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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Friday, April 30th, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 1 9

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

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      | Colin Vassallo |
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Nothing to say...enjoy the issue!


      Take your e-fed or play-by-mail wrestler out of the bingo halls and into
      the world of Imaginary Sports Entertainment. Why just say you're the
      champ, when you could PROVE it

      By Jeff Jacobson

      • The show opened with a video package to interesting music, hilighting
      the problems between The Corporation and The Rock, followed by the
      problems with The Undertaker, Vince McMahon, and Stone Cold Steve
      Austin. The video was followed by a neat opening for the show with a lot
      of pyro.

      • Vince and Stephanie McMahon Interview.
      - Both looked happy as they arrived to no song and a mild pop. Vince
      said he was proud of his personal feats, and dis-heartened by his
      business ones. He mentioned how he was ruthless, uncaring, and possesive
      at many's expense. As the crowd chanted "Asshole," Vince said he
      deserved it, which made the crowd stop. Vince said tonight was the night
      where he took control of his company, but he must stop and smell the
      roses. He thanked Ken Shamrock and The Big Show for their help on Raw is
      War, and especially Stone Cold Steve Austin, for helping Stephanie when
      she was in a ceremony of sorts with The Undertkaer. Stephanie then
      grabbed the microphone. She thanked Austin as well from the bottom of
      her heart and told The Undertaker to burn in hell. Shane McMahon and The
      Corporation then made their ways down to the ring. Shane said he didn't
      give a rat's ass about his dad, sister, or Austin. Vince was about to
      slap Shane when Triple H stepped in the way. Shane said it was okay. He
      sent Vince and Stephanie out of the ring, to big "Asshole" chants (for
      Shane). He then announced that even though The Rock and Austin hated
      each other, they would be partners later in the show against Triple H
      and a partner who Shane was about to name until The Undertaker appeared
      on the Titan Tron. The Undertaker said that Austin ruined his special
      ceremony on Raw. He said he would be the judge, jury, and executioner
      later in the show. As the The Undertaker's music stopped, Shane
      confirmed a Triple H and The Undertaker vs. Austin and The Rock main

      • Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and Debra searched for Owen Hart. They said it
      wasn't like him to be missing. The camera then cut to The Blue Blazer
      running around, saying the WWF needed a hero.

      • The Blue Blazer defeated Val Venis via Pinfall.
      - Before the match, Val Venis did his sexual joke. Since Owen Hart
      wasn't in sight, Jeff Jarrett said he was pissed off and he would
      wrestle the match. When Venis was set to attack Jarrett, The Blue
      Blazer, who was obviously Hart, came from behind and attacked
      Venis to begin his own match. Jarrett and Debra remained at ringside, in
      a back and forth match. As Debra distracted the referee near the end,
      Venis hit a fisherman's suplex on Blazer, but Jarrett low-blowed Val
      from behind, which let Hart roll him up for the victory. After a
      frustrated Venis got up, he ran away after Nicole Bass came down and
      continued stalking him. While Jarrett, Debra, and Blazer were
      celebrating, The Godfather and a few ho's came down to claim Debra. The
      Godfather, at first, took Blazer and Jarrett out of the picture by
      pounding them, but eventually, The Godfather was beaten down.

      • Backstage, The Rock mumbled to himself about how he would make more
      candy asses famous later in the show.

      • Blue Blazer Interview, Conducted by Kevin Kelly.
      - The Blue Blazer said he was looking for Owen Hart, as he hadn't seen
      him. He said he was tired of non G-rated products, cleavage, among other
      things. He said he was the WWF's hero and reminded everyone to say their
      prayers, eat their vitamins, and drink milk.

      • The Big Show defeated Test with a Chokeslam.
      - Test was officially out of The Corporation at this point, as he got
      the advantage at first on The Big Show, who got a big pop, but
      eventually Big Show fired back. Big Show executed a big dropkick and the
      Chokeslam for the victory. After the match, The Big
      Bossman ran in and had a stare down with Wight. Big Show just left.
      Bossman started to attack Test, which caused Big Show to run back in to
      make the save for Test.

