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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #346

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Saturday, June 12th, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 4 6

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      If any of you are going to either a WWF or WCW house shows, please
      e-mail us the results! Thanks!


      >> RANTS & RAVES
      By Chris Ciolfitto, [Chris316@...]

      Well now that the Greater Power has been revealed on RAW, I figured it
      was only appropriate to show you who you guys thought the Greater Power
      was. Ironically, NO ONE chose Vince McMahon...whoa, they pulled the wool
      over our eyes good didn't they? :)
      Anyways, due to the overwhelming amount of response to my article (man,
      when I ask you guys for your opinions, you all come out of the
      woodwork), I won't be able to print out each response as planned, so
      I'll just run down the most poular choices...

      Mike Tyson - An overwhelming amount of you thought it would be Iron
      (Bars) Mike Tyson. Not too surprising considering his past history with

      Jake The Snake was another popular choice, obviously, with the whole
      Austin 3:16 thing based around him and his whole history with The
      Undertaker too (eg Macho Man's wedding etc.).

      Shawn Michaels was the third most popular choice mainly due to the fact
      that it would be a huge swerve for him to turn his back on Austin after
      kissing his ass for the last few months.

      Those were the most popular choices, now I'll give an honourable mention
      to some of the other choices...

      •Papa Shango
      •Oscar from Men On A Mission
      •Bill Clinton
      •Chris Adams
      •Bill Clinton
      •The Underfaker (Ted DiBiase's Undertaker from 1994)
      •Ted DiBiase
      •The Jackyl
      •The Red Rooster
      •Brother Love
      •Eric Bischoff

      And finally, the best one of all...

      •Max Mini

      ...there you have it, that's who you guys thought the greater power was
      gonna be. Some funny choices in there, especially Bill Clinton :)
      Would he have his faithful cigar with him at all times? ;) Anyways,
      that's enough lame humour for now, so I'll just be going now.

      In the meantime, and in between time, that's it for another edition of
      Rants & Raves.



      - We were expecting this to happen any moment. The Hart Family will
      launch a multi million dollar lawsuit against WWF owner Vince McMahon
      and his company next week. 4 lawyers are representing the Harts,
      including Pamela Fischer of Pipella and Co. "There will be a worldwide
      press conference on Tuesday in Kansas City," she explained. Contacted by
      the Toronto Sun staff, Vince McMahon said, "I don't know anything about
      it, I'm not going to engage Martha, it's such a sensitive subject." In
      the meantime criminal investigations are still going on, and could bring
      a charge of involuntary manslaughter under Missouri law. Maj. Gregory
      Mills of the Kansas City Police Department said, "I have some concerns
      that the material was the right stuff to use to lower a (large) man." Of
      course, to press charges, investigators must provide enough evidence to
      prosecutors, and all evidence must point to one person. "We also need to
      find out who decided to use that equipment and why," continued Mills.
      According to a crime lab in Kansas City, Owen Hart fell at a speed of
      80km/h, hitting the turnbuckle. (Some credit goes to Toronto Sun)

      - Next week, The Big Show, Triple H and Chyna will have 30 minutes chats
      with wrestling fans on the popular YAHOO! website. On Monday evening
      beginning at 5:15 ET (2:15 PT), the Big Show will chat for 30 minutes.
      Triple H and Chyna will have their own half-hour chat Tuesday at 2 PM ET
      (11 AM PT).

      - Jason Sensation is currently training in Sully's Gym in Toronto,
      Ontario with Ron Hutchinson to be a wrestler. If you remember, Sensation
      was in the WWF for a few last year doing impressions of several
      wrestling superstars, including Austin, Undertaker, Owen Hart, The Rock,
      Hulk Hogan etc.

      - On June 22nd, two new WWF videos will be released, and these are "Hell
      Yeah, The Steve Austin Saga Continues" and "Best Of WWF RAW Volume 1".
      These videos can be preordered from the Wrestling Megastore at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/megastore/ for a low price of $12.99

      - June 5, 1999 - House Show from Springfield, MA drew 5,239 for
      $118,345; June 6, 1999 - Sunday Heat at the Nassau Coliseum drew a
      sellout of 11,461 for $284,602; June 7, 1999 - Raw from Boston, MA drew
      a sellout 14,430 for $306,959. (Dave Scherer)

      - Brian Christopher has a torn ACL that probably will require surgery in
      the next few
      days, depending on the results of an MRI Brian underwent Friday
      afternoon. Christopher tore the ligament Wednesday in Portland, Maine,
      and returned to his home in Memphis on Friday morning. This injury will
      delay Too Much’s promotional push until Christopher is 100 percent,
      which will be in a few weeks. More details will be available after
      Memphis doctors thoroughly examine the young "Prince" of Memphis. I
      believe this team has excellent potential and, because of its youth, a
      bright future.

      Goldust has what appears to be a serious back injury and will be out of
      action indefinitely. WWF officials cannot predict when Goldust will
      return to action until WWF doctors examine the former Intercontinental
      Champion. Sources say this injury could lead to Goldust being out of the
      game for quite some time.

      Jim Cornette will be moving from Connecticut to Louisville, Kentucky,
      this month to assist the WWF in placing prospects in the ring in the
      Louisville area. This is an experimental project that will be evaluated
      at the end of 1999 and will, hopefully, be the first stop a WWF prospect
      has on their road to Monday night RAW.

      SmackDown debuts on the UPN network nationally on Thursday, August 26,
      from 8 PM to 10 PM ET/PT. No word on the exact format; however, I expect
      it will be episodically produced and the storylines will continue from
      Monday’s RAW. Also, no word on the
      broadcasters for that show either.

