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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Wednesday, July 29th, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 7 5

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      WWF just announced the release date for WWF Attitude. It will be out on
      August 5th, and you can pre order from the Megastore at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/megastore . Most sites have it for $50
      or more, we're selling it a whopping price of $36.99 . Pre order your
      copy now! This will be the hottest wrestling game!

      Also, be sure to read Iain Burnside's "WrestleMania 16" parody report.
      Hilarious stuff!


      By Iain Burnside, [iain@...]

      Some of the long-term readers may remember my WrestleMania 14 report
      from 1997. Well I have hopped back into the time machine, revved it up
      to 88mph and scuttled forward yet again to bring you this special
      WrestleMania 2000 report, all in the name of professional journalism.
      And I am, after all, the consumate professional.

      - The opens with the usual fireworks gubbins, and zooming close-ups of
      gap-toothed trailer-park fairies with signs that took them all week to
      think up and think are extremely witty but really say things like "Tom
      3:16". Jim Ross then reminds us all that there will only be 4 matches on
      this pay-per-view because they have to keep the good stuff for Raw, but
      that we bought it anyway.
      After special guest star Whitney Houston sings the national anthem, its
      time to begin.

      - Ejaculation Match: Val Venis/Nicole Bass .vs. Too Cool .vs. Jeff
      Jarrett/Debra .vs. Marc Henry/Sammy The rules for this one are fairly
      simple. Last to let loose is the winner. Each team picks a corner and
      promptly gets down to business. D-Lo and Ivory come out to try to
      explain to Henry that Sammy is actually a transsexual, and even take
      great care to point out the extra bits, but Henry just keeps that '2
      plus 2 is 5' grin on his face, dribbles slightly and mumbles on about
      Barry White. Eventually D-Lo and Ivory give up and go backstage. Jerry
      Lawler is very upset about Too Cool's participation in this match for
      some reason, and when he sees that Brian Christopher is receiving he
      leaps into the ring and clubs Scott Taylor to death with his crown, then
      carries Brian backstage. We're down to three teams now, but Debra looks
      strangely bored. While Jeff is downstairs, doin' his thang, she starts
      playing a little song on his guitar and then gives up on Jeff, grumbling
      something about 'a little prick' and then wanders over to join Val and
      Nicole. By this time Marc and Sammy have long since given up (actually,
      she let go before he did...) and we have our winners! After the match
      WWF officials try to separate Val, Nicole and Debra, but don't want to
      get close enough to actually touch a naked Val or Nicole, so instead
      they all drag Debra away. Very very slowly. Eventually they have to get
      the other two out of there so they send Pat Patterson down, which scares
      the hell out of both of Val and makes him leg it through the crowd,
      stopping off now and then to have some 'auditions' for his latest movie.
      Nicole has passed out from the Big Valbowski Experience by now. Winners:
      Val Venis, Nicole Bass & Debra.

      - Ken Shamrock .vs. Christian.
      This is actually a damn good match, with plenty of high-flying and
      technical maneuvres by both competitors. Unfortunately it doesn't last
      long as Vince McMahon comes out, incensed and asks them what the hell
      they think they're doing. When they reply "wrestling", he goes nuts and
      gets Patterson back out again. He runs down to the ring with his arms
      outstretched and pants around his ankles, only for Shamrock and
      Christian to leg it. Vince gets on the mic and yells at everyone
      backstage that "...these hillbillies didn't come here to watch wrestling
      godammit, this is the World Wrestling Federation and we don't have any
      time for that sort of thing dammit and I'm Vince
      McMahon and you're a nobody dammit!!!!!!". Jim Ross asks him who he's
      talking to and Vince tells him to shut up, cos he's watched The Matrix
      and he knows how it works.

      - Backstage, Val Venis is salivating and running around the locker rooms
      looking for some action. He spots Michael Cole interviewing Whitney
      Houston and runs over, only to be blocked by Bobby Brown. Val wants his
      Grade-A meat though, and delivers his new finishing move (The Faceshot)
      to Bobby and then gives more of the same to Whitney. And Michael Cole.

