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      Monday, July 12th, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 6 5

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      Only a few news today, reports took up all the space! Back tomorrow!


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      > MCMAHON ON FOX, written by Joe DeLeon
      - Fox News' Wrestling With the Mania special was fairly well done, with
      several minor inaccuracies, but for the most part, it was correct and
      included a lot of information and good clips as well as interviews...
      The special talked about wrestling in general, but all of the clips and
      interviews were from the WWF. The host for the show was Brian
      Kilmeade... Here is an in-depth report of the broadcast:

      • The show opened up with clips of WWF wrestlers in action.

      • Brian Kilmeade welcomed the fans to the special and named some of the
      current top wrestlers and personalities, such as Hollywood Hogan, Stone
      Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg, The Rock, and Jesse "The Mind" Ventura.

      • Clips were shown of a young Owen Hart wrestling in action from 1992.
      His tragic death was talked about and Brian said this part of the
      special is shown for 2 reasons: 1. Because the show went on after he
      died, and 2., Many people thought the death was fake and all part of an

      • Clips from a past Fox wrestling special called "Wrestling Hurts,"
      which was directed by Joel Parks, was shown. It said that about 10
      million living rooms (about 20 million
      people) turn into wrestling every Monday night (about 14 million for Raw
      and about 7 million for Nitro at the moment)... A lot of the fans said
      why they go to wrestling
      and what they think of it... Joel Parks said that wrestling may be
      choriographed however, the injuries are very real.

      • "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe, owner of the Monster Factory wrestling
      school in Woodsberry, New Jersey named his injuries. They included:
      Fractured vertebrae in back, torn (ruptured) pancrease, broken ankle,
      broken collar bone, all fingers broken at least twice, stitches, and

      • Vince McMahon in this part of the past "Wrestling Hurts" special said
      that before, in the 1980's, when the WWF was going national and
      international, he didn't want to insult the fans' intelligence, and as a
      result, he called his wrestling "sports entertainment," since he used
      athletes to entertain. Joel Parks said that when Vince bought the
      company from his dad, Vince McMahon, Sr., back in 1982 (I think it was
      actually 1983, so that was a minor mistake, but nothing serious). Vince
      said that if his father knew what Vince was going to do, he would've
      never sold Vince his business (Back before Vince, Jr. bought the World
      Wrestling Federation from his father, there were about 25 regional
      promotions that existed... Vince bought all of them up and made his own
      super power promotion, a bigger WWF then ever before. He bought Georgia
      Championship Wrestling
      (GCW) and about 20 or so other regional leagues... In the late 1980's,
      only about or maybe even less than 5 big regional promotions existed as
      a result, with the oly real
      competition being the NWA, who at the time, was owned and operated by
      Jim Crockett. It was unheard of for anyone to buy up so many promotions
      at the time).

      • From here, last year's "Wrestling Hurts" segment ended.

      • Clips were shown from Summerslam 1997 when Owen Hart piledrove Steve
      Austin, thus causing a stinger to Austin's neck. Stone Cold Steve Austin
      (real name: Steve Williams) briefly talked about the injury.

      • Clips of the WWF Titan Tower were shown in Stamford, Connecticut.
      Brian said that the WWF produces 12 hours of programming each week with
      a potential audience of about
      500,000,000 (500 million)... He said that parking lots, cages, and
      dumpsters are sometimes used in wrestling... Stone Cold Steve Austin
      once again talked about his injury and that he is lucky to be alive
      after it... It was mentioned that there was no off-season in wrestling
      and Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) said that you don't take time off
      when you don't need to because you open up space for someone else, which
      he said gave him his big break in wrestling... Austin's $2 million a
      year base salary was
      mentioned also.

