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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Sunday June 1st 2008 Issue #2750
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      A lot of new videos from the WCW era including the Horseman reuniting,
      Goldberg winning the WCW title, Hulk Hogan joining the Outsiders and more
      have been added to the Video Vault. An RSS feed has also been installed
      which will make tracking of new videos fairly easy. The site has been a big
      hit so far with nearly 7,000 video streams in less than a month. All at

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      - Live tonight on pay-per-view, WWE presents One Night Stand, the only show
      of the year were all matches are contested under extreme rules. The card is
      as follows: Edge vs The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight title in a TLC
      match; Triple H vs Randy Orton for the WWE title in a Last Man Standing
      match; John Cena vs JBL in a First Blood match; Shawn Michaels vs Batista in
      a Stretcher match; Jeff Hardy vs Umaga in a Falls Count Anywhere match; Big
      Show vs John Morrison vs Tommy Dreamer vs Chavo Guerrero vs CM Punk in a
      Singapore Cane match; Melina vs Beth Phoenix in an I Quit match.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6604]

      - WWE will be holding a press conference at the Staples Center in Los
      Angeles, CA., this coming Tuesday. Starting at Noon PST, Vince McMahon and
      other WWE Superstars will be taking the stage for the yet to be revealed
      announcement. According to WWE.COM, McMahon will also explain the reasons
      behind his million dollar giveaway. Doors will open at 11:15AM PST and the
      press conference is free to fans who want to attend. WWE.COM is listing this
      as a "monumental occasion" and a "blockbuster" announcement.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - One lucky fan received a custom built WrestleMania XXIV Chopper earlier
      this week as the company delivered the prize to the winner's driveway in
      Michigan. Built by the same people behind the successful 'American Chopper'
      TV series, the prize was part of a sweepstakes that WWE held during the
      weeks leading up to WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando, FL. Over 33,000 fans
      submitted their entries and the bike took over a month to complete. WWE Diva
      Michelle McCool also won a similar custom motorcycle on the first Smackdown!
      after WrestleMania.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6606]

      - Fox 5 News in Atlanta, GA., is reporting that the Benoit family mansion
      where Chris murdered his wife Nancy and their son Daniel and then committed
      suicide has been put on the market. The area where the home is located - at
      130 Green Meadow Lane in Fayetteville - is surrounded by a lot of greenery
      and is worth around a million dollars. A second four bedroom home owned by
      the Benoit family in Peachtree City is also on the market and is listed for
      $399,000. The huge fight over the Benoit estate between the two families is
      also finally coming to an end and all that remains is the Judge's signature.
      The estate will be split between Michael Benoit - Chris' father - and the
      parents of Nancy. The Judge sealed all the court documents so it was not
      revealed who will get what. Chris Benoit has two other children from a
      previous relationship.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6605]

      - Are you interested in getting tickets for Hulk Hogan's reality TV show
      'Celebrity Championship Wrestling'? Five tapings will be held on 06/04,
      06/09, 06/12, 06/17 and 06/19 and tickets are free for the audience. The
      show will be around ten celebrity contestants who will be trained by two
      former pro wrestlers with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff serving as judges. A
      warehouse has been converted into a television studio to host the tapings
      and it's located at 2413 Firestone Blvd., South Gate, CA., 90280. Parking is
      available on location. For free tickets go to
      http://www.ocatv.com/shows/show/206 . The show is scheduled to air on CMT.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6549]


      //->> AROUND THE RING
      By Eric Knudsen -[ericknudsen@...]-

      Welcome everyone to another edition of Around The Ring. I decided to try and
      write another quick article before I leave on vacation. My wife and I are
      heading out Monday to North Carolina just to get away and visit one of my
      cousins. Should be a relaxing five days. We can't wait.

      Well, the Supercard was a success, I'd say!! I was rather surprised with
      some of the results, but then again, maybe I shouldn't be. You can check out
      the results at:


      Thanks to all of you that voted!! I really appreciate it.

      Now on to the meat and potatoes...

      Well since the last time I wrote an article, not much has changed. Vickie
      Guerrero is still really annoying. I can't stand the sound of her voice, the
      way she looks. Anything. I guess that makes her a pretty decent heel,
      wouldn't you say?

