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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Monday, May 17th, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 2 8

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> WWF No Mercy PPV report ...
      >> Shane Douglas releases official statement ...
      >> Sunday Night Heat report ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      The NewsStation @ http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/ has been
      redesigned, with a better layout and organized posts. Check it out!

      Not too much news today, reports took up all the space!


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      30, 1999. Oh yeah, the winner of the Title gets a real belt to prove it.

      By Joe DeLeon

      WWF No Mercy Report - May 16, 1999 [United Kingdom PPV]
      Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
      Live from Manchester, England
      [Report courtesy of Blake Norton, Bagpipe Report]

      • The card started at 7:00 pm UK time (2pm ES. Standard). Not much hype
      went into it; the WWF's third UK-only PPV after the terrific "One Night
      Only" in '97 and pretty sub-par "Capital Carnage" late last year. The
      card had few matches of interest.

      • Shane McMahon Interview.
      - Shane McMahon seemed reallyoff in this interview with The Corporate
      Ministry. As usual, he made lots of threats.

      • Tiger Ali Singh defeated Gillberg with a Neckbreaker.
      - Jim Ross said "Tiger will face Goldberg" - he paused for five seconds
      before correcting himself, with Lawler piping in, "There's not much
      difference, is there?" Tiger started with some good mike work, talking
      about how his culture provided so much to that of England. Gillberg, who
      has been fired from the WWF but is finishing up his duties, actually
      started off fast, and the fans popped big for him. Tiger got a press,
      but Gillberg came back with a slam and hit the spear. Gillberg started
      grunting as Tiger recovered and went up behind, kicking him in the shin;
      however, he didn't make contact, and Gillberg didn't know what to sell.
      They did it again. Tiger gives up and just slaps on a neck-breaker for
      the three count.

      • The Acolytes and Viscera defeated The Brood via Pinfall.
      - Viscera and Gangrel started off, with the latter trying to knock the
      500lber off his feet. He took the advantage and hit a splash before
      failing a vertical suplex. Viscera went to counter, but messed it up the
      first time. Gangrel rallied and made a tag to Edge. Viscera tagged
      Bradshaw, who slammed Edge and hit a pair of stiff Dutch Mantel - like
      elbows. Christian distracted Bradshaw so Edge could hit a dropkick.
      Christian came in and hit a clothesline on Bradshaw as he resisted
      Edge's drop toe hold. Legal men were now Faarooq and Christian.
      Christian hit a reverse heel kick, tagged Edge. Double team, as Edge
      whipped Faarooq in and hit a springboard cross-body in the corner, but
      was quickly caught in a stiff spinebuster. Viscera came back in, hit a
      shoulder block, and an elbow drop for two. Faarooq was backin, and went
      for a back body but was drilled with a DDT. Christian tagged in and he
      hit a series of dropkicks on Bradshaw. Off the ropes,
      reversal, double duck down by Christian before he was caught in an
      attempted cross body and drilled with a Scott Hall like fallaway slam by
      Bradshaw. The big man hit two Irish whips and followed up on the back
      with a bear hug. Christian escaped, but caught a boot as he came off the
      ropes. Viscera tagged in and hit a nice walking side slam on the
      smallest man in the bout and went in for a choke. Christian went for a
      crucifix, but was drilled with a Samoan drop. Faarooq came back in and
      went for a headlock. Hot crowd, which pushed Christian into a fast
      comeback, and he hit a face slam. Hot tag buildup, Bradshaw tagged in
      and cut off his opponent before he could make the tag. Whip by Bradshaw,
      went for a splash but was met with two feet, and again. Christian
      charged but was planted with a big time powerslam. Edge again made the
      save. They continued to build Christian to the hot tag; he hit an inside
      cradle for two. Shane McMahon comes to the ring entrance with Midian.
      Christian was put on the top turnbuckle, but was again saved by his team
      mates. Gangrel came in and hit a tornado DDT on Bradhsaw, making the hot
      tag. Off the ropes, Gangrel went two drop downs and a cross body, but
      was caught before Edge helped him knock his man over. Christian hit a
      frog splash for a near fall on Bradshaw. Double DDT from the second rope
      by Edge and Christian doesn't get the three either. Midian ran down and
      DDT'd Christian on the floor, threw him in, hands his team the victory.

      • Steve Blackman defeated Droz via Submission.

      • Kane and Midian went to a No-Contest.
      - Kane hit the Chokeslam before Shane McMahon came down with the rest of
      The Corporate Ministry to attack Kane. X-Pac eventually came in to make
      the save.

