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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Wednesday, March 23rd, 1999

      I S S U E # 2 9 6

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> New record for Monday night ratings ...
      >> RAW Is WAR report ...
      >> Nitro report ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      ...And the Oscar goes to....awwwww! I'm still in Oscar mood :) I bet my
      ass that that little gold statue would look good somewhere in my room!
      :) Ok, back to reality..

      A new wrestling search engine website will hit the net just like the
      asteroid hit France in the Armageddon movie! :) Domain to be announced
      later on. This will work exactly like Yahoo!, but of course, it's all
      about wrestling related websites. You'll love it.


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Do you smell what the WWF is cookin'? WCW certainly does. New records
      are set, as RAW Is WAR defeated Nitro with a huge margin this week in
      the ratings.

      First hour of RAW did an impressive 6.4, and the second hour continued
      with the same 6.4. Composite for the show was 6.4

      Nitro did a 4.8 in the first unopposed hour, followed by 3.6 in the
      second hour and 3.5 in the third and final hour. Composite for the three
      hour show was 4.0

      In head to head competition, RAW got 6.4, while Nitro got 3.55.


      By Joe DeLeon

      • In the parking lot, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived in the arena near
      a Coors Light truck. The driver asked Austin for an autograph. Austin
      said he was busy at the moment but would be sure to get back to the

      • Corporation Interview (The Rock, Vince and Shane McMahon).
      - Vince McMahon said he was happy to be in the ring with two great
      champions. He then gave the microphone over to Shane. Shane challenged
      X-Pac to a Greenwich Street Fight for later in the show. McMahon then
      took the microphone back, and said The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve
      Austin were together, which was supposedly preventing him to stop Austin
      from becoming the Heavyweight Champion. Vince gave the microphone to The
      Rock, who said there was no way Austin would beat him in their
      WrestleMania XV match. Austin was shown backstage walking away from the
      monitor where he was watching. McMahon appointed The Rock as the Guest
      Referee for Austin vs. Paul Wight main event. Mankind then came out. He
      suggested a match with The Rock for the official Guest Referee spot in
      the main event. The Rock said Mankind could kiss his ass. Mankind then
      pulled out a letter, which was signed by Commissioner Shawn Michaels,
      that stated Mankind would face The Rock later on for the opportunity to
      referee the Austin and Wight match. Stone Cold Steve Austin then drove
      in near the ring with the Coor's Light truck. As he drove throug the
      entrance-way beneath the Titan Tron, the entire set started to rise.
      Austin went on top of it and cut a promo, saying he would check his ass
      into The Smack Down Hotel, into room number 3:16, and would burn it
      down. While The Rock started to talk again, Austin got down from the
      truck, and pulled out a hose. He sprayed beer all over Shane, Vince, and
      The Rock, soaking them. Austin then drank a few cold ones on top of the
      truck to a huge pop.

      • Backstage, Debra posed in front of a mirror.

      • Footage was shown of Jim Ross at a college party with Steve Williams
      and other people.

      • Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart (w/Debra) vs. The Brood (Edge and Gangrel,
      w/Christian) resulted in a No-Contest, to let Jarrett and Hart retain
      the Tag Team Titles.
      - Christian and Edge switched spots during the match. Public Enemy then
      came down and The Brood and the Tag Team Champions teamed up to beat PE
      down. The lights went out. When they went back on, Debra was covered in
      blood as a result of a Bloodbath.

      • Backstage, Lucas interviewed The New Age Outlaws about their upcoming
      Intercontinental Title vs. Hardcore Title match. Both told each other
      they would walk out with two titles.

      • Backstage, Vince and Shane McMahon were upset over the beer they were
      soaked in, thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin. McMahon asked Pat
      Patterson and Gerald Brisco to get him a cup of coffee.

      • Billy Gunn vs. Road Dogg went to a Double Disqualification, to let
      both retain their Hardcore and Intercontinental Titles.
      - Both Billy Gunn and Road Dogg came out to separate entrances and did
      their usual introductions. As the match progressed, Goldust, Val Venis,
      and Al Snow all ran down. The New Age Outlaws cleared the ring. Gunn
      wanted to shake hands with RD, but they cut to the backstage area before
      we could see what happened.