      - Strap Match for the Intercontinental Title: Edge .vs. The Godfather
      The rules for this match are quite simple. Both wrestlers are joined by
      a strap, and to win the match you have to go to each corner of the ring
      and shag the ho standing in the corner. First to shag all four ho's wins
      the belt. Edge is clearly on top as far as the fight goes, flying all
      around Godfather and kicking his ass severely. However, The Godfather
      seems to have paid off the ho's as they stubbornly refuse to open their
      legs whenever Edge comes to the corner. Godfather delivers a chairshot
      to Edge from behind and then manages to shag three of the ho's. Just as
      he is about to reach the fourth however, Val Venis comes running to the
      ring naked, managing to poke Godfather in the eye from ten feet away,
      and quickly gives the ho's a taste of the Big Valbowski to claim the IC
      belt for himself. He doesn't leave the ring though, instead he uses the
      strap to tie up all the ho's, Edge and Godfather and, with a little
      drool running down his mouth, starts to have a little too much fun. Then
      "I'm A Real American" blasts out the speakers again and Pat Patterson,
      with his yellow & red condom, runs to the ring to free everyone. He
      tries to scare off Val with a little boogy-woogy down below, but Val
      don't care about gender, he just wants to entertain the mummy & daddy
      department, so is only to happy to join in with Pat. Winner and new
      Intercontinental Champion: Val Venis

      - Backstage, Mick Foley is seen arguing with Vince McMahon with
      something. Mick says "its sick!" but Vince tells him to get out there
      and do his job, or he'll force him to dress as Dude Love for the
      remainder of his contract, causing Mick to run away.

      - Main Event for the WWF Title & Right to be screwed tomorrow night on
      Raw: Steve Austin .vs. Mankind
      Mankind's music plays but he is nowhere to be seen. Austin comes to the
      ring and immediately starts chugging beer, causing half the crowd to wet
      themselves with excitement. The bell rings and Mankind suddenly leaps
      down from the rafters and crashes through the canvas. Jim Ross starts
      yelling "My God!! My God!!", Jerry Lawler shushes him as he is busy
      typing his homework on his laptop, the crowd go crazy and pop like mad,
      Austin starts drinking yet more beer for the next half hour, astounding
      the crowd with the skill with which he manages to open those cans and,
      like, drink.
      Some of the crowd start to pass out with so much skill dazzling their

      - Backstage, Vince McMahon is shown wearing a long, hooded, black robe
      that covers half his face, muttering something about how "Young
      Stonecold" will be turned to the dark side as the show ends....

      And that's how it happens. If you don't believe me, jsut you wait and



      - While the WWF will be busy doing their thing for RAW at the MCI Center
      in Washington, the White House yesterday officially sent a letter
      inviting all superstars on hand for a tour at the most famous house in
      the world...the White House! The media keeps bashing the WWF and Ventura
      for working together...what will they say about this? Keep an eye on
      Bill Clinton, he might want to have some fun playin with the puppies!!!

      - 1wrestling.com's Bob Ryder reports that the Dudley Boys are in talks
      with the World Wrestling Federation about possibly making a jump from
      ECW to the company. If a deal is done, you can see the Dudleys on WWF TV
      by SummerSlam.

      - Lucas Sweinford on WWF.COM reported that the WWF and Playboy are
      currently in discussions about working out a deal that would bring women
      of the WWF in the publication, along with other cross-promotional deals.
      Speaking of Playboy, Shaun sent in word that Rena Mero will do a chat on
      8/2 at 9:00pm EST on the Playboy website. Click HERE to go! (Joe DeLeon)

      - WWF wrestles name from Sable, USA Today, July 28, 1999

      Rena Mero, a.k.a. Sable, has settled her lawsuit with the World
      Wrestling Federation. Mero sought $110 million, claiming that the
      business had become "obscene and violent." Neither side will talk about
      the details, but Sable's husband, wrestler Marc Mero, said from the
      couple's Orlando home Tuesday: "We're very happy about it and glad to
      get on with our lives." Since signing the settlement Friday, Mero says,
      his wife has gotten four movie scripts, has made a deal with Kiss' Gene
      Simmons and is in talks to re-create the 1985 Red Sonja movie character
      for a TV series. "She's been offered guest spots on everything from
      V.I.P. to Walker, Texas Ranger to Martial Law." Mero did not retain the
      rights to her Sable name and is not allowed to wrestle for three years.

