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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Thursday July 10th 2008 Issue #2779
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Ringside Live will be back on the air tomorrow at 7PM EST / Midnight BST as
      Ian Hamilton and Adam Firestorm will be giving away a copy of the new Ric
      Flair DVD titled 'The Definitive Collection'. A question will be read during
      the show - and it won't appear on the site or here - and listeners can send
      in their answer along with their home address to live@... .
      The winner will be announced on next week's show. The DVD is Region 1 so any
      listeners outside the United States and Canada please note that you will
      need a region free player to play it.

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      - Former Playboy cover girl and Diva Search contest winner Ashley Massaro
      was released from her WWE contract yesterday. Massaro asked for an early
      release to take care of her seven year old ill daughter. She revealed she
      had a daughter in a blog posting on her MySpace, saying that she never
      disclosed the fact she has a daughter out of respect for her and to keep her
      privacy. "I am a single parent trying 2 juggle taking care of my child and
      working my butt off for her and now at this point when she is sick and needs
      me home I have 2 make the decision 2 bow out of WWE for a while and take
      care of my daughter," she said last week. Massaro has been with WWE since
      2005, winning their Diva Search contest and then moving to RAW. In June 2006
      she was moved to Smackdown!, posed for Playboy, participated in the
      fifteenth season of Survivor and then in January of this year moved to RAW
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6665]

      - Monday Night RAW pulled a 3.5 rating for this week's show off hours 3.3
      and 3.7. That is the same number it did last week so while it's not an
      out-of-this-world number it's not bad either since they didn't lose any
      viewership. Smackdown! on the 4th of July did a 1.6 which has to be
      considered as a good number since it fell on the most important holiday on
      the US calendar. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online
      by PWInsider.com)
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports chart
      for the week ending July 12th. 'The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man In
      Sports Entertainment' retains its number one spot followed by 'WrestleMania
      XXIV' in second and new debut 'Judgment Day 2008' in third. 'Twist Of Fate:
      The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story' is in sixth place, 'The Legacy Of Stone Cold
      Steve Austin' in seventh and 'Triple H: The King Of Kings' wraps up the list
      in number ten.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - William Moody, known better to wrestling fans as Paul Bearer has updated
      his blog noting that since RAW ended on Monday night the website received in
      excess of 20,000 visitors and his mailbox was bombarded with e-mails. Fans
      were curious to see who Kane was referring to when he went nuts and started
      yelling "Is he dead or alive?" during the closing minutes of the show. "The
      question of the day seems to be...'Was Kane's rampage last night about his
      cemented Father Paul Bearer?'," he said. "Sorry, but I can't answer that
      one. Interesting storyline, isn't it?" Bearer hasn't been on WWE television
      since the Great American Bash in 2004 where he was buried in cement by the
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6681]

      - W-O Newsletter reader and Long Island Press writer Josh Stewart sent in
      word that Ric Flair's internet-based 'Ric Flair Finance' company has gone
      out of business. Flair opened up his company in September of last year and
      was about to start devoting more time to it after his retirement. Stewart
      added that after calling his agency, the person on the other side of the
      call said that the company "had been trying to wrap things up for awhile."
      Despite his retirement from the ring, Flair is still employed by WWE and
      makes numerous appearances every month on behalf of the company.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - Brooke Hogan is currently in New York City doing media rounds for her
      upcoming reality TV show 'Brooke Hogan Knows Best' which debuts on VH1 this
      Sunday. Paparazzi snapped Brooke along with a friend in front of the Waverly
      Inn restaurant wearing something that looks more similar to a night gown
      rather than a dress. For once no excessive make up was applied on her face.
      You can watch six candid photos at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5998]

      - TNA Wrestling today announced that it has signed a personal services
      contract with former NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler. Actual terms of the deal
      were not released. Sadler is no stranger to TNA as he has been involved in
      matches as a wrestler, as a referee and also did some broadcast announcing
      in the past. "I am a longtime pro wrestling fan and a true supporter of TNA
      Wrestling; I really believe in the product. It has been a lot of fun, truly
      an enjoyable experience working with the superstars of TNA Wrestling," said
      the 38 year old Sadler. "In this new job with TNA, there are endless
      possibilities - both behind the scenes and in front of the camera."
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6682]


