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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2579

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2007
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      Thursday October 11th 2007 Issue #2579
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Don't forget tomorrow at 7PM EST / Midnight GMT Ian Hamilton and Adam
      Firestorm return with another edition of Ringside Live. Those of you
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      listen/download to the podcast on the site or via iTunes fifteen after the
      show ends. The discussions for tomorrow include the disastrous rating that
      RAW got on Monday, Randy Couture quitting UFC today, all the week's news and
      the aftermath of the Chris Benoit family massacre. You can listen at
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      - We have received the artwork for the upcoming John Cena DVD titled 'My
      Life'. This is a 3 disc DVD set and has a total of 540 minutes of footage
      with the release date of November 6th. The artwork has Cena standing by an
      old muscle car and looks more like a movie rather than a wrestling DVD. It's
      one of the best covers for a dedicated Superstar DVD. This 3 disc set
      includes a two hour documentary on Cena where friends, family and co-workers
      discuss the former champ's accomplishments in the ring as well as a lot of
      matches and promos and interviews. This one looks like it's going to be a
      keeper and a best seller for WWE. You can check out the artwork at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5362]

      - WWE received a nice shock from the Monday Night RAW ratings as the show
      did just a 2.8 for the post-No Mercy pay-per-view. The show had a 2.8 for
      each hour. Usually post-PPV shows get some more viewers due to curiosity
      however it seems this time not only they didn't get more viewers, but
      viewers left from the previous week. Last week the show did a 3.2. AM RAW
      did a 0.9 during the weekend while last Friday's Smackdown! did a 2.5. ECW
      on Sci Fi did a TNA-like 1.2 for Tuesday. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media
      Research and put online by PWInsider.com)
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - The ECW title match for Cyber Sunday has been announced and fans will get
      to choose the opponent for CM Punk. The options are either Big Daddy V,
      former ECW champ John Morrison or the ever annoying Miz. Now it would be
      funny if The Miz gets chosen for this match, don't you think?
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5361]

      - Krissy Vaine, who made her debut on Smackdown! a couple of weeks ago
      attacking WWE Diva Torrie Wilson has already quit the company along with her
      boyfriend Ryan O'Reilly who was being called to the main roster as well.
      With the two dating, Vaine was sent to Smackdown! and O'Reilly was going to
      be on the RAW brand and according to several reports the two quit because
      they would be apart from each other most of the week. It seems hard to
      believe that after a few years on the developmental roster and finally when
      the call comes you quit just because you are not on the same roster.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5298]

      - The Condemned on DVD managed another $3.36 million in rentals for the week
      of October 1st to October 7th, sending the total revenue to $11.12 million
      in three weeks. That is 150.8% of the total box office revenue the movie did
      in 28 days it was out. The movie made its debut in the second place in DVD
      sales when it came out.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5297]


      //->> THE CHAIR SHOT
      By Kevin I. Dodge -[kidodge@...]

      Hey everyone, I want to start this week by venting off a little.

      I just read an article and am angered to no end. It's an article written by
      Kimberly Dadds on the DigitalSpy news website. It concerns John Graziano,
      the young marine that was a passenger of Nick Hogan when he wrapped his car
      around a telephone pole in August. According to the article, Mr. Graziano
      will probably have to spend the rest of his life receiving full time medical
      attention in a nursing home. He had been originally put on full life support
      after the accident. Nurse Joanne Jones, who examined Graziano on behalf of
      the court, wrote in her report: "At this present time, he states his
      prognosis remains guarded. He states that this young man most likely will
      spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home." If this really is the
      case then Nick Hogan can, and I hope will be held criminally responsible.
      The wreck is currently still being investigated by the local police dept. I
      really hope that Nick Hogan is found guilty and has the book thrown at him.
      We all know how the courts handle situations that involve big names, just
      look at O.J. Simpson. Hopefully the judge will see past daddy's money and
      treat Nick like the irresponsible child that he truly is. Whether this young
      marine survives or not, Nick Hogan took his life away. And in my personal
      opinion he deserves the same done to him. Put that arrogant brat behind bars
      and let him rot. Let Hulk know that his son is not just a whiny little
      bitch, but now he someone else's bitch. Sorry to seem so hostile about the
      situation, but it just pisses me off so much. I guess I should get to actual
      wrestling now.

