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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #327

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Saturday, May 15th, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 2 7

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> Kevin Nash on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno ...
      >> Break The Barrier wrestling show ...
      >> The Big Boss Man needs your help! ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey hey......how's everyone doing? Wrestling-Fan.com proved to be a
      huge success, with now nearly 500 email accounts set. I'm runnin out of
      ideas of what will be the next network site for Wrestling-Online. If you
      have any....just drop me a line.


      Become a part of Imaginary Sports Entertainment. This is as close to
      real as it gets without getting stunned by Stone Cold himself! Join now
      and your wrestler will be entered in a Battle Royal competition leading
      up to the WCWF World Title at the next PPV, "Hunted: Open Season" on May
      30, 1999. Oh yeah, the winner of the Title gets a real belt to prove it.

      By David Messina
      Credit: Moonsault.com

      - Various clips are shown of Nash before the commercial break prior to
      his segment.

      - Leno says Nash recently beat his buddy, DDP, for the world title and a
      clip is shown of the end of that match.

      - Nash comes out in all black just like Page did recently and gets a
      great crowd response

      - Explains where the name Big Sexy came from - joked that People
      Magazine gave it to him and then said that he and his wife, while
      watching TV, saw people saying what was sexy, and Nash said that anybody
      can be sexy, so he decided to go on TV and call himself Big Sexy the
      next night.

      - Goes through his previous WCW names - Master Blaster Steel, Oz, and
      Vinnie Vegas

      - Master Blaster Steel "didn't work".

      - Says Oz is actually a geographical region as in "The Wizard of Oz"
      rather than a person.

      - Promoters came up with the first two and Nash then came up with his
      own, Vinnie Vegas,
      which felt miserable even though it was his.

      - Nash is about 6'11" barefoot and about weights about 310 lbs.

      - He's the tallest guy in WCW

      - He was that height since he was 13 years old - was thin but could
      handle himself since
      he was so much bigger.

      - His hair is really brown but he got tired of trying to cover up the
      gray - said while looking at Leno's hair and Leno gets up and takes his
      jacket off but promptly sits back down.

      - It's an unwritten rule not to pull the other guys hair in the ring

      - They joke about how there's so many rules in wrestling and that
      they're all in a big
      leather book.

      - Leno timidly brings up Bret Hart and Nash says that Hart is a whiner.

      - Says Hart's a good wrestler and has been around for a long time

      - Says Goldberg was supposed to come with him tonight but couldn't
      because of the leg

      - Goes back to rules - jokes that pulling the hair is bad but using a
      chair is okay.

      - Clip shown of Hart pummeling Goldberg at Slamboree.

      - Leno ammuses himself wondering where the ref is when the chairshots
      are going on -
      Nash says they're never there.

      - Says Hart is overpaid.

      - Mentions Goldberg's challenge to Austin - says Austin didn't come
      through on the
      challenge while Leno calls Austin yellow and says he chickened out.

      - Didn't figure Austin would accept Goldberg's challenge.

      - Nash challenges Bret Hart to wrestle him on the Tonight Show since he
      knows Hart
      won't do it in WCW - Nash puts up $250,000 of his money.

      - Says $250,000 is about 50 million Canadian.

      - Leno says he'll hold the money and give it to the winner to which Nash
      responds, "So
      you'll be handing me my money".

      - Nash says the match can take place here, in the studio, in the crowd,
      or where ever he
      wants to do it.

      - Leno points to an area on the stage where they'll set up a ring.

      - Leno suggests the match take place next week.

      - Nash opts to give Leno the money in the form of a cashier's check
      rather than the
      briefcase that Leno suggested.

      - A handshake between the two ends the 7-8 minute interview.


      By Breakthebarrier.com

      MAY 15, 1999
      ECW ARENA Philadelphia, PA

      Scoopscentral.com presents, BREAK THE BARRIER!

      So many titles! So many challenges! Gold and pride are on the line in a
      night where almost anything can happen! And with Abdullah the Butcher
      and Shane Douglas set to stir things up, you can guarantee this night
      will be historic in so many ways!!!