      - WWF launched the SummerSlam website at http://www.wwfsummerslam.com .
      It features alot of stuff including wallpapers for download.

      - Tonight, at 7pm ET, the crew of Byte This welcomes the self-proclaimed
      "Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time," Jeff Jarrett. Give us
      a call at 1-888-LIVEWWF (548-3993) between 7-7:30pm ET. There's no doubt
      that Jarrett has an unlimited future here in the World Wrestling
      Federation, and his past is just as rich and interesting as anyone
      else's in the business. He's a second-generation wrestling superstar
      whose father worked with none other than Jerry "The King" Lawler in the
      USWA in Tennessee. Jeff is a seasoned veteran of the game who's been
      immersed in the business his entire life. We're gonna find out why
      there's somethin' about kickin' Ben Stiller's @#$!!! And will the
      puppies be in Jeff's doghouse much longer? Join us tonight at 7 PM ET
      LIVE and give us a call at 1-888-LIVEWWF to be a part of the show.

      - GLEN COVE, N.Y., July 28, 1999 - Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
      (NASDAQ:AKLM), a leading worldwide interactive entertainment company,
      today announced that WWF Attitude for the
      PlayStation has been completed and approved for manufacturing by Sony.
      The game, which was developed by Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City is
      schedule to ship to retailers nationwide on August 5.

      "WWF Attitude is the most highly anticipated game of the summer," said
      Paul Eibeler, Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Acclaim
      North America. "We wanted to give the team all the time they needed to
      make Attitude the greatest wrestling video game
      ever. Their efforts were worth it, the game will not disappoint those
      who have eagerly awaited its release."

      WWF Attitude is the smash sequel to the 1998, million-plus selling, WWF
      Warzone. The game features over 40 WWF Superstars including Stone Cold
      Steve Austin, The Rock, The
      Undertaker, and Mankind. Attitude also features Create-A-Pay-Per-View
      Mode, over 20 game modes including all new specialty matches, new match
      options, career mode, photo-realistic wrestlers, create-a-wrestler, and
      over 400 moves including signature and
      finishing moves. Demand for WWF Attitude has reached unprecedented
      levels with retail pre-orders topping 100,000 units.

      The marketing plans in support of WWF Attitude call for a nationwide
      television campaign, print advertising in major video game and wrestling
      publications, extensive online advertising including an acclaim.net
      website and banner advertising, and consumer promotions with
      strategically targeted partners.

      - While Tuesday's one-on-one interview between Vince McMahon and host of
      Off the Record with Michael Landsberg focused on the controversy
      surrounding the WWF, Wednesday's Off The Record with Vince and Linda
      McMahon focused on family.

      By having Linda McMahon on the show, Vince pulled the curtain
      surrounding the WWF back even further, with Linda going so far as to
      state that Jim Ross is in charge of talent co-ordination...something
      that the "smarts" on the internet have known for a long time, but a fact
      that has been kept from the general public in the past.

      Landsberg's first question was directed at Linda, asking her how she
      sees Vince McMahn.

      Linda said that she sees Vince as a very shrewd business man. She has
      been married to him for 33 years, and they have known each other for 36.

      "Vince is a wonderful husband, a great father, and someone I am proud to
      call my best friend. Vince is a man of integrity, principle, and a man I
      respect very much." said Linda.

      Landsberg asked Vince what Linda's position is in the company, to which
      Vince responded; "Linda runs the company basically. She describes
      herself as 'nuts and bolts', and has always been there, sometimes behind
      me, and sometimes in front of me." Even prior to buying his dad's
      company, she was right there.

      Vince and Linda met in church. "My mom told me that I had to go and meet
      this beautiful blue eyed girl, who sang in the choir." That was the
      motivation for him to go to church. Linda was 13, Vince was 16.

      Linda does not know the storylines in advance, and doesn't know what
      will happen until the show airs because they want an honest reaction to
      the shows.

      On the subject of how it is watching their children perform in the WWF,
      Landsberg asked if he would have a problem with his daughter portraying
      a character like Debra's. Vince responded that while Stephanie's persona
      could progress like Debra's, she could go an entirely different way, but
      he will allow her character to develop whatever way makes sense.

