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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Sunday, May 2ndth, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 2 0

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> McMahon replies to Entertainment Weekly ...
      >> WWF Anaheim house show report ...
      >> The Ross Report ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Lots of news today...so much to read! Enjoy!


      Take your e-fed or play-by-mail wrestler out of the bingo halls and into
      the world of Imaginary Sports Entertainment. Why just say you're the
      champ, when you could PROVE it

      By Vince McMahon

      We enjoyed your cover story and we appreciate the attention your
      magazine lavished on the phenomenon we have created.

      Your cover was misleading however. The Stond Cold Clone, Goldberg, has
      little to do with the success your article describes. And those 35
      million fans you mentioned? In recent
      head-to-head Monday night matchups, over 65 percent of them were Steve
      Austin's and the WWF's. You wouldn't happen to be owned by the same
      parent company as the WCW, would you?
      I agree that it takes guts to put Austin on the cover of EW if you work
      for Time Warner. However, there's no excuse for putting a distant second
      on your cover when your readers deserve to know who is No. 1.

      Vince McMahon
      World Wrestling Federation
      Stamford, Conn.


      By Roy Warren Lucier [ElRenegado1@...]

      I was at the Anaheim Pond last night for WWF action, it appeared to be a
      legit sellout, since no tickets were available before the show, and
      people were asking for scalpers and scalpers selling them, and all that.

      I rate the matches on the Jim Cornette five star rating that the
      Observer uses. The show had a special feeling, because of the overhead
      screen and a couple big names in WWF there, which shouldn't be
      surprising since Raw and Heat are both in San Diego tonight. A good
      crowd, with some big pops for the big names, and good pops for near
      falls, and the usual male 'Take off your clothes' type crowd. EVERY
      MATCH HAD A CLEAN FINISH (if you don't count Edge interfering, and then
      Debra standing on the apron) Here is the report!!

      1) Gangrel beat Test with the Implant DDT after Edge interfered with a
      dropkick off the top rope. Good opener, with some good near falls, which
      the fans popped for. Isn't the main on the next PPV a ten man, that has
      Test in it?? Then why is he losing the opener?? Test was booed when he
      came out too. After the match, Test shook hands with all three members
      of the Brood, which the fans booed since they wanted a bloodbath. ** 1/4

      Sable and Nicole Bass came out at the point, and us boys were treated to
      the grind, and she reminded us she can't wrestle, since she doesn't want
      her body bruised before her Playboy shoot tomorrow. Damn it, someone
      strip the title from her, and someone get Dynamite Kansai to come to the
      US and kick the living hell out of her. At least I got to
      see Nicole Bass live. She should use Steve Regals old music when she
      comes out "HES A MAN, SUCH A MAN"

      2) Al Snow beat Hardcore Holly to reain the Hardcore Championship. Holly
      was funny before the match, since he brought Head with him, and he said
      "I don't know why Snow is pissed at me, everyone needs a little head now
      and then" Best match of the night, sad to say. A broom, cookie sheet,
      fire extinguisher, and finally a powebomb thru a table is what finished
      off Holly. Snow thought he regained Head, only to be hit with a chair,
      and lose Head. I guess Snow doesn't get any Head tonight. ** 3/4

      Shane McMahon and the Mean Street Posse came out next, and Shane told us
      he was the reason all of us came to the show. Funny, I didn't even know
      he was going to be there. The 'asshole' chant is hilarious to hear in

      3) Mankind beat Midian for the Sockible Claw. Before the match, Mankind
      said "I have a startling confession to make. Today, when I was at
      Disneyland, I cut in line on the Matterhorn!!" Hilarious. A nothing
      match, with mostly Foley offense, Foley did get one of the biggest
      ovations of the night 1/4 *

      4) D-Lo Brown/Ivory beat Val Venis/Tori. This is what pisses me off.
      D-Lo and Val were doing some great wrestling, and the fans only wanted
      to see a "cat-fight" I cannot remember the finish, it involved the
      women, but after the match PMS ran down and attacked Ivory and Tori, and
      then Nicole Bass came down and beat all three in the ring up, and ran
      after a RUNNING Val Venis. That angle is one of the most hilarious I can
      think of. * 3/4 (for D-Lo and Val's wrestling)

      5) X-Pac/Kane beat the Acolytes to retain the tag team titles. Great pop
      for the champs. Mostly the Acolytes working over X-Pac, leading to the
      hot tag to Kane, who proceeded to chokeslam Faarooq to win the match.
      Good heat the whole match, some good action. * 1/2

