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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2773

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Tuesday July 1st 2008 Issue #2773
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Usually WWE sucks when it comes to surprises. They really do. Whenever they
      hype something as a surprise it always ends up either lame, a complete
      letdown or in most cases, both. Yesterday they didn't announce anything
      regarding the fate of any of the Heavyweight titles moving to RAW and by the
      time the first 30 minutes were done they hit a huge home run.

      The idea of Punk playing his MITB contract didn't even cross my mind while
      watching Edge saying that no one from RAW was going to take his title away.
      I completely forgot about Punk's silly briefcase and when Batista came out
      and destroyed him I thought, okay, here we go again for Great American Bash.
      But as soon as Punk's music kicked in, I popped out of my seat! Yeah the way
      he won is usually reserved for heels but nonetheless, I was happy to see a
      young guy with the title belt. With Triple H out, the rest came out to play.
      I was a bit scared that Punk was going to be used as a transitional champion
      when JBL came on screen but was relieved when the show was over and Punk
      still carried the gold. Good job, WWE. About damn time.

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      - It didn't take long for one of the Heavyweight titles to move to RAW after
      on Sunday Edge and Triple H - both members of the Smackdown! brand -
      retained the titles in their respective matches. On RAW yesterday, World
      champion Edge interrupted Jim Ross' farewell speech to his fans and declared
      that none of the RAW Superstars would be getting a shot at his title.
      Batista confronted Edge while he was walking backstage and proceeded to
      destroy the man who defeated him just twenty four hours ago, finishing him
      with a Batista bomb. Just moments later, CM Punk emerged out of the locker
      room with his Money in the Bank briefcase and referee Mike Chioda, cashing
      in his contract which he won at WrestleMania XXIV. A GTS and a three count
      later, CM Punk was officially announced as the new World Heavyweight
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6661]

      - The 2009 Hall of Fame ceremony will be held next year at the Toyota Center
      in Houston, TX., the night before the twenty fifth anniversary of
      WrestleMania. This is the second time that the Hall of Fame will be held
      inside an arena rather than an auditorium as done in the past. This year the
      ceremony was held at the curtained-off Amway Arena and while more people
      were in attendance several empty seats were visible. Tickets will go on sale
      next year.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - Former Intercontinental and European champion D'Lo Brown wrestled Charlie
      Haas in a dark match yesterday before the show went on the air winning with
      his usual frog splash finisher. A month ago Brown signed a new deal with the
      company, his first one since being released back in February 2003. Last year
      he also wrestled some dark matches prior to television tapings but no deal
      was reached between the two. The 35 year old spent six years in WWE from
      1997 to 2003.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6613]

      - TNA Wrestling today announced that it has signed a deal with UK's Bravo
      channel and a VOD agreement with BT Vision, BT's recently launched VOD
      service. The new agreement will run from this month through December 2009
      and was brokered by TNA's UK representatives RDA TV. The deal with Bravo
      will see iMPACT! airing on Saturday nights just 48 hours after it airs in
      the United States. Bravo will also air the TNA pay-per-views on Wednesday
      nights on the sister channel Bravo 2. BT Vision acquired the rights for
      video-on-demand TNA Xplosion which will air on a 14 day delay after the
      premiere transmission on Bravo. Viewers can access these programs either on
      a subscription or a la carte basis.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewforum.php?f=9]


      //->> GUEST COLUMN
      By Seth Goldberg -[djgold316@...]-

      Did WWE Get Punked?

      Vince McMahon finally has a champion other than John Cena who fits the mold
      of what WWE is looking for right now in a new, fresh face to hold the title.
      Obviously HHH, Undertaker, and Batista are all championship caliber
      wrestlers. But HHH is on Smackdown, and the WWE knew that it wasn't right to
      put the title back on Cena (yet). So who else to turn to? Jeff Hardy is a
      risk in a lot of ways. Wellness violations, injury prone. Carlito had
      potential back in 2005. JBL seems to be a bit past his prime. Chris Jericho
      hasn't gotten over the way we all thought he would. Booker T & Christian,
      two very likely world title candidates are very happy in TNA. So who does
      that leave? CM Punk?

      Personally, I feel Santino Marella would have been a much better choice to
      hold the title. The fans hang on to his every word right now. No one I know
      changes the channel when he's on. He makes you laugh and hate him at the
      same time in a way not done since the Rock. He's also a great wrestler and
      he's not to muscular but not to skinny either. So he has the look of a
      champion in this day and age. His look would have been a problem when guys
      like Hogan and Warrior held the belt. But thanks to guys like Michaels,
      Mysterio, & Benoit, someone like Santino Marella could hold the belt and be
      believed and perceived as champion.

      He's been in angles with Snoop Dogg and Sal from Jimmy Kimmel, yet he's
      pinned credible wrestlers like Umaga. I honestly thought he was being built
      up to be champion. I would have loved to see him be champion.

      But I see why they chose CM Punk. He hasn't gotten a DUI recently. And I
      feel that it's mostly because of the fact that he's practically zero risk
      for a wellness policy violation. He's not going to get pulled over with
      Marijuana in his car (cough**RVD**cough). He won't even have a drink at the
      bar with the highest ranking WWE executives. So no risk for a DUI. In fact,
      I'm sure he's a great designated driver. Everyone who is a top level
      executive in WWE can sleep easily knowing he's champion. There will be no
      troublesome phone calls in the morning informing them of a drunken, or drug
      related incident the night before.

      But doesn't this take away some of the exact edge that fans look for today?
      Jeff Hardy has a rebellious quality about him that people can relate to. So
      does Santino Marella. Who the heck can relate to CM Punk in 2008? In an era
      when practically everyone has a DUI. When everyone has tried smoking weed at
      some point. When clubbing is in, going to the movies is out. I think CM punk
      is a great wrestler from a technical standpoint. But he seems like a boring
      person. That's going to cost WWE in my opinion. People related to Austin for
      reasons to lengthy to write here. They relate to Santino for reasons
      mentioned above. Who relates to CM Punk. In a perfect world we'd all not
      drink, do drugs and just train everyday and be "addicted to competition."
      This country would be in better shape if that were the case. But it isn't.
      And the WWE champion is more than just a champion. He needs to be a pop
      culture symbol. And I don't think CM Punk is or ever will be. Nothing about
      him is "larger than life" to me. I can't see him on the cover of TV guide.
      Nor can I see him starring in movies.

      Isn't it ironic that he's got the title while Samoa Joe does? But let's
      hypothetically switch them for a second. Doesn't Joe as WWE Champ and Punk
      as TNA champ seem like a better fit?

      To be continued.....

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