      • Backstage, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco were getting coffee for
      Vince McMahon. They were really happy they had the coffee just perfect
      and were ready to satisfy McMahon. All of a sudden, Brisco dropped the
      coffe, and both he and Patterson asked The Legion of Doom not to harm
      them. LOD, who were with Paul Ellering, attacked both of the stooges to
      gain revenge after they did the LOD gimmick the previous week on Raw is
      War. An official was bleeding and Dave Hebner and Sgt. Slaughter were
      there to the aid of everyone that was harmed.

      • Blue Meanie Interview.
      - The Blue Meanie called out Shamrock, which led everyone to believe he
      was referring to Ken Shamrock. Ryan Shamrock made her way out instead.
      Meanie sat down on a chair and put her on his lap. He was about to spank
      her until Ken Shamrock ran down. Meanie grabbed the chair and Goldust
      attacked Shamrock from behind. Shamrock was able to suplex Goldust and
      got the Ankle Lock on him, but Meanie knocked him out with the chair.

      • Jim Ross was shown at the frat party.

      • Backstage, Sable was getting her make-up done.

      • Backstage, The Ministry arrived.

      • Backstage, Vince McMahon asked Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson where
      his coffee was.

      • Sable defeated Ivory (w/D-Lo Brown) with the Sable Bomb, to retain the
      Women's Title.
      - D-Lo Brown did color commentary, until PMS came out and caused him to
      get out of his seat. Terri Runnels slapped D-Lo after he called her a
      slut. In the match, Sable planted Ivory with the Sable Bomb for the win.
      Tori ran in afterwards. Sable was able to attack
      her and tie her up to the ropes. Once Tori got free, she went straight
      after Sable.

      • Mankind defeated The Rock by Disqualification, to earn the main event
      Guest Referee spot.
      - The Heavyweight Title was not on the line. Both The Rock and Mankind,
      who have wrestled several times before, brawled around, at one point
      which Mankind executed his own Corporate Elbow. The referee got knocked
      out by Mankind. Mankind went for a pin after a double arm DDT, but no
      one was there to make the pin. Paul Wight made his way down to the ring,
      thinking he had a perfect opportunity to help The Rock take the win, but
      it backfired as Wight chokeslammed Mankind, which the referee caught,
      resulting in a disqualification to let Mankind officiate the Stone Cold
      Steve Austin vs. Wight main event later in the show.

      • Backstage, Paul Wight was taking out his aggression on the interview

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin was shown preparing for his match.

      • Kane and Goldust went to a No-Contest.
      - Kane came out ready for a match with Goldust. Goldust came down, took
      his robe off in the ring, and shot a huge flame at Kane. Goldust
      revealed himself as Triple H, who continued to beat down on Kane.

      • Back at the "JR is War" party in the faternity house. They were all
      having fun until Hardcore Holly showed up and said to Jim Ross he made
      him lose his Hardcore Title the previous week on Raw is War in a match
      with Billy Gunn, because of Ross' own announce
      table was in the way. Holly then attacked Steve Williams, which caused a
      fish tank to crash, doors were broken, and more. They brawled into the
      kitchen area, where the refrigerator was thrown around. The camera man
      fell down, which was the point where the
      satellite feed cut off.

      • Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin was shown having a discussion with

      • Greenwich Street Fight: Shane McMahon and X-Pac went to a No-Contest.
      - The European Title was not on the line. When both men met in the
      parking lot, Shane McMahon got knocked down by X-Pac. Two expensive cars
      pulled up and the Greenwich Posse (Willy Green, Pete Gas, and Rodney)
      alll attacked X-Pac and drove away with Shane in the one of the two

      • Backstage, The Undertaker was shown looking straight at the camera.

      • The Ministry (The Undertaker and The Acolytes, w/Paul Bearer) vs. The
      Corporation (Test, The BIg Bossman and Ken Shamrock) went to a
      - The Undertaker and The BIg Bossman went out threw the crowd, brawling.
      The Acolytes brawled with Ken Shamrock and Test at ringside. The lights
      went off, and they cut to a commercial break.