      First and foremost on my mind is TNA's big 2 hour debut. What a
      disappointment. You would think that since they finally have their
      opportunity that they would take full advantage of it. But instead, they
      crapped all over it. TNA has so much great talent, why do they continue to
      waste their time on wrestlers and athletes with big names and no talent. The
      biggest being, of course, Adam "Pacman" Jones. Having a Tag Team match
      against the Dudley's ( I don't care what they call themselves these days,
      they are still the Dudley's in my eyes.) and Pacman finally does his one and
      only wrestling move, a Leapfrog over Bubba Ray. WOW! I hope he finally feels
      like a big bad wrestler now. What a arrogant prick. Look at the history of
      non wrestlers appearing in wrestling rings. I've seen more athletic talent
      and definitely bigger balls in non athletes like David Arquette, Andy
      Kauffman, Toby Keith. Hell, even Jack Black showed more wrestling ability in
      the movie Nacho Libre.

      Every wrestling fan should be ashamed to have Pacman's name even mentioned
      in the same sentence as pro wrestling. I always thought that Jeff Jarrett
      had a great wrestling mind. But now that I've seen what he's done with TNA I
      am having serious doubts. Jeff, maybe you should pull your head out of Dixie
      Carter's ass and focus on wrestling. Big names does not equal good
      wrestling. The best match of the night didn't have a single big name in it.
      The 10 man gauntlet match didn't have any former WWE superstars or big
      names. But it was the most athletic and exciting match of the night. It was
      also great to see Eric Young come out victorious. Eric has a great character
      and is a good wrestler on top of it. He deserves a push and maybe now that
      Impact is 2 hours long we will get to see more of him. It was also nice to
      see the return of not only the Steiners, but to see Raven playing more of an
      in ring role. I've enjoyed watching Raven for along time. Even all the way
      back to the days when he first started up in the Pacific Northwest wrestling
      under the name Scotty the Body. Believe it or not, he used to be a pretty
      boy with a great body. Hell, didn't we all?

      I wasn't surprised not to see Kurt Angle there. Especially after his recent
      DUI arrest. His attorney says that police have no first hand knowledge of
      Angle driving while impaired. But, in Pennsylvania he will more then likely
      automatically lose his drivers license for 1 year just for refusing a blood
      test. Angle claims he refused the test on the advise of his agent. What else
      do you think Kurt is trying to hide in his bloodstream. Especially since his
      name was mentioned in the recent online steroid bust. And speaking of Kurt,
      I wasn't to thrilled about using Sting's kid in a storyline. I have no
      problem with pushing the limits with storylines, but using children is just
      in bad taste. Not to mention that if that type of altercation actually
      happened real life Kurt would be looking at prison time for assaulting a
      minor. I personally would rather see a storyline using kids like Raven and
      Sandman did in ECW then seeing a storyline where one wrestler beats up
      another wrestlers teenage son. There is just no excuse for using any form of
      child abuse as a storyline. It's absolutely repulsive. But it's not the
      first time Sting has used his son in his wrestling career. Back in 1997
      Sting's son, Garrett, was the creepy voice in Sting's infamous Starrcade
      promo. Sting then went on to beat Hulk Hogan for the WCW title. I'm sure TNA
      executives wonder why their big 2 hr debut didn't draw ratings any higher
      then their regular 1 hr show. Well, it's definitely not the wrestlers fault.
      They really need to just look into the mirror to find that answer.

