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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Wednesday, June 30th, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 5 8

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

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      By Iain Burnside, [iain@...]

      Well, lets see now, I think this is my fourth article of the year? Colin
      will be pleased with my workrate. I guess you could call me the Scott
      Hall of this newsletter. But now I'm here to bring you the first of many
      (possibly) stories about what those ker-azee McMahon's get up to behind
      the camera's. Rumours that TNT want to turn it into a mini-series are
      unfounded. Here we go then, The McMahon Family Part I - In Their

      Vince, Shane and Stephanie are sitting on a specially made stage in the
      huge grounds of their house. The WWF superstars are mingling at the
      special garden party Vince has thrown for them all. Mankind walks

      Mankind: Mister Socko wants a cup of cocoa and a fried egg 'n' chutney
      sandwich. Can we go use the kitchen?

      Stephanie, through a constant stream of tears: Waaaaaa, splurgle

      Mankind: What was that?

      Vince: Don't mind her, she's been like that ever since she lost her
      teddy bear. Just go help yourself. But don't let that sock touch
      anything inside the house!

      Mankind: Come on Mister Socko, lets go.

      [Mankind leaves to go indoors, as Test walks onstage]

      Vince: Did you get Viscera away from the barbecue?

      Test: Well I $%$^ did eventually, right afer I got that greasy %*@#
      Michael Cole out of the tree.

      Vince: Excuse me?

      Test: Yeah he was playing on Shane's see-saw with Kevin Kelly, but then
      Marc Henry was about to wet his fat-ass pants with excitement if he had
      to wait anymore so he pushed Kelly off, jumped on, and Cole went flyin'.

      Vince: Uh, ok...

      Test: !|~+% bunch of pricks. Anyway its time for me and Steph to go away
      so she can smoke the ol' lovepipe.

      Stephanie: Weeeee pladfrrnk!

      Test: Course you can have two puffs, bitch.

      Vince: Wait, you can understand her???

      Shane, whispering: Daddy, that man's got girly hair....

      Vince: Shut up Shanus, I could finally get rid of her!!

      Test: Sure I understand the cow.

      Vince: Well go, go now!!!

      Stephanie: La la lala mentry.

      [Test drags Stephanie away much to her father's relief, while muttering
      something about being blown away]

      Vince: Hey son, have you seen your mother lately? Wonder where she is.

      Shane: Last time I saw mummy she said she was going to stop that man
      drinking all her beer.

      Vince: Oh dear....what man?

      Shane: The bald one that killed Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise on Celebrity
      Deathmatch. That was soooooooo cool daddy, I was like woah dude!

      Vince: Dammit!!! Come on, we might make it in time...

      [Vince drags Shane, who is still trying to explain the wonders of MTV to
      his 'fuddy duddy daddy', along to the drinks table. Steve Austin is
      lying unconscious on the ground, while Linda McMahon is dancing like a
      drunk Spice Girl along the table, singing 'I Will Survive' badly,
      pouring beer over Austin.]

      Vince: Linda!! Not again!! Don't you remember what happened when you got
      drunk at O.J.'s house and got into a fight with his wife????

      Linda: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I! I will shurvive!!!

      [She then starts winking at Val Venis as he walks past, and begins
      slowly unbuttoning her blouse....Test and Stephanie come back]

      Val: Hellllllo Lindaaa..........

      Shane: Daddy, that man has a funny voice!!! Hahahaha!!! Again, again!

      Vince, who's face is red with anger by now: Stay away from my wife you
      bastard!! Linda, get down!!

      Test: Who the @#$% is making the racket??? I can't get the gun up when
      there's such a big noise!!

      [Soon there is a big crowd gathering round to see what the fuss is
      about, but then a huge BOOM erupts from the house. Mankind is sent
      flying through the kitchen window by a gas explosion and lands in the
      swimming pool with a kettle in his hand, giving him a huge electric
      shock, he staggers out of the pool, alive somehow, but then a humvee
      appears out of nowhere and runs right into him, sending him flying onto
      Linda and through the table.]

      Shane: Woah!! Bitchin'!!!

      Vince: Linda!

      JR: MY GOD!! MY GOD!!

      Test: @~%!

      Stephanie: Blibble?

      Shane: That was cool! I wanna do that when I grow up daddy! Is he
      alright daddy?

      Vince: I don't care, that's nothing compared to what he's going to do at
      the next pay-per-view anyway.

      [Linda slowly begins to stir, while Mankind gets up and staggers around
      helplessly. He rips off his mask, ties Socko around his head, unbuttons
      his shirt and starts to do a funky Charleston....]