      • Nicole Bass (w/Sable) defeated Tori with a Chokeslam.
      - Sable didn't get as big a pop. She did the Grind. She pulled out of
      the match, stating she had a cold, and put Nicole Bass in her place.
      Bass choke slammed Tori and pinned her

      • Mankind got on the microphone, talking about his upcoming match. He
      was original and hilarious as always. He mentioned Manchester's football
      team Manchester United, who today won the English premier league title
      (very important title in England). He mentioned that he'd talked to
      Davey Boy Smith earlier in the day, saying that Smith told him to go
      away and let him get back to sleep, as he'd forgotten about the time
      difference (England is five hours ahead of eastern time). Pretty

      • Shane McMahon defeated X-Pac via Pinfall, to retain the European
      - Shane McMahon apparently brought the European Title out of retirement.
      He charged and was side-stepped out of the ring. X-Pac caught him a
      second time as he came in as he took a pretty good bump over the top
      rope to the outside again. There were four screwjobs in a row before
      X-Pac finally lost the match via pinfall, thanks to The Corporate
      Ministry who came in to interfere.

      • Billy Gunn defeated Mankind with the Fame-Asser.
      - Billy Gunn dominated the opening minutes of the bout with brawling,
      and a really low workrate. Foley kept the crowd in it, as the English
      mob were solidly behind him. He got
      into the match about eight minutes in, hit a running knee and got a
      chair from outside. Referee Teddy Long stopped him from using it, which
      gave Gunn the opportunity to take
      the advantage again before his opponent turned a back body drop attempt
      into a double underhook DDT. After the bell rang for a two count (no
      idea why), Mankind was drilled on the chair with the "Fame Asser."

      • They had a brief tribute to Davey Boy Smith which is very strange -
      they showed some clips of him, mentioned his back injury and wished him
      the best.

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) and
      Triple H (w/Chyna) with the Stunner.
      - Hunter charged at Austin in the isle, only to be clotheslined. They
      fought back to the rampway, where Austin slammed Hunter, before the
      Taker took him out from behind. For some obscure reason, a fan in the
      audience had a sign saying "Yes, I am a Model." Hunter and The
      Undertaker began teaming on Austin, choking him with microphone wires
      and brawling nonsensically. They eventually fought back to the ring,
      where Austin hit a Thez
      Press on Triple H and then "The Phenom" again blindsided him.
      Theybrawled around again for a while. Austin hit a vertical suplex on
      Hunter on the concrete. He went to Powerbomb The Undertaker, but was
      backdropped. Brawling. Austin hit both guys with a chair, got a two on
      Hunter. Brawling. Austin was being stomped, but Hunter got in The
      Undertaker's face about sharing him (or something). The Undertaker
      chokeslammed him, but
      Austin grabbed The Undertaker's legs and wishboned him off the ring
      post. He then took Helmsley and brawled around ringside with him too. He
      rammed Hunter's head into the steps, but he didn't come close to hitting
      them. A few minutes later, Hunter broke up The Undertaker's figure four
      leglock, which caused a brawl between the two on the
      outside (which The Undertaker dominated). Paul Bearer threatened Chyna.
      Austin went after The Undertaker again, as does Hunter. It basically
      turned into a three way. Jim Ross continued to have to explain to Lawler
      why they broke up each others' pins. Austin countered the Pedigree into
      a catapult, which The Undertaker caught to drill Hunter
      with achokeslam. Austin broke up the pin. A few stunners later, Austin
      went for the pin. The referee then stalled. as they waited for
      re-enforcements in the form of The Corporate Ministry to come down.
      They were too slow, and The Undertaker just "recovered" and broke the
      pin on Hunter himself. The Corporate Ministry hit the ring to beat up
      Austin. "Shane McMahon had it all figured out!" screams Jim Ross,
      talking about how the match was made no-holds barred. "It's no DQ! The
      ref can't do anything!" X-Pac, Kane, The Brood and Mankind soon run down
      and turn the match into a major brawl. Hunter held Austin for Chyna; she
      does a cool back-flip, forward cartwheel into a splash only to have
      Austin kick her in the gut. He hit the Stunner while Hunter was
      sleeping, then hit Triple H himself with it for the win. After the
      match, X-Pac and Austin beat up Chyna, Shane and Hunter, and gave all
      three the Bronco Buster and had some beers.