      Watching Smackdown a couple weeks ago, and I like the way they are finally
      developing Cherry's character. However, she needs a little more work and I
      think Maryse would agree. Cherry went for a bulldog on Maryse and Maryse hit
      Cherry's side instead of hitting the mat. The way she hit, I was surprised
      Maryse didn't end up with a stinger or worse. Very lucky!!

      Okay...One Night Stand, which I will give my predictions on a bit later, I
      just have a few things to say. Wasn't this PPV supposed to be exclusively
      ECW guys? It was just a couple years ago, that they played an angle with the
      Raw and Smackdown guys "boycotting" the PPV. Yet now suddenly, these same
      guys are the majority of the PPV. And what ever happened to the brand
      "separation"? I guess there really couldn't be such a thing.

      WWE goes extreme for one night. Yeah right!! WWE has never been extreme. I
      don't count Foley off the cell as extreme. The first One Night Stand PPV was
      good. It was somewhat like the old ECW as it had a majority of ECW
      "originals". But now, it just kind of...what's the word I am looking
      for...oh yeah...SUCKS!! I watch ECW on Tuesday nights as it seems to be more
      of the "farm" league for WWE. Kofi Kingston has really caught my eye with
      his unique style and athleticism. But other than that, it reminds me of
      Saturday Morning Superstars. ECW...Extremely Cheap WWE?!!

      Okay...why does Vince insist on shoving this Russian wrestler down our
      throats?? He sucks!! Boot his a$$ already!!

      Whatever happened to the waft or hint of realism in wrestling. I know they
      do ECW and Smackdown tapings the same night. Now Kofi Kingston had a match
      with Shelton Benjamin on ECW and Shelton really worked over one of Kofi's
      legs. He should have still been limping or something on Friday for
      Smackdown. Now for the crowd in attendance, that's a little hard as they
      tape Smackdown first I believe. But to the viewer at home, and especially
      myself, I was like...Kofi, in the grand scheme of things, had 3 days to
      recover from Shelton's beating. To me, I would think that to sell it, that
      Kofi should have still been "feeling" the leg injury. But Kofi wasn't at
      all. Bouncing around like nothing happened. As Carlito would say Kofi,
      That's not cool!!

      Well...we have a new third generation wrestler in the business. The Million
      Dollar Man's son, Ted, was introduced last Monday. Kid is pretty put
      together, but lets see what they do with him.

      WWE...and even TNA has started, need to learn that people's attention spans
      can be short. So opening the show with a 15 to 20 minute gab fest is not
      cool. Most people end up tuning out. Be different. Start talking and in the
      first few minutes, have an impromptu match or something. Keep the interest
      up. Listening to the same old "I'm The Game...blah blah..." or "I am Randy
      Orton...blah blah..." or "I am Eric Knudsen and..." oh wait...I'm not on
      there. But it's the same thing week in and week out. Do I care if Edge is
      world champ? Do I care what he SAYS he is going to do?? Hell no!! So shut up
      and prove it in a match!!

      Once again I caught Jericho talking to HBK during the match. And it looked
      worse. As Shawn went to send Y2J off the ropes, Jericho said something to
      HBK, but I guess HBK didn't hear him, so he put y2J back against the ropes
      and then sent him off the ropes.

      I did like the way they brought Paul Burchill back in after being gone a few
      weeks...and starting a feud with Mr Kennedy. Speaking of Kennedy...and
      Melina, their respective face turns were really kind of quick. They are just
      suddenly the good guys. And it didn't take them having to do a run in to
      save someone or turning on their partner, or anything.

      Now onto TNA. Bubba Ray had a decent match with Homicide a couple weeks ago.
      The only thing I was a little "iffy" on was after the match when Bubba Ray
      and company laid out Homicide and Hector. Then Bubba Ray says "All you
      Puerto Rican's are dead!" Is that good heat or bad heat? In a way it reminds
      me of when JBL was let go from Fox News for his "goose stepping" march on a
      tour of Germany a few years ago. somehow it just didn't seem right.