      //->> THE MAIN EVENT
      By Jorden Taylor Jr -[longdaddy1911@...]-

      What's up, everybody? Before I talk wrestling, has anybody ever seen that
      show "MVP" (it is a hockey series that is VERY similar to the show
      "Playmakers" that used to come on ESPN. Speaking of Playmakers, am I the
      only one that was FURIOUS when that show got cancelled? I used to watch it
      EVERY week. My Dad (R.I.P.), both of my brothers, my uncles, and I used to
      watch it on the giant screen TV that my brother bought. We'd grill up some
      good burgers (sometimes, I would go and get some buffalo burgers or buffalo
      steaks for us to throw on the grill to mix it up a little), throw a peach
      cobbler in the oven (or, sometimes I would make some peach melba), and I
      would use my smoothie maker to make a great strawberry slush. We'd sit in
      front of the big screen and watch that show, and then have a blast talking
      about it afterwards. I was so upset when the NFL whined and cried about it,
      threatening to pull NFL programming from ESPN if they did not cancel the
      show. I really wish that another network would buy the rights and start it
      back up again. A not so widely known fact is that the show was filmed in
      Canada. Getting back to MVP, this show is also filmed in Canada (it does
      air here in the United States, but I am not sure if it comes on in any other
      countries). The premise is the same as Playmakers, only this show is about
      hockey instead of football. I have been hooked ever since episode one, and
      I am watching it as I write this article. Hey, they're playing the song
      "Swing Baby Swing" by my favorite Scandinavian hip-hop group, The DNC! This
      song used to get the crowd moving when I would play it at the parties I
      DJed. I actually spun it a couple of weeks ago at a small party, and
      followed it with "Start The Bus" by Stinkyfacecrew. The people there seemed
      to enjoy both. I always like playing music from the independent record
      labels. Just a little while back, I went to a local pizza joint that had an
      independent group called Bankrupt and the Borrowers who performed a full
      concert there. They were pretty cool, and I talked to them for a few
      minutes after their performance was over. Really cool guys. What was real
      neat was how during their performance, they had Japanese Anime cartoons
      silently playing in the background on a huge TV screen. The anime they
      picked completely went with each song. An old independent group from the
      1970's that I like was Henry Turner's Crystal Band. I still have their
      vinyl single "Giving My Love Up To You" (which has the song "Music" on the
      B-Side of the record). I absolutely love music. Getting back to MVP, I bet
      if my Dad were alive, he would like this show, too. Well, I have his
      picture up here on the table while I watch it. That's about as close as I
      can get to him being here watching it with me.

      Now, onto wrestling. I would like to spark up a debate on which title you
      believe (from 1st to 5th) is the most prestigious, and continue going down
      to the title that has the least prestige. Here are the choices: The NWA
      World Heavyweight Championship, The ECW World Championship, The TNA World
      Championship, The WWE Championship, and The Big Gold Belt (now known as the
      World Heavyweight Championship, in the WWE... C.M. Punk's Title).

      I will give a little background of each title to throw in a little food for
      thought as you debate, which is the most to least prestigious title.

      The NWA World Heavyweight Championship - This title has its roots all the
      way back to 1901, but some argue that it is only back to 1905. Here's the
      scoop. Georg Hackenschmidt won a tournament in Vienna, Austria to win the
      very first World Heavyweight Championship. However, many people disputed
      him being "world" champion, because the tournament was limited to people who
      were in Austria at the time. To further prove himself, he went to Paris,
      France; Hamburg, Germany; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Elberfield, Germany; and
      Berlin, Germany... all BEFORE the year was over, to win other "World
      Heavyweight Championship" tournaments. Even though he beat all these
      people, finally, as of January 30th, 1904, he defeated Ahmed Madrali (who
      many people in the wrestling world thought was the best in the world). This
      bout took place in London, England. Once he got a clean victory over
      Madrali, he was THEN recognized as the "World Heavyweight Champion."
      Errrr... not so quick. Over in the United States, people were saying, "You
      haven't beat our AMERICAN Heavyweight Champion! You've only faced people in
      Europe! Boooooooooo!!! You're not World Heavyweight Champion! You suck!"
      After MONTHS of bookers from the United States and Europe getting together,
      on May 4th, 1905, in front of a sold out crowd in New York, New York, the
      main event was Tom Jenkins, American Heavyweight Champion, vs. Georg
      Hackenschmidt, the (at the time) disputed "World" Heavyweight Champion. As
      Hackenschmidt was introduced, the crowd erupted in a chorus of boos.
      "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! GO BACK TO EUROPE!" Hackenschmidt, usually
      a face in Europe, knew how to play up to the crowd to get them to boo more.
      The stage was set, and the bell rings. Back then, matches were MUCH longer
      than they were now, so people were fully ready to sit back and watch for no
      less than one hour to see this catch-as-catch-can classic. Both were
      magnificent in-ring technicians, with many near falls. Finally, after a
      grueling match, with not one person in the arena still eating their food
      (instead, intently watching the match), Hackenschmidt, the inventor of the
      wrestling bear hug, locked it onto Jenkins. He begin to squeeze the life
      out of Jenkins, and right before Jenkins completely passed out, he tapped
      out and let the ref know that he could not take anymore. Hackenschmidt got
      a clean victory over Jenkins. The crowd was stunned. After the match was
      over, you heard, "The winner of this bout... and,
      raised both the World Heavyweight Title he won in London, and the American
      Heavyweight Championship, you could see tears across the arena, as Tom
      Jenkins was no longer the titleholder.

