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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Tuesday October 2nd 2007 Issue #2572
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Well a lot of people got their wish today. John Cena is out for the next six
      months (at least) with an injury which means he won't be on your television
      screens till after WrestleMania or by mid of next year. No more 'Cena sucks'
      or 'F U Cena' chants in arenas for now. Oh well, too bad. I think he's a
      great entertainer and usually he has great matches. Hopefully someone else
      will step up. Cue in more Jericho rumors...

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      - WWE champion John Cena was injured yesterday during Monday Night RAW in
      his match against the returning Mr Kennedy. He suffered a completed tear of
      his right pectoral muscle which will require surgery and Cena will be out
      for at least six long months. Cena traveled to Birmingham, AL., today where
      he was checked by Dr James Andrews and received the bad news. This means
      that a new WWE champion will be crowned for sure this Sunday at No Mercy
      even though he stated otherwise on WWE.COM yesterday. "No matter how serious
      the injury, one way or another I'll be ready to compete on Sunday," he said.
      WWE.COM is now reporting that Cena is being stripped of his title and a
      match to crown the new champion will happen on the pay-per-view. Cena has
      been WWE champ for over a year straight after beating Edge in Unforgiven of
      last year. He has held the WWE championship for the majority of the time
      since WrestleMania 21 in 2005 on three different occasions. This news means
      that Cena will have no part in WrestleMania 24 in Florida and obviously him
      being out for this long is a major blow to the company since Cena is the
      poster boy for WWE.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5328]

      - WWE Diva Torrie Wilson and former WWE champ Mick Foley were part of the
      opening ceremony of the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shangai.
      Thousands of Special Olympians traveled from all over the world to
      participate in the biggest Special Olympics World Summer Games ever. Foley
      and Wilson were joined by Colin Farrell, Yao Ming, Governor Arnold
      Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, and Yo Yo Ma in the ceremony. The WWE
      representatives escorted the Olympians into the Shanghai Stadium during the
      March of Athletes. Torrie marched with the team from Hungary and Mick
      escorted the team from Saudi Arabia.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5317]

      - Another Diva wannabe bites the dust as J. Kim from Catawba, NC., was the
      third eliminated from this year's competition. Kim received the least amount
      of votes during the past week. The 21 year old personal trainer is a former
      Miss Hawaiian Tropic who was voted 'Miss Photogenic'.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5238]

      - TNA President Dixie Carter will be the guest on the monthly TNA conference
      call tomorrow at 2PM EST. She will be discussing iMPACT!'s expansion to two
      hours starting on Thursday as well as the upcoming TNA pay-per-view Bound
      For Glory. She will only be there for a whooping fifteen minutes and all
      members of the media must pre-register. To participate, please e-mail
      salil.gulati@... for call in details.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5329]


      By Jen Robinson -[jenwrestlingonline@...]

      Hello, Wrestling-Online readers, and Welcome to the Jumble!

      This is my 25th column for W-O (hard to believe) and I wanted to thank all
      of you for your continued support! It really means a lot to have such great
      fans who are there for me no matter if you agree with my views or think I'm
      totally looney tunes.

      Now we're off to the races!

      I'm beginning to get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that Elijah
      Burke is going to be the one to win the Elimination Chase to "No Mercy" and
      the title shot against CM Punk. Why? Mainly because he eliminated Stevie
      Richards from the competition two weeks ago and Kevin Thorn last week. I was
      really hoping for Thorn vs. Dreamer in the final match, but now it's Dreamer
      vs. Burke and my gut is telling me Burke will win. I'm hoping my gut is
      wrong because I like Tommy Dreamer. I know he's one of the "older" stars
      (not old, just been in the business longer than some others) but I think he
      can still put on a good match. There are some fans out there that would
      disagree with me, but I would really enjoy seeing Punk vs. Dreamer at the

      Nunzio did a great job in his match against Mike Knox, proving that size
      doesn't mean everything. Granted, he lost but he held his own for a lot
      longer than some guys would've done against a man the size of Knox.

      The Miz vs. Silas Young was a joke. There was no way in heck that Young was
      going to win, even though Miz isn't exactly a 5-star-quality wrestler. The
      solitary purpose for the match was just so Balls Mahoney could ask Kelly if
      she would go out with him again, only to have Miz knock him cold and Kelly
      be dragged away by Brooke and Layla. I'm still waiting for Kelly to grow a
      backbone and tell Miz off.

      Elijah Burke cornered Tommy Dreamer in the locker room and told him that he
      might've had a shot against Burke ten years ago, but now Burke is younger,
      stronger, all that jazz. Tommy said he had one thing that Burke didn't and
      that's heart. Right now, I'd have to agree with Dreamer. He definitely has
      heart and he puts it all into his work. Burke the man may have heart in his
      work but Burke the character does not.