      When did Abyss become the new Mankind? It isn't even funny, like in the way
      Jay Lethal has become Macho Man or Shark Boy becoming Stone Cold. I just
      don't think this is a good idea.

      I actually like Matt Morgan but I must say I was a bit disappointed in his
      match against Robert Roode. Roode spent the match working over one of Matt's
      legs and suddenly, Matt Morgan comes back like nothing even happened. I
      think some of these guys need a refresher course in how to "sell" moves,
      holds, and injuries.

      Ok...The whole thing with Karen and Kurt angle a couple weeks ago was so
      ridiculous that I actually thought I was watching WWE for a minute. It is
      such a bad story line...they need to scrap it. Or at least not drag it out
      for 10 or more minutes.

      I had to laugh at this past weeks TNA show with Christian busting on Booker,
      using Bookers 5 Time, 5 time, 5 time,5 time, 5 time world Champ line. I was
      severely disappointed that they spent 17 minutes...yes I kept
      track...yapping. And then...just as it is about to get good, they cut to JB
      and Karen Angle for some B.S. interview. And then it was almost a full half
      hour before the first match. Don't start copying WWE.

      I have to say I enjoy Jay Lethal and his perfect impersonation of Macho Man.
      It truly cracks me up. OOOOOH YEAH!!! Oh and it gets better. Then Ace
      Young...a former American Idol contestant, made a music video about Black
      Machismo and So Cal Val. I was rolling!!

      Well I am going to try and wrap this up with a few last words. Enjoyed the
      Roxxi vs Angelina match. Very good match. Also enjoyed the way the match
      with Rhino and Storm started...in the back stage area. Another good thing is
      the way opponents are "selling" Rhino's Gore. Makes it look that much more
      impressive. Lastly...great match with Christian and Tomko. And to think that
      WWE had nothing for Tomko...he goes to TNA and he is a major player!!

      Now I will give my quick predictions for the One Night Stand PPV. These are
      the matches listed thus far:

      I Quit Match - Beth Phoenix vs Melina

      Could be interesting, but I see Beth being just a bit too powerful. Winner:
      Beth Phoenix.

      Singapore Cane Match
      (Winner will face Kane for the ECW Title at Night of Champions)
      - Big Show vs. John Morrison vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. CM

      This match is going to be down right brutal and especially since Big Show
      threw his proverbial hat into the mix. I think Big Show will take this one.
      Winner: Big Show

      Falls Count Anywhere Match
      - Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga

      I tend to think that this match favors Jeff Hardy because Hardy can use
      anything and everything around him to dive, jump, throw himself off of or
      throw at Umaga. A hard fought match, but in the end, Jeff takes it. Winner:
      Jeff Hardy.

      Stretcher Match
      - Shawn Michaels vs. Batista

      I would have said Batista, but having just read a little tidbit, I guess
      Batista is going to be taking some time off. So with that being said, I
      would think they would have an angle with Batista getting hurt somehow that
      he will be out for awhile. winner:
      Shawn Michaels.

      First Blood Match
      - John Cena vs. JBL

      Probably one of the few matches that Cena will actually have the whole crowd
      behind him. Anyways, I guess I don't really care, but if I have to pick a
      winner...I will go with...
      John Cena. Winner: John Cena

      World Heavyweight Championship - TLC Match (If The Undertaker loses, he must
      leave WWE forever)
      - The Undertaker vs. Edge

      Isn't this just a repeat of Mania?? Ok...probably not going to be a match of
      the year or even of the night, but could be good. Winner: The Undertaker.

      WWE Championship - Last Man Standing Match
      - Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton

      Another hard fought match. Does Orton have what it takes? I don't know. I
      think I see the age of Orton dying off. Winner: Triple H.

      ***This Weeks Brainbuster***
      (Be sure to send all answers and/or comments to
      ericknudsen@.... Remember to include your name.) Also...I
      won't be able to answer your emails until next Monday, so please be patient.

      Q: Before Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson made The Rock nickname famous, who was
      known as The Rock in the 1980's?

      Well that's it for me. Thank you for joining me for this edition of Around
      The Ring. I am Eric, that's my opinion and I am standing by it!!

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      C Copyright 1996-2008 Wrestling-Online.com
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