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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Thursday, March 24th, 1999

      I S S U E # 2 9 7

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> New wrestling search engine website launched ...
      >> Vince McMahon and Lou Albano on FOX ...
      >> Chris Benoit on Off The Record ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We told you yesterday that a new wrestling search engine website will
      open. It's now fully functional, located at http://www.iwse.com . (IWSE
      stands for Internet Wrestling Search Engine).

      The search engine works exactly like Yahoo!, with categories, sub
      categories, What's New, What's Cool etc. People who have their own
      wrestling website are encouraged to submit their website to the engine.
      You can even let people rate your site with our rate script, and those
      sites will be automatically included in the Top 100 website.

      There are currently 8 categories:

      Fantasy Wrestling; Information; Merchandise; Multimedia; Newsboards;
      Newsletters; Official Sites; Others. Webmasters can submit their page to
      the category they think their page fits better. Wrestler Tributes and
      Video Games categories will be added later this week. Any suggestions
      for categories, just drop us a line, and we'll try to add it.

      All sites are reviewed first, and will NOT be added if they aren't
      submitted in the proper category, so please, make sure you choose the
      proper category.

      So take a look at the newest search page in town, IWSE.com! You'll love


      By Joe DeLeon

      This past Sunday (3/21), the FOX News Channel did an interview with
      Vince McMahon on their "Fox on Sports" show.

      The new issue of TV Guide with WWF superstars on the covers was on a
      screen in the background. WWF footage aired throughout the interview.

      McMahon did a face-to-face interview with the two hosts. They mentioned
      the new success of wrestling and that it has changed from the wrestling
      they use to watch. McMahon immediately said WWF was Sports
      Entertainment. He said the reason he came to do the interview with FOX
      was to debate with New York Post columnist, Phil Mushnick, who is a
      popular known for his WWF rants. Apparently, Mushnick no-showed. McMahon
      called Mushnick a coward.

      McMahon said the current direction of the WWF is only giving the
      audience what they want. He said it was pretty easy to focus on some
      things Hollywood does and put them on wrestling and build a more
      contemporary product. He said wrestling became boring when there was a
      "good guy and bad guy," because things were too predictable. The host
      mentioned WWF's high television ratings and how it took a chunk out of
      Monday Night Football's. McMahon said, "Oh, I didn't know it was wrong
      to take a chunk out of Monday Night Football." The hosts also mentioned
      the sex, violence, and other content on the Raw is War program. McMahon,
      first off, said 70 percent of his viewieng audience is 18 years of age
      or older. He said if kids watch, hopefully they are watching it with
      their parents or with parental consent - not to mention the TV 14 rating
      they have and the weekend programming that is TV PG (mainly for kids).
      When regarding children, McMahon considers people under the age of 12

      The hosts continued to interrupt McMahon throughout due to comercial
      breaks. McMahon remained upset that Mushnick no-showed. The hosts
      mentioned that McMahon had a grown-up son and dauther (Shane and
      Stephanie) and does have a six-year-old running around the house. The
      host asked McMahon if he would let the six-year-old watch WWF program.
      McMahon said, "Absolutely not." McMahon continued to say wrestling is
      entertainment and
      is different from actual sports. When asked about the Indiana University
      study of the content on Raw, McMahon ripped on Inside Edition, who were
      the ones who paid the university to do the study. McMahon mentioned,
      "Did you know that the study wasn't even done on the university?"

      McMahon once again insisted that only about 15 percent of his audience
      consist of people watching under the age of 12. When asked about the Val
      Venis castration angle, McMahon said it wasn't real. When asked about
      his childhood, McMahon said he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his
      mouth, but rather had a hard time. McMahon got onto the hosts because
      they wouldn't let him speak. He did mention that you can find more sex,
      violence, and more anywhere on cable television (i.e. Beverly Hills
      90210, soap operas, etc.) than what you see on their show.

      McMahon said his programming doesn't consist of any major violence, like
      someone blowing their brains out. The host asked McMahon why he couldn't
      do a show without all the sex and violence. McMahon's response was you
      can only find a bigger audience with their content. When asked about the
      steroid scandal, McMahon said he was glad it was over. He admitted to
      using steroids, when they were legal, but then they became illegal. It
      was mentioned that Hulk Hogan admitted he used steroids while in the

      Captain Lou Albano was then interviewed. He mainly discussed his new
      "Complete Idiot's Guide To The World of Professional Wrestling" book. He
      corrected the hosts, saying he has been involved in wrestling for 47
      years and not 30. He said he liked all the old wrestlers, but today it
      has become more popular. He defended the WWF, saying parents should
      supervise their children. He noted he would not let his grandchildren
      watch the program. He said he was never a good wrestler, so Vince
      McMahon, Sr. made him a manager. He talked about all the movies he's
      done and a few funny stories that had happened to him in the past.