      • Some wrestling schools and training centers were highlighted again,
      which Larry Sharpe's being shown again, too. He said that the first
      thing you learn when you go to any wrestling school to become a wrestler
      is how to fall down to the mat, which is pretty hard despite the
      spring(s) and plywood underneath. Sharpe says that he guarantees to
      every one of his wrestlers that they will be injured some time during
      their professional wrestling run, since there's no way around it. The
      WWF's training camp,
      the Funkin' Dojo, headed by Dory Funk, Jr. (that's why it's called the
      Funkin' Dojo), which holds sessions about once a month, was highlighted,
      too. Dory said that the Funkin' Dojo is an unusual camp because they
      don't start from scratch. He said they accept to train wrestlers that
      impress WWF officials, either by sending in home videos of them
      wrestling or if they are recommended to a certain amount by the owner of
      their past wrestling school. A gimmick (character) for a wrestler is the
      main thing needed, and is usually hard to find, as some wrestlers may
      try various gimmicks before finding the one that suits them best. A
      young Gangrel (David Heath) and Prince Albert (Matt
      Bloom) were shown training and trying out various gimmicks... SCSA was
      shown back from his WCW days when he had hair and then was shown as the
      current bald wrestler that he is, which he did when he shaved his hair
      prior to his WWF debut in January 1996. He said that he got his current
      bad ass - serial killer-like gimmick from watching a HBO special on a
      serial killer, called the Iceman, which gave him the basic idea... He
      said that the
      "Stone Cold" part of his name was taken from when his wife made him tea
      and she said, "Drink it before it gets stone cold." Austin said the most
      successful gimmicks are
      the ones that the person who petrays them and plays them actually acts
      like he or she act in real life, which is in his case. Kilmeade said
      Austin is so popular now, he is more popular than Hogan was in his prime
      and part of that is because he is beating up his "evil" boss, Vincent
      Kennedy McMahon, Jr. (Mr. Vince McMahon). Vince said the angle
      is currently happening because that is what the people want to see...
      Larry Sharpe then said that he loved wrestling from the very first time
      he saw it.

      • A past interview was shown with Vince McMahon on it as the special
      guest. Ronnie Matthews from the New York Post and Brian Kilmeade asked
      him questions. Matthews asked Vince first off if wrestling is for kids.
      Vince said that the WWF has changed greatly with the times. He said he
      is giving the people (the public) simply what they want. Vince said the
      typical "good guy vs. bad guy" deal was getting to simplistic and since
      Hollywood was producing larger than life superstars, the WWF decided to
      do the same, only not following the common "good vs. bad" storyline.
      Matthews said that kids often go to the wrestling events and see and
      hear all of the sex, violence, vulgar language, bird flipping, etc.
      Vince said that about 85% of their viewing audience is 18 years or age
      or older, and the programming is written for that portion. Vince said
      that the WWF is written for other teens as well, but definitely not
      kids. Vince stated that children 12 years of age or younger should watch
      with the parents' consent because they are too young to know what is
      real and what isn't. When Vince was asked if his children were 6 years
      or age if he would or would not allow them to watch the WWF programming
      on Monday prime time (Raw is War). Vince said that if this was the case,
      he wouldn't let them watch the show since it was inappropriate and the
      children are way too young at that age. Vince then, however, made
      mention that he would let his 6-year-old children (if he had any that
      age) watch the Saturday morning programing (LiveWire) because it's
      edited... He said that young kids that watch it are always accompanied
      by parents to the arena and all, so it's the parents that basically said
      whether it's OK or not for their children to watch this kind of material
      on television. Vince went on to say that no one else has the huge
      demographics that the WWF has and that you don't see someone stabbing a
      knife into someone else with blood coming out of the victim on WWF
      programming or a gun that's manipulated to kill another person. Vince
      then said both of those cases are
      often shown on such prime time sitcoms such as 90210, which kids often
      watch after school since that's when they usually are shown. Vince said
      that the WWF is like Sunday
      School compared to those types or programs since day-time soap operas
      are often worse and kids out of school at that time watch it a lot.
      Vince stated that the WWF compares well in every catagory to the
      environment in which the WWF states and the people state the WWF is in -
      - - entertainment, not sport(s). Vince then went on and said that the
      WWF is so successful and "hot" right now because it's the only hybrid of
      everything that's popular on TV right now, which includes sitcoms,
      comedical elements, soap operas, and action-adventure.

      • Several more fans commented on what they think of pro wrestling.

      • Greg Fagan, the Associate Editor for T.V. Guide was interviewed at
      this part of the special. He said that pro wrestling right now is the
      hottest thing going, demographic-wise. He said that they took the NFL's
      Monday night ratings (7% of it to be exact) and same with the NBA, too.
      He said that wrestling is currently the country's #1 sport, despite
      Vince saying it's not a sport...Greg stated that 18 million homes (36
      million people) in the U.S. tune in every week to watch wrestling on TV
      and Jesse Ventura's Minnesota Governor win was partly due to his
      popularity before in pro wrestling... He talked about wrestling
      merchandise sales being huge and Austin appearing on Nash Bridges and
      highering its ratings by a great deal. He taked about "pushing the
      envelope" and that more sex and craziness = more ratings. He said that
      now the WWF doesn't worry if it's fake or not, they just put on a show
      just like anyone else does, and the show is a mix of everything that is
      "cool" right now. He said that the problem, however, is that to survive
      they'll need to push the envelope further and further with more sex and
      violence and that it may reach a saturation point one time and lose
      popularity and its style, like it did back in 1991.

