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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3252

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2010
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      Saturday, April 3 2010 Issue #3252

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Ah last day in Vegas. So sad. All good things must come to an end right?
      Tomorrow and Monday I will be basically living in two different airports so
      while there will be the usual updates on the site (thank God for Priority
      Pass) I don't think there will be newsletters. We'll see. It's a long, long
      journey back home which I'm not looking forward to.


      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - Former WCW and WWE Superstar Chris Klucsaritis, better known to fans as
      Chris Kanyon, passed away last night from an apparent overdose in his
      apartment in Queens, NY. Kanyon was 40 years old. The Observer is reporting
      that his death is believed to be a suicide as he had threatened to kill
      himself several times in the past. Klucsaritis suffered from bipolar
      disorder and was going through a depression lately as well. Kanyon made his
      WCW debut as Mortis in 1997 and kept the gimmick through late 1999. In 1999
      he then used the name of Chris "Champagne" Kanyon and when WCW was sold to
      WWE his contract was picked up by WWE. He made his WWE debut on July 6, 2001
      as part of The Alliance during the WCW/ECW invasion storyline. In late 2001
      he was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling and made appearances every so often on
      WWE TV. He was released from WWE in early 2004. He admitted a few years
      later that he was homosexual and during an indy show he claimed WWE released
      him because of that. During his time in WCW, he won the tag team titles
      twice - with DDP and Bam Bam Bigelow and in the WWE he won the WCW United
      States title once and WWE tag team title once with DDP.

      - The 28 year old Oklahoma native Jack Swagger successfully cashed in his
      Money In The Bank on Smackdown yesterday defeating Chris Jericho and
      becoming the new World Heavyweight champion. After getting speared by Edge
      in the opening segment, Swagger ran to the ring, asked for a referee, and
      gutwrench powerbombed Jericho out of his shoes to become one of the youngest
      World champions ever. This was the quickest cashing in since Money in the
      Bank started in 2005 and Swagger became the fifth guy to win the title
      following his win at WrestleMania. Only Mr Kennedy failed to cash in after
      he put his briefcase up for grabs against Edge in 2007. Edge eventually went
      on to win the title that same week from The Undertaker.

      - The cover - and alternate one - of the fourth issue of WWE Heroes comic
      book has been released. The comic goes on sale on June 22 with the synopsis
      reading, "Things get seriously out of hand as WWE superstars start turning
      into WWE super-monsters! With the entire arena in chaos will anyone be able
      to save the day from the evil Reverend Josiah? One old-school WWE film-star,
      ex-champion and general bad-ass thinks he has what it takes to save the
      day!" Also, an exclusive digital prequel comic has been released for the
      iPad free to download at the App Store. This digital prequel comic, which
      features WWE Superstars such as Triple H, Big Show, Undertaker, Chris
      Jericho and a surprise guest star, is also available as a FREE app for the
      iPhone and iPod touch. "The WWE Heroes exclusive digital prequel comic will
      give fans a great lead-in to the fantastic action of the monthly WWE Heroes
      comic in comic shops," says Ned Hartley, Editor, WWE Heroes comic. "We're
      really excited to be able to give fans a behind the scenes look at how a
      comic is created, with exclusive pencils and inks for each panel to show how
      a comic strip is put together. The iPad technology allows us to give a whole
      new interactive experience to fans, and we think it's all pretty exciting!"
      You can see both covers at http://bit.ly/bXmhYj

      - WWE Superstars MVP, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase will be doing an autograph
      session at two HMV stores in Glasgow and Newcastle next week signing the
      "WWE TLC" DVD while on the European tour. MVP will be at the Newcastle store
      on Thursday April 8 at 3:30PM local time and The Legacy members will be in
      Glasgow on Buchanan Street on Friday April 9 at 3:30PM local time as well.
      Due to anticipated demand both events will be wristbanded. Fans can pick up
      free wristbands at the participating HMV which allow them access to the
      signing. 350 wristbands will be available only from HMV Newcastle store from
      8:30AM on the day of the event onwards and 350 wristbands will be available
      only from HMV Glasgow Buchanan Street store from 8:30AM on the day of the
      event onwards. One wristband per customer maximum, in person only, while
      stocks last, subject to availability, at participating store only.

      - iMPACT! on Monday night will be starting at 8PM EST, a test to see how it
      fares against Monday Night RAW with a one hour lead after getting hammered
      in the past few weeks in the ratings when going head to head. A few matches
      have already been announced for the live show including Kurt Angle vs Mr
      Anderson in a ladder match, The Pope vs Desmond Wolfe and an eight Knockouts
      tag match between Tara, Angelina Love, ODB and Hamada taking on The
      Beautiful People and Daffney.

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