      By Shane Douglas
      Credit: 1wrestling.com

      From: Bridget Petrella Media Relations
      May 17th, 1999
      The following is an Official Statement from ECW Wrestler SHANE DOUGLAS:

      "Since there have been several inaccurate variations posted on my
      "alleged" departure from the ECW, I thought it would be best for me to
      address these issues directly. First of all, my agent is currently
      speaking with the WWF on my behalf. No monetary offers have been
      "officially" discussed in any context. Prior to ECW's "Hardcore Heaven
      Pay-Per-View Event", I attempted to contact the ECW several times, as I
      had never been issued a plane ticket. In fact, I was never given an
      itinerary sheet (which is customary for all wrestlers). I made numerous
      calls to the ECW general offices as well as to Paul Heyman's personal
      lines,including his cell phone and studio line. My calls were never
      returned. I realized at that moment my services were not required. I had
      spoken at length with Paul last week and told him I was more than
      willing to "Do the job" with Justin Credible. Obviously, Paul Heyman had
      other plans, none of which were mentioned to either myself or my agent.

      I was completely shocked and taken back by this sudden turn of events. I
      am a professional wrestler with 18 solid years of experience under my
      belt. It has always been my intent to act in a professional manner in
      all of my business dealings, as I am truly a man of my word. Anyone who
      knows me, knows that my reputation in this business is absolutely
      impeccable. My integrity is flawless. I have always felt that the fans
      are a vital part of wrestling and should be treated with great respect,
      as their loyalty and commitment is priceless. I had every intention of
      being an intregal part of ECW's "Hardcore Heaven Pay-Per-View-Event".
      Unfortunately, the ECW never made the necessary arrangements for me to
      be there. As far as my "alleged" departure from the ECW, that also came
      as quite a shock to me. I actually read it on quite a few of the
      wrestling message boards.

      Can you imagine what it would be like to read about your job status via
      the internet? I was NEVER contacted by the ECW in an "official"
      capacity. As far as I know, until I am told otherwise, either in writing
      or verbally, I still consider myself to be an employee of the ECW. I
      will be participating in an official chat at UPBEAT Entertainment
      Entertainment News' UNCUT Wrestling Chat Room (www.2upbeatmag.com) in
      order to respond to any/all of your questions."

      Address ALL Interview Requests and Responses to:

      - I called Paul Heyman for comment and he said:

      "I wish Mr. Troy Martin the best of luck in his future endeavors.


      By Joe DeLeon

      • Backstage, The Corporate Ministry arrived.

      • X-Pac defeated D-Lo Brown by Disqualification.
      - D-Lo Brown had a very strong start on X-Pac, as he attacked X-Pac when
      referee, Earl Hebner was checking for any illegal objects. The crowd
      immediately chanted, "D-Lo sucks." D-Lo later went for his own Bronco
      Buster, but missed, which let X-Pac execute the maneuver. Ivory then
      came in and slapped X-Pac, resulting in a Disqualification. D-Lo
      continued an attack on X-Pac, putting him thorugh the Sky-High and
      hitting him with a series of kicks.

      • Backstage, it appeared The Corporate Ministry was heading to the ring.

      • Shane McMahon Interview, with The Corporate Ministry.
      - The crowd chanted, "Asshole." Shane McMahon warned his dad to stay out
      of his way, as both would Guest Referee the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs.
      The Undertaker Heavyweight Title match at the Over The Edge PPV. Shane
      announced Austin would take on Triple H the following night on Raw is
      War for the title. Shane said The Rock would not be allowed to wear his
      cast at the Over The Edge PPV in his match with Triple H, fearing The
      Rock would use it as a weapon. Shane then announced The Rock would take
      on The Undertaker in a Casket Match the following night on Raw. The
      Undertaker said the following night on Raw, he would show The Rock what
      a casket was really used for, after The Rock had planned Austin's
      funeral several weeks ago. The Undertaker taunted Austin, while Triple H
      did the same and also taunted The Rock.

      • Backstage, The Union arrived.

      • The Brood (Christian and Edge, w/Gangrel) defeated Droz and Prince
      Albert with an Inverted Powerbomb Slam.
      - A returning Ryan Shamrock made her way down and distracted Roz. Edge
      then picked up Christian and slammed him down with an inverted powerbomb
      onto Droz for the win. Ryan then went up the rampway, and was greeted by
      PMS and Meet. Droz and Prince Albert went after PMS and Meet, but they
      ran away. Dok Hendrix made his way down. The lights went out and The
      Brood started to attack them. The Hardy Boyz then ran in and attacked
      The Brood. When the lights returned, The Brood were covered in blood as
      a result of a Bloodbath.

      • Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Dok Hendrix and The Hardy Boyz.
      Matt Hardy pushed Cole away. When Hendrix was about to say his name was
      Michaels P.S. Hayes, The Brood attack all of them.

