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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2898

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Thursday December 11th 2008 Issue #2898
      Visit our website at http://www.wrestling-online.com

      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Tomorrow Ringside Live returns with partners-in-crime Ian Hamilton and Adam
      Firestorm hosting as usual. Last week we welcomed Eric Bischoff on the show
      live and if you haven't listened to that show yet you can go to
      http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ringsidelive/ and download the podcast or else
      get it off iTunes. Eric gave us a great interview.

      Either tomorrow or next week on the show we will have a special one on one
      interview with Darren Aronofsky who directed the movie 'The Wrestler'
      starring Mickey Rourke. Our special corrispondent from Los Angeles, Joseph
      Palreiro, attended the movie's press day yesterday and had a one on one talk
      with Aronofsky for Ringside Live and the website. It was very, very
      difficult to get some alone time with him and I've been bugging his rep for
      the past two months to get him on the show somehow. She eventually managed
      to free up some of his time at the press day and I believe we're the only
      wrestling-related website that was given such access to the director on that
      busy day. So thank you Karen, you'll be hearing less from me now! :)

      We will also have the roundtable discussion with the rest of the media from
      the press day that will be on the show. I know it was a busy schedule for
      Joseph but I want to thank him here as well for doing the job!


      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - Eugene Snisky - better known to WWE fans as Snitsky - has been released
      from the company effective today. WWE.COM confirmed the news in a short
      message posted on the website wishing him "the best in all future
      endeavors." Snitsky joined WWE in 2003 and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling
      before being brought back to the RAW roster and making his TV debut in late
      2004. In 2007 he was moved to ECW and in June of that same year was drafted
      back to RAW where he remained until he was released.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=7]

      - The three hour Slammy Award broadcast of Monday Night RAW did a 3.0
      composite rating off hours 2.71, 3.16 and 3.18. The first hour when there's
      a three hour broadcast always drags down the number. For its usual time slot
      the show did a 3.2 rating, down from last week's 3.4. (Ratings compiled by
      Nielsen Media Research and put online by PWInsider.com)
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=6941]

      - Both Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei have been nominated for Golden Globes
      for their amazing performances in the movie 'The Wrestler'. Rourke, who many
      believe is up for an Academy Award nomination, was nominated for best
      performance in a motion picture drama while Tomei, who plays a stripper in
      the movie, got the nominee in the best actress in a supporting role. Bruce
      Springsteen, who wrote the theme song for the movie which plays during the
      credits roll, was also nominated for having best original song. Winners will
      be announced on January 11, 2009. 'The Wrestler' is directed by Darren
      Aronofsky and has already won several awards.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=6803]

      - In the previous newsletter we reported the news of Nick Bollea and his mom
      Linda along with her 19 year old boyfriend attending the XFC MMA event in
      Tampa, FL., last Friday and today the video surfaced online showing how
      popular the Hogans really are. When one of the hosts of the show went over
      the introduce the Hogans to the crowd, the paying fans started to boo the
      hell out of them. The host apparently didn't get it and asked the crowd to
      "show some love" for Nick and Linda and the fans answered with even bigger
      boos. Linda's 19 year old boyfriend was never mentioned. You can see the
      hilarious video at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=7]


      By Andrew Bulik -[andrewbulik@...]-

      Good tidings citizens.

      Please accept my humble apologies for not writing since WrestleMania, but
      what can I say – the wrestling world is failing to ignite the creative
      paraffin within me.

      But it seems I am not the only one who feels this way. My fellow columnists
      on wrestling-online.com have also become lax with their submissions.

      So I come to you with my attempt to revive a dying breed. I come to you with
      my infinite wisdom in sports entertainment, for I, I am a wrestling-writing
      GOD! Or something like that…

      Today I’m going to talk about what has caught my imagination lately with the
      wrestling world, my random thoughts on the current events of the WWE and
      also the first of my 5 part review of the Greatest Royal Rumble Entrants of
      All Time! Hah!

