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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2008
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      Brock Lesnars's UFC Return - Full Coverage

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      Sunday August 3rd 2008 Issue #2796
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Not much going on today. Back tomorrow.

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      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports chart
      for the week ending August 9th. 'Nature Boy Ric Flair: The Definitive
      Collection' slips to the second place, 'The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man
      In Sports Entertainment' is in third, 'WrestleMania XXIV' in sixth, 'One
      Night Stand 2008' in seventh and 'Twist Of Fate: The Matt & Jeff Hardy
      Story' wraps up the list in the tenth place.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - We have received the Unforgiven 2008 poster which features 'The Animal'
      Batista all alone standing with his shirt open in the rain. The smudged
      Unforgiven logo - to keep with the rain theme - is at the bottom. Cool
      poster, weird concept. You can check it out at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - In addition to hiring Freddie Prinze Jr., to the creative team, WWE has
      added another Hollywood individual which is headed by Stephanie
      McMahon-Levesque. Writer, producer and director Michael Pavoe is the new
      member, best known for his work as a producer for three episodes of the Fox
      hit TV show Prison Break. He also wrote one episode from the first season of
      Prison Break and also wrote some episodes for the show Renegade in the early
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6716]

      - In an interview with the Pioneer Press, former WWE champion Brock Lesnar
      revealed that he might go back to professional wrestling....but there's a
      catch. "They would have to pay me big to come back. This (Ultimate Fighting)
      pays good, and I'm home every night," said the UFC heavyweight. Lesnar had
      his last WWE match in 2004 against Goldberg at WrestleMania XX, a match
      which he came out on the losing side. The news of his departure leaked a few
      days before the show which led to the fans in Madison Square Garden to chant
      "You sold out" and basically give him a hard time while he was in the ring.
      "Pro wrestling was just brutally grinding on my body. No nights off, a
      different city every night, a different airplane. And if I got injured, I
      had to be on TV the next day." Lesnar's second match in the UFC will be this
      coming Saturday in his hometown of Minneapolis, MN., against Heath Herring.
      Having already lost his debut match, this will be a do or die for the former
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6585]


      By Sean Sibbitt -[seansibbitt@...]-

      Hello, boys and girls! Long time, no see. I could go on and on about all the
      crap life has dealt me, but, I won't. I'll paraphrase quickly, and then get
      on to the meat and potatoes, as they say. A couple deaths, a new job, a
      lost interest (again) in the product, and, here I am!

      I'm still not sold on C.M. Punk as champ. I like him okay, but, his indie
      stuff was so much more impressive, the watered down version is, just, well,
      watered down. He seems to be getting the "Rey Mysterio" treatment, in that;
      he seems to be portrayed as the underdog.constantly. Is this not the same
      C.M. Punk who debuted on ECW, and was undefeated for a decent little streak?
      Now, one could argue that ECW just doesn't have the same caliber of talent
      that Raw does. That Punk was just a big fish in the proverbial little pond.
      On the other hand, this is the same Punk that had one hell of a losing
      streak after winning MITB, only to cash it in (in quite the heelish fashion)
      and "steal" the title from Edge, is it not? I mean, he lost clean to The
      Miz. Mike "Real World" Mizanin, for crying out loud! But, of course, said
      Miz was half of the World Tag Team Champions at the time, so, that's
      forgiven, right? Anyway, I guess Punk is the best "poster child" for the
      company, at least until someone decides John Cena needs a run with the Big
      Gold Belt. Will he bling that one out, too, once he wins it?

      Speaking of belts, the Diva's Title is quite the atrocity, isn't it?
      However, it was designed for the "girly girls" on SD. I wish they would've
      made it so it fit properly around the waist of the inaugural title holder,
      Michelle McTaker. And, even though the "spinner" doesn't spin anymore, I
      really wish they'd retire it, and go with a more traditional look. I guess
      too much money was spent on making the thing to change it now. Think about
      this, did the Smoking Skull belt stay that way after Austin lost it? I think
      not. I don't care if it's the old Eagle Belt; just get rid of the damn
      Mike Adamle, new Raw GM...ugh. Yes, he sucks on commentary. Yes, he sucked
      doing the crowd stuff. Yes, he seems to suck in general. BUT, I think Mike
      might actually do a decent job as GM. I said months ago that he would make a
      perfect cocky heal character. Time will tell, but, I hope, for all our sake,
      he does a great job. Anything to get Regal actually wrestling again is tops,
      in my book. Maybe he'll be the one to take the belt from Punk? Who knows,
      could be anybody?

      Will Kurt Angle ever NOT be injured? Seems he juiced hard way at the most
      recent Impact taping. You know, the one Kevin Nash walked out on, because he
      was ordered to job during a commercial break? Bled like a stuck pig. I
      wonder, could he be using some *cough cough* enhancement medication? I don't
      understand that philosophy. Why the hell would you plan a pinfall, or, in
      this case, elimination from a gauntlet match, during a commercial break? On
      a taped show? With a guy that's allegedly being booked in the main event of
      an upcoming PPV? I mean, is that not the most asinine booking ever?
      Russoriffic, indeed. Other TNA related gibberish; does anyone else find it
      odd that so many people bitched about Joe not winning the TNA title, for oh,
      two years or so, and, now that he's the champ, say he doesn't deserve it?
      These are the same IWC jerkoffs who whine about too many "old timers" being
      booked so high on the card and not enough "home grown" talent being pushed.
      So, with that said, let's evaluate the situation. TNA champ, Somoa Joe.
      X-Division Champ, Petey Williams. TNA Tag Champs, LAX. Are those not ALL
      home grown talent? Have any of them ever performed for the "Big Three".
      Maybe a try-out, or a dark match, but, not anything worth remembering,
      right? Think back to WCW. Didn't the N.W.O start with the other company's
      "stars"? The attitude era, Stone Cold Steve Austin played a very important
      part in that, correct? Hey, wasn't he a WCW guy for years before that?
      Pretty logical deduction, a lot of companies get ahead using other company's
      employees. It happens in every market. Hell, I could see Ron Killings making
      a name for himself in WWE. Doesn't mean he will, but, I could see it. Let
      him get established, turn him heal, and, WHAM, great person to feud with
      And that, boys and girls, is the Truth, as I see it anyway.

      Until next time, keep your feet on the ground, blah blah blah!

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