      • Hardcore Match: Road Dogg defeated Hardcore Holly via Pinfall.
      - When Road Dogg did his ring introducation, he said he did not
      represent The New Age Outlaws. As the match went on, Al Snow made his
      way down with Head and his dearhead (Pierre), who had the Hardcore Title
      wrapped around his head and an eyepatch on his eye. Brooms, cookie
      sheets, and more were used in the match. RD took the win after slamming
      Holly with a chair. Snow argued with the referee, and Holly hit him
      behind with a chair. Holly then slammed Pierre against the rope,
      breaking it to pieces. Snow crawled on the floor, shocked that Pierre
      was destroyed.

      • Backstage, Val Venis told someone to wait in the locker room, as he
      made his way down to the ring.

      • Backstage, Al Snow asked the french doctor to tend to Pierre. Pierre
      had a neckbrace and was on a stretcher.

      • Val Venis Interview, Conducted by Jerry Lawler.
      - Jerry Lawler said he was an animal lover and liked puppies, to a huge
      pop. Val Venis said the size of his septor dictates he was the king of
      the ring. Venis said since Debra wanted to play games with him, she
      could. Venis said he wanted Debra and Jeff Jarrett in an Over The Edge
      match. Lawler thought it was a handicap match, but Venis said it would
      be a mixed tag team match. Lawler then thought Venis' partner would be
      Sable, but it ended up being Nicole Bass, as she made her way down to
      the ring. Venis said his partnership with Bass was strictly business,
      not pleasure. Bass said she would make chow out of Debra's puppies.

      • Backstage, The Union were having a conversation.

      • Kane defeated Mark Henry (w/D-Lo Brown and Ivory) by Disqualification.
      - As the match went on, D-Lo Brown interfered, resulting in a
      Disqualification. X-Pac made his way down and both he and Kane cleared
      the ring.

      • Backstage, The Corporate Ministry was gathered in a meeting.

      • The Union defeated The Disciples of Apocalypse and Too Much with The
      Big Show's Chokeslam.
      - The Union dominated The Disciples of Apocalypse and Too Much, and The
      Big Show finished off one of the DOA members with the Chokeslam. The
      Corporate Ministry then made their to the rampway. Both stables stared
      off as the show went off the air.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Sable will be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien this coming Wednesday.

      - There are rumors flying around that the WWF might ink a new deal with
      FOX for a wrestling show to be broadcasted on Saturdays.

      - Sable made a fuss last week about having to drop the Womens title to
      Debra during Raw. Some officials are just getting tired of Sables
      attitude that has been used as a on camera angle for Sable since
      Wrestlemania. She has begun to gain the reputation of being hard to work
      with, and many officials have grown weary of having to work with her.

      - During the Break The Barrier wrestling event yesterday, Shane Douglas
      said that he didn't sign a deal with the WWF yet, and they are still in

      - FOX tried to buy the WWF off of Vince McMahon for a truckload of
      money, but Vince declined the offer. Rumor was that he still wanted it
      to be a "family-run" business. (Indigo)

      - On HEAT, Shane McMahon announced some Over The Edge "warm up" matches
      RAW! First, The Rock will battle the Undertaker in a Casket Match
      tonight on RAW! Will the Man from the Dark Side bury his competition
      less than a week away from the Pay-Per-View? Plus, Stone Cold Steve
      Austin has been ordered to take on Corporate Ministry member Triple H!
      With the Rattlesnake defending the gold next Sunday against the
      Undertaker on Pay-Per-View, will Hunter soften up Austin on RAW?


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - This Thursday Diamond Dallas Page, Randy Savage, Tony Schiavone, and
      Mike Tenay will be flying to Hollywood, CA to film segments for the HBO
      series Arli$$. (Tenay / DeLeon)

      - Doctors have set the date for Eddie Guerrero to return to active
      competion as June 1st. (Tenay / DeLeon)

      - Meltzer says Flair's plans were to wrestle through February 9, 2000,
      at which point his contract switches from $725,000 to $500,000 and he is
      suppose to be used largely as a public relations person the final year
      of his contract and not a wrestler. (Tenay / DeLeon)

      - WCW Nitro preview: "All has been quiet since Slamboree. Due to the NBA
      Play-offs, WCW and its stars have had a week to stew over the blurry
      developments of this May's pay-per-view. What will happen to Ric Flair,
      now that Roddy Piper is President and Eric
      Bischoff has had a change of attitude? What led to the Steiner brothers
      reuniting? Will any actions be taken against Bret Hart for injuring Bill
      Goldberg? And which man will have the first opportunity to dethrone
      WCW's new World Champion, Kevin Nash? Tonight, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we
      can't promise you resolution -- but we can promise you plenty of
      exciting conflict." (WCW.com)


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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