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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2007
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      Thursday November 29th 2007 Issue #2617
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Our audio show Ringside Live is listed 4th on Blogtalkradio.com in the most
      popular sports section which is pretty damn impressive since there are over
      2,000 shows in the sports category. Since the show started in mid September,
      Ian Hamilton and Adam Firestorm have done a terrific job with this project
      and if you never listened I suggest you take an hour of your time and check
      the latest show. Yeah, it might be more than an hour most of the
      weeks....it's hard to convince Ian not to have a 30 minute overrun! LOL.
      Here are the rankings:

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      - Just when you thought Hulk Hogan and his family have it bad right now,
      wait till you hear this. It gets even worse. According to police reports,
      Nick Hogan was driving at 100mph when the accident occurred this past
      August, far contradicting Nick's statement that he was between "30 and
      40mph". And to make matters worse, new evidence against Nick will probably
      hammer his father for purchasing alcohol for him. While he's still not legal
      to drink, his daddy the Hulkster was the one who bought the beer on that
      day. According to the police, a receipt from a liquor store was placed into
      evidence which was registered at 2:14PM on that day for $78 for beer and
      ice. One of the clerks at the store said that Hogan bought the beer and his
      son Nick and other friends were tagging along. After buying the beer, Hulk,
      his son and his friends spent the rest of the day on his powerboat in
      Clearwater, FL., drinking beer and enjoying the sun. Meanwhile, celebrity
      blogger Perez Hilton on his popular website perezhilton.com obtained
      pictures from that day which were taken hours before the car accident that
      left Nick's best friend John Graziano almost brain dead. According to the
      person who submitted the pictures and was there on another boat that day,
      the Hogans and their friends were having a good time on the boat and they
      pulled up beside his boat and started to taunt the girls who were
      accompanying him. You can check out the two pictures at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5610]

      - Hulk Hogan as filed a counter-petition to his wife's divorce suit earlier
      today contesting his wife's custody and alimony claims. Contacted by the St
      Petersburg Times, Hogan's attorney, Ann Loughridge Kerr declined to comment.
      Apart from seeking an unspecified amount of money and child support, Linda
      Bollea is also seeking custody of Nick, who's still only 17 years of age. In
      her claim, she said she will accept that Hulk - real name Terry Bollea - can
      have "liberal visitation" with his son. In the counter-claim, Hogan said
      that his wife is more than capable of supporting herself while their son
      Nick is old enough to decide with whom he wants to live. Meanwhile the same
      newspaper published a long story with eyewitnesses accounts, evidence filed
      by police and other information that will surely make the Hogans look worse
      than ever. You can read it at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5610]

      > ECW RATING
      - ECW on Sci Fi pulled a 1.4 rating for this past Tuesday's show. (Ratings
      compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by PWInsider.com)
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - We have received the TNA January pay-per-view poster Final Resolution
      which features Tomko, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and Christian Cage. The tag line
      for this PPV is 'Best Friends...Better Enemies' which is very similar to the
      tag line WWE used to promote their In Your House 7 pay-per-view in 1996
      which was tagged with 'Good Friends, Better Enemies'. This PPV is on January
      6th which before was the spot for WWE's New Year Revolution but that
      pay-per-view has been canceled. You can check out the poster at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewforum.php?f=9]

      - Alex Abrahantes from the TNA U program sent in word that this Friday in
      Manhattan, NY., TNA U members will be spreading the word in New York City
      about TNA Wrestling, marching from Madison Square Garden to Times Square
      handing out flyers and interacting with the public. Those participating may
      get TNA t-shirts - limited to the amount available - TNA posters and will be
      featured on the brand new program TNA U TV. If you are interested in
      participating, please e-mail TNAU@... with the subject line
      'TNA U Blitz NYC' and let them know how many people you're bringing along.
      The Blitz begins at 4:00PM and will last about an hour. For more information
      on the TNA U Program, log on to TNAWrestling.com.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewforum.php?f=9]


      By Oren Kurtz -[syxx_ok@...]-

      Well, I bet some of you thought this day would never come, but alas - here
      it is, today I will be positive about how the wrestling world can pull out
      of it's current state and become what it has been many times in the past -
      entertaining, cutting edge, innovative, and interesting.

      I'm warning you in advance, this will be as long as the rest of my
      installments, so I will give you the short version in one paragraph right
      now - believable characters, compelling storylines that are written in
      advance but not in a detailed version, and interesting twists that are still
      in the realm of what is believable to the viewer. All that should be
      produced in dosages that the average viewer can grasp.

      In my last column, I gave a simple example on how a green yet talented Cody
      Rhodes can be elevated as long as he's not taken down the predictable road
      of "veteran who no one cares about betrays him and then they feud endlessly
      and no one gets any real heat". Take a bit of a different approach and you
      can create something that the fans would want to see develop over time.

      But tonight, I'm here to focus about TNA. I heard mostly good things about
      Genesis, but the problem that plagued it are the same problems TNA has been
      plagued with ever since I've started watching it 2 years ago.

      So in order to examine what TNA needs to do to elevate themselves from their
      current state (and lets face it, if they do that they elevate wrestling in
      general because the WWE only kicks it into fifth gear and out of mediocre
      mode only when they have competition), let's start from the smaller,
      individual details and work up to the whole company direction.

      First of all, give the fans ample time to digest what they see. A match with
      20 big spots isn't necessarily better than a match with three big spots. On
      the same note, when a chair shot is executed as frequently as a hip-toss, it
      has the same affect. When a wrestler gets hit by a big move - sell it. Let
      it sink in for the viewer at home or in the arena. Let them say in their
      heads "holly shit, this guy is legitimately injured". They can't say it if 3
      seconds after being choke slammed of a ramp, Abyss is already charging at
      Black Reign. The only way for a character to elevate itself in the mind of
      the fans is by letting them fully grasp what had just taken place.