      6) Paul Wight (TBS) beat Viscera in a body slam match. Why this was not
      a regular match I will not know. Nothing to it, ended in like two
      minutes,with Wight dropkicking Viscera back to the mission, and then
      bodyslamming him. Good pop for TBS 1/4 * (just for the dropkick)

      7) Owen Hart/Jeff Jarrett won an elimination tag match over the New Age
      Outlaws and Edge/Christian. The Outlaws did their catch phrases before
      the match, and it was actually hilarious because instead of the word
      "puppies", Road Dog said he wanted to see "titties." Good family
      entertainment, but I love it. Really good action with Edge and Christian
      before they got eliminated when Owen dropkicked Christian and Jarrett
      rolled him up for the pin. Then some decent work with predictables
      spots until Road Dog and Jarrett were fighting on the floor, and Bad
      Ass tried to get Road Dog's attention, and Owen hit him with the spin
      kick for the pin. Bad Ass and Road Dog argued after the match. No
      puppies tonight (well at least in the arena!) ** 1/2

      8) Undertaker beat Ken Shamrock in a coffin match. UT got a HUGE pop,
      which makes me wonder what these fans are smoking. I mean, didn't he
      just commit a crime on TV last week? Maybe these are the type of fans
      DDP says like to see women get thrown out of cars. Nothing at all,
      mostly UT trying to push Shamrock into the casket, which got REALLY old
      quick, and even the fans booed that. Finally Shamrock hit the belly to
      belly, and when he got UT into the casket, Bradshaw came down, and
      interfered, and when Shamrock went back to the caket, UT hit him with
      the lid, then got out, and tombstoned Shamrock, and put him in the
      casket for the win. DUD

      9) The Godfather retained the IC title over Goldust (w/ the Blue Meanie)
      Would you believe there was NO offense from Golddust this whole match???
      Seriously. It was all comedy spots with Meanie and Golddust. Meanie did
      his Sable speech before the match "This is for all the men who want to
      be me, and the women who come to see me!" Hilarious. Godfather had two
      hos with him, who I SWEAR I have not gone out with!
      After Golddust threw some powder, missed, and hit Meanie, Meanie then
      gave Golddust the Shattered Dreams, and then Godfather hit Golddust with
      the Pimp Drop. 1/4 * (for the comedy spots)

      10) Steve Austin and the Rock beat HHH and Big Bossman in a Steel Cage
      match. The advertised main was Rock vs Austin cage match, and I had no
      idea of this match until HHH and Bossman were announced. Rock got an
      incredible ovation, and talked on the mike holding the cage. Austin then
      came out, and the place went nuts. Biggest pop of the night. Now as far
      as matwork, there was really no buildup to any spots except hot tags. No
      reversals of big moves, no teasing of finishers, etc., so to me, this
      match lagged big time. Although the fans would disagree, because this
      match had non-stop crowd heat. Bossman got hit with the Stunner for the
      finish. After the match, Shane got in the cage, just to get hit with the
      Stunner twice. A dangerous trend is starting, because even up in the
      cheap seats where I was, people are now throwing full beer cans towards
      the ring for Austin. Very dangerous, a scary sight. Austin drank a few
      before leaving.

      Next show is July 17th, a Saturday


      By Jim Ross

      >From where I sit, and after watching "Smackdown!" on UPN, it certainly
      looks like the male McMahon’s are heading for some sort of showdown.
      Don’t know where, don’t know
      when, but it will happen! Stay tuned on this one.

      Fans have wanted to cheer The Rock for quite some time and now they have
      a great reason. The Rock will soon become one of the Federation’s most
      popular performers in record time.

      Steve Austin’s second "Nash Bridges" episode will air on CBS in May
      during the television ratings sweep. We’ll keep you informed on the
      exact date. Expect CBS to promote the Rattlesnake’s appearance very

      Chyna will be travelling to the U.K. early to do promotion for the May
      16 Manchester

      Sable’s second Playboy shoot will take place during May 1, 2 and 3 and
      may be published as early as September.

      Yours truly will join Kane and X-Pac in Minneapolis, Minnesota on
      Friday, May 21 when
      tickets go on sale for this year’s SummerSlam which will be held at the
      Target Center.

      Stone Cold will appear on Live With Regis and Kathie Lee on Friday, May

      What’s up with the Cleavage Family?

      Steve Blackman will return soon with a new focus and we will finally
      find out why Blackman is called the "Lethal Weapon."

