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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Wednesday, March 31st, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 0 2

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> "That's it WCW, Eric Bischoff, I quit!" True or ...
      >> RAW / Heat / Shotgun taping report (SPOILERS) ...
      >> ESPN covers pro wrestling ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Once again, AOL members didn't receive yesterday's issue because of file
      size. Please go to http://www.egroups.com/list/wrestling-online/ for the


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      ...Or they are just doing some mind games on smart fans? You can never
      tell these days!

      When Bret Hart left the World Wrestling Federation three weeks after he
      got 'screwed' out of the world title in Canada, he went to WCW, for
      'better wrestling'.

      Fast forward to one year and a few months later..."They ripped me off in
      the WWF, but I also feel they've ripped me off here (WCW) too, by not
      using me correctly", Hart said to Calgary Sun reporter Ryan Pyatte.

      Bret released the following statement, from his home, in Calgary Canada:

      "Basically, I feel right now I have nothing to prove to anyone in the
      Wrestling profession anymore. Maybe my feelings will change but I doubt
      it. I would like to have left on a nicer note, but any kind of goodbye
      to all my fans would be hard and the WCW would probably cut to a
      commercial anyway. I proved I’m still the best, I beat the top guy they
      had, and in such a clever way, in front of my Canadian fans. I’m not
      saying that I absolutely never wrestle again but my contract expires
      with the WCW on December 1, 1999 and at present I feel that neither the
      WCW nor the WWF would be a suitable place for me. I feel it was a crying
      shame what the WWF did to me, and maybe worse what the WCW didn’t do
      with me. I’m going home – to watch hockey."

      As said above, Bret is legally with WCW until December 1, 1999, which
      until then, he can't wrestle for any other wrestling promotion. For the
      past few weeks, rumors are that Bret's youngest brother, Owen, has been
      in secret behind the scenes negotiations to bring back his brother back
      in the World Wrestling Federation.

      During his interview last Monday, Bret referred to Stone Cold Steve
      Austin twice. Eric Bischoff, president of WCW said, "Clearly, he was out
      there tonight freelancing and he said things he never should have, for
      whatever reason, Bret has been frustrated since he has been in WCW. I
      don't know if it is because of the way he left the last company he
      worked for. He thought for things would be so great for him. He has a
      contract with this company. He can't just quit. Clearly this thing is
      going to end up in litigation."

      Bret told the HitmanCLUB - his only official fan club - "Goldberg is the
      tougest guy in WCW and when I took him down I made my point. Now I'll go
      home and decide what I want to do."

      Regarding 'defeating' Goldberg last Monday Bret said, "I've left this
      open for them (WCW), it could be a story line, I don't know. For once, I
      felt really good about what I did. I'm willing to hear feedback."

      Hart has his ideas confused right now, and may possibly consider
      retiring if a deal with WCW isn't reached, or even join the WWF if all
      the bad heat between him, owner McMahon and Commisioner Michaels could
      be moved apart. Hart continued to say that he doesn't know if they (WCW)
      can sue him for not wrestling, and if they stop paying him right now,
      there's a definate breach of contract, and things could turn the other
      way round.

      Personally, I don't know if this is just an angle, or not. Bret should
      go under knife for a groin surgery in a few weeks.

      Oh, by the way, if this is real, will there be another Bret Hart
      documentary by Highroad Productions? Why Not? Bret Hart, Part 2! It
      could work!


      Full credit to: Showdown.net


      Austin and Paul Wight destroyed the Raw set following the main event
      which pit The Big Show Paul Wight in a handicapped bout against The Rock
      and Triple H. Wight won the main event via DQ when Chyna interfered. As
      soon as the match was over, The Rock and Triple H dished out a beating
      on Wight. The Rock delivered the Peoples Elbow and then Stone Cold Steve
      Austin came down the aisle. Austin and Big Show cleaned house. After a
      few Stunners and a few choke slams (including a choke slam on Shane
      McMahon), Austin and Wight celebrated with a few cold ones and then
      began to DESTROY THE SET OF RAW IS WAR!!!

      Wight raised his arms under the Titan Tron and lowered the entire screen
      all the way to the bottom. Austin, who had rolled behind the screen
      suddenly blasted through it by slicing the screen in half with a huge
      blade. The screen, which had a still image of Austin's custom made
      championship belt was suddenly no more... the Titan Tron was literally
      destroyed (does this mean that we will see a new set for Raw to counter
      Nitro's new set? It could).

