was the last movie you saw in a theater and what did
      you think of it?

      Eddie: The last movie I saw was Titanic. It was great. I really don't
      like love stories, but this movie went on for almost three hours and it
      never felt too long. To me it wasn't even a love story, it was just a
      good movie.

      Chad Damiani: What's your favorite movie of all time?

      Eddie: That's tough. I'm a movie buff. I've seen a lot. I really like
      Wildcats, with Goldie Hawn. I have a lot of favorite movies, actually.
      I'm a big James Bond fan -- I like special effects a lot.

      Chad Damiani: If you could play any role in any film, what would it be?

      Eddie: Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

      - Here are some stuff happened during Thunder. Credit goes to

      This crowd was pumped up for wrestling. I have been to a number of shows
      and have never seen a crowd react so well to matches and the cameras.
      They also behaved themselves very well. Did anyone notice the guy who
      actually painted himself green to get on TV?? Bischoff pointed him out
      during his interview.

      The opening dark match was between two women! One American and one
      Japanese woman, though I don't remember their names. The crowd was very
      surprised to see women back in a WCW ring and they put on a great match.

      Orlando is definitely NWO Wolfpac territory. The Giant was booed all
      night during the interview and match. When the cut to commerical during
      the match between Giant/Adams and Sting/Luger, a Giant Sucks chant got
      rolling. When Sting and Konnan came out the first time that night, the
      fans went insane. Sting and Konnan played up to the crowd very well.

      As Thunder went off the air, Rude, Hennig, and Vincent came down to help
      out Adams and Giant. Konnan came running in for the save. Surprisingly,
      Sting, Luger, and Konnan took a beating without anyone running in for
      the save. The rest of the NWO black and white played it up for a bit and
      then left. Wolfpac left shortly after.

      Surprise dark match for the Orlando fans with the Millenium
      Man....Goldberg! The match took place after cameras went off the air for
      the evening. Needless to say the fans went insane. They started the
      Goldberg chant (not a tape over a PA system, for sure) numerous times
      that night. A bunch of fans facing the camera had a green letter sign
      which read GOLDBERG (each person had a letter). At one point, someone
      forgot to hold up a letter so it read OLDBERG. I thought it was funny.
      Anyway, Goldberg demolished Fit Finley in the dark match (making him god
      knows how many wins and 0). Finley did get some offensive and threw in a
      chair to hit Goldberg, but got spiked and Jackhammered as he got back in
      the ring. The funniest part was after the match, Goldberg picked up the
      chair (it was folded), threw it against the ring rope, it unfolded and
      landed on it's legs! Goldberg looked at it for a moment (I think he was
      surprised it landed upright too), smiled, and then walked away.

      All in all, it was one of the best Thunders we've seen in sometime. WCW
      is doing Universal Studios tapings all weekend, so we'll will see if I
      can get to one and give you some match reports. Later and keep up the
      great reporting!


      4 COLUMNS

      By GR Tower
      E-mail: towergr@...

      Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying the world of pro wrestling as much
      as I have been lately! But, I must say what I read here in WO the other
      day about what happened to Bret was very eye-opening. In fact, I'll use
      my column this week as a response to that occurrence.

      It was flat out WRONG! We all encounter people in our lives who, for
      one reason or another, get on our nerves, annoy us. We can't stand them.
      We don't like them. Perhaps we're envious, perhaps we're jealous. Or
      maybe, maybe they just rub us the wrong way. This is a fact of life. So
      what do you do? You avoid them as best you can. If you can't avoid them,
      either learn to live with it, or confront them with the problem and try
      to works things out. Is this easy? Hell no. But who said life was easy?
      You do not fool around with people's emotions....especially if it's only
      to satisy your burning desire to do harm. If Bret had not wrestled at
      the Bash, the entire company would have suffered. Fans would have been
      disappointed....the angle would've been strained. And, even though Bret
      did compete, I'm sure his mind was not on the match, which means the
      fans suffered anyway!

      Have some empathy for Bret here, folks. Think about it. I'm sure at one
      point in our lives we have all been talked about behind our backs, or
      perhaps said something to someone in confidence only to have it
      broadcast to everyone. We do it to other people all the time! When we
      find out about what has been said or that our trust has been violated,
      we feel horrible! We feel betrayed, embarassed, disappointed. Now
      imagine that someone has the gaul to falsely claim a loved one has died!
      This claim is not a
      mistake, not an error, but an out and out LIE! Now, we were informed
      that legal action is being pursued, so that tells me that Bret and/or
      Eric have some idea of who is responsible. I hope this individual or
      individuals are fired and exposed so that we all know who they area. Is
      this defamation of character? Sure is, but don't you think is
      deserved based upon their actions?

      Forgive me, fans, if I sound harsh, but when an atrocity such as this
      takes place, I must vent my disapproval. I welcome all feedback. My
      email addy is above! Thanks for reading! So long till next week!


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