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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3521

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2011
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      Tuesday, May 31 2011 Issue #3521

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      - The Smackdown vs RAW franchise from THQ is dead and today, THQ and WWE
      announced the creation of a new series - WWE '12. According to IGN, THQ has
      been promising them that the game will be "unlike any other WWE game" that
      came before, and sure enough, IGN says that THQ and Yuke's not only just
      changed the name, but also "changed the game's DNA." While changes aren't
      much visible looking at still screen shots, they are very visible when it
      comes to see the actual game play. "People don't warp to the center of the
      ring for a 5-Knuckle Shuffle and similar moves anymore; the move happens
      where it happens. The ropes no longer stay awkwardly still during matches;
      you slam someone and the ring reacts," wrote IGN. WWE '12 will be available
      in North America on November 22 and in the United Kingdom on November 25.
      You can see the screen shots, box art - featuring Randy Orton - and the
      teaser trailer for WWE '12 at http://w-o.it/l24qCn

      - On the penultimate episode of Tough Enough yesterday, the final two were
      left standing as another competitor had to bite the dust. Luke and Andy
      managed to get the two spots for next week's finale as Jeremiah had to pack
      his bags and leave the house. The reboot of the series has been a great
      success for USA Network and is expected to return for another season. The
      winner of the show will be announced next week during the live Monday Night
      RAW after the final episode of Tough Enough airs as the lead-in to the

      - The main event for Capitol Punishment was announced after Monday Night RAW
      went off the air yesterday, with the anonymous RAW GM pitching in soon after
      the live broadcast was over. WWE champion John Cena will be defending his
      gold against the now number one contender R-Truth...however, in order for
      R-Truth to receive his match, the General Manager has ordered him to
      apologize to Cena next week on RAW for his behavior yesterday or else there
      will be no title match. On a related RAW note, WWE did indeed have technical
      difficulties at the start of the show and it was not part of the angle.
      Looks like somebody is getting fired...

      - After getting name-checked by Kharma yesterday on RAW, WWE Hall of Famer
      Jim Ross wrote on Twitter that he has been getting a lot of angry messages
      for calling the artist formerly known as Awesome Kong fat. "Lots of angry
      folks. Ask @Kharma the story. She's a wrestler & not a typical WWE Diva,"
      wrote JR, adding, "Yes, I'm fat. Duh," directed at those messages which
      called him fat in return. JR said that he saw Kharma when he was at the
      Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas with Steve Austin three years ago and
      both endorsed her to the WWE. "Kharma will never be a standard issue WWE
      diva. She's a wrestler. And a keeper," he then wrote. As revealed last week,
      Kharma will be off WWE television for the next nine months or so after she
      found out that she was pregnant and her WWE career had to be put on hold
      after debuting a month ago.

      - As reported last week, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon wrote a tribute
      to Randy Savage on the June 6 issue of TIME Magazine. This is the first time
      that McMahon publicly addressed Macho Man since he left the WWE in 1994. On
      that particular RAW, McMahon told fans that there is the notable absence of
      Savage next to him as a broadcast partner and announced that the two sides
      failed to reach an agreement, and wished Savage the best of luck and thanked
      him for the memories. The full text that appears in TIME Magazine is as
      follows: "It's important in sports and it's important in entertainment to
      stand out. Randy knew that. Right away, he wanted to leave his mark, and to
      do that he was aware he had to make himself different from everyone else.
      One way he did this was concentrating on his outfits, those brightly colored
      costumes with foot-long fringe that became his trademark. He brought to
      wrestling a unique look and style. Randy, who died in a car crash May 20 at
      age 58, was one of the building blocks of what is now WWE (previously known
      as the World Wrestling Federation). He had a very unusual voice -- remember
      his 'Snap into a Slim Jim. Oh, yeah!' commercials?--and was extremely
      charismatic. Perception is very important in this business, and he also had
      a very high opinion of himself, something he needed in a locker room full of
      performers who had been around for a while and had big personalities and
      followings--like Hulk Hogan, Today, Randy is remembered as one of
      wrestling's all time greats. No question about it -- he certainly was."

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