      And a little side note about Kurt Angle. In a recent interview with Alex
      Marvez, Angle claims that he has been offered a chance to work out with the
      International Fight League. He says that other MMA organizations have been
      wanting him to fight for them, but they only want him for his name. He
      claims he prefers the IFL because he can just train part time around his TNA
      schedule. He then went on to say that he was a better fighter then Wanderlei
      Silva and even UFC's Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture. Kurt, when the hell
      did your head get that damn big? What exactly are you injecting into your
      ass? He's probably just still pissed off because the owner of UFC, Dana
      White, basically said he doesn't take MMA fighting serious and would never
      let him fight for him. I really hope Kurt gets a chance to step into the MMA
      world. I would love nothing better then to see him get the crap kicked out
      of him. Kurt, your not all that. You need to pull your head out and look
      around. Reality is knocking, it's time for you to answer the door.

      How about Shawn Michaels last night. WOW, what a surprise. I guess that
      clears up all the confusion with saveus 222. Now it's not a question of who
      it is just a question of when. Now it looks like it will be Orton vs.
      Michaels at Cyber Sunday. Well, it is up to the fans, but when Shawn
      Michaels, Mr. Kennedy, and Jeff Hardy are your choices for Orton's opponent.
      It's a pretty easy guess. Orton showed at No Mercy that he deserves the main
      event. Since he got sent home from Europe earlier this year he has really
      changed his attitude. He seems a lot more of a team player now. Maybe
      getting married had something to do with it. Who knows. But when it came to
      No Mercy one man made the whole show, HHH. Not 1, not 2, but 3 complete
      individual matches. Not like Angle's 3 matches at TNA's last PPV. Whether
      people like it or not HHH proved that when it comes to professional
      wrestling he truly is the top of the food chain. That poor title belt
      changed hands more then a hooker on payday. I personally thought it was the
      best PPV that the WWE has put on in awhile. It also goes to show that even
      when Vince is dealt a bad hand, ie. Cena's injury, he still can pull off a
      great show. I think it turned out even better then it would have with just a
      Cena/Orton main event. I'm glad Cena's surgery went well, and I hope for a
      speedy recovery.

      Also, in case you haven't heard, Marcus Cor Von has been released from the
      WWE. He took time off a few months ago because of a death in his family.
      Apparently he lost his sister and has been taking care of her children.
      Being a full time single parent is a hell of a lot more important then being
      a busy, on the road wrestler for the WWE. Maybe now he'll go back to TNA
      where they work much lighter schedule. Maybe only like 5 times a month. I
      hope all goes well for him.

      The only thing I wanted to mention about Smackdown is my disappointment in
      one of my favorite wrestlers, the Undertaker. I had been looking forward to
      his return, especially to TV not just on a PPV. They promoted his Smackdown
      return for 2 weeks. Then when he finally shows up we see him for a total of
      6 minutes. That even includes his entrance. I felt ripped off. How can you
      have a match between Undertaker and Mark Henry that lasts less then 5
      minutes? I know there are a lot of Undertaker fans out there like me, I
      wonder if you felt kind of cheated too.

      In some out of the ring news, a former WWE superstar is making a rather
      interesting career change. From pro wrestler to porn director. Yes, you
      heard me right. I am talking about none other then Gangrel, or as he is
      known now, The Vampire Warrior. He will make his directorial debut in a
      movie to be released this November. The movie is titled "Miami Rump Shakerz
      2". Gangrel has signed to a 12 movie deal with PWO, Porn World Order. So
      this isn't just some promotional gimmick. Makes you kind of wonder how
      someone goes from wrestling to the porn world. I guess there isn't to much
      difference. Bad acting and a lot sweaty bodies. The biggest difference for
      him will be that he will be behind the camera instead of in front of it.
      Maybe he can call Val Venis for some tips.

      I was thinking, because of all the great comments I got on my last column,
      that if any of you have any questions or subjects that you would like me to
      respond to in my column, then please feel free to ask. I welcome all
      comments, questions, and ideas Until Next time, stay Cool everyone.

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