      • Rock Interview.
      - The Rock came out and discussed the main event, where he and Stone
      Cold Steve Austin would take on The Undertaker. He said he was going to
      take Triple H and Shane McMahon's asses into The Smackdown Hotel, check
      them in, and check them out with his fist in his mouth and his foot in
      their asses. The Rock also said he would stick his horns up Austin's
      ass, which provoked Austin to make his way out. Austin said The Rock was
      a punk kid, who dished out nursery rhymes. Austin said he would grill
      The Rock's horn. Shane came out and said the confrontation between The
      Rock and Austin was cute. He said it was all part of his plan, as The
      Rock and Austin hated each other. He then introduced The Undertaker, who
      stood side by side with Shane on the rampway, followed by The rest of
      The Ministry of Darkness and The Corporation. Shane said he had built
      the most powerful force in the world, The Corporate Ministry, to
      Austin's distain.

      • X-Pac and Kane Interview, Conducted by Kevin Kelly.
      - X-Pac said that he could not trust Kane as oif yet, but even with
      friends, he had to get the job done. He said his partnership with Kane
      was an unpredictable match. X-Pac pushed Kane, who pushed Kevin Kelly
      and then ran after X-Pac.

      • D-Lo Brown defeated Droz (w/Prince Albert) by Disqualification.
      - The two wrestled an excellent back and forth match. Droz showed a lot
      of agility. After gaining the advantage, Droz went to the second rope
      and mocked D-Lo Brown, who reversed it in to a running powerbomb. When
      D-Lo went for the Lo-Down, Prince Albert
      attacked D-Lo, resulting in a Disqualification. Albert got his briefcase
      and proceeded to pierce D-Lo. Ivory brought out Mark Henry, who made his
      return from double knee surgery. Henry cleared the ring to a huge pop.

      • A video package was shown of Sable "going Hollywood." It showed her
      appearances on Regis and Kathie Lee, The Roseanne Show, Extra,
      Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Pacific Blue, Playboy, and

      • New Age Outlaws Interview, Conducted by Kevin Kelly.
      - Road Dogg said it would be hard to fight a competitive friend like
      X-Pac, as he and Billy Gunn would take on X-Pac and Kane for the Tag
      Team Titles. Billy Gunn interrupted by saying there awere no friends
      when it came to titles. Gunn then walked out.

      • X-Pac and Kane defeated The New Age Outlaws via Pinfall, to retain the
      Tag Team Titles.
      - Billy Gunn walked to the ring ahead of Road Dogg. While RD did his
      introduction, Gunn just started the match and didn't his part of the
      introduction. After a very long match, Kane and RD battled it out in the
      corner. At the sametime, Billy Gunn had X-Pac in a
      gorilla-press slam position, where Kane threw RD into Gunn's knee. X-Pac
      then fell on top of Gunn to score the pinfall. Gunn looked frustrated at
      the conclusion of the match.

      • Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin was shown preparing ready for the
      main event.

      • The New Age Outlaws argued in the parking lot. Road Dogg said there
      were always other shots. Billy Gunn said he would never team up with RD
      again and then called him an asshole.

      • Brood Interview, Conducted by Dok Hendrix.
      - Dok Hendrix introduced The Brood to a huge pop. Gangrel said they had
      something inside of them and they needed to use it. He said they were
      the unholy trio and believed like no one. He said The Brood just needed
      a chance. Hendrix questioned Gangrel's words. Edge grabbed the
      microphone and said we should all fear The Brood, because when they
      arrive in the night, they had a mission. Christian refused to speak.
      Hendrix questioned The Brood's words as a publicity stunt, saying it was
      just a gimmick. Gangrel said it wasn't "Michael." The Brood started to
      attack Hendrix, as the music on and the lights went out. When the lights
      returned , Hendrix was covered in blood as a result of a Blood Bath.

      • Backstage, Billy Gunn was shown searching for X-Pac.

      • Ken Shamrock was interviewed by Kevin Kelly. He said he would beat the
      crap out of Bradshaw and get his revenge.

      • No Holds Barred: Ken Shamrock defeated Bradshaw.
      - Ken Shamrock dominated the match by jumping Bradshaw at first. Using
      chairs, tables, guardrails, submission maneuvers, and more, Shamrock
      eventually took the victory when using his baseball bat as a weapon to
      choke Bradshaw out.

      • Mankind interview, Conducted by Kevin Kelly.
      - Mankind introduced himself to the UPN viewers in a humorous way and
      said Mr. Socko, which now has a face of Mankind on it, would go down The
      Big Bossman's throat.

      • Backstage, Shane McMahon and The Corporate Ministry were all in a
      circle, as Shane motiviated them all.