      The card:

      Allied Powers Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title
      (c)Wiseguy Jimmy Cicero vs. Tom Brandi

      World Legion Wrestling Heavyweight Title Lumberjack Match
      (c)"Dynamite" Derrick Stone vs. "Atomic Dogg" Steve Sharpe

      New Dimension Wrestling Brass Knuckles Title
      (c)"Beastmaster" Rick Link vs. "Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez

      Homecoming Challenge
      "Dancin' Stevie Richards vs. Opponent to be named by Shane Douglas

      IPW Hardcore Wrestling Tag Team Titles
      (c)Phi DeKappa U vs. The Pitbulls

      Maryland Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title
      (c)Headbanger Mosh vs. Romeo Valentino

      Music City Wrestling Tag Team Challenge
      The Tennessee Volunteerz vs. The Badstreet Boyz

      World Wrestling Organization Heavyweight Title Ladder Match
      (c)Scab vs. Natrone Steele

      Independent Professional Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Title
      (c)Cueball Carmichael vs. Julio Sanchez

      Steel City Wrestling Lord of the Dance Title Three-way Dance
      Lou Marconi vs. Mike Quakenbush vs. Dan Montoya

      Interfederation Title Challenge 10 minute First Blood Match for the SGWF
      World Television Title
      (c)SGWF's Blade Boudreaux vs. APWF's Fang


      By WWF.COM

      Even though he is one of the toughest men in the entire Corporation, Ray
      Traylor (aka The Big Boss Man) is also one of the most charitable!

      WWF.COM is helping put out the word about "Project Play"—a community
      club the Big Boss Man is a part of. Based out of the Boss Man’s hometown
      of Dallas, Georgia, the organization is a community effort to benefit
      the children of Dallas by constructing a
      huge one-acre playground! It is estimated that the project will cost
      anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000 to complete, and the Boss Man is
      spearheading his own campaign to help raise funding for the playground.

      As of now, volunteers and children--dubbing themselves "Honkers"-- from
      some 13 schools in and around the Dallas, Georgia, area are in the
      planning stages of construction. According to press releases, the
      playground is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2000 and will
      be located at the Braly Sports Complex in Paulding County, Georgia. For
      their part, these schools are currently running several fundraisers, but
      it will take a lot more help to get the job done!

      At the request of the Boss Man, who graciously uses much of his free
      time taking part in charitable work, you too can help "Project Play" and
      the children of Dallas, Georgia,
      realize their playground!

      How can you help the Big Boss Man and "Project Play" realize their
      dream? Read the following information below!

      - Support Project Play by ordering an official "Be A Honker" T-Shirt.
      The shirts are $12 a piece, and by ordering your T-Shirt(s), you are
      supporting "Project Play."


      Make your check payable to "Project Play", and yes, this is a tax
      deductible contribution.

      Send all of the above information, along with your check to:

      Paulding County Parks and Recreation
      775 Industrial Blvd., N.
      Dallas, Georgia 30132
      ATTN: Vickie Willams

      - Support Project Play by ordering an official picket! These pickets
      will surround the final playground, and they will have YOUR NAME
      imprinted on them. Don't miss your
      chance at immortality! The pickets are $20 a piece, and by ordering your
      picket(s), you are supporting "Project Play."


      Make your check payable to "Project Play", and yes, this is a tax
      deductible contribution.

      Send all of the above information, along with your check to:

      Paulding County Parks and Recreation
      775 Industrial Blvd., N.
      Dallas, Georgia 30132
      ATTN: Vickie Willams

      - Support Project Play by sending in a donation! The Big Boss Man has
      set up a special Post Office Box for anyone wishing to send in donations
      (Please send checks, no cash)
      of any demonination to help fund construction of the playground!

