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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2712

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Thursday April 10th 2008 Issue #2712
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Ian Hamilton and Adam Firestorm return to host another Ringside Live
      tomorrow night, the first one since the WrestleMania preview edition on
      March 27th. They will be discussing the latest news in the world of
      professional wrestling, WrestleMania aftermath and (maybe) mixed martial
      arts, including stupidity from Mike Knox and Test. You can listen live by
      going to http://www.wrestling-online.com/ringside/ starting at 7PM EST /
      Midnight GMT on Friday.

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      - Fuel's song 'Leave The Memories Alone' - which was used for the Ric Flair
      farewell videos - has soared by 1,000% in the first week then an additional
      409% in the second week in sales according to a press release sent by WWE.
      The song was first featured during the WrestleMania XXIV recap video right
      after the pay-per-view ended and then used extensively during the Monday
      Night RAW the following night for Flair's farewell ceremony. Flair's video
      also aired on Smackdown! and then on RAW again this past Monday to the tune
      of Fuel's song. This is the second time that Fuel contributed their music to
      a WWE production as the company used the song 'Gone', also from the same
      album 'Angels & Devils' as the theme song for last year's Vengeance: Night
      of Champions.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6401]

      - While Fuel's song was the biggest hit of the WrestleMania weekend, John
      Legend, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rev Theory all saw big increases in their
      album sales following the big event. Legend performed 'America The
      Beautiful' at the start of WrestleMania and his album 'Live from
      Philadelphia' recorded a good sales increase following his appearance. Red
      Hot Chili Peppers' single 'Snow (Hey Oh)' and their latest album 'Stadium
      Arcadium' and Rev Theory's 'Light It Up' song also had a good sales increase
      following the show. Rev Theory did a live performance at Fan Axxess in
      Orlando the day of WrestleMania in front of 20,000 fans. The band invited
      WWE Diva Ashley Massaro last week to star in their new video titled 'Hell
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6401]

      - Artwork for the WrestleMania XXIV DVD and Blu-Ray version has been
      released and it features a slightly modified version of the main poster they
      used with Big Show, Mayweather, Triple H, Cena, Orton, Edge and the
      Undertaker. The only difference is that Big Show - with his arms wide open -
      and Mayweather take the top spot with the WM logo in the middle and the rest
      of the Superstars at the bottom. You can purchase the 3 disc DVD version for
      $29.99 while the 2 disc Blu-Ray version is going for $34.95 at our Store
      located at http://www.wrestling-online.com/store . Both have the Hall of
      Fame included and will be released on May 20th. You can check out the
      artwork at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6120]

      - Monday Night RAW did a rounded up 3.3 rating off hours 3.1 and 3.4 for
      Monday's show which is down from last week's post WrestleMania 3.9. RAW went
      head to head with the NCAA finals which effected the number a little bit but
      still has to be considered a big disappointment. Meanwhile ECW did a 1.3 for
      Tuesday's show. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online
      by PWInsider.com)
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - Don't hold your breath waiting for Ric Flair to dance salsa on the CBS
      reality TV show 'Secret Talent of the Stars' because the powers that be
      already axed the series after just one episode. Flair was supposed to be on
      the show in the next couple of weeks as the format was revealed to be
      focusing on a few competitors on each episode. The first episode was seen by
      only around 4.5 million viewers and CBS decided to pull the plug before it
      wastes more television air time on the program.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6076]

      - The Great Khali - real name Dalip Singh Rana - is going home after taking
      a break from wrestling and will go back to his native village in Himachal
      Pradesh later this month. Khali, a police officer in Punjab, will first
      report to his police office first on April 26th after he lands in India and
      then will go home a few days later. It will be his first time he's going
      back home since starting with the WWE and he's expected to stay there for a
      month according to family members. Khali, who is married and is 35 years
      old, was given special permission by the police force to stay on leave as
      long as he's employed by WWE. The Indo-Asian News Service reports that to
      keep his monster size he requires a strict dietary regimen which includes
      one gallon of milk, five chickens and two dozen of eggs, juice and
      fruit....daily. Yes, daily.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6402]


      By Oren Kurtz -[syxx_ok@...]-

      In writing this column, I'm subjecting myself to a lot of criticism. Well,
      there's nothing new here, but this will be a "more than the normal amount"
      sort of criticism. It's because this column will focus on TNA, a wrestling
      company that I have watched for a total of 45 minutes in the past five 1/2

      Let's start with the basic facts - around 2 years ago the only big name in
      TNA who was a former WWE star was Christian. The rest of the roster
      consisted of guys who grew up in the indies, TNA homegrown stars, and WWE
      midcarders. TNA had an 11PM timeslot. Yet their ratings where 80-90% of what
      they are today.

      Today, TNA has a prime time slot and arguably more recognizable main event
      caliber wrestlers than the WWE, yet, asides from performing consistently and
      holding more PPVs outside of Disney World, they haven't really moved
      forward. In a way, they're moving backwards.