      Linda: Oh my head.......who did I stab this time?

      JR: What was that?


      JR: Yessir. Oh my god no.....it can't be.....Mankind is dead....Dude
      Love is reborn!!

      Crowd: No! Arghhhh!!!!!!!!

      [Everyone runs away in horror and disgust at the return of such an
      abomination, leaving only the McMahon's, Dude Love and Test.]

      Dude: Owwwwwwwwwwww baby, yeah, where's the love?

      Test: Shut it you @~$%^& piece of $£%"$%!!!!! You cost my little general
      his hourly inspection! And listen you £%^%^& freak show, I taught Tommy
      Lee everything he knows. And if my powerbomb is good enough for Pamela
      Anderson then its good enough for you and that $^% sock....

      [Test delivers a powerbomb, and Dude Love wanders away, doing a crap
      little dance and muttering something about going to see Austin Powers.
      We are supposed to forgive him though because its 'ironic'.]

      Shane: What are we going to do now daddy?

      Vince: Someone was driving that humvee and they could have killed my
      wife -

      Linda: I think I'm going to puke....

      Vince: - so we're going to Atlanta, Georgia to nail the sonofabitch!!

      .......to be continued.......possibly.



      - The next WWF pay per view, "Fully Loaded" which will take place on the
      25th of July is beginning to shape up.7/25 is beginning to shape up.
      Main event is Steve Austin vs. HHH for the world title with The
      Undertaker as the guest referee. Stipulations will be added to this
      match next week on RAW. The Big Show will take on Kane, The Rock will
      fight the 1999 King Of The Ring Billy Gunn in a 2 out of 3 falls match,
      The Acolytes vs. The Hardy Boyz for the Tag Team Titles, D'Lo Brown vs.
      Mideon or D'Lo/Mark Henry vs. Viscera and Ken Shamrock vs. Steve
      Blackman. Remember folks, card is subject to change.

      > LENO SAYS NO!
      - The WWF were trying to get their new champ Steve Austin on the
      "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno to answer Goldberg's offer, but according
      to sources, Leno and his team won't let Ausin on the show if he won't
      accept Goldberg's challenge. Does Leno receive a check from WCW at the
      end of the month?!?!?!

      - By Phil Speer, WWF.com

      It turns out Debra's puppies are named "Jeff" and "Jarr." Last Friday,
      the blonde bombshell appeared in Albany, N.Y., to raise money for the
      local Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society.

      A few different radio stations, including WFLY 92.3, featured Debra.
      Later in the day, she signed autographs for $5 each, with all proceeds
      going to charity. The first 100 fans also received a "Show Me Your
      Puppies" T-shirt, just like the one Debra presented to Jerry "The King"
      Lawler Monday night on RAW IS WAR. We expect that T-shirt to be
      available soon in the ShopZone.

      All four local television networks were on hand for the autograph
      session, which ended up raising $1,700.

      As promised, Debra also revealed her puppies during the session. They
      turned out to be two dogs from the humane society, who were immediately
      named "Jeff" and "Jarr," in honor of Debra's man Jeff Jarrett.

      Debra's day in Albany also raised awareness for an upcoming episode of
      SmackDown! to be taped Tuesday, Sept. 7 at the Pepsi Arena. Tickets for
      that event are currently on sale.

      - More than 1,000 ICPs License Internet Explorer 5; WWF and Forbes Among
      the Most Recent ICPs to Provide Customized Browsers

      REDMOND, Wash. - May 13, 1999 - Microsoft Corp. today announced that
      leading Internet content providers (ICPs) are joining top Internet
      portal Web sites to provide unique customizations to Microsoft® Internet
      Explorer 5 that enhance their users' Web experience. The most recent
      content providers customizing and distributing Internet Explorer 5 span
      a breadth of consumer interest areas and include GoTo.com, Bloomberg,
      CNET, Forbes, SurfMonkey.com and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).
      These providers join the more than 1,000 ICPs who have already chosen to
      distribute Internet Explorer 5, including seven of the most frequently
      visited Internet sites: AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek Corp.'s GO Network,
      Lycos, the MSN™ network of Internet services, Snap and

      "Internet Explorer 5 is proving to be the most popular browser software
      ever, and a key reason is the support from leading content providers,"
      said Rob Bennett, Windows® group product manager at Microsoft. "The
      combination of the breakthrough performance and simplicity the browser
      offers along with the breadth of customization opportunities it provides
      Internet content providers make Internet Explorer 5 the integrated Web
      solution of choice."