      The big news items from the show were:

      - X-Pac and Kane won the tag team titles from Jeff Jarrett and Owen
      - The Rock will face Austin in a rematch at Backlash IYH. Austin will
      put up the WWF title and The Rock will put up the custom made belt.
      - Triple H will battle X-Pac at Backlash.
      - The Undertaker captured Ken Shamrock and later crucified Ryan Shamrock
      (it was hard to tell for sure that it was Ryan cause they had her body
      covered in a cape, some thought it was Sable or Torie.

      Here is the full report now starting with Heat and Raw

      WWF Sunday Night Heat (to air Sunday, April 4th)

      Shane McMahon, Triple H, The Rock and Chyna open the show and talk about
      the title belt situation. Triple H does an awesome speech about how he
      built DX and without him, Billy Gunn and The Road Dogg (referred to as
      Rockabilly and The Roadie) would never have gotten over. Triple H mooned
      the broadcast position before leaving.

      Torie defeated Jacqueline by DQ. PMS double teamed Torie. Ivory came out
      to help but was taken down also and PMS had their way with them.

      Val Venis defeated Steve Blackman. Blackman wrestled as a heel and
      jumped Val after the match (so I guess he might be turning).

      Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart made an open challenge for any one to go
      after the tag titles. Kane entered from behind Jarrett and Owen Hart and
      attacked them. The match was signed later for Heat, Kane in a
      handicapped match for the tag team titles.

      The Big Boss Man (yep he is back) squashed Droz.

      Kane defeated Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart by DQ after Jarrett hit Kane
      with the guitar. X-Pac entered the ring and helped Kane clean house.
      Suddenly Kane lifted X-Pac up for the choke slam but he had second
      thoughts and put X-Pac down.

      RAW IS WAR (to air April 5th) {please note I am reporting these in the
      order that they took place, it does not mean that they will air on tv in
      this order}

      X-Pac and Kane defeated Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart for the tag team
      titles. The fans were totally crazy and Kane was so over with the fans
      in Nassau Coliseum (his first entrance on Heat was near Austin levels).
      Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Stephanie are in the locker room
      talking. Shane then gives orders to the Corporation members (Shane is
      basically the new 'boss' with Vince's attention on protecting

      The Corporation enters. Footage is show of the end of this past weeks
      Raw with Austin and Wight taking out the Corporate members. Shane
      McMahon announces a handicapped match for later in the night with Wight
      vs Triple H and The Rock. We also find out that Austin vs The Rock is on
      for Backlash. Triple H got on the mic and said Wight has a "big fat
      dimpled ass". Triple H announces he is taking on X-Pac at Backlash and
      that he will defeat X-Pac.

      Shane McMahon is real happy about all of the business that the
      Corporation did during this interview (all the ppv match signings and
      the Handicapped match for later in the night). Shane was real proud
      cause he felt like he was doing good as the boss. He goes to the locker
      room to explain to his dad and sister what a great job he has done.
      Vince seems upset and really only cares about Stephanie.

      Ivory calls out Terri Runnels. PMS walk out onto the ramp but Jacqueline
      leaves so that Terri can go in the ring one on one with Ivory. Ivory
      chases Terri inside the ring and finally rips off her top (yes Terri was
      topless)! Just as we are about to see Terri's rack, the lights go out
      and out comes the Ministry.

      The Ministry comes to the ring. The women seem to have disappeared while
      the lights were out cause I never got to see them leave. Undertaker
      promises a sacrifice later tonight! He said he will become one with
      Stephanie and that Vince would sell his soul to stop him (The
      Undertaker). Basically the Undertaker is explaining that he is
      blackmailing Vince to try to takeover the company.

      Al Snow defeated Bob Holly but it was not announced as a Hard core title
      match and it was anything but Hard core. Dr. Death enters the ring after
      the match with J.R. and takes out both men.

      The Undertaker is shown whipping Christian in the locker room (He must
      be upset that Christian ragged out the location of Stephanie the
      previous night).

      A match I have been waiting for a long time, The New Age Outlaws took on
      Gangrel and Edge of the Brood. It was a strong match and at the end we
      see Christian roaming down the aisle (he is hurt from his beating).
      Somehow Christian is dragged into the ring and Billy Gunn lands the
      "Fameasser" on him and gets the 3 count.