      • Vince McMahon Interview.
      - Vince McMahon had cleaned himself up after being soaked with beer. He
      said to the fans he bet they all enjoyed what happend to him earlier in
      the show. He showed it on the Titan Tron. McMahon said he hoped Stone
      Cold Steve Austin enjoyed him moment, but
      he wouldn't enjoy what he was going to feel next [Paul Wight]. He also
      said there was "No Chance In Hell" Austin would beat The Rock at
      Wrestlemania XV for the Heavyweight Title. He then brought out The Rock
      and introduced "The Big Show" Paul Wight. Mankind came out ready to
      referee the match. Austin then came out.

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Paul Wight with the Stunner.
      - The Big Show used his size to his advantage. Mankind caught a
      cheapshot on Paul Wight from behind. While Wight was distracted, Stone
      Cold Steve Austin untied the padding on the turnbuckle. Austin banged
      Wight's head on the exposed metal. When Austin and Wight were on the
      outside, Mankind threatened Wight with a chair, ordering him to get back
      in the ring. Austin nailed Wight with the chair in the leg several
      times, then in the head three times, and then the Stunner for the pin.
      The Rock attacked Austin afterward, and
      gave him the Rock Bottom, as the show went off the air.


      By Joe DeLeon

      • Nitro took place at Club La Vela in Panama City Beach, Florida as part
      of the annual Spring Break-Out tour. There was a pool as usual with the
      ring in the middle and the show took place outdoors.

      • Van Hammer defeated Bull Payne with the Flashback.
      - The crowd chanted "Boring" immediately when the match started and
      continued throughout. The announcers mentioned it was a bit cool
      outside. Van Hammer and Bull Payne teased the fans that they would throw
      each other in the water. Payne connected with an awesome frog splash,
      but Hammer kicked out of the pin that was made. Hammer took the win with
      the Flashback.

      • Ricky Rachtman interviewed Rey Mysterio, Jr. Mysterio said Panama City
      Beach meant nothing but partying. Racthman mentioned that Mysterio would
      take on Kidman once again at Spring Stampede, with the Cuiserweight
      Title on the line. Mysterio showed his
      respect for Kidman.

      • Ricky Rachtman interviewed Disco Inferno. Disco insulted the crowd.
      Racthman told it was getting annoying to see Disco in Konnan's music
      video. Disco said Konnan's video wasn't nothing until he joined in. The
      Konnan video with Disco then aired. Afterward, Disco said Konnan could
      settle things with him at Stampede. Disco claimed his "sources in
      Tiajuana, Mexico" told him that they don't like Konnan, but rather

      • Pre-recorded footage was shown of Fit Finlay knocking on Rick
      Steiner's hotel room door. Finlay taunted Steiner, as the two would go
      one on one later in the show.

      • As Ricky Rachtman was commentating some Goldberg NASCAR footage, he
      was interrupted by Hak and Chastity. Hak announced he would take on
      Goldberg later in the show.

      • Psychosis, El Dandy, Silver King, and La Coo-Coo Racha (Disco Inferno)
      defeated La Parka, Damian, Lizmark, Jr., and Super Calo with a Jaw
      - The announcer's had no idea who La Coo-Coo Racha was, but he was
      wearing a mask and had on baggy clothes. At one point, Psychosis landed
      the Guillotine Legdrop on La Parka, but decided not to pin him. The
      action was non-stop. Just about every wrestler executed a flying
      maneuver to the small space on the outside of the ring. Bodies were
      everywhere after each wrestler missed a top rope maneuver on the inside.
      La Coo-Coo Racha executed a Jaw Breaker (Last Dance) on several of the
      luchadores in the ring, and finished off Damian with the maneuver. Racha
      was obviously Disco Inferno.

      • Pre-recorded footage was shown of J.J. Dillon having a conversation
      with Ric Flair. Dillon and Flair talked about the beautiful women in
      Panama City Beach. Flair said he wanted to challenge the entire company
      to a Heavyweight Title match.

      • A pre-recorded interview was shown with Dusty Rhodes, which was
      conducted by Mike Tenay. Tenay said his sources told him there were
      problems among Rhodes and the Ric Flair people backstage. Rhodes said
      Flair told him him in the past he would be
      WCW Commissioner and would take Larry Zbyszko or Mike Tenay's announcing
      position, but none of the things happened. Rhodes wondered if Flair had
      a problem with him.