      The Browser of Choice for a Customized Web Experience Internet Explorer
      5 enables Internet content providers to enhance their user's Web
      experience by better linking the browser with their Internet offerings.
      Using tools such as the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 5, ICPs are
      able to build on the breakthrough performance and simplicity to easily
      tailor the browser to better meet the needs of their unique

      Using the Web Accessories customization feature in Internet Explorer 5,
      content providers can provide unique browsers with integrated features
      such as language translation utilities or customized explorer bars that
      provide users seamless access to top news, stock quotes, Web-based mail,
      and more. For example, Bloomberg will offer a customized browser that
      includes a Web Accessory which links directly to Bloomberg
      financial news, stock quotes and other financial information.

      "For our customers, easy access to timely information is critical," said
      Jonathan Fram, general manager of Interactive Media at Bloomberg L.P.
      "With the Bloomberg-customized version of Internet Explorer, we will be
      able to provide our audiences even faster and uninterrupted access to
      breaking news, stock quotes and top financial information."

      Another ICP planning to provide a customized version of Internet
      Explorer 5 is the World Wrestling Federation. The WWF New Media Network,
      which includes wwf.com, stonecold.com and WrestlemaniaXV.com, is one of
      the most popular destinations on the Web, receiving over 5 million page
      views a month. The WWF will provide a customized version of Internet
      Explorer 5 that is specially designed for fans of "Stone Cold" Steve
      Austin, the WWF Heavyweight Champion.

      "The World Wrestling Federation fans have an insatiable appetite for new
      and creative product offerings," said Bob Mitchell, senior vice
      president of New Media. "With customized versions of Internet Explorer
      5, we will continue to give our fans a way to express their affiliation
      with the WWF and the Federation superstars."

      Customized Web Accessories for the Internet Explorer 5 browser will also
      help make surfing the Internet safer and more approachable for children.
      SurfMonkey.com, makers of the popular Web browser just for kids, will
      soon be providing a Web Accessory customized specifically for families
      called the SurfMonkey Explorer Bar. The SurfMonkey Explorer Bar will
      allow parents to block access to inappropriate sites and filter out bad
      language while enabling kids to surf to safe, fun and educational sites
      within a simple and engaging interface.

      "One of the biggest challenges for parents today is providing a safe
      environment for their children to freely enjoy the benefits of the Web,"
      said David Smith, CEO of SurfMonkey.com. "The richness of Internet
      Explorer 5 enables us, with the SurfMonkey Explorer Bar, to utilize
      several Microsoft technologies resulting in a customized family product
      that offers unmatched parental safety controls, while providing a Web
      exploring experience for kids that is truly inviting and exciting."

      Record Demand for Internet Explorer 5 Internet content providers
      delivering customized versions of Internet Explorer 5 since the
      browser's launch on March 18, 1999, are
      experiencing strong demand for the browser software. For example,
      completed downloads of the AltaVista-customized version of Internet
      Explorer 5 have exceeded 130,000.

      "We're in awe of the tremendous customer response to our custom version
      of Internet Explorer 5," said Celia Francis, Director of Marketing for
      AltaVista. "We've seen more than 130,000 downloads thus far, and it's
      only been available on AltaVista for 56 days. That's more than 1.6
      downloads every 60 seconds!"

      - By Richard Katz

      NEW YORK (Variety) - USA Network took back first place from TNT in the
      second-quarter primetime cable ratings race, compared with the same
      period in 1998.

      USA's 2.4 cable universe rating was a 9% bump from the 2.2 the network
      earned in the
      second quarter last year, according to Nielsen Media Research.

      The Barry Diller-run cable channel benefited from huge audience
      increases for its World
      Wrestling Federation programs, and steady ratings from its nightly
      off-network runs of
      ``Walker, Texas Ranger'' and its originally produced Sunday Night Heat

      While USA's ``WWF Raw'' and ``WWF Warfare'' ranked among the top 11
      basic cable programs for the second quarter, ratings for TNT's competing
      ``WCW Monday Nitro Live!'' dropped.

      Of the 39 basic cable network monitored by Nielsen, 19 had ratings
      increases compared
      with the second quarter of 1998, eight suffered declines, 11 were flat
      and one, Odyssey, was not rated last year.

      Both of Viacom's music channels, MTV and VH1, had strong second
      quarters. MTV achieved its sixth consecutive quarter of growth in total
      day households and its seventh consecutive quarter of growth in its core
      12-34 demographic. Driven by ratings stars such as ``Real World VII''
      (peaking at a 4.5 rating and 3.2 million homes) and the 1999
      MTV Movie Awards broadcast (6.4 rating and 4.6 million homes), MTV's
      primetime rating
      increased 29% to a 0.9 (664,000 homes) for the second quarter.

