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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3183

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2009
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      Thursday December 31 2009 Issue #3183

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      It's New Year's Eve and I can't believe how quickly this decade flew by. We
      had some interesting stories over the past ten years in pro wrestling - WWE
      buying WCW, the arrival of TNA, the unfortunate deaths of Eddie Guerrero,
      Chris Benoit and others, the WWE steroids scandal and God knows what else.
      2010 will start with a big bang for both WWE and TNA and hopefully they will
      be competition to each other so we start enjoying the shows a bit more.

      As far as the site/newsletter go, well, we're going to be around for 2010,
      at least that's the plan. Maybe with some changes that people may or may not
      like. But can't please everyone, right?

      I hope you will have a wonderful evening and nice celebrations. For those
      who rang in the New Year already - our readers in Australia and over that
      side of the world - happy New Year! To those which is still coming...well,
      happy New Year to you too! :)

      See you in twenty ten!


      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - After a five year battle with cancer, Dr. Death Steve Williams lost his
      final bout, passing away on December 29 at the age of 49. Williams wrestled
      for the NWA, WCW, ECW and the-then WWF among other federations, winning the
      NWA US tag team title with Kevin Sullivan, the NWA World tag team title with
      Mike Rotunda and the WCW World tag team title with Terry Gordy during his
      career. In 1998 he signed for the WWF and participated in the "Brawl For
      All" competition, a competition with legitimate fights which he was tipped
      to win. However, he was sensationally knocked out by Bart Gunn in the
      quarterfinals. He then worked with his good friend Jim Ross in a short angle
      before being let go from his contract. In 2004 he was diagnosed with throat
      cancer and underwent surgery and made several appearances at wrestling shows
      since then. The cancer unfortunately returned and he was admitted to the St.
      Anthony Central Hospital in Denver, CO., where he passed away.

      - WWE.COM along with News Oklahoma, the Washington Post, Miami Herald and
      several other media outlets who picked up the story by the Associated Press
      all covered the death of Steve Williams. Williams was very well known in
      Oklahoma as he played offensive guard for OU and was also an All-American
      heavyweight wrestler. As of this writing, his close personal friend Jim Ross
      has not written anything about Williams on his website yet but it is
      obviously just a matter of time.

      - It doesn't look like it will be a happy new year for the current WWE Divas
      champion Melina as she is feared to have suffered a torn ACL during
      Tuesday's RAW live event in Manchester, NH. Melina was part of a six Divas
      tag team match with Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim taking on Maryse, Alicia Fox
      and Katie Lea when the accident happened and the referee immediately threw
      the X hand sign to let backstage know about the legit injury. One of the WWE
      trainers rushed to the ring to check on the injured champ and she was helped
      to the back by Kelly Kelly and referee Jack Doan. The match was quickly
      ended with the heels picking up the victory. We have received four photos
      from the show which shows Melina on the mat being attended to and you can
      see them at http://bit.ly/5atTLt

      > RAW RATING
      - Monday Night RAW did a 3.6 rating this week off hours 3.49 and 3.73. That
      is up 0.4 from last week's disappointing 3.2 rating. It will be interesting
      to see how next week's show will do with Bret Hart back and opposition from
      TNA and Hulk Hogan. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put
      online by PWInsider.com)

      - In his latest blog entry, Eric Bischoff described WWE as a "Wall Street
      mega-corp bully with a billion dollar bank account," crediting TNA for going
      head to head with RAW next Monday forcing Vince McMahon to bring out his
      guns and Bret "Hit Man" Hart to the show. Bischoff said Vince thinks that
      only he should have any "meaningful market share of the professional
      wrestling business" and finally TNA is stepping up for competition rather
      than going safe and broadcasting such an important show unopposed. The
      former WCW President admitted that he watched the last RAW, calling it
      mind-numbingly stupid and said that maybe McMahon finally realized that he
      cannot afford to take his audience for granted anymore and "continue to
      shove tripe down the throats of his Goliath 'universe' while David was
      reaching for a stone." Bischoff added that he is happy that Bret is coming
      back and that he's putting everything behind him and said that the fans will
      be the real winners come January 4 as a better product will be shown on TV.
      WWE will be having wrestling competition for RAW head to head for the first
      time since Nitro went off the air in March 2001.

      - In some parts of the world it is freezing cold, yet in some other parts
      its hot enough to parade around with a bikini showing off your hot body and
      massive boobs. It's been a while since Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke was
      snapped in a two-piece enjoying the sun with her friends or a boyfriend but
      with daddy going back on TV in a few days it was about time for Brooke to
      get some paparazzi time as well. Brooke along with her friends and Hulk's
      girlfriend Jennifer were spotted at a pool in Miami enjoying some sunshine
      and we have five photos for you to see. You can check them out at

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