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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2706

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Monday March 31st 2008 Issue #2706
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Wow what a wild night at WrestleMania yesterday. We had a bit of a rain, a
      power cut, some nice pyro's, front row seats and then to end the night on a
      downer an absolute total chaos to get a cab ride back to the hotel. It was
      an enjoyable experience though and one certainly not to forget. From
      watching Flair's final match, to the announcers laughing their ass off
      everytime Big Show chopped the hell out of Mayweather, to watching the Divas
      shake their assets just three feet away from me it was a great night.
      Hopefully I'll make it to the next one now because I really want to go to

      I have tons of great pictures which I'll upload as soon as I go home. So
      watch out for those later. It's a short issue today, we'll be back tomorrow
      because today is a bit hectic over here with check-out, RAW, driving to the
      next place and all that.

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      - With the words "I'm sorry" and "I love you" followed by a super kick,
      Shawn Michaels ended Ric Flair's career as the families of both Superstars
      watched next to each other at ringside. Ric was already crying towards the
      end of the match before HBK delivered the final blow. Immediatley after
      pinning Flair, Michaels whispered something in Flair's ear and bolted out of
      the ring with no celebrations whatsoever. Flair received a thunderous
      ovation from the crowd afterwards and acknowledged his family at ringside.

      Undertaker and Edge was the main event for this year's show and Undertaker
      once again regained the World Heavyweight title after a terrific match which
      saw both Superstars kick out of each other's finishers. Taker used the
      gogoplata submission move on Edge and the champ tapped out to award Taker
      the championship. A massive display of fireworks closed the show with
      Undertaker in the ring with the title being raised.

      Randy Orton retained his title against both Cena and Triple H in what could
      be considered as the major surprise of the evening. Cena received the most
      boos as usual while Triple H was the clear favorite. The three worked really
      well together and Orton capitalized on the Pedigree by HHH on Cena to cover
      for the pin. This means Triple H hasn't won at a WrestleMania on the last
      four matches he participated in.

      Floyd 'Money' Mayweather knocked out the Big Show with the brass knuckles
      after Show beat up the WBC champion for most of the time. Mayweather's
      possee interfered several times during the match but were all met with
      chokeslams and huge chops. Mayweather worked as a heel and fans went bananas
      when Big Show managed to lay his hands on him. Entertaining match
      considering it could have been a train wreck.

      Kane - who won the battle royal during the preview show - was crowned the
      new ECW champion after a very very very short match against Chavo Guerrero.
      The match lasted under ten seconds as Kane jumped Chavo from behind and
      chokeslammed him quickly for the pinfall. In other matches JBL defeated
      Finlay in the opening match after the clothesline from hell; CM Punk won the
      Money In The Bank ladder match which had a lot of the usual "holy sh!t"
      moments that we expect from such a match. Shelton Benjamin replaced Jeff
      Hardy this year as the one who takes the most horrible bump of the evening;
      Batista defeated Umaga with the power bomb although Umaga almost slipped
      from the move and could've ended with a very dangerous result; Beth Phoenix
      and Melina defeated Maria and Ashley in the Lumberjack match after Phoenix
      pinned Maria. Santino interfered but Lawler made things level during the
      final moments of the match. Afterwards Snoop Dogg clotheslined Santino who
      was about to pick on Maria.
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      - There were two things that WWE hoped that didn't happen at WrestleMania -
      rain and power cuts. Well, it did rain, although not much and on and off but
      there was a power cut that left half of the Bunny Mania match and the intros
      of the WWE Heavyweight title match in the dark. The main lights pointed
      towards the ring went off while the Divas continued to wrestle as if nothing
      happened. Afterwards WWE light technicians re adjusted the spotlights
      located at the top of the stadium to point at the ring while everyone tried
      to figure out what the problem was. The large video screens located above
      the ring also went out. During the introductions of the RAW title match,
      lights started to come back up slowly, one by one until they were fully back
      operational mid way through the match.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6136]

      - An accident happened yesterday at the Citrus Bowl during the closing
      moments of the show as fireworks started to light up the sky over the
      stadium. As part of the pyro display there was a line from the bleechers all
      the way to the stand where pyro were supposed to run through it, something
      which has been used before for RAW and the Dudley's entrance. However it
      seems that one of the cables came lose and people in the top tier ended up
      trying to avoid being burnt by the pyro which went crazy in their stand. A
      local TV station is reporting that at least 35 people were somewhat injured
      and a couple of them were sent to a hospital for checks. According to the
      fire department no one was seriously injured.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6136]

      - Grossing more than $5.85 million in ticket sales, WWE set a new attendance
      record for the Citrus Bowl with 74,635 fans attending yesterday's
      WrestleMania XXIV. The gate revenue is also their highest for any event in
      WWE history. Fans from all 50 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 21 countries
      attended the show. "We would like to thank WWE Fans from around the globe
      for making this year's WrestleMania one for the record books," said Geof
      Rochester, Executive Vice President, Marketing. "We would also like to thank
      Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and John Saboor, President of the Central Florida
      Sports Commission, for all of their hospitality during WrestleMania week. It
      was a tremendous experience." "This has been an incredible week here in
      Central Florida," said John Saboor, President of the Central Florida Sports
      Commission. "It was an honor to welcome the WWE and its fans from around the
      world. We can't wait to ask the McMahon family to come back for another
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=6136]

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