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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
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      Friday November 2nd 2007 Issue #2596
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Yesterday's news item about the TNA Turning Point PPV poster included a link
      to a page where the poster actually didn't load up. There was a problem from
      our part, which is now fixed, and you can see the poster at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/news/TNA/TP2007_PPV_poster.shtml . Thanks to
      everyone who pointed the mistake out.

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      - Two suspensions were handed out today for violation of the Wellness
      Program. The first one went to Chris Masters, who is on strike two and
      received a sixty day suspension. Masters just came back from his 30 day
      suspsension last month. The second one went to Harry Smith, who made his
      debut two weeks ago using the name DH Smith. WWE changed their policy of the
      Wellness Program recently and announced that those who will fail the drug
      tests will be having their name released to the public. The company sent a
      press release announcing the suspensions.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5485]

      - WWE announced that its board of directors today declared the Company's
      regular quarterly dividend of $0.24 per share on all Class A and Class B
      common stock. The record date for the dividend will be December 14th 2007,
      and the payment date will be December 26th 2007.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - If you are a fire fighter in the San Diego area you will be eligable to
      attend the WWE show at the IPayOne Center tomorrow for free as WWE returns
      to San Diego, CA. Due to the recent fires that took over the San Diego and
      other areas in southern California, WWE will be giving away two free tickets
      to any fire fighter who presents a valid ID at the box office tomorrow as a
      thank you for their work in the past week. WWE usually do similar deals to
      military people. Smackdown! Superstar and San Diego's own Rey Mysterio will
      be working the show as well.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5484]

      - With Hollywood writers going on strike starting Monday at 12:01AM, WWE is
      surely one of the few shows that will probably benefit from the situation.
      With many television networks set to go into re-runs, WWE programming might
      get a new set of viewers and NBC Universal channels might fill the void with
      WWE shows. While popular television shows such as Prison Break, Heroes,
      Grey's Anatomy and others are safe due to scripts being already written,
      late night talk shows and new productions will be taking a major hit without
      writers to pen their monologues and usual segments. This is the first
      writers walkout in twenty years after the Writers Guild of America board
      voted unanimously to strike.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5486]

      - Former WCW heavyweight champion Lex Luger has issued a statement regarding
      his health after he was admitted to a hospital last week during the
      WrestleFan Fest shows in San Francisco, CA. Luger was partially paralyzed
      after suffering a nerve impingement in the neck in his hotel room. He had no
      feeling from the waist down but was later listed in stable condition in the
      emergency care unit at the Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto, CA.
      Luger said that doctors found some inflammation in the x-ray around a disk
      near the spinal cord and they're are absolutely puzzled on how this
      happened. You can read the full statement at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5416]


      //->> DROPPING A DIME
      By Shawn Keim -[Sdk1214@...]-

      Whelp, it's 5:42 in the morning here in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. My
      favorite holiday of all time is Halloween. I just love the thought of
      anything that is considered 'super-natural'. I really am a death hag. Once,
      I was addicted to websites such as findagrave.com and findadeath.com. I
      don't know what it is, but it's just something that interests me about the
      great unknown. Besides, horror movies, no matter how cheesy they are, are
      much better than those happy, joyful, gag me with a candy cane Christmas
      movies that we watch. Give me a night full of Jason, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and
      Mr. Hyde or any other demons and zombies anytime! Any of the 254 Nightmare
      on Elms Street movies are better than watching the Peanut gang helping
      Charlie Brown understand the true meaning of Christmas. Ugh, I just mean,
      ugh. Also, nothing, and I do mean NOTHING beats a great Halloween party! Why
      else would I be making a column before there are any signs of daylight?
      Alas, today is the first day of November. Now all we have to look forward to
      is football on Thanksgiving, Survivor Series, my birthday and eggnog. I'm
      sorry if I sound a little too excited.... I don't know how to control

