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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3404

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2010
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      Friday, December 3 2010 Issue #3404

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Ah TGIF! The W-O News HD iPad app made it on the What's Hot? Sports section
      in the U.S. iTunes Store yesterday and was featured on the main sports page.
      Pretty cool to say the least.

      Back tomorrow.

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      - Montel Vontavious Porter, or better known to fans just as MVP, asked for
      and received his release from World Wrestling Entertainment yesterday. His
      final match with the company was against Drew McIntyre during the November
      26 edition of Smackdown in a qualifying match for the King of the Ring. MVP
      hasn't been used as much lately and often voiced his frustration on Twitter.
      "No need for alarm. I did not get fired. I asked for & received my release.
      I felt it was time to go international & freshen things up," he said on
      Twitter yesterday. Responding to a fan a few minutes later, MVP added that
      WWE was not screwing him this time, but actually doing right by honoring his
      request. MVP signed with WWE in 2005 and wrestled for Deep South Wrestling
      before being called up to Smackdown in August 2006. Ever since making his
      debut, MVP won the United States title on two occasions and was the WWE Tag
      Team champ once with Matt Hardy.

      - Shawn Michaels is being advertised to appear on the Tribute to the Troops
      according to a graphic prepared by WWE being distributed at Fort Hood, the
      location of this year's military tribute show. HBK hasn't been on WWE
      television ever since the RAW following this year's WrestleMania where he
      delivered his farewell speech following his career-ending loss to the
      Undertaker the day before. A few weeks ago the former WWE champion teamed up
      again with Triple H to do media interviews and promotion for WrestleMania
      XXVII in Atlanta. The celebrities appearing - Sean "Diddy" Combs, Sherri
      Shepherd, Miss USA Rima Fakih, Cedric The Entertainer and Ariel Winter - are
      given the "featuring" spot with their photos in the promotional poster and
      WWE Superstars and Divas shown below them include Kane, Wade Barrett, Kelly
      Kelly, Eve, The Miz, Mark Henry, Big Show and HBK. Rey Mysterio, Randy
      Orton, John Cena and Edge are prominently visible at the very top. The show
      is being taped at the Sadowski Field on Saturday, December 11 starting at
      1PM with gates opening 11:30AM. Soldiers who wear their uniform and families
      who wear their Hooah! gear will have access to special standing areas. The
      show is free and open to the public. You can see the promotional poster at

      > RAW RATING
      - Monday Night RAW did a 3.1 rating off hours 2.65, 3.35 and 3.41 for this
      week's three hour King of the Ring episode. It had an average of 4,760,000
      viewers for the whole broadcast and the usual 9 to 11 time slot pulled a 3.4
      with 5,125,000 viewers. The overall show was down 0.1 from the previous week
      but up 0.1 when counting the usual time slot with 269,000 more viewers.
      (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by PWInsider.com)

      - The 2011 Royal Rumble pay-per-view poster has been released featuring the
      faces of 10 WWE Superstars with an effect of the photos torn and taped
      together. The current WWE champion The Miz along with John Cena, Rey
      Mysterio, R-Truth, Randy Orton, John Morrison, Edge, World Heavyweight
      champion Kane, Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio are all on the poster. The
      show will take place at the TD Garden in Boston on January 30. You can see
      the poster at http://w-o.it/fmnstQ

      - In an interview with GeekWeek.com, the hardcore legend himself Mick Foley
      said that he doesn't see himself working for TNA Wrestling once his contract
      expires next year, saying the place resembles WCW with too many captains on
      one ship. He said that it's tough to know who is in charge of the company
      with Bischoff and Hogan running things and if you have a problem you really
      don't know who to approach. Foley also expressed his disappointment after
      TNA decided not to air the footage from his recent appearance at the Jon
      Stewart rally in Washington. He said that with Hulk Hogan onboard there's
      only one room for a non-wrestler talker and it's certainly not him so when
      it's time to leave he will do just that.

      - According a message posted on his Twitter account, Hall of Famer Hulk
      Hogan said that he's considering going back to do his "Hogan Knows Best"
      reality TV show, this time however with a new member on the cast replacing
      an old one, his wife Jennifer. "Trying to decide if I should do the new
      version of Hogan Knows Best? What do u guys think?" he wrote. "It would be
      me, Jennifer and what's really going on with my new life and my relationship
      with my kids. The shoot version," the former champ said. Hogan and his
      family taped three seasons of "Hogan Knows Best" for VH1 with the show
      supposedly being a launch platform for his daughter Brooke's music career.
      After the Hulk and Linda divorced, Brooke took over the show with "Brooke
      Knows Best" and both her parents appeared occasionally in her show, although
      Hogan did so more than Linda. Just last week, Brooke's friend and reality
      show co-star Glenn Packard was arrested in Florida after he was busted with
      a DUI.

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