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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Tuesday, May 4th, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 2 1

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

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      | Colin Vassallo |
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      >> Record ratings for RAW....and for Nitro ...
      >> RAW Is WAR report ...
      >> Nitro Report ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      A new division of Wrestling-Online will open this week...stay
      tuned...you'll like it...new division, new domain!


      Take your e-fed or play-by-mail wrestler out of the bingo halls and into
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      New all time record is set by RAW, and also, a new record for
      Nitro...but this time, it's the lowest ratings for the past 2 years for
      the Atlanta based wrestling company.

      RAW started off with 5.9 in the first hour, then went straight up to
      6.9, setting a new record for the second hour. The composite for the
      show was 6.4.

      Nitro started 4.0 in the first hour, moved down to 3.4 in the second
      hour, and then again down to 2.8 in the third and final hour. Compsoite
      for the show was 3.4.

      In head to head competition, RAW defeated Nitro 6.4 to 3.1.

      By Joe DeLeon

      • Corporate Ministry Interview.
      - Shane McMahon said that The Corporate Ministry was the most
      destructive force in the WWF and he would not be held responsible for
      their actions. He also said that he had it all and the fans had
      absolutely nothing. Triple H said The Rock was in his hands at Over The
      Edge. He claimed he would end The Rock's career. The Undertaker said at
      Over The Edge, he would take the Heavyweight Title, he would beat Stone
      Cold Austin Austin like he had never been beaten before, and then drag
      him the next night on Raw is War for the "ultimate sacrifice." Shane
      took the microphone back and said he would count the three since he was
      the Guest Referee for The Undertaker vs. Austin match at the PPV. He
      also said Vince had two hours to arrive and accept his challenge.
      Mankind, Test, Ken Shamrock and The Big Show came out with 2x4's all in
      their hands. Mankind said at one time or
      another, they were all involved with The Corporation, which meant they
      were The Union. He said if The Corporation messed around with The Union,
      their testicles would be The Union's. The Union then entered the ring
      and cleaned house.

      • Billy Gunn defeated X-Pac with the Fameasser.
      - Billy Gunn showed a lot of power during the match. X-Pac went for the
      Bronco Buster, but Gunn put his foot into X-Pac's groin, followed up by
      the Fameasser for the win. Gunn continued to pound on X-Pac until Road
      Dogg came down and knocked him to the outside of the ring. Gunn picked
      up a chair and nailed RD over the head with it. Kane entered to carry
      out X-Pac, as Gunn left the ring.

      • Backstage, you could hear Shane McMahon screaming in his locker room.

      • Corporate Ministry Interview.
      - Shane McMahon made several announcements for the show: Viscera and
      Midian would take on Test in a Handicap Match, Mankind would take on The
      Acolytes in a Hardcore Match, Sable would take on Debra in an Evening
      Gown Match., he Mean Street Posse would take on Gerald Brisco and Pat
      Patterson, The Big Show will go one-on-one with The Undertaker, The Rock
      would take on Stone Cold Steve Austin for the Heavyweight Title in a
      Lumberjack Match, and Triple H would take on Ken Shamrock with Chyna as
      the Guest Referee. Vince McMahon came down. He was followed by Linda
      McMahon and Stephanie, who entered the arena during the interview and
      were later shown watching Shane's interview backstage along with Gerald
      Brisco, Pat Patterson, and security.. Vince told Shane that if he
      wouldn't listen to him or Stephanie, maybe he would listen to his
      mother. Linda was about to speak, until Shane said, "Shut your mouth,
      mom." Vince then shoved Shane but The Undertaker stopped him. Shane
      challenged Vince to a match. Vince said no and just left the ring. When
      they were moving up the rampway, Shane told them that he was the one
      behind everything. He said he planned the abduction of Stephanie, let
      The Ministry of Darkness into the McMahon house, gave Undertaker the
      bear and pictures, etc. Vince ran in the ring after Shane, but The
      Corporate pumpled on him.

      • Backstage, Linda and Stephanie McMahon, along with security, told
      Vince not to fight his son Shane. Vince refused to listen to them and
      said he would kick Shane's ass. He told them to go back to the hotel.

      • Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson defeated The Mean Street Posse via
      - The Mean Street Posse made their ways down. Rodney cut a promo, and
      told Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson to get down there. Brisco and
      Patterson were shown backstage with Vince McMahon. McMahon told them to
      do what they have to do. Brisco said, "Let's go kick their ass." Brisco
      and Patterson entered the ring. At first, they told Rodney and Pete Gas
      they didn't have proper wrestling attire. The Mean Street Posse shoved
      the both of them, but Brisco and Patterson responded with a tremendous
      beating on the two. Rodney and Pete Gas never made it back in the ring,
      so it seemed as if it was a Countout victory.

      • Backstage, The Corporate Minisstry had a conversation with Shane
      McMahon about some kind of office. They were later shown walking down
      the hallway.

      • Test defeated The Big Bossman, Viscera, and Midian via Pinfall.
      - Test was dominated throughout the match, obviously because he was
      outnumbered by three Corporate Ministry members in the four-way match.
      However, The Big Bossman accidently hit Midian with the nightstick. Test
      then covered Midian for the upset victory. Bossman, Viscera, and Midian
      then started to attack Test, until The Union made the save.

      • Backstage, Vince McMahon was attacked by Corporate Ministry members
      Triple H, Chyna, The Undertaker, and Paul Bearer in his locker room.

      • Vince McMahon defeated Shane McMahon with the Stunner.
      - Before the match, Shane McMahon got on the microphone and went on how
      his father was too scared to face him. Vince then made his way down,
      limping heavily, even to the point where he fell down on the rampway.
      Shane was shocked to see his dad actually come out, but capitalized on
      his father's injuries. McMahon then came back with the Stunner for the
      victory. He shaked his head in Shane's face (ala Stone Cold Steve
      Austin). Shane said it wasn't over by a long shot.

      • The Acolytes defeated Mankind with a Powerbomb.
      - All three men used garbage cans, bells, and chairs. The Acolytes set
      up two chairs next to each other in the middle of the ring. They then
      spike powerbombed Mankind right threw them for the win. Mankind was able
      to walk out by himself.

      • Triple H defeated Ken Shamrock with the Pedigree.
      - Chyna was an unfair referee. She helped Triple H throughout the match,
      as she made fast counts, got some cheapshots on Ken Shamrock, acted as
      if she didn't see Triple H's cheapshots, etc. At one point, Shamrock had
      the Ankle Lock on Triple H, but Chyna raked the eyes of Shamrock.
      Shamrock had his back turned, at which point Chyna gave him a low blow.
      Triple H then put Shamrock though the Pedigree for the victory.

      • Backstage, on split screens, The Undertaker and The Big Show were
      walking toward the ring for their match.

      • The Big Show defeated The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) by
      - The Undertaker got cut open during the match. He went out to Paul
      Bearer where Bearer poured some substance on his elbow pad. He put a
      sleeper on The Big Show, with Big Show's mouth right near Undertaker's
      elbow pad, choking him out. Big Show was able to flip The Undertaker
      over, however. Paul Bearer then handed The Undertaker a baseball bat,
      which he broke in half over the Big Show's head, resulting in a
      Disqualification. The Undertaker continued to pound on The Big Show, who
      was busted wide open from the baseball bat shot.

      • Backstage, Debra walked toward the ring for her Evening Gown Match
      with Sable.

      • Debra came out for her Evening Gown match with Sable. Sable appeared
      on the Titan Tron, saying she couldn't be there because she was posing
      for her second Playboy photo
      shoot. She said she had a recplacement, which was Nicole Bass, who came
      out in an evening gown. Debra didn't want to fight so she ripped her
      dress off immediately to a huge pop. BAs was going to chokeslam Debra,
      until Jeff Jarrett ran down and nailed Bass
      over the head with a guitar. Val Venis ran down to return the favor to
      Bass and knocked out Jarrett. Venis picked up Debra and carried to her
      to the back, as Jarrett ran after them. IN the backstage area, Jarrett
      found Venis and both started to brawl all over the
      Raw is War interview set.

      • Backstage, on split screens, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were
      shown walking toward the ring for their match.

