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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3357

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2010
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      Saturday, September 18 2010 Issue #3357

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      We had to pull the BlackBerry app from sale for now as after version 2.0 was
      approved the system was charging previous users 99 cents to upgrade, which
      shouldn't be the case. Rather than dealing with hundreds of refunds the
      decision was taken to pull it from the App World until BB fixes the price
      issue. The app will be back online and free to upgrade hopefully by tomorrow
      or Monday the latest.


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      - U.S. President Barack Obama was laying the smackdown on Linda McMahon
      during an appearance at an event in Stamford, CT., on Thursday to raise
      money for Democratic Senate nominee Richard Blumenthal. "Now, Connecticut,
      let's face it, this decision in this election should be a no-brainer," said
      Obama as guests in attendance laughed at the remark. "I mean, it should be.
      Should be a no-brainer," he continued as he listed the credentials of
      Blumenthal. "Now Dick said his opponent may have more money. Dick, she has
      more money than you!" exclaimed the President getting even more laughs at
      his dig. "Just in case there's any confusion," he added while cracking a
      laugh himself. Turning to McMahon, the President said, "I understand she has
      promised a 'smackdown,' that is what she said. And, look, there's no doubt,
      I can see how somebody who's been in professional wrestling would think that
      they're right at home in the United States Senate...if they were watching
      some of the behavior that's been going on!" Obama, when he was still running
      for the Democratic presidential nomination, appeared on RAW in a taped
      message to WWE fans and ended his message with "if you smell what Barack is
      cooking," obviously imitating former WWE Superstar The Rock. You can see
      Obama's comments about McMahon at http://bit.ly/ceK9IU

      - Hulk Hogan is looking into getting back on TV in another non-wrestling
      role as the Hall of Famer is currently developing a show targeted to kids
      aged between 8 and 12 titled Hogan's Court. The Hollywood Reporter reports
      that Hogan will portray a "larger-than-life judge" in a Court TV style show
      that aims to settle sibling disputes. "I am really looking forward to
      developing such an entertaining series with great production partners,"
      Hogan said in a statement. "We want this to be one of those rare shows that
      kids and their families can watch together, and all find something to laugh
      about." Producers plan to have a total of 26 episodes with each show running
      for thirty minutes for the first season.

      - Matt Hardy keeps toying with his fans on Twitter implying that he is
      eventually going to TNA Wrestling. When one fan asked what is the chance of
      him teaming up with Jeff again and reform the Hardy Boyz, Matt said "A 100%
      chance :) And I can't wait.." Later another fan asked what are the chances
      of seeing him at the WWE European tour next month. "Or would it be better 2
      buy tics 4 TNA in Berlin in January?" the fan asked. Hardy's reply? "I'd go
      with Berlin.."

      - Section H of the WWE Wellness Policy that deals with muscle relaxers has
      been updated a year after it was modified. The new update states that
      "regardless of whether there is a prescription, the use of muscle relaxers
      known under the generic name carisoprodol (Trade Name Soma and others)
      and/or meprobamate (Trade name Miltown and others) will be considered a
      non-medical use for purposes of this Policy and is prohibited." Before, the
      use of these drugs were allowed only if you had a valid prescription however
      as the new updated policy states these are a big no no even if you have a
      valid reason. Soma has claimed the lives of many wrestlers in the past due
      to overdosing on the muscle relaxer. The policy was previously updated in
      August 23, 2009 and now has the date of September 13, 2010. The Substance
      and Drug Testing Policy was implemented by WWE in February 27, 2006
      following the death of Eddie Guerrero.

      - The trailer for the upcoming Chris Jericho triple disc DVD titled
      "Breaking The Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho" has been released.
      The DVD will be out in 10 days and will also feature a one hour sit-down
      documentary covering Jericho's career from his early days, arriving in ECW
      and then moving to WCW, his WWE debut, winning the Undisputed title and all
      the way to his latest return to WWE. Several WWE Superstars were interviewed
      for this segment. Discs two and three will have nineteen of his best matches
      from ECW, WCW and WWE. You can check out the trailer at http://bit.ly/b0qacW

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