      Just for a short minute, let me defend my last column a tad bit. I thank all
      who gave me kind compliments saying that it was 'great' or at least 'good'.
      Really, I thought it was god-awful since I really just phoned it in. But it
      seems that I may've came off as someone who would rather complain and worry
      about what others think of me instead of creating columns based on how I
      personally feel about a certain wrestler, storyline, etc...For one, I wasn't
      talking about only those people who e-mailed. I wasn't crying because some
      people may've called me a bad name or two because of what I said about Ric
      Flair. No, I wasn't complaining - okay, I was. But the people I was talking
      about weren't just my e-mailers. Hell, I appreciate the fact that I even get
      e-mail from anyone. That just means that there are people reading (or
      skimming) what I have to say. But the e-mailers weren't the only people I
      was talking about. When I said that I get jumped on for not being a Ric
      Flair fan, that also included the many people on wrestling forums or friends
      around the block. I'm not upset for being called every name in the book.
      Actually, I liked it. Oh, do I love dirty talk. But it just means I struck a
      nerve, and I'm heading towards the right direction of doing some good things
      here on W-O. You can e-mail me and say whatever you want. The only thing I
      ask for, as I did in my last column, is that you be mature about it. I know
      I'm a young buck at only 21-years of age, but I can hold a mature
      conversation. Yeah, maybe I did come off sounding like I was too worried
      about what others say, but I'm really not. It was all about those people who
      are my age, around my age or just a bit older or just a bit younger who only
      know little to nothing about Ric Flair's career other than they've heard how
      he's won so any titles and heard or read from other fans and wrestlers about
      how Flair made two cent jobbers look like billion dollar superstars. People
      who have only read Flair's biography and watched his DVD and saw only the
      matches that they heard about being good, ignored all the other promos and
      matches and probably just saw Flair/Rhodes or Flair/Race. Suddenly, they
      think they are a hardcore Flair fan will piss down your throat until you
      drown in their suddenly Ric Flair educated urine. These are the same people
      who probably never heard of Extreme Championship Wrestling until WWE and
      Vince McMahon came out with an ECW DVD and, surprise surprise, they suddenly
      consider themselves one of the most hardcore and dedicated fans of ECW. You
      can't watch a DVD or read a book and automatically think that you're a huge
      fan of either ECW or Flair. You can't do that and just think you're educated
      because of it. In my mind, you had to be there and live through it to truly
      understand how great something like ECW was and how great Ric Flair was/is.
      I'm starting to sound a little repetitive, so that's all I've gotta say
      'bout that. But understand that when I do complain, whine and bitch, I do it
      to entertain myself. If anyone is the least bit familiar with Tony
      Kornheiser (the Washington Post, ESPN's Pardon The Interruption and Monday
      Night Football), I'm a huge Tony Kornheiser fan - big fan of his work on PTI
      and Monday Night Football; mainly, I'm a huge fan of his columns in the
      Sports Section and, at one time, the Style section of the Washington Post.
      Kornheiser is a sarcastic diva and complains just about anything he can
      think of. Sorry if my dry-humor (boy, it must be really dry lately) doesn't
      come off better via Internet newsletter. Folks, when I cry, I'm not slapping
      my keyboard and getting angry because Brian Kendrick and Paul London aren't
      wearing matching shorts this week on Raw. As long as Colin is willing to put
      up with my (Lord only knows how he's been able to do that this long), y'all
      will start to understand that Maryland's favorite son is a tad bit different
      from other respectable columnist, mainly that they're respectable (uh oh,
      good one, Shawn!). Okay, enough boring you with all that useless ranting;
      it's time to bore you even more with my thoughts and opinions of some

      As some of you may know, I did go to Cyber Sunday. I'm not some sort of
      super-fan who has been to billions of events, but I try to go to at least
      two events a year. I didn't bother going to a wrestling event from 2002 up
      until mid-2005. I just didn't feel like paying full price only to see half
      of the roster. But I've been lucky to witness some great wrestling moments
      that some may remember, but I know I'll never forget. I was there when Trish
      Stratus was forced to bark like a dog for Vince McMahon (ruff, ruff). I was
      there when the Rock finally defeated Triple H for the WWF/E title at
      Backlash 2000 (my first event). I was there when it was Legend Vs. Icon at
      SummerSlam 2005, hung over and more moody than a crampy aunt flow that Hogan
      went over Michaels. What should've been match of the year, I was lucky
      enough to see the truly awesome and spectacular action between the
      Undertaker being defeated by then World Champion Kurt Angle at No Way Out
      2006 - not without some controversy, of course. At a live event, I was lucky
      enough to see the WrestleMania XX main event before it happened - witnessing
      Triple H defeating Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels. With so many moments
      that I considered great, or at least fun, to be a part of, how was the
      'unpredictable' Cyber Sunday going to hold it's own against these moments?