      Several of the Memphis-assigned WWF talent are doing very well
      according to reports. Vic Grimes has lost several pounds on his way to
      his target weight of approximately 300 pounds and has made great
      progress. Reminds me of a Jerry Blackwell with Mick Foley

      Reports are surprisingly good out of Mexico for the Giant Silva and
      Kurrgan. Silva executed a plancha over the top rope a few days ago which
      had to be amazing as Paulo is 7-foot-4 and 400-plus pounds.

      Pierre has really opened eyes in Memphis as well. The former Quebecer
      has lost significant weight and has hired an English tutor to assist him
      with the language. I believe Pierre can still be a player in the WWF in
      the future.

      Mark Henry is preparing to address his weight issues. At 400 pounds,
      Mark is limited in what he can do in the ring over the long haul;
      however, at 330-340 pounds the former Olympian could be extraordinary. I
      really hope Mark is successful with this challenge.

      Edge sustained a slight concussion Tuesday night in Worcester. After
      being checked out at a local hospital and held out of competition two
      days, the youngster from Toronto is ready to go beginning this weekend.
      I said it a year ago and I still believe that this kid is going to be

      Mick Foley will be on crutches until next week but is doing excellent
      with his rehab and should be back in the ring by mid to late July. In
      the meantime, Mick is busy writing his autobiography.

      Shannon Hall, Mrs. Cleavage, Ryan Shamrock and Nicole Bass will all be
      in Stamford next week for an intensive training regime. It will be
      interesting to see who steps up … and who doesn’t.

      "Excalibur"?? Are you kidding me? How did THAT get started? (Jericho's
      name was rumored to be "Excalibur" if he joins the WWF)

      WWF has had no talks with ECW regarding Sabu and would not entertain the
      thought of hiring Sabu without first consulting with Paul Heyman.

      It was certainly nice (most folks say stupid) of WCW to promote RAW this
      past Monday and the "Greater Power" storyline. It’s also nice to see
      that Turner’s management team watch RAW as closely as its talent.

      The King of the Ring, not normally one of JR’s favorite Pay-Per-Views,
      looks like its going to be pretty hot now. The Greensboro crowd can be
      REALLY hot, if properly motivated. I love that building!

      JR’s barbecue sauce is still in research and development. Stay tuned.

      Mark Canterbury and Savio Vega have both been cleared to resume in-ring
      training. Along with Thrasher, these men are anxious to get back in the
      game. It’s going to be challenging.

      - Word around Titan Tower is that this Monday will be Stone Cold Steve
      Austin's first day in the office...but the Rattlesnake isn't gonna wait
      until next week to start making
      decisions! Everyone is excited for this year's King of the Ring
      Tournament and the new CEO of Titan Sports is no exception! That's why
      the "Three-One-Six" is putting all eight
      quarterfinalists in tag team action! Kane and X-Pac team up to take on
      the Big Show and Hardcore Holly. The former Tag Team Champions sure have
      an advantage, having already worked as unit, but who the hell cares
      about teamwork when you have over 500 pounds of the Big Show?! Former
      D-Generates, Chyna and Mr. Ass reunite to take on Ken Shamrock and the
      Road Dogg! The D-O-Double G will not only be looking for an early
      advantage on
      the Ninth Wonder of the World--his quarterfinal opponent at King of the
      Ring--but he'll
      want to get him a piece of Ass...Mr. Ass that is! Some of the most
      talented athletes in sports-entertainment will get it on this Sunday
      night as well, when the Hardy Boyz & Michael Hayes take on the Brood in
      a six-man elimination match! These six superstars put on an unbelievable
      display a few weeks ago on RAW IS WAR, and this time they'll step in the
      ring and battle it out until only one is left standing! The "Bridesmaids
      of the WWF Tag Team division," Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry and D'Lo
      Brown get another crack at the gold this weekend when they take on the
      Acolytes! D'Lo and Sexual Chocolate have been so close before...but can
      they defeat the most destructive duo around?



      - During the International Lisencing Show that took place in NYC this
      past week, several superstars from both companies represented their
      respective federations at the booths. According to reports, while
      Goldberg passed by the WWF booth, Austin got up, shook hands and
      embraced him. Reporters were pushed back and were not allowed to take
      pictures while this happened.

      - June 4, 1999 - House Show from Cincinnati drew 4,193 for $125,835;
      June 5, 1999 - House Show from Columbus, OH drew 3,192 for $73,340; June
      6, 1999 - House Show from Athens, OH drew 3,192 for $57,622; June 7,
      1999 - Nitro from Cleveland drew 9,943 for $182,180 (Dave Scherer)

      - Hosted by Mene Gene, Reported by Christopher Micheals

      Eric Bishoff has officially released former Chicago star Steve McMichael
      this week. It is rumored he has been in talks with the WWF. If he did
      come to the WWF he would most likely be involved in an angle with Debra
      and JJ; Eric Bishoff confirmed this week that Scott Hall will be taking
      the summer off without pay to straiten out his personal problems; Curt
      Heenig had an incident with Steven Segal, where Segal tried to put a
      nerve hold on his hand, but Heenig reversed it; WCW Nitro had a 3.2
      rating and WWF Raw scored a 6.7. WCW Thunder put out a consistent rating
      of 3.1; A new Mene Gene burgers recently opened in South Carolina;
      Goldberg will be attending the Stanley Cup Final and is also expected to
      return on the July 5th Nitro; Dennis Rodman is also expected to return
      on that same Nitro. Which will be the first off his 5-appearance
      contract; Hogan is developing a huge passion for golf; Master P will
      show up any time in WCW with a bodyguard who aspires to be a wrestler;
      Mene Gene went over the Hart family lawsuit with the WWF, that is set to
      be filed, and he also covered the Sable lawsuit.


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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