      • A segment from a wrestling match in 1950 was shown. The segment was a
      past special wrestling piece that Fox did back in the 1950's. That old
      piece was produced by Truman Talley.

      • Bobby Lombardi, owner of the L.I.W.F. Doghouse wrestling school in
      Ozone Park, New York said that the Doghouse wrestling school teaches
      people how to become wrestlers in exhibition matches and part of the
      actual L.I.W.F. federation. Bobby said he liked wrestling ever since he
      first saw it and that it is a tragedy what happened to Owen. He also
      said that wrestling has become what people wanted it to become and that
      he doesn't like it. He said he likes the traditional wrestling more, and
      that's exactly what it should be. However, he said that when he had
      traditional wrestling, his business went way down, and the crowd spit
      and threw objects at the wrestlers as a result. So he then said he had
      to make the L.I.W.F. rated-R, but he still doesn't allow blood, weapons,
      and a lot of violence. He also mentioned that may fans want to see the
      top TV wrestlers only, but he said that a lot of his local indy
      wrestlers have a lot of talent, too. He said also that it's hard to get
      on national or cable TV as a wrestler and that he dares anyone to come
      into his Doghouse wrestling training center and see if they can last
      against anyone of his wrestlers for a week and see exactly how real his
      athletes are, despite many people saying they're "fakes." He also said
      that professional wrestling right now is hotter than ever and that it's
      hard to be a wrestler, and also that watching or doing wrestling can let
      people get their frustrations out.

      • Wrestlers that appeared in films were shown. Hollywood Hogan was shown
      from "Mr. Nanny" and the late Andre the Giant was shown from "Princess
      Bride." Also, "Rowdy"
      Roddy Piper and Jesse "The Mind" Ventura were shown in past movies that
      they appeared in as well.

      • Clips of WWF and indy pro wrestlers in action finished the well-done
      piece off.

      - STAMFORD, CT -- The World Wrestling Federation announced that former
      World Wrestling Federation Superstar Jesse "The Body" Ventura will once
      again return to the ring in his home state of Minnesota on Sunday,
      August 22, the date the WWF presents it summertime
      Pay-Per-View extravaganza, SummerSlam.

      The specifics of Mr. Ventura’s involvement at SummerSlam will be
      announced at a news conference this Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.
      Eastern/10:00 a.m. Central at the Target Center, site of SummerSlam
      (news conference will be available live via satellite, see WWF.COM for
      satellite coordinates). Joining Ventura for this news conference will be
      World Wrestling Federation Chairman Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, WWF
      Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, the Undertaker, Triple H and

      "It’ll be great to welcome Jesse back," commented Vince McMahon. "This
      event promises to be the most tremendous SummerSlam of this millennium!"

      Fans are welcomed to attend the press conference via the Skyway and Main
      Lobby Entrance of the Target Center beginning at 9 AM C.

      Titan Sports, Inc., located in Stamford, Connecticut, is a privately
      held company founded in 1982 that does business as the World Wrestling
      Federation. As a leader in sports-entertainment, Titan’s business is
      structured around television programming in 150 countries (cable and
      syndication), live events, Pay-Per-View, print and online publishing,
      home video, merchandising and licensing on a worldwide basis.




      • After Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan previewed the show and Gene
      Okerlund plugged the WCW Hotline, at the Junkyard, Mike Tenay was
      standing by to preview the scene, full of vandalized and wrecked cars.
      Cars were on top of one another in a lined up circle. Tenay
      said there could be some surprises of superstars we didn't expect to
      participate in the Junkyard Hardcore Invitational Match.

      • Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) defeated Disco Inferno with the Standing
      Red Shoe Side Kick.
      - Tony Schiavone announced that the stipulation of the loser no longer
      being able to dance was dropped since both Ernest Miller and Disco
      Inferno complained to managment (Disco was scheduled to lose and told
      Kevin Nash it would kill his gimmick; Nash just said to keep dancing).
      Miller got on the microphone and told the crowd to sit their asses down,
      as "You Suck" chants started. Miller said since he was good at dancing,
      we would have another dancing contest. Disco made his way out. Miller
      told the crowd needed to vote for him, or he would go to car to get his
      karate gee to whip everyone. Miller danced in his red shoes. Disco then
      did his disco dance to the obvious win, which brought Miller in, as a
      match was underway. Miller was knocked to the outside, where he once
      again got on the microhphone, saying he would call his momma, his hand
      was a registered weapon, and he would whip somebody. Sonny Onoo got his
      cheapshots on Disco in the match. As Miller remained in control, Onoo
      handed the red shoe to him. Onoo argued with the referee, with Disco
      stomping on Miller's foot to grab the red shoe. Disco whacked Miller
      with the shoe, but Miller surprisingly kicked out at the last second.
      Onoo once again got on the apron, where Disco gave him a last dancine.
      When Disco turned
      around, he was caught with a Standing Red Shoe Side Kick by Miller, to
      let ller take this one.

      • Backstage, Mark Madden interviewed Judge Mills Lane at the Internet
      position about his
      officiation in the Roddy Piper vs. Buff Bagwell 10 Round Boxing Match.
      Lane basically said for us to get on and did say he didn't like Piper
      much. He also said that he would cut a little slack if anything got out
      of hand like Mike Tyson bitting a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear.

      • Rick Steiner defeated Van Hammer with the Steiner Bulldog, to retain
      the Television Title.
      - Rick Steiner was on top of the match, taking Van Hammer to the
      outside. He used the
      exposed concrete floor and shoved the referee. Hammer to the advantage
      with a lowblow.
      Hammer also got away with using a chair. After Steiner used some
      lowblows of his own and
      the Steiner Bulldog, he took the win.

      • At the Junkyard, Mike Tenay was standing by with referee, Mickey Jay,
      who was holding the Hardcore Trophy to declare the winner the official
      Hardcore Champion of WCW. The first person to make it from the junkyard
      brawl to over the fence area would take the win.

      • David Flair (w/Torrie Wilson, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Asya, Charles
      Robinson) defeated Dean Malenko via Pinfall, to retain the United States
      - Referee Johnny Boone officiated the match. As Dean Malenko dominated
      David Flair, Arn
      Anderson and Asya entered. Malenko knocked out Anderson and put Asya in
      the Texas Cloverleaf. Meanwhile, Charles Robinson knocked out Boone and
      made himself the referee. Ric Flair then entered and knocked out Malenko
      with the United States Title belt, to let David make the pin.

      • Elimination Match: The No Limit Soldiers (w/Chase, 4x4) defeated The
      West Texas Rednecks.
      - The No Limit Soldiers hyped up the crowd with their ring introduction.
      Soldiers dominated, with Bobby Duncum, Jr. getting eliminated first
      after a springboard guillotine legdrop on Duncum with Swoll making the
      pin. Duncum was then attacked on the outside by 4x4 and Chase, where
      Curt Hennig tried to make a save, but was unsuccessful. BA was
      eliminated after Hennig took him out with a Hennig Plex, leaving it at
      three-on-three. Konnan then eliminated Kendall Windham after a roll-up.
      4x4 and Chase beat the hell out of Kendall on the outside of the ring.
      Barry Windham and Konnan were both eliminated by Countout as they
      continued to brawl to the backstage area, with Chase joining in. Rey
      Mysterio, Jr. and Swoll were left with Hennig. Barry returned to the
      ring, with Chase taking care of him. Hennig tried to make a run for it,
      but was immediately put back in the ring by the big 4x4. Swoll and
      Mysterio took the win for the Soldiers after Mysterio landed on a
      knocked out Hennig off of Swoll's shoulders.