      • Ric Flair Interview, Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
      - Larry Zbyszko ripped on Dusty Rhodes before Ric Flair started talking.
      As Flair warmed up, he was interrupted by Raven, who wanted a title
      shot. Flair said, "Okay, if you want a title shot, you and Kanyon can
      wrestle the Tag Team Champions, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko." Raven
      said Kanyon wasn't in the arena, but was working on the new Jesse
      Ventura movie. Flair then said Raven would take on Benoit and Malenko by
      himself. Flair said he would put everyone's name in a hat and would pull
      out one to see who would get a Heavyweight Title shot. The crowd
      chanted, "Goldberg."

      • Rick Steiner defeated Fit Finlay with the Steiner Bulldog.
      - Fit Finlay and Rick Steiner wrestled a physical and brutal match.
      Steiner took the win after the Steiner Bulldog.

      • Juventud Guerrera defeated El Vampiro with the Juvi Driver.
      - At one point, El Vampiro countered Juventud Guerrera's 450 Splash with
      a belly-to-belly superplex. Juvi later out-smarted Vampiro with the Juvi
      Driver for the win when Vampiro went for a powerbomb.

      • Ricky Rachtman interviewed Ms. Nitro, Julie Williams, who won the
      contest the previous weekend in Panama City Beach. They were interrupted
      by Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash, who came down with a line of
      beautiful women. Nash wanted to do a contest to see which woman would
      get the loudest pop from the crowd. The crowd chanted, "Show Your Tits."
      Nash said he would show his, but it was too cold. Nash and Hogan noticed
      they were missing a woman. Nash asked the eigth woman to make her way
      down, and out came David Flair and Samantha. Samantha took off her
      dress, and revealed a bikini. Rachtman argued with The Wolfpac, saying
      he was supposed to be out their with Ms. Nitro. Nash was about to put
      Racthman through a Jack-Knife Powerbomb. Rachtman was forced to choose
      Samantha as Ms. NWO. Nash said, "Sable, each your heart out." Hogan and
      Nash laughed at the comment he made.

      • Goldberg defeated Hak (w/Chastity) with the Jackhammer.
      - After a few cane shots that had no affect on Goldberg and after Hak
      missed his Russian Legsweep finishing maneuver, Goldberg took the
      advantage. Goldberg speared and Jackhammered Hak for the win.

      • Bret Hart Interview, Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
      - Bret Hart was wearing a Calgary Hitmen jersey. Gene Okerlund mentioned
      Hart believed he was being misused by WCW. Hart mentioned mentioned he
      had no Heavyweight Title shots after being in WCW for almost a year.
      Hart discussed matters on Ric Flair and Hollywood Hogan. Hart said
      everyone had always dreamed of a match with Hogan, but he didn't believe
      it would ever happen. Hart talked about Kevin Nash, saying he could beat
      Nash any time. Hart then talked about Goldberg, saying Goldberg had
      never stepped in the ring with a real technical wrestler. Hart said he
      could beat Goldberg in five minutes, and Okerlund didn't believe a word
      he was saying.

      • Vincent defeated Horace via Pinfall.
      - Before the match, Vincent got into Horace's face about being the boss
      of the NWO Black and White, which caused Horace to punch him out for the
      match to get underway. After Stevie Ray made his way down and distracted
      Horace, Vincent rolled up the Vincent for
      the win. Ray and Horace started to beat down Vincent afterward. Brian
      Adams then made his way in to take out Horace. Ray got into Adams' face
      and the argued as the show went to a commercial break.

      • In the ring with The Four Horsemen (minus Steve McMichael), J.J.
      Dillon, and Gene Okerlund, there was a wheel of numbered balls. The
      wrestlers surrounded the ring with numbers. Dillon picked number 23, but
      no one with the number was to be found. A
      backstage shot was shown with El Dandy's arm bandaged up, who had number
      23. Rey Mysterio, Jr. took the number and made his way down to the ring,
      since El Dandy was injured. Ric Flair said to Dillon, "I told you to set
      this thing up right," as Mysterio made his way down to the ring. Flair
      was upset that he would have to wrestle Mysterio.

      • Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko defeated Raven and Saturn by
      Disqualification, to retain the Tag Team Titles.
      - Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko dominated Raven in what was a handicap
      match in the beginning. Malenko had Raven in the Texas Cloverleaf, but
      Malenko decided to drop the hold. Benoit then put Raven in the Crippler
      Crossface, but Benoit decided to drop
      the hold. Saturn made his way down, wearing a dress and make-up. Benoit
      and Malenko told him the match was Four Horsemen business. Saturn
      started to attack Benoit and Malenko, but was eventually out-numbered.
      Saturn apparently joined Raven as his partner. Raven was finally tagged
      in. As he and Malenko brawled on the outside of the ring, Saturn put
      Benoit in the Rings of Saturn. Malenko was about to come in and nail
      Saturn with a Tag Team Title belt, but Raven stopped him with the other
      belt. The referee called for the bell. Saturn and Raven thought they won
      the titles, but didn't.

      • United States Title Tournament: Scott Steiner defeated Chris Jericho
      by making him submit to the Steiner Recliner.
      - Chris Jericho wore a sash that had Japanese writing written on it.
      Chris Jericho put in a lot of effort and could of had the win if it
      wasn't for Scott Steiner's Steiner Recliner.

      • Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Ric Flair (w/Arn Anderson) by
      Disqualification, to let Flair retain the Heavyweight Title.
      - The Cruiserweight Title was not on the line, but rather the
      Heavyweight Title. Charles Robinson was officiating the match. Rey
      Mysterio, Jr.'s quickness overpowed Ric Flair in the beginning. Arn
      Anderson got involved in the match, doing some cheapshots on
      Mysterio. Flair immediately took the advantage once Anderson got
      involved. Mysterio was back on top, and executed several of his
      high-flying maneuvers. Mysterio executed his top rope Huracanrana
      finisher. Robinson was actually making the pin, but Anderson
      pulled him out of the ring, resulting in a disqualification. Robinson
      gladly raised Flair's hand in the end, indicating him the winner.
      Mysterio then threw Flair in the pool of water as the show went of fthe

      • The show also consisted of highlights from last weeks Nitro, footage
      from the Spring Break-Out festivities, The Nitro Girls, and more. At one
      point, The Nitro Girls did a dance with impressions of wrestlers.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Sunday Night Heat did a 4.1 rating last weekend.

      - TV Guide website put up a special WWF section located at
      http://www.tvguide.com/tv/magazine/990322/ftr1.htm . It's very
      interesting to see, and features stars like Stone Cold, Sable, Rock,
      Undertaker and Mankind.

      - Sable will do a live chat on Playboy.com on March 25th.

      - We sent a little nice mail to Acclaim, to see if there are any plans
      for WWF Attitude to be released on PC. Their answer was simply "There
      are no plans at this time". Hey, let's complain....PC users never get
      any good wrestling games! :)


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - It seems that WCW has an established set of rules that they hand out
      to arena
      personnel regardin confiscating signs:

      If they say "suck"; No implied or blatant sexual reference; No numbers:
      "3:16" or "4:20" or "4:69"; Cannot say "white trash" or "Trailer Trash";
      No reference to "steroids"; Cannot use the word gay in any way; No WWF
      reference. We do not want to give them any promotion; Signs may not
      have the words "ass" or "God" on them; Signs cannot make reference to
      want to have sex w/ the Nitro Girls; Nothing referring to breasts.

      - The Atlanta Journal did a very interesting article on Goldberg. You
      can read the long article at

      - From New York Daily News: "Professional wrestlers may fake it in the
      ring, but at the dinner table they're all business. Hollywood Hogan,
      Diamond Dallas Page and the current No. 1 man from the World
      Championship Wrestling group, Goldberg, had lunch together last week at
      Gallagher's on 52nd. St. Talk about appetites! Here's what each man
      ordered and subsequently polished off, according to the restaurant: two
      shrimp cocktails, two 28-ounce sirloin steaks, one 3-pound lobster and
      doubles in desserts. The bill came to $318, to which the wrestlers
      tacked on an additional $100 tip. On their way out, Hogan said to the
      waiter, "You should see what we have for dinner."


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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