      • Lumberjack Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock went to a
      No-Contest, to let Austin retain the Heavyweight Title.
      - The Corporate Ministry (the lumberjacks) surrounded the ring. Instead
      of fighting each other, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock fought The
      Corporate Ministry off, but were outnumbered. Vince McMahon came out and
      signaled backstage. Several wrestlers on the WWF roster came out,
      including The Union, Al Snow, The Godfather, The Brood, Mark Henry,
      Hardcore Holly, and others. Everyone except Triple H, The Undertaker,
      The Rock, and Austin were left after everyone escaped through the crowd.
      The Rock fought with Triple H on the rampway. Triple H knocked The Rock
      off to the concrete floor onto a table after hitting him with a light
      that was located on the corner of the ramp. Austin came up threw the
      elevator on the ramp and sneak attacked The Undertaker from behind. The
      Undertaker, however, reversed it and threw Austin off the stage onto the
      ground. Triple H and The Undertaker stood their as the show went off the


      By Joe DeLeon

      • Footage was shown of Ric Flair driving to the Charlotte Coliseum in
      his limousine, along with Arn Anderson and the built nurse from the
      Central Florida Mental Hospital. Next to the limousine was a buss full
      of mental patients, also heading to the Charlotte
      Coliseum. Flair had a conversation with Charles Robinson over the phone
      and said he was on his way to his hometown.

      • Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Scott and Steve Armstrong in a
      non-title match.
      - Before the match, Scott Armstrong said he and his brother would prove
      to everyone they were championship material, although their match with
      Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. was a non-title match. Both teams showed
      excellent teamwork. Kidman tossed Mysterio onto Steve Armstrong on the
      top of the turnbuckle for the Huracanrana finisher. Following the match,
      Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko ran in and attacked the Tag Team
      Champions. Raven and Saturn made the save to scare off Malenko and
      Benoit. Mysterio and Kidman didn't want Raven and Saturn's help, and
      ended up receiving an evenflow DDT and Death Valley Driver in the
      return. Benoit and Malenko, with the perfect chance, then entered the
      ring and took out Raven and Saturn.

      • Buff Bagwell defeated Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) with the
      - Before the match, Ernest Miller insulted the crowd and gave Buff
      Bagwell five seconds to leave the ring. Bagwell didn't leave. The fans
      really got to Miller. He almost hopped the guardrail on a woman who was
      just sitting in her front row seat. Sonny Onoo got a
      few cheapshots on Bagwell. Onoo entered the ring and accidently hit
      Miller with a kick, which let Bagwell catch Miller with the Blockbuster
      for the win.

      • Outside of the arena, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and the mental patients
      arrived. J.J. Dillon and Doug Dillenger confronted Flair, puzzled. Flair
      said to get the building back to normal, with his name on the marquee.
      He also fired a few crew members on his way
      to the ring. Dillon and Charles Robinson made their ways down for
      Flair's interview, which was conducted by Gene Okerlund. The nurse gave
      Okerlund a hug. Flair said he wanted speak to Randy Savage and Gorgeous
      George immediately. Flair said Little Nature Boy, Charles Robinson would
      beat George at the Slamboree PPV. Flair said Savage was still fired, and
      the Robinson and George match depended on Savage's reinstatement. Flair
      said he would kick Diamond Dallas Page's two-time ass later in the show
      for the Heavyweight Title. Flair then taunted Roddy Piper, saying he
      could do anything he wanted because he was Ric Flair. They had to go to
      a commercial break. Flair threatened to strip naked. Before going to the
      commercial break, Savage, Madusa, George, and Miss Madness were shown
      making their ways down to the ring. When returning, Savage made his way
      down. Flair, who was cheered heavily in his hometown, told Savage he was
      fired. Flair ordered for security to take Savage, Miss Maddness, and
      Madusa away, and kept George by his side. Savage and the two women were
      taken out of the ring. Robinson then got in George's face, saying his
      strategy against her at Slamboree was buying her a pack a gum since a
      bimbo couldn't walk and chew gum at the sametime. George then decked
      Robinson. The built nurse then choked out George. George was taken out
      by security. Flair then once again said he would beat DDP for the title
      later in the show. Flair taunted Sting and Goldberg, which brought out
      Sting. Sting pushed Flair to the floor. Flair called out Goldberg.
      Flair, for some reason, told Goldberg he was the man and Flair wasn't.
      Goldberg punched out Flair. Sting and Goldberg then went at it. Security
      entered, but Sting and Goldberg threw them out. Security finally
      separated the two.