      • Junkyard Hardcore Invitational Match: Winner - Fit Finlay
      - There was aerial video of the match, that was supplied by a
      helicopter. Rocco Rock and
      Johnny Grunge of The Public Enemy officially returned to WCW by
      participating in the brutal junkyard brawl. Jimmy Hart was at the scene,
      cheering on The First Family in his protective gear. La Parka, Brian
      Knobs, Jerry Flynn, Hugh Morrus, La Parka, Ciclope, Silver King, Steve
      Regal, Fit Finlay, Horace, and Dave Taylor all brawled over the stacked
      cars, using tires, electricty, fire, garbage cans, the concrete ground,
      bumpers, tailpipes, hoods, car seats, chairs, tranmissions, and rims. At
      one point, Morrus dived onto other cars twice with leg drops, with the
      first time being a failed attempt. Rocco tried to climb the fence to
      become the winner, but was stopped by Horace. King had blood all over
      his back from a laceration suffered after a throw on a car windshield.
      Hak later put Finlay in a trunk of a old yellow cab. A forklift lifted
      the cab into a car smasher machine, with Finlay barely getting out on
      time. Finlay then went for the gate and made it over for the win, as a
      car exploded. Finlay received the Hardcore Champion

      • The Triad defeated Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn with the combination
      of Greetings from Asbury Park and Diamond Cutter, to retian the Tag Team
      - The Triad did their ring introduction. They traded in and out. Perry
      Saturn and Chris Benoit slowly worked on Kanyon. The Triad was later
      back on top with the triple-team teamwork. There crowd was cheering and
      booing over a beachball in the crowd, to the point where they started
      chanting the familiar WWF chant, "Asshole." The Triad later took full
      control of the match, working mainly on Benoit. Benoit made the hot tag
      to Saturn, as the faces started to dominate. Benoit connected with his
      Diving Headbutt and Saturn connected with a Frog Splash on Bam Bam
      Bigelow. When a pin was made, Diamond Dallas Page made the save. Kanyon
      threw power in the eyes of Saturn and accidently DDP. Benoit was about
      to make the pin on a knocked out Kanyon, but Bigelow put the foot on the
      rope. Benoit later put DDP threw a German suplex, but didn't get the
      pinfall. DDP nailed Benoit and accidently Kanyon with a steel trash can.
      Saturn was then put through the combination of Greetings from Asbury
      Park and the Diamond Cutter to give The Triad the win.

      • 10 Round Boxing Match: Buff Bagwell (w/Judge Judy Bagwell) defeated
      Roddy Piper (w/Ric
      - Judge Mills Lane officiated the match and Michael Buffer, who is
      popular as an announcer for boxing matches, did the announcing. Buff
      Bagwell came down in his boxing clothes. Bagwell said he suspected Ric
      Flair would be in the corner of Roddy Piper, so he got someone of his
      own - his mother, Judy Bagwell. Flair said no one would think any less
      of Bagwell if he walked out immediately. He said Bagwell was in over his
      head. Bagwell told Flair to remember the time he took the Blockbuster.
      The boxing gloves and mouthpieces were on. Lane said he expected a
      tough, clean fight and told everyone "to get it on." In the first round,
      after a fair number of rapid punches, Piper knocked out Bagwell, but
      Bagwell was right back up. In round two, Bagwell went down on his knee
      after a punch from Piper. Piper knocked him down once again. Bagwell
      later threw an assault of his own, as Piper went down in the corner.
      Piper came in early at Bagwell in the third round, which caused Judy to
      bite her son's opponent and put a water buggest over his head. Bagwell
      knocked out Flair and then hit the Blockbuster on Piper, with Judy
      holding back Flair from making the save. Lane made the pinfall for a
      wrestling move.

      • Sid Vicious and Randy Savage (w/Gorgeous George, Madusa, Miss Madness)
      defeated Kevin Nash and Sting with Savage's Big Elbow, with Savage
      capturing the Heavyweight Title.
      - Kevin Nash and Sting argued over strategy. Gorgeous George was wearing
      sunglasses and
      she later took them off to reveal a black eye. She went over to the side
      of Nash. ENSY Savage went after Nash, where Sting attacked him from
      behind. The action continued back and forth. As it continued, Miss
      Madness and Madusa interfered, only to get their heads banged into each
      other and receive, along with the rest, Stinger Splashes. George entered
      the ring and this time, decided to side off with Randy Savage, as she
      low-blowed Nash. Sid then slammed Nash down, with Savage hitting the Big
      Elbow to become the new Heavyweigt Champion.

      - Former WWF and WCW manager Sherri Martel recently was backstage at a
      Thunder event, in Birmingham Alabama to visit some of her old friends.
      Sherri Martel managed Harlem Heat in her last stint in WCW.

      - Congratulations to WCW highflyer Juventud Guerrera and his wife, who
      are now proud parents of a son, named Andre. As of right now, Guerrera
      cannot move to Mexico City, because he's being threatened of being able
      to return to the United States.


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