      In late November, I had a week off work, so I got round to a whole tonne of
      things I’d been too lazy to carry out. One of these is backing up my
      collection of wrestling VHS tapes onto DVD. I have a vast collection for
      which I, like many of you, have contributed to Vince McMahon’s war-chest in
      order to accumulate.

      Because I am a primitive type, these are getting transferred real-time, so I
      am finding myself sitting watching many of these. It’s costing me a fortune
      in Pringles and nachos.

      But the thing that strikes me when reviewing these events is just how much
      poorer the content is in 2008 compared to 1998.

      One event I watched was Fully Loaded 1998. I distinctly remember at the time
      thinking that this was a very average pay-per-view. But when watching it 10
      years later, I not only find that it has stood the test of time, but what
      was a distinctly passé offering a decade ago stands out as a better example
      of wrestling and sports entertainment than what the WWE have had to offer
      for a long time.

      Please don’t misunderstand me, I believe the WWE has some excellent content
      when creative can be bothered. And some of the matches in 2008 have been out
      of this world. But does Raw glue you to your HD television? Does Smackdown
      inspire you to buy the latest pay-per-view. THAT’s what I’m referring to.

      Thanks to Sky broadcasting Raw live in the UK, I now get up an hour earlier
      on Tuesday mornings to watch the Monday Night shenanigans. Is it just me or
      is it all a little ‘samey’?

      I couldn’t be less interested in Batista. A muscle-head who, it has been
      reported, is a complete jerk in real-life. I can only assume this to be
      correct as, when attending a live event in Glasgow in the spring, Batista
      made his entrance to the ring, stood on the turnbuckle, and posed for the
      crowd. Upon seeing a sign he didn’t like he proceeded to flip the bird to a
      guy in the audience. That’s poor form for one who was idolised by so many
      young kids in the arena.

      When Dave Batista appears on my screens, I cannot stop my thumb from hitting
      the fast forward button because I just find him so interminably tedious.

      I know this may be controversial, but I feel the same about Randy Orton. His
      infernal theme music (which is worse than his previous one), his boring
      matches, his ultra-repetitive monologues, JEEZ, in the wrestling dictionary
      his picture is next to ‘boooo-ring’.

      There are shining lights, such as Monsieur Jeffrey Hardy. He’s ‘So Damned
      Over’ (trademark pending). The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel are a great double
      act, but you get the feeling Vince is more interested in making Big Zeke the
      next Diesel rather than Kendrick the next Shawn Michaels.

      Jack Swagger has promise and unusually for a newbie, he’s got a great name!
      (“Zach Ryder” and “Ricky Ortiz” don’t exactly have the ‘wow’ factor).

      Anyway, the fact I’m having to dig so much depresses me, so I’ll move on to
      my Royal Rumble Greatest Entrants List (catchy title, huh?).

      Being the sad git that I am, I used Wikipedia to decipher just who is the
      greatest entrant ever in the Royal Rumble over the course of it’s 21 year
      history (I have included the 1988 TV special event).

      Points are given for wins, final four positions, number of competitors
      eliminated and number of seconds in the ring. Bonus points are allocated for
      more than 1 opponent eliminating a superstar (e.g. Big Daddy V scored big in
      2007 because it took EIGHT men to get him out). Similarly points are
      deducted if a wrestler was dumbass enough to eliminate himself.

      Wrestlers who have competed under different names over the years have had
      their totals combined (e.g. Rikishi/Fatu/Sultan, Earthquake/Golga etc)

      So here is the first part of the Top 50 (there have been 248 competitors in
      the 21 years of the event!).

      50: CM Punk – 3117 Points: Not a bad return when you consider he has only
      entered 2 Rumbles (2007, 2008). He’s aggregated about 50 minutes in the
      event which has propelled him into the top 50 ahead of the likes of Mick
      Foley and Booker T.