      Jim Ross interviews Stone Cold Steve Austin in the locker room. Austin
      says he is pissed off that he has to have a match just to get his custom
      made belt back.

      Ken Shamrock had his way with Viscera. Just as he went to put the ankle
      lock on, The Ministry entered and attacked. The totally laid out
      Shamrock and then they carried Shamrock out through the crowd.

      Mankind defeated Val Venis with the Socko via the claw. Val Venis either
      gave up or passed out.

      I.C. title match Goldust defended against The Godfather (with 3 hot
      ho's). The match ended in a double count out. Godfather was going to
      offer Goldust the ho's in the beginning but Goldust was crawling towards
      them in a perverted fashion so Godfather decided to just "kick his ass

      The Undertaker and his Ministry had someone covered in a black cape
      crucified on the Undertaker symbol. It was hard to tell but I am pretty
      sure it was Ryan Shamrock (you will be able to see clearly on tv for
      sure and the Ministry did remove the cover from her face during the

      For the main event, Shane McMahon did all the introductions. The Rock
      did an interview prior to the match where he could not start a line
      without the crowd finishing it for him. Rock went to say "I will bat his
      roody poo..." by the time The Rock got to "roody" the crowd finished the
      line for him. This happened three times in a row and was one of the
      funniest things I ever saw in my life... you could tell the Rock was
      ready to break out laughing cause it was such a moment (I can't wait to
      see if this feels the same way
      on tv). Wight defeated Triple H and The Rock by DQ When Chyna got
      involved. Austin entered and cleaned house with Wight. Wight and Austin
      had some beers and then destroyed the Titan Tron which had an image of
      Stone Cold's custom made belt. Shane made a wise crack before he left
      that Austin should enjoy the picture cause that was as close as Austin
      is going to get to getting his belt back. Wight literally pulled the
      Titan Tron all the way to the top of the stage (real interesting scene).
      The celebration went on for about 10 minutes and then Triple H and The
      Rock hit the ring again, each to get hit with another round of Stunners
      and Choke slams. Shane McMahon even took a choke slam. Before it was all
      over Wight was actually over (which I didn't think would happen when he
      entered the ring for his match to a mixed ovation).


      By Joe DeLeon

      ESPN aired its one-hour wrestling special on 3/30 on the professional
      wrestling business in a program titled "Outside The Lines: Pro
      Wrestling's Hold on America."

      The program first acknowledged the recent popularity of wrestling from
      merchandise, attendance, publicity, Hollywood, politics, celebrities,
      other athletes, etc. It consisted of several different segments
      concentrated on a subject, each one narrated by a different worker of
      ESPN. It was mainly hosted by Bob Ley in Killer Kowaski's wrestling gym.
      Wrestlers were interviewed throughout with their real name and wrestling
      name being shown on the screen.

      The first segment concentrated on the attraction of fans wrestling
      brings, which is brought most by the storylines and the wrestlers'
      personalities. Names such as Goldberg,
      Hollywood Hogan, Chris Jericho, Eric Bischoff, Vince McMahon, and Wally
      Sczerbiak (University of Miami Forward) talked about the topic. The next
      segment, narrated by Greg Garber, was over the scripting of wrestling,
      characters, storylines, etc. The Rock, Kevin Nash (labeled as part of
      the WCW creative team), Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, King Kong Bundy, and
      Tony Schiavone were all interviewed to describe how storylines are
      operated. ESPN also featured a part on NWA New England, showing how
      promoter Tony Rumble
      and his creative team run the storylines of the promotion. ESPN also
      noted how matches are pre-determine and how wrestlers talk during a
      match to call spots.

      The next segment mainly focused on the WWF, narrated by Mark Schwartz.
      It featured the impact professional wrestling has on children. The WWF
      SuperBowl commercial, sexual content, language, violence, and
      advertising to kids of the WWF was shown throughout.
      Several children, parents, and school principals were interviewed to
      discuss the toll wreslting takes on kids. Vince McMahon came in at this
      point to defend his company from
      the criticism. Mankind said he thought the castration angle was a low
      point for the WWF. New York Post and TV Guide columnist, known for his
      WWF rants, was also interviewed for the segment. He mainly critcized
      McMahon's direction with the advertising to children.
      Mushnick said without kids, McMahon would be nowhere. Schwartz said that
      McMahon was not worried about losing viewers.