      Setting his site on Hackenschmidt's title was (whom I refer to as the early
      20th Century version of Edge) none other than Frank Gotch. Gotch, who was a
      face with the crowd, in real life, was an absolute creep. Wrestling matches
      back then were shoots, not works. Gotch, a former rival of Tom Jenkins, and
      former American Heavyweight Champion, would stop at nothing to become World
      Heavyweight Champion. He completely oiled himself up with baby oil before
      the match. From head to toe, he looked like a he had just got finished
      swimming in Crisco. He did this so that he would be too slippery to get the
      bear hug put on him. The match was set on April 3rd, 1908. Hackenschmidt
      could easily have won if Gotch had not been so hard to hold on to (because
      of the baby oil). After nearly two hours of wrestling, Hackenschmidt
      attempted the bear hug. Gotch slipped out from under him, and then HAMMERED
      Hackenschmidt directly in the nose (knowing that the ref's vantage point was
      blocked). This was a blatantly illegal move. As Hackenschmidt clutched his
      nose and looked to the referee to see if the ref caught the infraction,
      Gotch (the ultimate opportunist), snatched Hackenschmidt's ankle from
      behind, causing him to fall flat on this face. Gotch then put Hackenschmidt
      in the ankle lock submission. After starting it, he then sat down into it,
      synching it in. Hackenschmidt, with blood pouring from his nose, and nearly
      concussed from his face hitting the floor, held on as long as he could.
      With a picture reminiscent of Stone Cold Steve Austin at the end of his
      WrestleMania 13 match with Bret Hart, the bloody faced Hackenschmidt had to
      tap out. The crowd cheered, because an American had the title, but this was
      a true travesty of justice. This was Hackenschmidt's first ever loss, as he
      was undefeated in both his amateur career, Greco-roman wrestling career, and
      professional wrestling career. Gotch, much like Shawn Michaels did Bret
      Hart, refused to face Hackenschmidt again, ducking and dodging him for over
      three years. Finally, on September 4th, 1911, Gotch gave Hackenschmidt a
      rematch. But, before the match, he made sure that he had the upper hand.
      Gotch paid Hackenschmidt's training partner, Ad Santel, to deliberately
      injure Hackenschmidt. Santel took his "30 pieces of silver," and in the
      training session, did a diving tackle (like a MISSLE) directly on
      Hackenschmidt's knee. Hackenschmidt was so hurt, that he almost called it
      quits. He could barely, barely walk. Gotch then faked a neck injury,
      saying that he, too, got hurt in training (so that Hackenschmidt would not
      forfeit before the match). The match was set to be two out of three falls.
      Hackenschmidt told Gotch that he would only wrestle if and only if Gotch let
      him win the first fall (so that he would not look so bad). Gotch gave him a
      handshake agreement, but as soon as the match started, he blasted
      Hackenschmidt's knee and got the quick pin. Hackenschmidt, still wincing in
      pain from getting his knee punted, got it blasted one more time, and Gotch
      took the second fall. Over a devastated Hackenschmidt, Gotch gave him a
      smirk and raised up his title. Hackenschmidt, hurt, and double-crossed,
      retired afterwards. Gotch held the title for 5 years total before retiring
      (he never actually lost the title), and is the third longest reigning
      champion in wrestling history.