      VH1 had its highest-rated quarter ever, a 0.6 in prime (381,000 homes).
      ``VH1 Divas Live '99,'' with a 3.7 rating (2.4 million homes), was the
      most watched program in its history.

      Cartoon Network scored a 1.6 rating (922,000 homes), an increase of 14%
      (28% in homes) compared with the second quarter of 1998.

      In addition, BET, Home & Garden TV, ESPN2, E!, Bravo and Court TV all
      expanded their
      ratings by at least 20% in prime.

      On the negative side, Fox Family Channel continued its major ratings
      drop with a 0.8
      (605,000 homes), a 38% decline in ratings and a 35% drop in households.

      Sister cabler FX sank 25% in prime ratings to a 0.6 and an 8% decline in
      (256,000 homes).

      Disney Channel, which does not carry commercials, declined 15% to a 1.7
      prime rating,
      and Lifetime dipped 13% to a 1.4. (Reuters/Variety)



      - According to Meltzer, the rumored match between Hollywood Hogan and
      Bret Hart at Toronto's World War 3 PPV in November 99' looks as though
      it will be happening a lot sooner than expected. Plans are being tossed
      around for Hart and Hogan to headline a PPV within the next couple
      months. (Kirk Huffman)

      - Former 2 time WCW Heavyweight champion Diamond Dallas Page will be
      joining Bob Ryder and Jeremy Borash for WCW Live tonight, on WCW.com.
      More information can be found at http://www.wcw.com

      - Two Marketing Heavyweights Team Up in Summer Promotion; Little
      Caesars(R) And World Championship Wrestling Announce Relationship

      DETROIT, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Goldberg, ``Hollywood'' Hogan, Diamond
      Dallas Page
      and Sting will be appearing at Little Caesars® Pizza restaurants across
      the country ...
      via collector motion cards that is! Little Caesars Pizza and World
      Championship Wrestling (WCW) are combining forces on a summer promotion.

      Promotion elements include free limited edition WCW motion collectors
      cards available
      with a special pizza offer. Little Caesars is the official pizza of the
      WCW; and will air a thirty- and fifteen- second national television spot
      co-starring WCW icons Goldberg and Meng beginning July 5.

      The limited-time series of motion cards feature four of the WCW's most
      popular superstars. The cards premiere with Goldberg and will be
      followed by the other big names. Free with a purchase of a ``WCW
      Pizza!Pizza!® Meal'' (two medium pizzas with one topping for $9.99), the
      cards will be available while supplies last at participating locations.

      ``Little Caesars is proud to work with the WCW,'' said Linda Jaworski,
      Little Caesars
      senior vice president, Marketing. ``Wrestling has been identified as one
      of the hottest
      forms of entertainment in pop culture today. We're confident that
      working with the WCW will prove to be a smart marketing move,''
      continued Jaworski.

      The decision to sponsor the WCW stemmed from marketing strategies
      developed by
      Little Caesars and its advertising agency, Bozell Worldwide. According
      to Bozell's
      Managing Partner, Client Services and Creative, Rob Elliott, the initial
      objective was to identify an advertising opportunity with an
      organization that would add value and have a similar target market. The
      WCW was a perfect fit.

      ``We were able to quickly expand what started out as an advertising
      program into a larger mutually beneficial relationship between Little
      Ceasars and WCW,''
      said Elliott.

      The thirty- and fifteen-second commercial, entitled ``WCW Chairs''
      recently created
      and produced by Bozell, features WCW superstars Goldberg and Meng. The
      spot opens
      with the two wrestlers ``fighting'' it out in a ring just as they spot a
      couple of metal
      folding chairs which are used, much to the surprise of the arena full of
      fans, to sit down and swap WCW collector cards.

      The campaign will run on network and cable television and is scheduled
      to debut on
      TNT's July 5 WCW Monday Nitro, one of basic cable television's highest
      rated programs.
      The commercial will also air on the Hispanic network, Univision. This
      promotion will also be supported with radio spots, print and
      point-of-purchase displays.

      Little Caesars, home of the Pizza!Pizza!®, is an international pizza
      chain with locations in 14 countries.

      World Championship Wrestling is a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting
      System, Inc., a
      Time Warner Company. WCW produces and markets television programs and
      live events
      featuring wrestling superstars. WCW produces eight hours of original
      programming seen
      each week throughout the U.S. and in over 25 countries throughout the
      world. Check
      out WCW's Web Site at www.WCW.com.


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

      Copyright 1996-1999 Wrestling-Online


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