      49: Hercules – 3130 Points: Ummm, okay. The late Ray Fernandez never really
      made it above muscle-bound jobber level, but he managed to slip under the
      radar in the 1991 match lasting 37 minutes. He was out in 56 seconds the
      following year…

      48: Jerry Lawler – 3141 Points: You might say ‘The King’ can’t be classed in
      the top 50 as he hid under the ring for half an hour in 1996 and lasted
      precisely 4 seconds the following year. But hiding under the ring is sound

      47: Diesel – 3212 Points: A surprisingly low position for Kevin Nash,
      particularly when you consider his memorable 1994 performance when he
      eliminated 7 men. However, he’s only competed in 2 of the matches and a
      total of 35 minutes.

      46: Goldust – 3305 Points: 6 appearances have led to Dustin Runnels
      achieving a Top 50 position. Never really the most prominent competitor, but
      he racked up the in-ring time to earn his spot.

      45: Shelton Benjamin – 3388 Points: Ain’t no stopping him, nooo! Well, 44
      other guys are more successful in the Rumble so I guess there is. Has been
      eliminated by Shawn Michaels the last 3 years in a row and an 18 second
      stint in 2008 didn’t help his plight.

      44: Tatanka – 3499 Points: I’ll be honest, the only memory I have of Tatanka
      in the Royal Rumble, is him being a surprise entrant in 2006. He’s
      eliminated a few guys over the years (tending to be the likes of Aldo
      Montoya) but that seems to have escaped me.

      43: Carlito – 3515 Points: That’s cool! The good man the WWE love to keep
      down gets his spot. Actually, Carlito tends to be reserved to be eliminated
      by guys the WWE is pushing, like a returning-from-injury RVD and John Cena.
      He was also a sacrificial lamb for The Great Khali.

      42: Yokozuna – 3547 Points: We have our first winner on the list! The only
      Rumble victor not to make the Top 50 is Big John Studd, who only actually
      competed in one of the matches and only eliminated 2 people. Yoko on the
      other hand was a bit more dominant in his victory, memorably bench pressing
      Randy Savage over the top rope to win 1993 (after Savage tried to pin

      41: Jim Duggan – 3612 Points: Like buses, you waited ages for a winner and 2
      come along at once. I considered giving Duggan less points for winning in
      1988 as his match only had 20 people, but I decided against it. Duggan
      deserves his spot.

      So that wraps up the first 10 places. I’ll count down 40 – 31 in my next
      column. You’ll know the full Top 50 by the Royal Rumble in January (think of
      this as an extended preview!).

      Finally, I read an article that made me laugh the other day. It was about an
      intern who was allowed to sit in a couple of WWE creative meetings. I was
      under the impression that these meetings were very private affairs with no
      outsiders being allowed in without the expressed permission of Vincent
      Kennedy McMahon. But I digress…

      The intern gave Stephanie McMahon-Levesque a glowing reference saying:

      “she is passionate and hard-working… (and) always remained down to earth and

      The ‘down to earth’ and ‘approachable’ part are certainly contrary to what
      has been reported about the Boss’s daughter previously.

      About Vince, the intern says:

      “He is very neurotic and intense. Not that this is a bad thing. It’s his
      company and he demands respect.”

      Again, fairly positive I guess for Vince. But the intern sticks the knife
      into Shane commenting that: “he never seemed to grasp the big picture from a
      creative standpoint.”

      Quite damning.

      Now lets see. In full support of Stephanie, fairly complimentary and honest
      about Vince and extremely critical of Shane.

      It seems like a PR stunt by someone who is trying to make Stephanie smell
      like roses and stay on Vince’s good side while making Shane look

      Is it possible that this intern’s name was Paul Levesque?

      I’ll leave you with that thought. Full credit to the Wrestling Observer for
      the quotes. If you have any thoughts about this column, feel free to email
      me at andrewbulik@... .

      Au Revoir!

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