      Send your donations to:

      The Big Boss Man
      "Honkers Club"
      P.O. Box 859
      Dallas, Georgia 30132


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Gate money and attendences: 5/7 in Fort Myers, FL drawing a sellout
      9,351 paying $227,044. 5/8 in Tampa drew a sellout 9,351 paying
      $227,044. Heat on 5/9 in Jacksonville, FL drew a sellout 7,315 paying
      $163,082. Raw taping on 5/10 in Orlando, FL drew a sellout of 12,213
      paying $306,455. Merchandise for the week was $213,989 or $5.91 per
      head. (Observer)

      - The season finale of "Nash Bridges" drew an 8.2 rating with a 14 share
      to help CBS place third in the overnight metered markets for Friday, May

      - It is not definite according to the WWF office, but it is likely that
      Mick Foley will have both his knees scoped after this month's PPV or
      maybe in early June and clean up
      cartilage damage. Mick has no ligament damage in either knee. (Meltzer /

      - Robbie Dicks, who wrestled in college at Fresno State University, was
      given a developmental deal with the WWF. He will participate in the WWF
      Funking Dojo to sharpen his skills then undergo an evaluation before the
      end of the summer to see if he would be a contributing prospect. He is
      said to have a real aptitude for the business and great
      athletic ability. (Meltzer / Creighton)

      - Jerry Lawler appeared at the E3 show, to help promote the new WWF
      game, and sign autographs. Full article and pictures at:

      - Booker Ed Ferreira has given his notice to WWF. Ferreira cited his
      reason for leaving the WWF was because of stress from long hours or work
      and not as a ploy for a salary increase. Vince McMahon doesn't want to
      lose him as a Writer/Booker, and has asked him to take a week off to
      reconsider his decision. Ferreira has worked alongside Vince Russo for
      the past 15 months, as Russo's assistant to Booking and Script Writing.
      Ferreira's was in Television writing for the show Duckman on the USA
      Network. (Sister Midnight)

      - Sunday Night Heat will beging airing in Canada on 05/30 at 7:00 p.m.
      eastern and Pacific tTme on CTV Sportsnet in Canada.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Bischoff has allegedly given up on re-signing Jericho. He cites
      Jericho's size as a liability,and has been telling people that he
      doesn't feel that Jericho is worth the price it would take to keep him.
      Bischoff also says WWF won't know what to do with him but that he's been
      wrong before. Cyrus (Jackyl), a close friend of Jericho has been
      reporting for several weeks that he believes Jericho will end up in the
      WWF. (Sister Midnight)

      - Wade Keller reports that Scott Hall remarried his ex-wife, Dana Hall
      about a month ago or so. The company then restructured his contract in
      order to allow him to spend more time at home with his family and gave
      him some time off. According to Keller, the couple separated and then
      reunited last week. Due to the separation Hall will take an additional
      three months off to try to mend their relationship.

      - Attendence news: First day advances for Nitros on 5/31 at the
      Astrodome and 7/5 at the Georgia Dome were in the 8,000 range, or about
      half of what they were last time WCW played those buildings. (Observer)

      - Bret Hart replied to Kevin Nash's challenge from the Tonight Show. You
      can read it at: http://www.canoe.ca/SlamWrestling/hitman_home.html

      - Thanks to Steve Phander for this:

      "Scott Stiener was just on WCW Live. It was a short interview and done
      as shoot but sounded like he was character.

      Scott first complained on how he should be the champ and can't believe
      that Nash is the champion and how should he should get a shot. He never
      watched wrestling until he was in college when Hulkmania was in full
      force. The reason he decided to get into wrestling was he saw small guys
      like Tully Blanchard and Midnight Express beating up guys, and felt he
      could beat the crap out of people.

      He was very complimentry of Rick and claimed that he was the only person
      that he could trust in the ring as partner. He feels that the Stiener
      Bros. were the greatest tag team of all-time and dominated whereever
      they went(ECW, Japan, WWF, WCW)

      When asked about his interviews he said that he has toned it down and if
      it wasn't for the WCW executives he would really let loose. He also said
      the steroid chants pisses him off and if it weren't for lawsuits he
      would "jam his fist in their throat, pull out their vocal chords and
      shove him up the ass."

      Asked about Buff and their fued, he said there was no fued, it was just
      an ass kicking. He said he told Buff how to work his body, but wasn't
      able able to fix his mind. He started going off on how he was from the
      'San Francisco' part of Atlanta and his biggest claim to fame was being
      a male dancer. He said of Buff and how helped with his training
      "before he would a G-string and beg for money, now he can demand it."


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      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

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