      I'll admit it, I like Matt Striker. I want to know where teachers like him
      were when I was in high school! You know, you should learn something new
      every day, so Mr. Striker, if you need a pupil I'm volunteering! Okay, okay,
      before the guys reading this throw up, I'll go back to being serious.
      Striker is a really good wrestler and I enjoyed the match he had against CM
      Punk. He showed smart strategy by targeting Punk's left hand when it was
      injured. Punk did win the match, which was awesome because I like him, too,
      but unfortunately he was assaulted by Big Daddy V after the bell. When is
      someone going to get the drop on that guy? He isn't unbeatable, no matter
      how big he is. Andre the Giant was beaten. Yokozuna was beaten. The Big Show
      was beaten. BDV will be beaten, too. It will just take the right person to
      do it. (Calling Boogeyman! Where are you, Boogey?)

      Vickie Guerrero is the new GM of "SmackDown." As if no one saw THAT coming.

      Victoria is such an awesome wrestler, but I'm getting so sick of seeing her
      wrestling people like Torrie Wilson. I'm not saying Torrie can't wrestle,
      but she's not what I consider a "good" wrestler. She's decent, I'll say that
      for her. She has some skills but she just isn't on the same level as
      Victoria. I sort of see Torrie more on the level of Maria, some talent but
      still more valet than wrestler. Maybe the new Diva, Krissy Vaine (the blonde
      who attacked Torrie at the end of the match), will be a more formidable
      opponent for Victoria.

      I can't believe it's already been one year since Montel Vontavious Porter
      was signed to "SD." He's such a fun character - conceited as all heck but
      incredibly talented both in the ring and on the mic. His little celebration
      in "The V.I.P. Lounge" was very appropriate for his character - everyone was
      there to worship the wonderfulness of MVP! I absolutely love the interaction
      between him and his tag team partner, Matt Hardy, who brought some special
      gifts to MVP for his anniversary. (Did anyone else crack up when Matt called
      MVP his "homey?") The first gift was a video package showcasing MVP being
      beaten up. MVP wasn't happy about that at all, but Matt laughed it off as a
      joke, something funny for MVP. The second gift was a bottle of Cristal for a
      toast to how arrogant, egotistical, stupid, and overrated MVP is. (Matt
      actually had more words to describe MVP but you get the idea.) The third
      gift was my favorite, though - a match against MVP's "good friend," Kane!
      The look on MVP's face was priceless!

      Chuck Palumbo had no trouble at all defeating Kenny Dykstra in their match.
      It was pretty much a walk in the park for the big biker.

      Jesse and Festus are finally going to wrestle next week!

      Batista gave such an honest answer to Michael Cole's question about his
      strategy for the Punjabi Prison match at the PPV - he has no strategy since
      he has never been in this type of match and it's really Khali's backyard.
      How refreshing for someone to speak the truth! Most people would probably
      come up with some quick answer that makes them sound confident about a match
      that they likely aren't confident about since they've never been in
      something like it before. (Quick girlie moment - Batista looked so hot in
      that pinstripe suit!!)

      A couple of readers have written to me about something that I've noticed
      myself - no one is talking about MVP's heart condition anymore. That used to
      be the only thing the commentators talked about when MVP was involved in
      anything since he couldn't get physical without risking his health. I don't
      know why they've stopped talking about it. I can only guess that one of two
      things has happened - 1) he really does have the condition and is being
      monitored constantly but it's his personal business and WWE isn't going to
      keep talking about it on the air or 2) he never had it in the first place
      and WWE has completely dropped it from the storyline the way they do with so
      many other things. He certainly seemed fine in his bout against Kane. The
      action was intense and made for an entertaining match. It was too bad MVP
      got himself disqualified with a kick to Kane's privates, but that only means
      more matches between the two in the future!

      I just don't know what's up with John Bradshaw "Loud Mouth" Layfield
      anymore. Honestly, I've never liked him and thought he was disrespectful at
      times in his commentary, but lately he's gotten even worse. His dislike of
      Rey Mysterio is out of control. Is it all script or is it Layfield himself
      saying this stuff? Is he bitter because he's not wrestling anymore? I'm sure
      he could get back in the ring if he really wanted to. Vince apparently likes
      him and would probably allow him to be an active wrestler again if that's
      what he truly wants. Maybe that's what this feud with Rey is really about.
      JBL is getting ready to give up the commentator's table for the ring again
      but needs to be feuding with someone to make his return more plausible. I'm
      okay with him getting back in the ring, but not at the expense of Rey's
      pride. JBL can be angry about losing a retirement match to Rey or say Rey
      was never the champion that JBL was, but leave the rest out of it.

      I'm still wondering what Fit Finlay's beef with Rey is, too. I don't think
      that's been established at all yet. If it was, I missed it! Whatever the
      reason, I don't think this feud is personal at all. It's just an idea from
      the WWE writing team. The feud between JBL and Rey seems much more private

      Did anyone actually believe Vickie Guerrero was being sincere when she
      basically stripped Hornswoggle of the Cruiserweight Title because he was a
      target as both the champ and as a McMahon? Nah, I didn't think so. I don't
      understand why the writers felt it would be better to take the belt away
      from Hornswoggle the way they did instead of having him legitimately lose
      the belt to someone like Jamie Noble or Shannon Moore. That would've made
      more sense than just taking it away.