      By Jeff Jacobson

      Before the opening credits rolled, a video montage was aired of Benoit
      with Malenko holding the Tag Team Titles, as well as him fighting Hugh
      Morrus and Bret Hart.

      After the opening credits, Benoit was introduced along with curler Kim
      Gellard, and amatuer wrestler Colin Daynes. Michael Landsberg, who was
      losing his voice, claimed Daynes was a "real wrestler." Benoit
      interrupted him and said he's not an entertainer, but rather a wrestler.
      Landsberg complimented Benoit, who was wearing a black polo shirt and
      black pants.

      Landsberg mentioned word associated would be played later in the show.
      The first topic discussed was loyalty of trading a player, and for what
      reasons a player should be
      traded. Benoit said it is the business side of sports, and you have to
      adjust wherever you are, and work hard. They brought up Vincent
      Damphousse, Theoren Fleury, and Eddie Jones. Benoit said there is
      politics to everything, and there is a demand for politics, so it exists
      so things can be perfect. The corporate world loves doing things like
      Chris also said it can be unfortunate, destructive, and fun at times,
      but it is unbelieveable. In wrestling, Benoit stated that it is a
      doggy-dogg world, and you have to look out for yourself, because there
      is always someone ready to take your place. Throughout the segment,
      Daynes and Benoit kept agreeing, leaving Kim Gellard in the cold, and
      ready to get more defensive.

      As they cut to commercial after this fairly long segment, they talked
      about the next segment coming up. When they returned from commercial,
      they discussed team sports, and running a goalie in hockey. Benoit and
      Daynes said it was okay, because you must defeat someone mentally as
      well as physically, and while the Toronto goalie wasn't injured, it
      affected the team mentally. Benoit said if the league doesn't take
      action, it is up to a tough guy member of the team to take a stand.
      Benoit said if a serious injury was caused, then that might be pushing
      the envelope.

      On a similar topic, they discussed the NCAA Final Four and Duke
      University defeating their opponents by 30 points each game, which is
      humiliating. All three guests said they have reason to, since it keeps
      them with momentum, and it sends a message to the team they will play
      next. Landsberg disagreed. Benoit said it isn't a show of bad
      sportsmanship, but perhaps bad sportsmanlike conduct, but he still
      thought it was okay. Technically, Benoit said they aren't doing anything
      wrong. However, if there were cheapshots involved, and physical and
      obvious taunting, then it would change the crippler's opinion. Both
      wrestlers said that it is the same as a runner slowing down at the end
      of a race, so it's not humiliation, which was an extremely solid point,
      but Benoit defended Landsberg saying it varies in each sport.

      Before they cut to commercial, they showed a quirky fact on the screen
      saying before he was in WCW, he wrestled in Japan under the name "Wild
      Pegasus." In the next segment, they would talk about the Nitro Girls.

      When returning from commercial break, an advertisement was displayed
      with a picture
      of Hollywood Hogan promoting Nitro. Anyway, clips of the Nitro Girls
      were shown, spreading their legs, dancing in thin clothing. Benoit and
      Daynes said they had no problem with it, while Gellard did. She said it
      was degrading for women in sports, and said it was not what she wanted a
      typical female sports player to be. Benoit said it is entertainment, and
      it is there because there is a demand for it. It doesn't cross the line,
      according to Benoit, and they are quite athletic. Gellard said that she
      wishes they drew ratings due to their talent and phsyique, but it is due
      to their beauty, and the fact they spread their legs. Benoit compared
      its similarity to cheerleaders, and
      Gellard said she had a problem with that too. Women's hockey was
      discussed a bit, but Benoit differentiated the two, saying that isn't
      the issue. Landsberg said a great
      example was Sable, and a picture of her from Playboy was shown blurred
      out. Benoit said they wanted to see this more then women's golf, and
      said the WWF is doing it a lot more. He said wrestling is a sport, and
      The Nitro Girls are a mere entity of it. Benoit said there is a
      different audience for each sport, and once again brought up the demand
      factor where wrestling fans need it as a break from "wrestling."

      As they cut to commercial, it was mailbag time, and a letter was shown
      asking for Chris and Colin to wrestle. This fan thought Colin would win,
      and before Benoit could comment,
      they cut to commercial.