      What team has the physical skills to be the most dominant team in the
      Federation? That’s a no-brainer! It’s the Acolytes. The unanswered
      question, however, is can they put their game together mentally? If
      Bradshaw and Faarooq "Get It," they will ascend to the top of the tag
      team mountain.

      Mick Foley is experiencing some knee problems and may need surgery to
      repair both knees. But never fear, Mick will respond as he always does
      and be better than ever.

      Steve Austin will soon be doing the CBS program the "Late Late Show With
      Craig Kilborn." Should be some time this month.

      Olympic champion Kurt Angle is doing great in Memphis and could be
      called up to the WWF by mid-summer.

      The Road Dogg is very upset with Mr. Ass’ attitude lately. If Billy
      doesn’t make some
      changes, the New Age Outlaws could be in jeopardy.

      Dok Hendrix WILL retaliate against the Brood! But how? Can you say

      WWF officials are VERY pleased with the Big Show’s physical
      conditioning. That means
      trouble for a lot of folks!

      Kane is very lucky to have someone in his corner like X-Pac. Let’s hope
      Kane realizes
      this before it’s too late.

      I know it’s not hard to do but keep an eye on Tori. She could be the
      next WWF Women’s Champion.

      Does Road Dog need Mr. Ass to be successful? Not in my opinion?

      When will "Too Much" get serious about their career and focus on the WWF
      Tag Team Title? We’re waiting…

      No one delivers a stiffer right hand than the Big Boss Man.

      Has the Undertaker set his sights on the WWF Championship again? Oh,
      hell Yeah! Could
      happen at Over The Edge on May 23 in Kansas City.

      I can’t tell you how great it feels to be back at ringside in my chair!
      Your support has
      been heart-warming and your patience as I continue to heal from Bells
      Palsy is sincerely
      appreciated! See you next week.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - This week on Between The Ropes wrestling radio, listeners will be in
      for a real treat as the lovely Debra from the World Wrestling Federation
      will join Brian Fritz, B Randall, and Dickerman on Tuesday night, May 4,
      1999 at 10:00pm ET. http://www.betweentheropes.com/

      - Dory Funk was released from his role as training camp instructor at
      the Funkin Dojo wrestling camp.

      - The WWF will go back to Puerto Rico on June 25th, for the 'Summer
      Attitude' tour! The show will start at 8PM and will take place at the
      Hiram Bithorn Stadium at San Juan.
      Matches announced are: 'The Big Show' Paul Wight vs. The Undertaker;
      Brood vs. New Age Outlaws; Miguel Pérez vs. Hardcore Holly; Val Venis
      vs. Droz; Huracán Castillo vs. Midian; Taka Michinoku vs. Jeff Jarrett.

      - Based on what happened at "Smackdown!" involving Stone Cold and Vince,
      Shane McMahon has threatened to unleash the entire Corporate Ministry on
      the World Wrestling Federation! According to the "Boy Wonder," he claims
      he WILL NOT take responsibility for the carnage! What does that mean?
      Tune in to Sunday Night HEAT to find out!

      Also, is the future of DX hanging by a thread? As witnessed on
      "Smackdown!" the Outlaws and X-Pac nearly decimated each other for the
      Federation Tag Team Championship. Can DX keep things together? HEAT will
      be our first opportunity to see the crew since "Smackdown!"

      - In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave
      Meltzer reports that WWF wrestler Glenn Ruth, formerly Thrasher of the
      Headbangers, filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Philadelphia
      Phillies baseball franchise. As the story goes, Ruth's wife was hit in
      her left eye by a foul ball during a Phillies game at Veterans Stadium.
      Due to that, she is now legally blind in her left eye. Despite the fact
      that disclaimers on the back of baseball tickets state that the ticket
      holder assumes the danger and risk of being struck by a thrown bat or
      batted ball, Meltzer points out that a lawsuit similar to Glenn Ruth's
      case saw the plaintiff walk away with a seven figure award. We shall see
      if Ruth's case ends in similar fashion. (Christopher Murray)

      - The 'mom' of Beaver Cleavage, June Cleavage is bodybuilder Marianna

      - Chaos Comics, makers of the Undertaker comic book, will soon come out
      with a Mankind comic book. This is apperantly only a one time comic for
      Mr Foley.