      TNA had an immediate following because it was easily distinguishable from
      the WWE. The X division was a big part of it. In the past two years, ever
      since Samoa Joe became a world title contender - that is no longer the case,
      and I don't think that the Team 3D VS The X division feud can save it. But
      reading about it sure makes me think that it's quite an entertaining story

      Then, you had the problem of getting the fans to care about your characters,
      as they simply didn't know most of them. At first, TNA did quite a good job
      and I don't think they got the praise they deserved. In a relatively short
      span of time they created a lot of characters that the fans loved or loved
      to hate. The problem is that it was always the same 600 non paying (and my
      philosophy when it comes to wrestling is - you don't pay - your opinion
      doesn't count. Which is quite ironic considering all the money Colin
      promised me for the column. Where's the check, you bastard?!?!), and those
      600 people could ruin a perfectly good gimmick because "it's not original

      But like I said, TNA did a good job overall with creating characters. But
      then I heard of the plan for the Abyss gimmick. You have to understand that
      the way I see it - creating some sort of a "inhuman" gimmick is the hardest
      thing to pull off in wrestling - yet it's the most rewarding thing. In the
      WWE the most formidable performer in the past 15 years has been the
      Undertaker because although his gimmick is completely illogical - he makes
      it work.

      TNA had that with Abyss. So what do they do? First of all, they make his
      matches lose all affect by having him go through such hell in every PPV that
      fans are at this point not even blinking unless the guy goes through a
      flaming barb wired covered table. Less is more is a completely alien concept
      for Vince Russo, Dutch Mental and Jeff Jarrett, apparently.

      Now I hear that there are plans for Abyss to return without his mask and
      under his real name. All I want to know is what the person who came up with
      that decision smoked before, and where the hell do I get something that
      alters your brain in such a profound way. Seriously - how stupid are you?!?!

      Abyss should be kept as a monster, cutting short promos which he does very
      well, be a heel or a face depending on the situation, use the fact that he
      can work with guys of various sizes, and for the love of god, have him go
      through blood baths only once a year or the fans will simply NOT CARE.

      The last issue I want to discuss before looking ahead is TNA's stupid
      obsession with trying to make things look "real". The plan to have no heels
      or faces is stupid, because as I said in my Ric Flair column - you can't
      have an entertaining wrestling match if you don't have a guy that the fans
      want to win (sometimes they want him to have the crap beaten out of him
      before - so the victory will be sweeter), and a guy that they want to lose.
      And all this nonsense about the Attitude era having no clear faces and heels
      is just that - nonsense. Even if, say, The Godfather, would never be a face
      in any other era of wrestling, the fact is that in the late 90's the fans
      loved him.

      So where do we go from here?

      I'll start with the last subject I raised - forget the whole "only tweeners"
      lunacy. When you come up with characters, think of how you want the fans to
      react to them and then think how you can create that reaction. Let the
      wrestlers be themselves. If they're just repeating lines - we can see that
      on TV. Give them bullet points and let them get the message across BY

      Allow time for mid card feuds, as those feuds are the ones who discover your
      headliners of tomorrow. Usually the mid carders are more open to try things
      that are more creative because they are not in the spot light, and in feuds
      that take place on the first hour of Impact they can create a fan base for

      Give the X division 20-30 minutes each impact, but not for a spot-fest of a
      match. Tell them to have one or two good WRESTLING matches. There are so
      many capable guys there that it should be no problem, and it would
      differentiate the TNA product from WWE.

      Get the hell out of the Impact Zone. That's more important than going live -
      you cannot let 600 people dictate your creative direction.

      Be PATIENT. When there's an important happening - give us a few seconds to
      absorb it, don't cut to the back right away. Limit your crazy spots because
      at a certain amount the crowd just stops reacting and they become counter
      productive. True, it's easier, in a sense, to get a big "ohhhh" from the
      crowd by having a huge bump then by getting them little by little into the
      match with good mental and physical work, but once you do have them there -
      they're much harder to lose.

      And last but not least - envision how and where you want the company to be
      in, say, 5 years, and start thinking of efficient ways to get to that point.
      Copying the bad things in the WWE is not one of them.

      One last non wrestling related note - I'm one of the applicants to the
      second season of Survivor-Israel. Now, wouldn't you all like to say that you
      all read the Israeli survivor's columns way before he was famous? The
      channel that airs Survivor in Israel is working with facebook to select the
      candidates. So to vote for me, click here -

      Obviously, most of you will have to install this application, but hey - it's
      a worthy cause, right? After you install it and go back to that link, to
      vote for me you have to press the button near my birth date (15.07.1982, for
      those wondering), those four letters in red fonts. Thanks!

      This has been the Wrestling Authority, and for questions, remarks, or
      general rants about how much you hate Michael Cole, syxx_ok@...

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