      • Backstage, Ric Flair had a conversation with Stevie Ray. Flair offered
      thousands of dollars to Ray to take out Kevin Nash later in the show,
      because Flair was already confident he would defeat DDP later on in
      their Heavyweight Title match, leading to take on Nash at the Slamboree

      • Hak and Bam Bam Bigelow went to a No-Contest.
      - Chastity was not with Hak for some reason. Garbage cans and lids,
      orange and yellow cones, surge containers, ladders, mops, kegs, tables,
      chairs, ropes, brooms, crates, and kendo sticks were all used in the
      brawl. At one point, Bam Bam Bigelow suplexed Hak through two tables.
      Brian Knobs made his way down to the ring and involved himself in the
      match. Knobs said nasty sensation was coming down on Bigelow at the
      Slamboree PPV. Referee, Nick Patrick threw out the match.

      • Backstage, Stevie Ray informed NWO Black and White members of the deal
      Ric Flair made with him. They all agreed to it. One of the mental
      patients, Triple A, was shown exiting a restroom stall, with toilet
      paper hanging from his shorts. Triple A walked down the
      hall and told Kevin Nash that he overheard Ray's conversation with the
      Black and White. Nash just looked at Triple A as if he was crazy.

      • Konnan defeated Horace by Disqualification.
      - Before the match, Konnan mentioned his Slamboree PPV match with Stevie
      Ray. He warned Ray if he got the entire NWO Black and White involved.
      Konnan dominated Horace. Horace was strapped in the Tequilla Surnrise,
      only to receive help from the Black and White. Konnan was outnumbered in
      the attack, until Kevin Nash made the save. Nash and Konnan cleaned
      house and looked straight at each other, as if a partnership was once
      again possible. Both touched knuckles, as Nash left the ring.

      • A mental patient was in the production truck. Production members
      wanted him out of there.

      • Backstage, Ric Flair and David Flair made up. Ric said his son knocked
      some sense into him and thanked him for it. Ric was with Arn Anderson
      and Charles Robinson, while David was with a returning Torrie Wilson.
      Wilson didn't look pleased. Ric told his son he could wrestle later in
      the show, which made David very happy. When David left, Ric told
      Robinson to book David's match against Meng. Anderson questioned Flair,
      but Flair just told Robinson to book the match.

      • Backstage, a suburban-like limousine arrived with Roddy Piper inside.
      Piper made his way into the arena and looked upset over with Ric Flair
      said earlier in the show. Piper searched for flair's "oval office," and
      passed by Torrie Wilson and David Flair on his
      way. Piper walked into Flair's locker room and was all over him, as the
      mental patients went crazy. Piper put a Reality Check T-shirt on Flair
      and threw ice over him. Piper told Flair he would put him in the
      emergency room after their Slamboree match with the Presidency of WCW on
      the line.

      • Backstage, Ric Flair, along with Triple A and the built nurse, asked
      Scott Steiner if he would take care of Kevin Nash. Steiner said he

      • A live press conference was shown with Lex Luger, along with Miss
      Elizabeth. The audio was not working properly, so WCW cut to a
      commercial break. Not sure if it was a work or not, but it looked like

      • Backstage, Scott Steiner asked Rey Mysterio, Jr. where Kevin Nash was.
      Mysterio directed Steiner to a locker room. Buff Bagwell ended up being
      in the locker room, so Steiner capitalized on the opportunity to put a
      beating on Bagwell. The two would go
      one-on-one at Slamboree for the United States Title.

      • Meng defeated David Flair (w/Torrie Wilson) with the Tongan Death
      - David Flair had some entrance music and WCW did give Torrie Wilson a
      name (her real one) by showing it on the graphics. David didn't look
      upset that he had to take on Meng. Meng and David threw a series of
      chest slaps at each other. Charles Robinson officiated the match. Meng
      dominated David and put him in the Tongan Death Grip in the end for the
      win. Following the match, Ric Flair made his way down. Flair threw some
      sexual gestures to Wilson, as David was stretchered out of the arena.