      For weeks, I was battling with myself and wondering if I should even go to
      Cyber Sunday. Hey, I'm a hardcore sports fan and I didn't want to miss the
      chance of seeing the Red Sox sweeping the Colorado Rockies and I didn't want
      to miss the Sunday Night Football game. The last time the Red Sox won the
      World Series, I was in a hospital bed and I heard the nurses talking about
      it. Dammit! What seemed like a once in a life time opportunity, I missed out
      of seeing the final out and watching the Red Sox finally celebrate a World
      Series championship victory. Then again, I am a hardcore Baltimore Oriole
      fan, so I could careless. With that in mind, I decided I'd go. Despite the
      fact that WWE Pay-per-views have been hit or miss all year. Despite the fact
      that there have been too many title matches. Despite the fact that people
      like Kendrick, London, Tommy Dreamer, Elijah Burke, Carlito, and any other
      mid-carders who struggle to even get a wink at a PPV anymore. I know they've
      all had been on PPV at some time and point during the year, but not on a
      consistent basis. When going to a WWE event, I don't want to see no one but
      the big main event players. I don't want to see three World title matches
      and not a single tag team match, possibly for the tag titles. I wouldn't
      mind seeing Cruiserweights doing battle, even if the forgotten Cruiserweight
      title wouldn't be on the line. It wouldn't have hurt to include a Women's
      match. Hey, it would've been better instead of getting backstage segments of
      the divas telling us why we should vote for them for best Halloween suit.
      Uh, how come they were backstage segments and now posing that booty for me
      in the ring? Instead of seeing any Cruiserweight action, diva action or a
      match featuring two wrestlers who desperately need the TV time and
      Pay-per-view check who would've busted their asses off to prove than they
      belong on Pay-per-view to begin with (*cough cough* Charlie Haas, Shelton
      Benjamin, London and Kendrick, Jimmy Wang Yang, Jamie Noble *cough cough*).
      Hey, it's nice to be spoiled by the big named main eventers, but it wouldn't
      hurt to have some diversity in the show and give the fans a chance to catch
      a breather after screaming their lungs out for a Shawn Michaels or a Triple
      H or a Undertaker.

      I never bothered to order Taboo Tuesday or Cyber Sunday in the past. I just
      never cared to. I knew what to expect since the entire care seemed just
      about as predictable as a Royal Rumble winner. Well, I wish the entire card
      had been that predictable. Everyone know that HBK was going to wrestle
      against Randy Orton. Everyone knew that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was going
      to be the special guest ref. I also voted on which matches and the type of
      stipulations that I'd like to see. Yet it's obvious the rest of America and
      around the world didn't want to see the same type of matches or the same
      superstars that us fans in the Verizon Center wanted to see. Thank you fans
      aaaaaaaaall around the planet who voted the Miz to be in the ECW title match
      against CM Punk. God only knows that I paid $90 bucks just to see the Miz!
      It's not like I, or the thousands of other fans, wanted to see an athletic
      contest between John Morrison and Punk. Sure, we've seen these two battle it
      out a bunch of times on TV and pay-per-view, but did anyone really want to
      see that buffed on Ryan Seacrest in an ECW title match? Granted it was the
      Miz, he really wasn't all that bad. I really, really hate myself for
      admitting this, but the guy is improving and seems more comfortable in the
      ring as of late. I thought his match against Morrison last Tuesday was
      pretty good as well. But, man... I just wanted to be there in person to
      witness that ever-so-cool John Morrison entrance. I don't care if I've seen
      Johnny Nitro a few times! I haven't seen John Morrison yet, dammit!