      The next segment featured wrestlers that were once sports stars before
      entering professional wrestling, such as Goldberg (football), Kevin Nash
      (basketball), Randy
      Savage (baseball), and The Rock (football). Nash, Savage, and Mankind
      discussed the injuries they wrestle with, as they work harder basically
      than any other athlete out there. Karl Malone also showed his respect
      for the risks wrestlers take.

      The next segment, narrated by Jeremy Schaap, went over the steroid use
      in the business. A part of a pre-recorded interview from 1994 with
      "Superstar" Billy Graham (Wayne Coleman) was shown, where he said if he
      could of gone back, he would never used steroids because of the pain and
      suffering. Bob Ley noted Vince McMahon's acquittal of the WWF steroid
      scandal years ago. ESPN also talked about the strict drug testing rules
      of the city of Portland, Oregon, where WWF and WCW hadn't toured in six
      years, although WCW planned an event at the Rose Garden last April but
      cancelled once they found out the drug rules of the city/state. Bret
      Hart admitted to using steroids when first joining the WWF in the middle
      80's (when they were legal). Mankind said wrestling use to be very tight
      with steroid testing, but now it is hardly frequent. Vince McMahon and
      Eric Bischoff defended their positions, saying they only test wrestlers
      when they see the need to.

      Dr. Gary Wadler, a steroid specialist, was also interviewed, who served
      as a helpful witness in the past two wrestling scandals. Bischoff
      admitted he has taken care of the problems once a wrestler has been
      found using steroids. Hollywood Hogan said even though he is now
      steroid-free, it will never go away in the wrestling business. Buff
      Bagwell and Scott Steiner basically denied using steroids, saying if you
      had been in the gym and eating correctly for over 15 years, you'll get a
      great physique.

      The next segment, narrated by Kelly Niel, went over the death of
      wrestlers. Deaths and the causes of wrestlers Brian Pillman, Louie
      Muciollo (Spicolli), Eddie Gilbert, Art Barr, John Studd, Larry Cameron,
      Neil Superiro, Kerry Von Erich, and Rick Wilson (Renegade) were all
      mentioned. Dave Meltzer gave his view on the deaths in professional
      wrestling. Pillman's widow, Melanie, talked about her husbands addiction
      to pain killers, saying he went to different drug stores in Cincinnati,
      Ohio to make sure no one would suspect him of addiction. Melanie also
      talked about Brian injecting a human growth hormone daily to increase
      his size, which could of been a contribution to his death. Pillman
      apparently got the hormone from the Palm Springs Life Extension
      Institute. The institution claimed they used the drug only for people
      with aging problems, and never sold it illegally. Niel noted that
      Hollywood Hogan recommended the Institute to Pillman and several other
      wrestlers. Melanie also said although her son wanted to be a
      pro-wrestler when he growed older, she wouldn't want him to because of
      what happened to her former husband.

      Kevin Nash and Bret Hart said there isn't a major addiction to
      painkillers at this time, but it will soon happen. Louie Mucciolo's
      sister, Tina, talked about her brother's addiction to soma, a pain
      killer. She mentioned he would go to Tiajuana, Mexico to get somas,
      since they were sold over the counter. Rob Van Dam was also interviewed
      and said
      the death of Mucciolo re-evaluated everything in his life and it was the
      point where he quit his use of painkillers.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Cory Hickman of the Piledriver Press sent in the following: "This
      morning on "The John Boy & Billy Big Show" radio program
      (www.thebigshow.com), Mean Gene Okerlund did his usual Tuesday morning
      call-in. Following up on the news he announced from last week, Okerlund
      stated that the wedding of Shawn Michaels and Whisper "could be as early
      as this Thursday in Vegas." Last week, Okerlund first announced on the
      show that Whisper and Michaels were engaged.

      - The WWF is now set to air wrestling on UPN networks. Dave Scherer
      pointed out today in his 1wrestling.com update that UPN announced a
      two-hour wrestling special on April 29th (4/29). It will air from 8 to
      10 PM. (Zach Williams)

      - Thanks to Jason Funk and RWIN for this: "I just saw the new
      1-800-Collect commercial with Stone Cold Steve Austin and D-Lo Brown.
      When ever they would lock up, they would say something to each other.
      Austin started it by saying he was mad at D-Lo. D-Lo asked what did he
      did to make Austin mad. Austin said D-Lo dialed 0 instead of
      1-800-Collect. Austin put D-Lo on the mat, grabbed his feet, and started
      to spin him around. D-Lo said next time he would use 1-800-Collect.
      Austin let go of D-Lo and D-Lo went flying into the audience."