      • Diamond Dallas Page Interview, Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
      - Diamond Dallas Page received a negative reaction from the crowd. He
      bragged about being the Heavyweight Champion. He said the only
      difference between he, John Elway, Wayne Gretzky, and Michael Jordan was
      that he (DDP) was in his prime. He said he understood why Ric Flair
      wanted to be him. He said to be the man, you have to beat the man.

      • Booker T. and Curt Hennig went to a No-Contest, to let Booker retain
      the Television Title.
      - The match between the two was a rematch after Stevie Ray caused a
      Disqualification victory in Hennig and Booker T.'s last match on the
      4/29 Thunder. The match resulted in yet another Disqualification after
      Ray interfered. Rick Steiner entered and started to
      brawl with Booker, as the two would go one-on-one at Slamboree for the
      Television Title.

      • Backstage, Charlotte, North Carolina police officers received word
      they had to arrest the mental patients.

      • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair via Pinfall, to retain the
      Heavyweight Title.
      - Charles Robinson was officiating the match. The match went in and out
      of the ring. Ric Flair threw some low-blows, and Robinson acted as if he
      didn't see them, but did whenever Diamond Dallas Page hit a low-blow. As
      the match went on, DDP strapped Flair in
      a figure-four leglock. Flair then strapped DDP in the Figure-Four
      Leglock. Gorgeous George made her way down and pulled the hair of Flair.
      Robinson ran after George to the backstage area. At that point, DDP got
      out of the Figure-Four. Randy Savage handed him brassknuckles once
      again. DDP used the weapon on Flair to score the pinfall, with referee,
      Mickey Jay making the pin. Robinson made his way back down to check on

      • Other notes: Ricky Rachman hyped the fans throughout the show. ... DJ
      Ran was also shown frequently, pumping up the fans. ... The Nitro Girls
      danced. Their new website at nitrogirls.com would open immediately
      following Nitro. ... There were also several videos of different WCW
      superstars, such as Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Roddy Piper, Ric Flair,
      Gorgeous George, etc.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Sunday Night Heat got a 4.0 rating.

      - Next June, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be on the Oprah Show.
      Scheduled to be there the same night are actor Mel Gibson and the most
      selling female artist of the 90s, Mariah Carey.

      - Dr Death Steve Williams has been released from the World Wretling
      Federation. Not a good time for Dr Death at the WWF. He gets knocked out
      by a man who got HIS lights out knocked out in a blink of an eye at
      WrestleMania XV.

      - There are rumors flying around that THQ might lose it's WWF license to
      produce video games for the next years. These are unconfirmed.

      - The WWF opened a special email account for fans to drop in their
      comments, and say what they liked and disliked on WWF programming etc.
      Make your voice heard at WWFFans@...


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - The Nitro Girls have a new design for their website, and can be found
      at http://www.nitrogirls.com

      - Ric Flair's 'nurse' that is shown during Nitro, is bodybuilder
      Christie Wolf.

      - Don't forget that tonight, WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page will
      appear on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno on NBC!

      - Since their storyline of a break-up, Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell
      have not been getting along. Keller says the night Steiner and Bagwell
      broke-up, Steiner's comments to Bagwell about Bagwell's self-obsessed
      grooming habits were shoot comments. Bagwell is reportedly taking credit
      behind the scenes for getting Steiner over in the past few months.
      Bagwell, who is said to have an ego problem now, supposedly went to Eric
      Bischoff and said he deserved a better push since he has on of the three
      best bodies in wrestling. There is some talk of putting Bagwell in The
      Four Horsemen to replace Steve
      McMichael. The idea of The Four Horsemen of Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Rick
      Steiner, and Ric Flair, as reported here earlier, has been scrapped.
      (Joe DeLeon)

      - Speaking of Steiner, his community service, as a result of a recent
      court case, may including picking up garbage off the roads, which would
      be a conincidence since Steiner went to court after threatening an
      Atlanta road worker. (Joe DeLeon)


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      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

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