      I guess the Umaga/Triple H match was more important than the WWE title match
      between HBK/Orton, based on the placement of order. Of course I voted HBK
      because there is nothing like watching someone you've looked up to since you
      were a kid live and in person. I don't know why, but I just assumed that the
      HBK/Orton match would be the main event. But after watching that match and
      seeing the performance that the Undertaker and Batista gave, I understand
      why the World title match was the main event for the evening. The HBK/Orton
      match... the Kennedy/Hardy match... the Punk/Miz match, they all just felt
      like matches you could've easily seen on Raw or ECW for free. Nothing felt
      special about either match. I hate to sound like a critical jackass (who are
      you kidding? you know you love it!), but they didn't give you the feel that
      they were pay-per-view caliber matches. I guess it's because it felt like
      HBK comeback to the seen seemingly out of no where and was trusted into the
      main event scene with Cena down. I know, Michaels does have a reason to be
      feuding with Orton because of the storyline back in May, but it didn't feel
      all that intense. I don't know.... No build-up? We've seen Kennedy/Hardy on
      Raw enough times, what was so different about this simple grudge match? Just
      two wrestlers fighting it out because they weren't voted into the WWE title
      match. Punk/Miz? Most people still even have a hard time trying to figure
      out just how in the hell Miz even got put on a WWE payroll in the first
      place. But the opener between Finlay and Mysterio was pretty entertaining to
      watch. Thankfully, it was a stretcher match and it was awesome to see. There
      wasn't a blind person in the house who didn't notice the finish got screwed
      up because of a cable getting in the way, but the two vets played it off
      well enough that no one in the building seemed to mind or even care and
      appreciated the ending. Everyone was very into the Umaga/Triple H match,
      despite the fact that the D.C. crowd wanted a steel cage match. Well, screw
      them. I wanted to see a first blood match! When you're at the event, there
      really isn't a whole lot to see when you watch a cage match. I remember a
      few years ago when I went to a house show, Triple H was facing then WWF/E
      champ, the Rock, in a cage match. Cage matches are more fun and easier to
      enjoy on TV, trust me. But I'm sure there are smarter people in the world
      who have seen cage matches in person and have enjoyed them, so go trust'em.
      But, as heard on TV, the crowd boo'd the decision but Triple H and Umaga
      made up for the 'disappointment' and put on a good show. See, when there is
      a spot with Umaga running from one table to the other and then splashing
      Triple H on the other table, then that's what you pay to see! Now that's
      awesome to see in person! Nothing to complain about and it sure as hell was
      better than what we would've seen in a cage match. Umaga can move, man - let
      the big guy fly!

      If that wasn't the match of the night, than the Undertaker Vs. Batista was.
      Hey, I didn't go to a WWE event until the year 2000, so I only saw the
      entire 'Attitude Era' on TV. It was pretty damn cool to see Steve Austin,
      Mick Foley and the Undertaker in the matter of minutes. It was fun to see
      JBL whoop up on Austin for a bit until he got the stunner. If I do have one
      complaint, and I do have a complaint, is that there was no argument or
      stared owns between Austin and the Undertaker. Really, I know, there is no
      reason to since their feuds are long gone and done, but it would've been a
      blast from the past if we were to see the Undertaker and Austin tease the
      fans at going at it. C'mon, there is a history there! It would've been fun!
      But, g!@dammit, what a match! At WrestleMania, they put on one helluva match
      and showed the WWE office and fans why they should've been the main event
      that year. Last Sunday, Batista and the Undertaker proved, yet once again,
      why their matches are pay-per-view main event quality matches. These two big
      men just have the natural chemistry and can just go. Not too many kind words
      are said concerning Batista these days, perhaps mistaken for his very
      laid-back personality, but the man can go - but I guess that is a MUST when
      it's against the cornerstone of the WWE, the Undertaker. When I was in the
      crowd at No Way Out 2006 and couldn't managed to put my ass down in my seat
      because of the mad-contest between Angle and the Undertaker, I thought I was
      going to witness history and see the Undertaker tap-out for the first time
      (*yeah, I know there was an angle on Smackdown years ago where 'Taker
      supposedly did tap-out to the Ankle-lock and was disputed for a while....
      'till this match where Michael Cole said that neither man had ever been
      forced to tap-out in their entire career, ugh...*). It was so back and forth
      and Angle kept on slapping on the ankle-lock from so many positions and
      reversals, I thought it was going to happen for sure. Then, as UT had on a
      tri-angle hold, Angle flipped over and got the controversial pin on the
      Deadman, of course. Still, that was never said as a 'clean' pin and the
      finish was often disputed. But there is nothing to argue about what happened
      last Sunday. Not to sound like a smart mark, but the Undertaker sold one bad
      pounding. After getting up from the first Batista bomb and putting his fist
      in the air and having his big body held up by the ropes, looking dazed and
      not knowing where the hell he was but still willing to put up a fight....
      Batista hits another Batista bomb and Austin counts the very clean 1..2..3.
      Now that is something you don't see... But I did. That match, Batista and
      the Undertaker's efforts are what made that $90 dollar ticket worth it.
      After the headache I received from sitting close to the fireworks, watching
      the Miz wrestle and dealing with metro, that match was worth it and made me
      feel thankful that I went to an 'unpredictable' PPV.

      What sounded like what was going to be another bitchy column turned out to
      be quite positive, I could end it on a bad note and complain about DX coming
      back, if only for one night. But I think all that can be cried about some
      time next week. Trick or treating is over, so if you are on your bike
      tonight, please do wear white.

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