      This was the final segment. Chris Benoit promoted Nitro next week in the
      Toronto's Air Canada Centre, and said it was the first ever in Canada.
      He said he will be there, as
      will Chris Jericho, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan. The other two guests
      promoted certain events, and now it was time for Michael Landsberg to
      play word association with Chris Benoit, and only Chris Benoit.

      Kevin Nash "Innovative."

      Eric Bischoff "Somewhat of a genius."

      Vince McMahon He said he had a tryout with them, and had a lot of
      respect for him, and gives him a lot of credit for knowing what
      wrestling fans what, going with the flow, and
      making the necessary changes to wrestling.

      Chris Jericho "Close friend, great wrestler, one of the few to make it
      on his own, by himself."

      Bret Hart "Great, great legend."

      As we thought the show was going to end, Landsberg asked Benoit if Bret
      was being mis-used in the WCW. Benoit said definitely and for a guy as
      rare and talented as him, it is a shame. He said he should be used as a
      main eventer, because that is half the game, using someone well. He said
      wrestling is an art, and continued more about Bret as the show faded to


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Stone Cold Steve Austin will be a guest on NBC's Conan O'Brian

      - The official site of WWF Attitude, the game is located at

      - For the first time, WWF.com will present WrestleMania XV in streaming
      audio in Spanish! As you know, all broadcasts were in English, but now,
      they included the Spanish version to make it easier for Latino fans to

      - KOVR 13, a local CBS affiliate, interviewed the Rock during the sports
      segment of the 10pm newscast. John Henk, sports anchor, asked the Rock
      questions and helped promote WrestleMania 15 to the local fans. For
      those who do not know, the Rock was born in a small city called Hayward,
      California, which isn't too far from Sacramento (less than 100 miles).
      This isn't the first time KOVR 13 did a wrestling segment. Just a few
      months ago, they aired a special assignment on what it takes to be a pro
      wrestler by visiting the All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp in Hayward and
      interviewing students. (Michael Tavares)

      - Sable will do a live chat tonight at 8PM EST on Yahoo! Chat. URL is

      - By Brian Lutz, WWF.com

      This Tuesday, Stone Cold Steve Austin will pick up a cold one... a tall,
      cool glass of
      milk, that is! The Texas Rattlesnake will be the latest celebrity to don
      a milk mustache for the National Milk Processor Board's famous "Where's
      Your Mustache?" campaign. This award-winning campaign has proven to be
      hugely popular, and legions of fans collect and trade the ads that
      feature their favorite celebrities.

      The shoot will take place this Tuesday in New York City with famed
      Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair photographer Annie Liebowitz. Known for
      working with the most famous personalities in the world, this is likely
      the very first time Liebowitz has ever had to
      photograph a Texas Rattlesnake! By appearing in one of these ads, Austin
      joins a very
      elite group of luminaries including, Steve Young, Jennifer Aniston,
      Christie Brinkley, Spike Lee, Tony Bennett, Patrick Ewing, Tyra Banks,
      Neve Campbell, Cal Ripken Jr., Oscar De La Hoya, Van Halen, Brett Favre,
      Elle MacPherson and John Elway.

      WWF.COM will definitely have more information about this campaign as
      details become available! Until then... "Where's your mustache?"


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Sting will return to WCW TV next Monday on Nitro, live from Canada. He
      confirmed this while he was on the QVC show

      - Chris Jericho's latest commentary:

      Hello Jerichohoics!

      Well it's been a easier couple of weeks than usual with mucho beach
      time! Cancun was a lot of fun and if you saw the MTV Beachbrawl, you
      know what I'm screaming. It was a beautiful day, the band Fear Factory
      were super cool guys (especially Burton C Bell on vocals and the man
      with the coolest rock name ever, Christian Olde Wolbers, on the bass)
      and the whole tab was picked up by WCW.

      Hugh Morrus really is the laughing man, cos he was absolutely hilarious.

      Then yesterday, we were in Panama City, FL and had an awesome beach
      volleyball tourney featuring the WCW team of myself, Billy Kidman,
      Konnan, Dean Malenko, Johnny Boone, Kaz Hayashi and Rey Misterio Jr. We
      won the first game, lost the second and skinned through to win the
      third. Some college kids from Ohio will never be the same!

      I had a chance to hang with my friends Dale and Troy Thompson of Bride
      and hang with them at their church in Kentucky. It was a great time, as
      the church was super small, like a Little House on the Prairie type
      thing. Very cool!