      On that same token, when a match ends, let the fans understand the impact of
      its ending. Don't just hurry up for the back where JB is standing with Karen
      Angle for the fifth time tonight (though I do want to see her five times
      each night), But give the fans those ten seconds to celebrate with the
      Machineguns, or with LAX, or with Jay Lethal. Let us soak in the aftermath
      of what we saw , because if you don't it was pretty much wasted TV time.

      On to a different topic - consistency. It goes to the direction of a
      character - a character has to be consistent in its direction to gain and
      maintain a fan base. Any wrestler who changes his gimmick or the direction
      of his gimmick every 6 months or so will never be over, which is why it's
      also important to listen to the wrestler when it comes to his character and
      just give him guidelines in interviews and not force a script on him. For a
      character to be believable it needs to come from a real place in the

      Consistency also goes for the behavior of the referees - What causes a DQ
      should cause it in every match, and not just to fit a story line, because
      when there's no consistency nothing makes sense.

      And now for the last part which is the one of direction of the company. In
      the three big eras of wrestling, the entire company took on a certain
      direction. Back in the mid-80's the WWF was full of characters who were
      somewhere in between being a comic book character and a super hero. Then in
      the mid 90's all of WCW was caught in the WCW-NOW war. Then the attitude era
      took over all of the WWF wrestlers.

      And you know what? All of ECW's performers were extreme in the sense that
      they all gave every little bit of the ability they had in the certain
      aspects they could give it, and make no mistake about it, Little Guido was
      just as extreme as The Sandman in terms of putting everything he has on the
      line to make himself, his opponent, the company and the show look good.
      That's an attitude which is a must for TNA if they ever want to rise above
      the level of ratings that they have now. TNA can talk about being viable
      competition for as much as they want, but as long as they have to sell 20$
      tickets for the biggest show of the year on PWInsider.com (sorry for the
      plug) they are simply not in the same stratosphere as the WWE.

      After applying that attitude, what you need is a storyline that can be used
      for a long time - over a year, and can include the whole roster on some
      level. There is one obvious choice which is a similar angle to the InVasion
      angle. I think the InVasion angled failed miserably for two reasons - the
      first was that Vince McMahon wouldn't let guys who weren't made as stars at
      the WWE to shine as he should have, and the second is that WCW isn't
      cheerable, but neither is Vince McMahon, and he failed miserably as a face.
      Which is why you have to go on a different approach - be innovative. You
      obviously start by having the WWE-established performer align with one
      another until they end up under the only logical leader - Kurt Angle. But
      don't be predicable - have a few interesting twists - have some so called
      "WWE guys" side with TNA by cutting promos with the exact kind of BS that
      the TNA marks at the impact zone (and before you complain about me calling
      them that - tell them that as long as I spend the same amount of money as
      they did on going to TNA events they have no right to complain) would fall
      for, but have some TNA guys cut promos that should be inspired by the Mic
      Foley - Tommy Dreamer feud in ECW where Foley was begging Dreamer to sign
      with WCW and wear green suspenders and grow a mustache. Having someone tell
      the TNA guys how it's not worth it, how the fans are not worth it, will mean
      so much more coming from guys who are actually TNA guys, like Styles,
      Christopher Daniels, and the list goes on and on.

      Don't plan that specific storyline from start to finish but have bullet
      points to it - say, after three months the trusted TNA locker room leader
      Sting turns on TNA, allowing Samoa Joe & Booker T become the leaders after
      three months. Signal the sixth month point to where Christian's ego gets the
      better of him and he turns on the WWE guys only to reform the Christian
      coalition which will be a tweener group. Have him gather the abundance of
      talented guys in TNA who can have great matches but have zero heat as
      characters and let them milk his heat, because Christian IS that damn good.
      That would also solve another problem as Vince Russo would also have a group
      that's nor face nor heel just like he things wrestling should work. Of
      course, it shouldn't, but it could actually work in this specific instance.
      In that time have Joe or Booker feud with Sting while Cage feuds with Angle
      (who should carry the TNA title for the majority of the time), as the whole
      point of this section of the storyline should be a build up for a Bound For
      Glory match where the fans want to tear Angle limb from limb, and TNA should
      take enough time to build for one specific person to do it (I would go with
      Booker T personally but Joe could also fit the bill). And this storyline can
      carry itself on it's own as a Booker T turn could always happen (seeing as
      Booker is just as affective as a face as he is as a heel, something that is
      very rare), A Jeff Jarrett return as a wild card (who knows, I might
      actually find him tolerable in the ring for once), a mid carder emerging as
      a main eventer out of the blue (like RVD did in the InVasion angle) such as
      Robert Roode, Kaz, Matt Morgan or Alex Shelly (and that's just throwing
      names of the top of my head) and also giving some much needed fresh
      direction for existing characters such as Raven, VKM, Abyss or James

      If done correctly, this storyline could be carried on for years and remain
      fresh and interesting, thus attracting fans who will want to find out just
      what's going to happen next. And for that to happen, my friends, you HAVE to
      start going live weekly, and try to do it in arenas where people actually
      pay to see you.

      That, in 2000 words of less, is what I think TNA should do to elevate itself
      from its current standpoint. Don't think it would work? Well, there's only
      one way to find out, and hopefully some TNA suit just used the past 10
      minutes to the best of his given ability, read this column, and might make
      ample use of it.

      Until next time, You've been blessed by the Wrestling Authority

      For Complaints and verbal sexual assaults - syxx_ok@....

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