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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3412

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2010
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      Friday, December 17 2010 Issue #3412

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Yay so my flight to Atlanta has been purchased, hotel is booked, RAW and
      WrestleMania tickets purchased....I'm ready to go! Work finally approved my
      leave for the WrestleMania week. It didn't look like I was going to make it
      up to a month or two ago but things worked out in my favor! Hah!

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      - Slim Jim, a long partner and advertiser on WWE television shows, has been
      named as the exclusive presenting sponsor for tomorrow's Tribute to the
      Troops broadcast on NBC. As part of the sponsorship deal, Slim Jim agreed to
      donate up to $500,000 worth of product to troops. Slim Jim will donate
      product to the armed forces through the USO and is asking consumers to join
      their effort and for every two Slim Jims purchased, the company will donate
      an additional Slim Jim to the USO with a maximum donation of $500,000 worth
      of product. Additionally, WWE and Slim Jim have launched a co-branded letter
      writing campaign inviting people to send messages of thanks to our troops
      through www.wwetributetothetroops.com.

      - The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels used his YouTube account to announce his
      long term, no commitment deal with World Wrestling Entertainment and told
      his fans that if he ever appears in a wrestling ring again - in a
      non-wrestling role, by the way - it will be a WWE ring. "I'm happy to
      announce that Shawn Michaels and WWE have reached a long term agreement that
      will continue and assure our relationship with one another well into the
      future," the former champ said in a video recorded inside his gym. HBK
      explained how WWE always been and continues to be very supportive of him and
      if or when they ever need him they know all they have to do is pick up the
      phone and give him a call. Michaels repeated over again that he is not
      coming back to in-ring wrestling as he wants to honor his word to the fans
      and the Undertaker and he and WWE in no way, shape or form discussed
      anything related to in-ring performances. He also made it clear that he is
      not the anonymous RAW General Manager and his job will be to help WWE move
      forward. You can see the video at http://w-o.it/eh4f5C

      - In an interview with IGN.COM, the current WWE champion The Miz talked
      about meeting the "Angry Miz Girl" backstage at RAW for the first time this
      past Monday at the three hour Slammy Award episode. "That little girl
      literally made my WWE Championship win," he said. "When I got backstage, the
      only thing anyone could talk about was that little girl's scowling face,
      being so mad at me." Miz added that that is exactly what he wants from fans,
      that reaction and the passion she showed that Orton lost when she didn't
      even know she was even on camera made his day. He explained how her dad
      called a week later and said that she would be more than willing to come
      back if needed so, "we totally leapt at the opportunity and took the reins."
      Backstage at RAW The Miz said that she was the shyest little girl and when
      Orton came up to her she gave him a huge hug and was without words thanks to
      being shy and nervous. "And then to watch her go out there and start
      thanking her dad and her mom and her family. And then me, being the big
      bully that I am, taking the Slammy away from her. [laughs]"

      - It's certainly not going to be a very happy Christmas for TNA Knockout
      Tara as her custom car shop business with the name Black Widow Customs in
      Louisville, was set on fire one day after the shop was featured on Consumer
      Watch Investigation on WHAS 11, a local station in Louisville. An employee
      of the shop said that when he got to the business yesterday morning, the
      shop had been broken into and vandalized and that there were several small
      fires on the ground near a car inside the shop. Fire spread out quickly and
      the whole inside of the store was completely up in flames and while fire
      fighters managed to control the fire everything that was in the shop was
      destroyed. Investigators are now looking at a possible arson since the shop
      was featured on TV the previous night. You can see the news report at

      - Samoa Joe has finally signed a new deal with TNA Wrestling according to
      the company's President Dixie Carter. "Proud to report the re-signing of
      Samoa Joe! I feel good knowing that I have a focused & determined Samoan on
      my side. Congrats to us both," she wrote on her Twitter. Joe has been
      working without a contract since before the Final Resolution pay-per-view
      earlier this month but still showed up for all the shows he was booked on.
      He has been wrestling for TNA since 2005.

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