      - Quarter hour RAW Is WAR rating breakdowns. Thanks to Dave Scherer.

      - 9:00 PM - 9:15 PM EST - 6.7 (Steve Austin and Vince McMahon Interview)
      - 9:16 PM - 9:30 PM EST - 7.0 (Sable and Jackie vs. Tori and Ivory -
      Ministry out, McMahon out)
      - 9:31 PM - 9:45 PM EST - 6.6 (Stephanie McMahon kidnappped, X-Pac
      Interview, Paul Wight vs. Test)
      - 9:46 PM - 10:00 PM EST - 6.1 (Hardcore Holly vs.Steve Williams, The
      Rock vs. Billy Gunn)

      Final Hour 1 RAW Rating - 6.63

      - 10:01 PM - 10:15 PM EST - 6.2 (Rock vs. Gunn, Ken Shamrock vs. Gangrel
      - bloodbath on Shamrock)
      - 10:16 PM - 10:30 PM EST - 6.7 (Goldust vs. Road Dogg, Stephanie found)
      - 10:31 PM - 10:45 PM EST - 6.1 (Jeff Jarret and Owen Hart vs. LOD)
      - 10:46 PM - 11:00 PM EST - 6.5 (X-Pac vs. HHH)

      Final Hour 2 Warzone Rating - 6.41

      Composite Rating For RAW/Warzone - 6.52

      - 11:01 PM - 11:06 PM EST - 6.8 (Rock Interview - Austin, Corporation


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Look for Hollywood Hogan to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno again
      this coming Friday.

      - Ted Dibiase appeared on the 3/30 WCW Live Internet program. ... He
      noted that he had surgery just last Tuesday and is recovering. He had
      two herniated discs removed, which were the two discs that caused him to
      leave the wrestling ring. ... He said doesn't know what his status is
      with WCW. The last thing he did was manage Rick Steiner when he feuded
      with his brother, Scott Steiner. ... He talked about his Ministry and
      Christianship, saying Sting was one of the wrestlers just to join the
      group. ... He said
      he is not proud of the current WWF direction and is offended by the
      Austin 3:16 term. ... The Million Dollar Belt is property of WWF and
      costed around $40,000. ... He
      talked about death of The Junkyard Dog. ... He talked about his mother
      and father both being wrestlers. ... He also talked about the toll
      wrestling can take on your body
      and family life. ... He finished off the interview by doing the classic
      Million Dollar Man laugh. (Joe DeLeon)

      - Quarter hour Nitro rating breakdown, thanks do Dave Scherer.

      Final Hour 1 Nitro Rating - 4.28(Unopposed)

      - 9:01 PM - 9:15 PM EST - 3.6 (Ric Flair Interview - DDP out, Sting up
      top, Rick Steiner vs. Scott Norton)
      - 9:16 PM - 9:30 PM EST - 2.7 (Steiner vs. Norton, Rey Mysterio
      Jr./Kidman Interview, Booker T vs. Chris Adams)
      - 9:31 PM - 9:45 PM EST - 2.8 (Booker vs. Adams, Chris Jericho vs. Jerry
      - 9:46 PM - 10:00 PM EST - 3.4 (Jericho vs. Flynn, Bret Hart Interview -
      Goldberg out)

      Final Hour 2 Nitro Rating - 3.1

      - 10:01 PM - 10:15 PM EST - 3.8 (Hart beats Goldberg and quits, Buff
      Bagwell vs. Norman Smiley)
      - 10:16 PM - 10:30 PM EST - 3.8 (Mysterio/Kidman vs. Chris Benoit and
      Dean Malenko)
      - 10:31 PM - 10:45 PM EST - 3.0 (Mysterio/Kidman vs. and Malenko -
      Raven/Saturn out)
      - 10:46 PM - 11:00 PM EST - 2.8 (Hogan vs. DDP - Flair out)

      Final Hour 3 Nitro Rating - 3.2

      Composite Rating For Nitro - 3.52
      - 11:01 PM - 11:06 PM EST - 3.1 (3 way beating)


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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