      As a father he err's on the conservative side, however as a producer he
      does whatever the public wants to provide the best product.

      On Shane risking his health everytime he steps into the ring, Linda said
      she is just as concerned about every WWF superstar when they get into
      the ring, and you know that there is always a risk.

      When Shane was on top of the ladders, she actually stood up and wanted
      him to get down.

      When asked who controls the remote control for the TV in the McMahon
      household, Linda said that Vince has absolute remote power.

      After the break, Landsberg detailed the history of Titan Sports, from
      it's inception, to a bankrupcy early in the company's history, to today.

      Regarding the Sable Lawsuit, Linda said that the lawsuit was in the
      process of being settled, or that it would be settled by the time this
      program aired (as of late last week, it has been settled).

      Vince said that it is a policy and a practice that nobody is degraded by
      the WWF, despite Sable's allegations.

      Regarding Sable's statement that he asked her to do certain things,
      Vince said that while she said she may have been asked to do certain
      thing she didn't agree with, the lawsuit did not state that she ever
      performed the acts that would have degraded her.

      Landsberg asked the McMahons if anyone ever gets too big an ego for
      their own good, and if anyone ever thinks they are bigger than the
      company. Vince responded with: "No one individual is bigger than the
      larger sum of the parts. Sometimes ego can get in the way."

      Landsberg mentioned how sometimes wrestlers start to believe their own

      Vince responded: "That is when we, as producers, fail." Which performers
      is that true for? Bret, "No question", Sunny, "Probably." Rena Mero?
      Vince stated that he was not allowed to discuss Rena Mero as part of the
      terms of her lawsuit. "Part of our responsiblity as producers is to
      advise performers to keep their feet on the ground."

      Linda said, "Celebrity is a heady experience. You have to learn how to
      cope with it, and by and large our talent do."

      Quirky Fact: Titan Sports' first non wrestling pay per view was the
      Sugar Ray Leonard-Donny Lalonde fight, November 7, 1988.

      The term wrestlers is archaic. The WWF would like to get that term out
      of the company, it's about the brand. Both Linda and Vince agree that
      the brand is the important thing.

      While they will change the logo to keep up with the times, they won't
      change the company identity.

      If the logo was about to change, it would be Vince's perogative to
      change the logo.

      Michael Landsberg came on after the break and stated that in the Vince
      McMahon interview yesterday, McMahon made some disparaging comments
      about Bret Hart. Off The Record has offered Bret Hart the opportunity to
      come on the show and respond to McMahon's comments.

      After the break Off The Record showed a clip from next week's show with
      Stephanie and Shane McMahon. The full show will air August 3rd at 6:00pm

      Shane said that the guy he is on camera is completely different from who
      he is in real life. Stephanie said that it's the portrayal of real
      storylines (with sibling rivalry etc) that Vince is trying to show.



      - Reports are saying that current WCW Heavyweight champion Hollywood
      Hogan re-injured his knee. The severity of the injury is unknown. We
      have to find out if the title will be vacated if Hogan decides to take
      more time off.

      - WCW cancelled their 3 days tour in Germany due to the fact that
      several of the WCW superstars will be filming the WCW movie with David
      Arquette. The dates were October 29, 30 and 31 and events were taking
      place in Efurt, Hamburg and Oberhausen.

      - On WCW Live, Mean Gene Okerlund stated that his contract is up in the
      next couple of months and may not be interested in renewing it with the
      Atlanta based company. He said that with Vince McMahon's input, he will
      become a huge star. He critizized alot of things happening in WCW while
      being on the show.

      - After receving a poor response from fans and backstage viewers, Jason
      Hervey will not be returning to the announcing booth next week on Nitro.
      In particular, Bobby Heenan was disturbed with Hervey's presence,
      because Hervey was stepping over most of his commentary. WCW Officials
      are saying that no matter how good Scott Hudson is doing in the PBP for
      Nitro, WCW is standing by their decision to keep Schiavone as their lead
      PBP announcer. Currently Schiavone is planning a vacation with his
      family and a set date for his announcing return hasn't been set. (Kirk


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