      • Mankind defeated The Big Bossman by making him to submit to the
      Mandible Claw.
      - In a short match, The Big Bossman tried to run away at first, but ran
      into Test. Mankind tried to DDT Bossman, who gained offense. Test
      remained at ringside. Bossman ran at Mankind, who flinged Bossman over
      the top. Bossman tried to escape again, but ran into The Big Show. Big
      Show threw Bossman back in the ring, where Mankind shoved Mr. Socko down
      the throat of Bossman for the victory.

      • Backstage, Billy Gunn barged in to X-Pac's dressing room. Gunn started
      to attack X-Pac, until Kane came ot the aid of X-Pac. Gunn, on his way
      out, said he wasn't done with X-Pac.

      • Backstage, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin prepared for the main

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin and The defeated The Undertaker and Triple H
      by Disqualification.
      - The match started off as a double team on The Rock, until Stone Cold
      Steve Austin made his way out to make th ematch event. After many
      reversals, and a great DDT by The Undertaker on Austin, the tide was
      turning as Austin fought back on Triple H. The
      Corporate Ministry ran out and annihilated Austin and The Rock. Austin
      and The Rock couldn't fight them off, so out came The Big Show, Ken
      Shamrock, and Test who took care of The Corporate Ministry. The Rock and
      Triple H brawled through the crowd. Shane was on the outside, where
      Vince McMahon came down and slugged Shane in the face. In the meantime,
      The Undertaker hit a chokeslam on Austin, and was going to hit him with
      a chair when McMahon came in. McMahon provoked The Undertaker and took a
      chairshot, sacrificing himself for Austin. Austin then got up and hit
      the Stunner on The Undertaker, as Shane came in and started pounding
      Vince with shots to the ground. Austin stunned Shane and chugged many
      beers. The show ended with clips of what occured and Austin pouring a
      beer on McMahon to revive him.


      By Joe DeLeon

      • Footage was shown from the Central Florida Mental Hospital of the
      mental patients, including Ric Flair, dancing around to "She'll be
      comin' around the mountain when she comes."

      • Curt Hennig defeated Booker T. by Disqualification, to let Booker
      retain the Television Title.
      - Before the match, Curt Hennig, who had new entrance music, taunted
      Larry Zbyszko with a mean look. In the match, as Booker T. took down
      Hennig with several kicks and was about to execute the Missle Dropkick,
      Stevie Ray ran down, and nailed Hennig with the slapjack, resulting in a
      Disqualification. Booker got onto his brother in the end.

      • Hak Interview.
      - Hak said he had proven to everyone he was the most extreme wrestler on
      the planet. He talked about wrestling Raven and Bam Bam Bigelow in
      hardcore matches. Hak asked Chastity who he should wrestle, calling her
      girlfriend, little sexy, etc. After giving three suggestions, Hak
      finally decided on Kevin Nash.

      • Backstage, Booker T. and Rick Steiner got into a brawl. Both would go
      one-on-one at Slamboree for the Television Title.

      • Buff Bagwell Interview.
      - Buff Bagwell came out, impersonating Scott Steiner. He wore black
      pants, a blonde wig, a blonde goatee, sunglasses, and kissed his biceps.
      Bagwell did an interview similar to Steiner's interviews, insulting him
      all the way through. He called Steiner Big Bad Doodoo Daddy, said
      Michigan sucked, called him Big Poppa Dump, and more.

      • Stevie Ray (w/NWO Black and White) defeated Jerry Flynn with the
      - Mike Tenay announced that Kevin Nash had accepted Hak's challenge. The
      NWO Black and White beat up on Jerry Flynn throughout the match. Steve
      Ray easily took the win with the Slapjack.

      • Kevin Nash defeated Hak (w/Chastity) with the Jack-Knife Powerbomb.
      - Hak immediately set up a ladder and table in the ring. Kevin Nash
      dominated Hak at first. Hak was first hit by a kendo stick and later
      planted onto a ladder with a sidewalk slam. Nash was later reversed into
      a table in the corner of the ring. Hak then beat down Nash with the
      kendo stick and worked on him with the ladder. At one point, Hak
      somersaulted himself onto a ladder, which lay across on Nash. Chastity
      entered the ring with a fire extinguisher, as Hak set up a table. Nash
      took the extinguisher away, sprayed it on Hak, put him through a
      Jack-Knife Powerbomb on the table, and scored the pinfall.