      Lou Thesz, the youngest World Heavyweight Championship EVER (in ANY
      organization) won the NWA (National Wrestling Association, not the National
      Wrestling Alliance) Championship at age 21. The National Wrestling
      Association was affiliated with the National Boxing Association (NBA). Lou
      Thesz wanted to unify pretty much every title in existence. In 1948, the
      National Wrestling Alliance came into existence. Lou Thesz, who won
      multiple other world titles, was going to have a final unification bout
      against Orville Brown, the National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight
      Champion, to become the true undisputed champion. Unfortunately, Orville
      Brown was in a tragic car accident that instantly ended his career, causing
      him to vacate the title. Lou Thesz and Orville Brown were number one
      contenders for each other's titles; so, the title was automatically awarded
      to him. He went on to win two more titles and unified them with the NWA
      (now, National Wrestling Alliance) World Heavyweight Championship. He has
      the second longest single World Heavyweight Title Reign in men's history,
      and the most combined days as champion ever.

      The NWA World Heavyweight Championship is still in existence to this very
      day. Some of the more recent people to hold this title are Christian
      [Cage], Sting, Ron Killings, Jeff Jarrett, Rhyno, Abyss, Ken Shamrock, Dan
      Severn, Raven, Sabu, and A.J. Styles.

      The World Heavyweight Championship (currently held by C.M. Punk) - This
      title is known as The Big Gold Belt. The actual creation of this belt came
      during Ric Flair's NWA World Heavyweight Championship reign in 1985, as both
      Ric and the NWA / WCW wanted to make a much better looking belt than the
      boring belt they had. Because the belt was so expensive, anyone who held
      the title had to pay $25,000, which would be given back to him with interest
      once they no longer were champion. In 1991, Ric Flair, current champion,
      left the NWA / WCW. Jim Herd, who was WCW Vice President, would not give
      Flair back his money. Therefore, Flair kept the belt, and brought it onto
      WWF television! When I saw this, I was like, "WOW! I can't believe he did
      this!" I used to laugh every time Flair came out with the belt, and they
      blurred it. Eventually, WCW realized that they desperately needed this belt
      back, and paid Ric Flair $38,000 dollars ($25,000 + $13,000 interest). He
      gave it back to them. Because they had departed ways from the NWA and in
      the absence of the Big Gold Belt created a new belt, the Big Gold Belt was
      briefly used as the "WCW International World Heavyweight Championship."
      This was a fake organization used to make fun of the NWA (kind of like
      Stevie Richards' "Right To Censor" faction was used to make fun of the
      Parents Television Council). The final holder of the "international" title
      was Sting, who lost it to the "regular" WCW Champion, Ric Flair (who,
      ironically, was back in the WCW, and was using the belt that the WCW had to
      create because he took the Big Gold Belt with him to the WWF). Ric Flair
      defeated Sting and "unified" the two titles.

      Eventually, this belt was used as one of the two titles that comprised the
      "Undisputed" Champion of the WWE (that Chris Jericho won). Chris Jericho
      carried this belt along with the WWE championship belt. In April of 2002,
      they made a single undisputed belt. However, after Brock Lesnar refused to
      defend the undisputed title on RAW against the Number 1 Contender, HHH,
      Brock Lesnar was stripped of one of the titles. He got to keep the WWE
      Championship, but, the World Heavyweight Championship was awarded to HHH,
      and the Big Gold Belt came back into play.

      The longest ever holder of The Big Gold Belt is Hulk Hogan, who held it for
      469 days. The person who held it the longest after the WWE bought out WCW
      is Dave Bautista, who held it for 282 days. The person who held the Big
      Gold Belt the most overall days is Hulk Hogan, who in six reigns held the
      title for 1,177 days. The person who held it the most overall days since
      the WWE bought out WCW is HHH, who in five title reigns held it for 616