      I'm featured in this month's HM music magazine in an interview conducted
      by Dale. I got to talk about God, music, wrestling etc. It's real
      good, so check it if you can.

      How about all of the HUGE trades in the NHL over the last while? Fleury,
      Clark, Recchi, Chelios! This is the biggest year in a while for such
      trades. Should make the playoffs
      very interesting. Go Toronto!!!

      Speaking of which, I'm really looking forward to heading to Canada for
      Nitro next week. Hope to see all of the Canadian Jerichoholics there!

      Good news for all of you Eddy Guerrero fans. He's healing well,
      training hard and should return in another two months, or so. Keep your
      prayers on him!

      The movie of the week is Clerks. Very funny indie film by Kevin Smith
      and featuring the always entertaining Jay and Silent Bob!

      Thanks to Troma Team for the package of cool B movies and thanks to you
      for continuing to stand behind me, throughout all of these cloudy and
      strange days.

      God bless you and see ya later!


      - WCW Hotline Report | Hosted by: Mark Madden | Reported by: Calvin

      - Hogan wrestled Flair in a house show Friday night in Chicago and fans
      cheered Hogan
      like it was 1987 and booed Flair like it was the same year. That card in
      Chicago drew a WCW record $470,000 gate then drew $260,000 in Milwaukee
      on Saturday while getting the same fan reaction. Hogan was on Madden's
      radio show last Friday. Hogan said he was not gonna don the red and
      yellow again or tell kids to say their prayers and eat their vitamins.
      He said he was gonna be a 90's bad ass baby face who didn't sell and
      just blasted everyone. Hogan also said he would not ever rule out going
      back to the WWF. He
      also said that he would not ever rule out the possibility of the WCW and
      the WWF working together for a big show at some point. Madden said he
      would have to see that to beleive it. Hogan also said that WCW needs to
      get a little more risky and more athletic to catch the WWF in the Monday
      night tv ratings. Hogan gave positive reviews to Paul Wight, Goldberg
      and Chris Jericho.

      - Scott Hall is still recovering from the recent ankle injury he got
      after the Uncensored ppv in Oakland,Ca when a car ran over Hall's foot.
      Madden wonders if we're ever gonna see Hall in the wrestling ring again.
      His reasons were that Hall's wife Dana,has been wanting him to get out
      of the business plus Hall has saved up alot of money over the past few

      - Arn Anderson seemingly turned on Ric Flair in this upcoming Thursday's
      Thunder when
      AA helped Windham. Madden has been informed that AA and Flair will not
      be splitting up. This is the beginning of an angle where we may see
      Windham becoming the 4th member of the horsemen.

      - Its been reported that Raven, Kanyon and Saturn will unite at WCW's
      new Fabulous Freebirds.This doesnt mean that they will be coming to the
      ring to Lynyrd Skynard music
      or that Raven will be now known as Scotty P.S. Levy. The part of the
      Freebird gimmick
      that they will be using is their opponents will never know which 2 out
      of the 3 that they will be wrestling.

      - WCW has started negotiation with Chris Jericho whos contrac expires
      later this summer.
      Madden doesnt know if any dollar figures have been tossed around yet but
      he does know that WCW has offered him a weekly "Piper's Pit" style
      interview on Nitro. Madden thinks its gonna take more than just to give
      him more exposure to keep him in WCW. Jericho wants money and to be
      elevated to the top where he is facing top stars like Sting, Hogan,
      Nash, etc.

      - A new TNT Nitro set will debut at Las Vegas. Madden said that Rick
      Rude may be part of the new announcing crew. It is also possible that
      the announcers table may be moved to ringside.

      - Warrior is still under contract to WCW and there has been speculation
      as to which
      Warrior will return. Warrior might return with his old tag team partner
      Sting but Madden said he would recommend against that. Warrior would
      drag Sting down.Sting could not elevate Warrior. Warrior also might
      return if WCW ever gets their NBC deal. Originally NBC wanted Warrior to
      be apart of the show.

      - WCW's creative team wants Sting to return as a heel. Sting dont wanna
      return as a
      heel cause he thinks it would conflict with his born again christian

      - Alex Wright will return to WCW within the next month.

      - Eddie Guerrero is nearly recovered from the injuries he got in his car
      wreck and should be back soon.

      - Madden went over the ECW ppv. He said it was pretty good. He talked
      about how Taz
      was shooting down Flair.

      - Justin Credible recently called WCW looking for a job but Paul Heyman
      called his bluff
      and offered a release. Credible then decided to stay in ECW and feud
      with Shane Douglas.


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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