      • Bam Bam Bigelow Interview, Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
      - Bam Bam Bigelow brought a chair down to the ring with him. Bigelow
      mentioned he and Diamond Dallas Page grew up in Asbury Park, New Jersey
      and was booed. Bigelow said since it seemed like a hardcore night, he
      challenged Diamond Dallas Page to a Hardcore-Heavyweight Title match.

      • Goldberg defeated Meng with the Jackhammer.
      - Meng put up a tough fight for Goldberg, but after the spear, Goldberg
      took the win with the Jackhammer.

      • Diamond Dallas Page Interview, Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
      - Diamond Dallas Page claimed he was the only one who lost the
      Heavyweight Title and won it back in the same night. DDP thanked some
      friends of his and people that let him get where he was today. DDP
      pointed out that many fans were sick to see him as champion, but he was
      just glad he was two-time champion. DDP said the fans could jump off the
      bandwagon, because he only needed himself. DDP then accepted Bam Bam
      Bigelow's Hardcore-Heavyweight Title match challenge. DDP gained more
      heat by acting like he didn't know what city he was in.

      • Randy Savage (w/Gorgeous George, Madusa, and Miss Madness) defeated
      The Disciple with the Big Elbow.
      - The women ganged up on The Disciple on the outside of the ring, as the
      referee was distracted. At that point, Randy Savage brought The Disciple
      in the ring and nailed him with the Big Elbow for the ring.

      • Hardcore Match: Diamond Dallas Page defeated Bam Bam Bigelow via
      Pinfall, to retain the Heavyweight Title.
      - The match spewed down the aisle, where garbage can lids were used.
      Near the announcer's booth, Diamond Dallas Page and Bam Bam Bigelow
      ended up in a catering area with food all over. Bigelow attempted to fly
      onto Page from the annoncer's booth, but
      DDP moved out of the way. DDP then nailed Bigelow with a glass catering
      tray. Back down the aisle, more weapons were used that Bigelow had
      brought down to the ring. Referee Randy Anderson's back looked in pain
      after DDP jumped onto it after Bigelow kicked
      out of a pinfall. Bigelow motioned for Greetings from Asbury Park, but
      didn't connect, which let DDP counter with the Diamond Cutter. Both men
      were knocked out, as Randy Savage made his way down. Savage nailed
      Bigelow with a Big Elbow in a No Disqualification-Falls Count Anywhere
      match, which let DDP make the pinfall.

      • The Thunder logo was officially part of the mat in the ring. ... The
      crowd at the Bryce Jordan Center was not too big. ... There were also
      some Nitro highlights and videos throughout the show.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Smackdown received a 5.8 rating yesterday night.

      - Notes from 4/29 WWF Byte This | Hosted by Kevin Kelly, Dr. Tom
      Pritchard, and Matrat
      [Report sent in by Kogi]

      - Earlier today, Shane McMahon appeared on 102.7 FM radio in NYC. The
      radio crew just asked him about his new role in The Corporation, and
      more about the group.

      - Lucas interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin backstage right after Raw is
      War last Monday night. All Austin said was that he doesn’t have any
      compassion, after what happened between him and Stephanie McMahon.

      - Kevin Kelly said that there was tiny ego problem backstage with some
      of the young, new wrestlers … like Christian, Test, Edge, etc…

      - Their phone systems were down most of the show, so they couldn’t take
      a lot of calls.

      - Dr. Tom Pritchard said that Steve Bradley (independent wrestler in
      Memphis) could be a big prospect for the WWF very soon.

      - This Monday, the WWF will be doing a photo shoot with all the women in
      the Federation. The photos will be available exclusively on WWF.COM in a
      couple of weeks.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Nitro girl Chae and Nitro girl Tygress opened their new official
      sites, located at http://www.chae.com/ and
      http://www.vanessasasanchez.com/ respectivley.

      - Hak will be debuting a new move to his in ring arsenal. Hak is suppose
      to add a snot rag to his attire and after he blows his nose in it he
      will rub it his opponents face. (Mark Madden / Creighton)

      - WCW is continuing to pay Rick Rude's remaining contract to Rude's
      family. (Mark Madden / Creighton)

      - Scott Hall may be the forth member of the Horsemen when Ric Flair
      finally walks out of the psycho ward. Hall might actually have something
      to do with getting Flair out. (Mark Madden / Creighton)

      - Chris Jericho has reportedly told WCW official that it will take $1
      million year to keep him a WCW employee. Chris is currently side-lined
      with a severe ankle injury and will only be working in WCW a few weeks
      when he returns before his contract expires July 27th. (Mark Madden /


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