      The WWE Championship - This title can trace its roots back to 1963. Many of
      the promoters in the Northeastern portion of the United States were not
      happy about Lou Thesz being NWA World Heavyweight Champion, because he drew
      pretty much no heat (or pops) at all in the Northeast. People could care
      less about him. The original "Nature Boy," Buddy Rogers, was a MUCH bigger
      draw, and was hugely popular up there. When he was forced to drop the NWA
      title to Thesz, many of the promoters withdrew their territories from the
      NWA, and created the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). The WWWF was
      affiliated with the NWA until 1983. Even though they were affiliated with
      the NWA, they still wanted their own World Title. Buddy Rogers was given
      the first title, but, to give the title legitimacy, a story was created that
      he won this title in a grueling tournament that took place in Rio de
      Janeiro, Brazil, where he defeated Antonino Rocca. This actually never took
      place, but this storyline was created because in arguably one of the
      greatest matches of all time, Rocca defeated Rogers to win the Capitol
      Wrestling Corporation (CWC) International Heavyweight Championship in July
      of 1959. The CWC is now the WWE. The title was discontinued until 1982,
      when it was picked up by New Japan Pro Wrestling, who, at the time, had a
      working relationship with the WWF (since the WWF was still apart of the
      NWA... the WWF did not part ways from the NWA until 1983). Getting back to
      the WWE Title, the longest reigning champion ever was Bruno Sammartino, who
      held the title for 2,803 days. This is over 7 years and 7 months. He also
      has the most overall days as champion, with two reigns for 4,040 days. One
      pretty interesting fact is that on the current roster, the person with the
      most days as champion is John Cena. His three reigns have a total of 793
      days as champion, This is more than HHH and The Rock (who even though they
      each have had 7 reigns as champion, only have 329 and 297 days as champion,
      respectively), Bret Hart (who in 5 reigns only had 654 days), Stone Cold
      Steve Austin (who in 6 reigns had 529 days), and Shawn Michaels (who in 3
      reigns had 396 days). Furthermore, out of the active roster, John Cena has
      the single longest reign (380 days). The ONLY people in WWE history who
      have had the title for longer single reigns than John Cena are Bruno
      Sammartino, Bob Backland, Hulk Hogan, and Pedro Morales. John Cena's third
      reign is the longest reign since 1988.

      The ECW Championship - This title was originally called apart of Eastern
      Championship Wrestling, which was apart of the NWA. Superfly Jimmy Snuka
      was the first ever champion, which was in 1992. In 1994, the titleholder,
      Shane Douglas, won a tournament to win the NWA World Heavyweight
      Championship. He immediately threw the title away, because of the president
      of NWA, Dennis Coraluzzo, dissing him on the radio. He proclaimed that the
      ECW title was no longer "Eastern" Championship, but now, the Extreme World
      Championship. ECW then left the NWA, and became an independent promotion.
      In my opinion, this is the toughest wrestling organization in wrestling
      history. The angles were great, as they pushed the envelope like never
      before. Never had I seen such hardcore action, and wrestlers literally
      beating the sh!t out of each other. Besides the brawlers, you had some of
      the greatest technical wrestlers ever, and Paul Heyman would let them go at
      it like no other promoter ever had. When I used to visit my family on the
      East Coast, I could not WAIT to get a chance to watch ECW wrestling! You
      got a chance to see what I consider the "HBO" version of wrestling. You
      also had people coming out to real songs. The crowd got into these matches
      unlike anything I had ever seen. Even though the arenas may not have been
      big, the people in there would go absolutely nuts for both the faces and the
      heels. They did not care about controversy, and went on to do angles
      involving sex, pregnancy, and complete bloodshed. The violence was gangsta
      on mammoth proportions. If you were ECW champion, you EARNED that sh!t.
      Now, I do not even watch ECW anymore. It is a f*cking joke. Vince McMahon
      f*cked it all up, and I am so sad that the younger fans who see ECW now did
      not get to see the old ECW. What I think should happen is that instead of
      ECW touring with RAW and Smackdown, they need to put it back in those hole
      in the wall bingo halls that are full of people who are absolutely nuts, and
      let Paul Heyman run it again (with NO restrictions). They need a roster of
      people who are REALLY ready and willing to battle it out with no fear of the
      blood and violence. They need some people who are not scared of the barbed
      wire, the table, and setting sh!t on fire. If I would have ever went into
      professional wrestling, I would have wanted to go into ECW. Now, it pretty
      much is just a shell of its former self.

      The TNA World Heavyweight Championship - TNA initially was synonymous with
      the NWA, and used the NWA World Heavyweight Championship as its title. TNA
      was created May 10th, 2002, and had an agreement with NWA to use their World
      Heavyweight Championship and World Tag Team Championship. But, May 13th,
      2007, the relationship was over, and the TNA World Championship was created.
      Since then, it has been defended fiercely, and Samoa Joe is the current
      titleholder. TNA is arguably the most athletic wrestling organization in
      the United States.