      - A local ABC network out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (WZZM-TV) ran a
      piece about professional wrestling specifically the WWF on tonight's
      late news. It was out to
      prove the point that wrestling influences the behavior of young kids. To
      drive home the point the reporter doing the segment went to a day care
      center to conduct tests. First he put a "Barney" tape in the TV for the
      kids to enjoy. Of course the kids were playing along and singing. Then
      after the "Barney" tape he put in WWF Raw. The commentator and a
      Psychologist pointed out the aggressive changes in the behavior of the
      kids, as footage
      was shown of the children hitting each other and running around the
      room. They then cut to footage that was taped at the April 13th Raw and
      Heat tapings from Grand Rapids, MI. Owen Hart was asked what he allows
      his children to watch. He replied there is much worse shows on TV then
      the WWF and at earlier times. Ray Traylor (Bossman) also stated that he
      does not allow his young kids to watch very much of the Raw broadcasts
      because of the content. Jeff Hardy also gave his opinion. Which was he
      will of course regulate his
      children's viewing habits when he has some. The segment was about 5
      minutes long of course pointing out such past footage as Val's "Saving
      Ryan's Privates" and the Austin / Vince "Bang" fake gun angle. Just
      another media piece depicting wrestling as evil and
      manipulative, shifting blame away from the parents of the children and
      onto the performers and officials of the WWF and professional wrestling.

      - WWF Training camp wrestlers:

      Jason Ahrndt: Said to be star of the camp; Mark Herny: Was released by
      the doctors but his knee is not 100% yet; Tom Howard: A California based
      wrestler who worked as KGB in AAA; Russ McCullough: A 6'10" 330 lb. guy
      who is being compared to Kevin Nash and Paul Wight but has virtually no
      experience and wrestled under the name Apocalypse at the weekend camp
      shows; Stefan Gamlin: Who played college football in the U.S. and for
      Frankfurt in the WFL where he was something of a local celebrity; Robbie
      Dicks: A former college wrestler. Meltzer says he may be the brother of
      Don Frye, who the WWF are trying to build a relationship with for when
      his New Japan contract expires; Rico Cosantino: Is a worker for Empire
      Pro Wrestling out of California;


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - WCW only sold 11,000 tickets for a gate of $400,000 for their
      Slamboree pay-per-view, to be held in the TWA Dome, in St. Louis. In
      1998, they did a Nitro in the same arena, and got 30,000 fans for a gate
      of nearly $1 million.

      - Meltzer reports that Rick Steiner will turn heel after the Slamboree

      - Goldberg made his appearance on the two-hour WCW and QVC merchandise
      special earlier today from 12:00-2:00pm EST. He arrived at the QVC
      studios in a helicopter. For a few notes from the show, when asked about
      Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg said he was still waiting for Austin
      to accept his challenge. They mentioned Austin a bit more, by pointing
      out an audience member earlier in the day had an Austin T-shirt and "he
      [Austin] was the little guy next to Goldberg on the Entertainment Weekly
      cover," which hasn't set well for the WWF, as they have showed it on
      their website, with Vince McMahon even sending EW a letter. Kevin Nash
      called into the show and had a friendly conversation with Goldberg. He
      did mention he would be coming out with his own book soon.

      - Mike Tenay has been added to the WCW booking team.

      - "Macho Man" Randy Savage had an important role squaring off against
      Nick's one and only Kenan from All That. The feud consisted in a no
      holds barred Mini Golf match. Macho Man first tried to trick Kenan by
      telling him that the Spice Girls were around the corner, but Kenan
      countered saying another hot chick was behind Savage. The next time the
      two were seen, Macho had Kenan screaming in a leg hold and
      Nickelodeon's Harriet the Spy appeared and told them it wasn't a tea
      party. The next time they appeared, Kenan pointed out that Macho Man's
      put was too big, so Macho first bit a piece off but the Referee said it
      wasn't enough, so Macho broke the put on Kenan's head. Finally, the two
      entered the Kid's Choice Arena to a roaring response, and they entered a
      small ring. To evereyone's surprise, Macho gave Kenan an atomic wedgie
      and stuck the ball into the hole to win the Kid's choice belt!! The belt
      was awarded by T.L.C. and Macho kissed a hot blonde. He was given a
      robe, followed by a Gak bath to end the awards!!! (Wrestling Mayhem @

      - WCW is coming out with Goldberg, Hogan, Savage, Sting and Nash Air
      Fresheners. Meltzer adds the company that is marketing them wanted the
      first four and WCW begged them to include Nash. (Creighton)

      - Steve Regal was backstage a WCW house show in Huntsville, AL last
      week. Meltzer adds if he does not find a job soon he is going to be
      deported. (Creighton)


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      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

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