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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3364

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Friday, October 1 2010 Issue #3364

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      - WWE announced a Fan Appreciation Day at the XL Center in Hartford, CT., on
      Saturday, October 30, ironically just three days before Linda McMahon,
      former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, faces off Richard Blumenthal in
      the election for the U.S. Senate in the state. The event will start at 3PM
      and tickets will sell for just $10 and $20. They go on sale on October 5 at
      Noon at Ticketmaster.com. Both RAW and Smackdown Superstars will be on hand
      for the show with several matches already announced including Cena vs
      Sheamus, Orton vs Barrett, Taker vs Edge vs Kane vs Big Show and Mysterio vs
      Del Rio. "With its headquarters located in Connecticut since 1983, WWE has a
      strong history and a large and loyal fan base throughout the state and
      specifically in the city of Hartford, which hosted WrestleMania XI as well
      as countless sold-out Raw and SmackDown events," said WWE Chairman and CEO
      Vince McMahon. "We look forward to thanking our fans for their continued
      support and loyalty on October 30th."

      - SyFy issued a press release yesterday about WWE Smackdown moving to its
      property today as the show leaves network TV and jumps to cable after 11
      years. The premiere episode will be held live at the Ford Center in Oklahoma
      City, OK., and to celebrate the arrival of Smackdown, SyFy has kicked their
      promotion machine into full gear. Smackdown-related marketing are currently
      appearing on social networking sites, airlines, in-person appearances,
      cutting edge creative spots, WWE live events, WWE DVD releases and on
      digital platforms such as YouTube, video games, wireless and Twitter. Syfy
      will promote the series with videos on select Virgin America flights, and
      NBC Everywhere content distribution on Taxi TV and gas pumps. In addition,
      Syfy is reaching out to Smackdown's strong Hispanic and African-American
      audience through targeted outdoor advertising in select markets and
      promotions with sister networks Telemundo and mun2. Digital media outlets
      including YouTube, Facebook, IGN and Yahoo! Sports will all be presenting
      SmackDown videos. "The move of Smackdown to Syfy represents the partnership
      of two powerful and successful brands that are united by their embrace of
      imagination. Syfy and the WWE Superstars are a great combination. These are
      superheroes come to life. We're telling the WWE Universe that Smackdown is
      bigger, better and more exciting than ever," said Blake Callaway, Senior
      Vice President of Marketing, Brand and Strategic at Syfy.

      - The poster of Bragging Rights has been changed and now features twelve WWE
      Superstars - six from RAW and six from Smackdown - in a face off with clouds
      in the background painted red and blue representing the color of each brand.
      Cena, Orton, Miz, Sheamus, Mark Henry and Evan Bourne are over at the RAW
      side while The Undertaker, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Kane and
      Drew McIntyre represent Smackdown. The most interesting change is that the
      "n" in "Bragging" has been replaced with the "n" of the Nexus logo, knocking
      over the adjacent letters "i" and "g". You can see it at

      - Mick Foley's book Countdown to Lockdown is released today across
      bookstores in the United States as well as in digital format. This will be
      Foley's fourth wrestling-related book with his previous three being
      bestsellers which landed him on the New York Times bestseller list on more
      than one occasion. In a very extreme rare case - just like when Foley's book
      was mentioned on RAW this past Monday - Joey Styles at WWE.COM conducted an
      interview with the hardcore legend to talk about his book, his conflicts in
      WWE with Vince McMahon, announcing and much more. "A professional conflict
      with Vince McMahon is the reason you're no longer with WWE. And who was it
      that offered you the opportunity to promote Countdown to Lockdown on
      WWE.com?" asked Styles. "From what I understand, it was Vince McMahon's
      decision to mention the book on Raw, and it was his decision to offer me the
      opportunity to talk to WWE.com," replied Foley. "It is literally among the
      craziest things I've ever heard of. [Laughs.] I think it's unprecedented,"
      he added, mentioning that it shows the kind of respect Vince has for him.
      You can read the interview at WWE.COM.

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