      One note I'd love to touch on comes from my love of the Caribbean. I
      frequent the Caribbean, and one of my favorite places is Puerto Rico.
      Whenever I am there, I always make sure that I see some World Wrestling
      Council (WWC) action. If you have never seen this organization, it is
      absolutely fantastic. The competition is fierce, there are very cool
      angles, and the wrestlers are beyond athletic. They work very hard, and put
      on a great show. There is a rival promotion down there called IWA, but I
      haven't seen any IWA programming as of yet. WWC is owned by Carlos Colon
      Sr. (father of Carlito). I'd like to talk about what I believe was one of
      the greatest matches of all time. The WWC World Heavyweight Championship
      was created in an angle that was exactly like the way the original WWWF
      title. Abdullah The Butcher was given the title, and appeared on television
      stating that he won the title in a tournament in Japan where he defeated
      Antonio Inoki in the finals (no such tournament took place). He held the
      title for 72 hours before being defeated by local wrestler, Carlos Colon Sr.
      A rivalry eventually ensued between Ric Flair and Carlos Colon. Ric Flair,
      who was NWA World Heavyweight Champion, would publicly trash Colon's title,
      saying that he was the REAL world champion, and that Colon's title was a
      joke. Colon challenged Flair for a match, title vs. title, and the winner
      would be undisputed champion of the "universe." The match was set to take
      place in a steel cage. December 18th, 1983, in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, in
      front of a sold out crowd, the main event was Flair vs. Colon. In addition
      to Flair being a hated heel, Colon was in front of a Puerto Rican crowd who
      was completely offended by Flair saying their title was a joke. Flair was
      getting booed out of the building, with the crowd wanting Colon to win so
      badly. This match was pure brutality, with the outcome possibly going
      either way. After a nail-biting finish, Carlos Colon Sr. DEFEATED a bloody
      Ric Flair, and won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! The crowd went
      nuts! He was deemed champion of the universe, and the WWC World Heavyweight
      Championship was renamed the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship.
      Eventually, Flair won the NWA Championship back. However, in a move that
      was completely racist, the NWA went back and "erased" the title loss Flair
      had to Colon from their record books. They weren't "ready" for a Latino
      champion or champion of color. This outraged many in Puerto Rico, and
      across the Latin community. We still know that Colon defeated Flair, fair
      and square. Many American wrestlers have gone there to wrestle, including
      Macho Man Randy Savage, Stan Hansen, Gorilla Monsoon, Big Daddy V, Bruiser
      Brody, Dory Funk Jr., and Scott Hall (who is former Heavyweight Champion, in
      a bout where he defeated Carlito and Apollo in a Triple Threat Match).

      OK, I am going to end the article with two questions. These are not trivia
      questions; I really need to know the answer to both. If any of you know,
      please drop me a line and tell me the answers!

      Question Number 1 - Is the theme music used on the episode of Monday Night
      RAW that aired January 5th, 2008 that The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust
      (who came out as Pimpdust) used when he was set to wrestle Flash Funk the
      same music that the WWF later used for the character, The Godfather?

      Question Number 2 - This actually has nothing to do with wrestling. I met a
      guy from El Salvador who said that there is a Salvadorian dessert that has
      the exact same name as a Mexican dish that is not a dessert. He said that
      his first ever trip to Mexico, he was at a restaurant, and asked for that
      particular dist to be his dessert. He then said that the waiter laughed and
      asked if he was sure that he wanted that for dessert. He told the waiter
      yes, but was shocked when he saw a dish that looked nothing like what he
      expected, and had hot sauce all over it. He said at first, he got angry
      with the waiter, because he thought the waiter was playing a joke on him,
      but after extended conversation with the waiter, he realized that in Mexico,
      they use the same name for their dish that is used in El Salvador for the
      dessert, but, they are two completely different things. It's kind of like
      how with the word chips, in Great Britain, it means French fries, but in the
      U.S., it means potato chips. Does anyone know what the name of dish is that
      is a Salvadorian dessert, but a Mexican appetizer / dinner item? I
      absolutely love desserts, and want to find the recipe to that Salvadorian
      dish so that I can make it!

      For those here in the United States, I hope that you had a beautiful
      Independence Day. Some of you have asked about my day job. I have my
      website listed below for anyone who wants to look at it. It is a
      work-in-progress, but I think I've done a pretty good job with it thus far.
      Take care everyone! This is Jorden, signing off.

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