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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3441

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2011
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      Monday, January 31 2011 Issue #3441

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Okay, first things first. A big congratulations goes out to JJ $exay and
      TreyDawg for their work on Wrestling News Live because the fans gave them
      three awards at the AudioWrestling yearly awards during the weekend. WNL got
      the People's Choice, Best Male Interview with Kurt Angle and the grand daddy
      of them all, Show of the Year. There was stiff competition from several
      other audio shows so that's saying something. The show returns tonight at
      11:30PM EST with all the Rumble fall-out and all the week's news. All at

      With that said, the Rumble has come and gone and we have a fresh face that
      will headline WrestleMania this year. Is Del Rio ready to rock on the
      biggest stage in professional wrestling? I hope he's ready! We have a
      discussion on Facebook where fans aren't really sure it's the right time
      yet. We'd love to read your opinion, so throw in your two cents at

      Speaking of the Rumble, how cool was John Morrison's spider-man spot? Can
      you imagine if he crashed and burned doing that? Ouch. But if there's anyone
      who could pull that crazy stuff it's him. Loved Chavo's tribute to Eddie G
      and I guess the fans did too especially when he did the classic Eddie shake.
      And what about Booker and Nash? HUGE pops.

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      Store and ready for download. It fixes the crash and video issues.

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      - Alberto Del Rio has got himself an express ticket to the main event of
      WrestleMania after he yesterday successfully out-lasted 39 other WWE
      Superstars to win the Royal Rumble. The final four were John Cena, Alberto
      Del Rio, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett. The Miz ran in and eliminated Cena
      while Del Rio eliminated Barrett and Orton quickly afterward. However the
      match was not over as Santino Marella was hiding under the ring, never
      eliminated. Just when Del Rio thought he won, Marella came out and appeared
      to throw Del Rio out, only to be reversed and the Cobra man ended up
      over-the-top himself, giving Del Rio the win. Former WCW champions Kevin
      Nash and Booker T made their WWE return yesterday as well and participated
      in the Rumble match, although they didn't last too long. They certainly got
      the biggest pop of the night and the largest round of boos when eliminated.
      Their participation was supposed to remain as a surprise but word quickly
      spread online on Saturday and someone even shot a video of Kevin Nash
      arriving at the airport in Boston. Nash worked as Diesel. Dolph Ziggler and
      Randy Orton were also in the match despite their losing efforts earlier in
      the show in their respective title matches.

      - Here are the results from yesterday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view which took
      place from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts: Edge defeated Dolph
      Ziggler in the opening match to retain the World Heavyweight title in a
      match where the spear was banned; The Miz defeated Randy Orton to retain the
      WWE title following interference by Nexus after CM Punk hit Orton with the
      G2S; The 2-on-1 handicap match for the Divas title was turned into a
      four-way match when Eve joined Natalya, Michelle McCool and Layla. Eve ended
      up winning the Divas title after pinning Layla; and Alberto Del Rio won the
      40-man over-the-top rope Royal Rumble.

      - Big Sexy Kevin Nash made his first WWE television appearance since 2003
      where he last wrestled for the company at that year's SummerSlam in an
      Elimination Chamber match. The former WWE and WCW champion left to undergo
      neck surgery and when his WWE contract came up it wasn't renewed, leaving
      the door open to go to TNA. Nash was negotiating a deal to return to TNA
      after he again left in October of last year and during the last week
      negotiations between the two parties stopped and TNA removed him from the
      roster page during the weekend despite he was gone for three months.
      "Absolutely the best night of my wrestling career," wrote Nash on Twitter
      who used the Diesel gimmick again at yesterday's Rumble. "It's so nice to be
      back in WWE family. Thanks Boston for making me feel so special," he added.
      The Corre's Wade Barrett eventually eliminated Nash from the Rumble but Big
      Sexy had a sort of a staredown with his former nWo team mate Big Show on the
      way back to the locker room.

      - Can you dig it, suckaaaaaaaa? Former WCW Heavyweight champion Booker T
      received an enormous pop when he walked out for the Royal Rumble with both
      commentators Michael Cole and Matt Striker standing up once the music hit
      the speakers. "This is a mark out moment," exclaimed Striker as fans around
      the TD Garden went bananas. Booker's time was cut short however as the Nexus
      members quickly got rid of him but not before Booker hit his trademark moves
      and yes, even a spinaroonie in the middle of the ring. Booker had entry
      number twenty one and was thrown over the top by Mason Ryan. This was Booker
      T's first WWE appearance since 2007. It is believed that Booker will have
      mostly other duties this time around mainly announcing.

      - TMZ.COM is reporting that former WWE Superstar MVP got clearance to enter
      Japan and signed a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling to start wrestling for
      the company from February. MVP's ban is similar to the one he has in Canada
      due to his nine and a half year stint in a U.S. federal prison. The former
      United States champion, real name Alvin Burke Jr, was convicted of
      kidnapping and armed robbery when he was 16 years old. His original sentence
      was for eighteen and a half years. MVP was released from WWE in December of
      last year.

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