      Speaking of Jamie and Shannon, another first-rate match from them! I'm
      sensing these are the two top-runners for the now vacant Cruiserweight
      Title. How about a three-way dance for the belt? Maybe throw Jimmy Wang Yang
      in, too.

      On another site I visit, there was some discussion going on about The
      Undertaker no longer having the tattoo on his neck of his wife Sara's name.
      There was even a screenshot from the last PPV of Taker approaching the ring
      and the tattoo was clearly not there. I made sure to pay attention last
      Friday and the tattoo is definitely where it's always been, so my guess is
      that the screenshot had been altered somehow. Or perhaps he was wearing
      makeup over it for some reason. At any rate, it's there without a doubt.

      Now that we're on the subject of Taker, I'm so glad he's back! It's about
      time someone shut Mark Henry up. Their match on "SD" was decent, which is
      pretty much the best I expect from any match involving Mark Henry. It's not
      going to be a great match no matter who else is in it. Taker chokeslamming
      Henry for the win was very impressive!

      "Raw" began with Vince McMahon guaran-damn-teeing a win over Triple H again,
      so you knew he had a plan up his sleeve to insure that would happen because
      I can't see Vince beating Trips in a fair one-on-one contest. Vinnie decided
      to demonstrate what he would be doing to Trips later in the show by showing
      off his skills against three men from different fighting styles. Only Vinnie
      decided at the last minute to let the returning Umaga demonstrate instead.
      It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened next - Umaga completely
      destroyed the men. Oh well, at least they got their 15 minutes of fame!

      Jeff Hardy, Paul London, and Brian Kendrick against Shelton Benjamin, Lance
      Cade, and Trevor Murdoch was a tremendous match! I wish they had been given
      more time because that was probably the best match of the night. Congrats to
      Hardy, London, and Kendrick on their victory!

      The Highlanders, who gave London and Kendrick a beat down last week, opted
      not to wrestle the tag champs on "Raw" because they want only one match - a
      tag team title shot. Hopefully that will happen soon!

      Cody Rhodes lost again this week to Hardcore Holly. Why does that not
      surprise me? I think Cody has the talent to defeat Holly but Holly has more
      clout with the brass. (No, I don't have proof of that, but it seems like
      Holly can get away with a lot of bad behavior.)

      What did Beth Phoenix think she would prove by harassing and attacking
      Lilian Garcia? (Or to be correct, what did the writers prove?) There really
      wasn't any reason for Beth to try to choke Lilian except that it gave her
      PPV opponent, Candice Michelle, the opportunity to hit the ring and take
      Beth out. Candice has improved so much that this upcoming match should be
      really good!

      Vinnie's plan to guaran-damn-tee a victory against Trips was to have Carlito
      be the guest referee for the match. I thought at first it was going to be
      Umaga, but Carlito made sense, too, since he and Trips have also had issues.
      The plan was a good one since Carlito ended up disqualifying Trips for
      putting his hands on the ref. That means Vinnie has now defeated Trips two
      weeks in a row. To add insult to injury, Umaga did make his way to the ring
      and started beating up on Trips. Carlito tried to help by attacking Trips,
      too, but that only seemed to make Umaga mad. (Makes you wonder if Carlito
      will feud with Umaga, doesn't it?) In the end, Trips managed to get to the
      sledgehammer and Umaga took off with Vinnie in tow.

      "Marella at the Movies" was stupid. It did give the male fans a chance to
      look at Maria, but other than that there was no point to it. Unless Stone
      Cold is coming back to feud with Santino, why is WWE bothering to have him
      talk badly about "The Condemned?" They can talk about how well it's doing in
      DVD rentals and sales without Marella acting like a jerk about it. Val Venis
      was the only bright spot in the segment and he ended up being brutally
      attacked by Marella.

      Melina vs. Mickie James was a great match that ended hysterically!
      Hornswoggle distracted Melina and gave Mickie the opportunity to defeat her.
      Then Melina made the mistake of following the newest McMahon under the ring
      where he stripped her naked (supposedly). So Hornswoggle takes off with
      Melina's clothes and leaves her screaming under the ring. Then things got
      just a little creepy when William Regal took Melina's clothes away from
      Hornswoggle and was sitting in the office looking at them. That was just a
      little bizarre.

      Dr. Steve-O should've known better than to ask Ron Simmons if he wanted to
      be on his show where wussies are made into men. Ron is definitely not a
      wuss, although the segment did give him the chance to throw Steve-O out of
      the building with a resounding "DAMN!"

      Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the main event of the evening! In
      this corner, wearing black - oh sorry, I was having a Michael Buffer moment
      there! I used to love listening to him do the intros on "Monday Nitro" for
      the main events. Seriously, though, the main event for "Raw" was John Cena
      versus the returning Misterrrrrrr Kennedy (dramatic pause) Kennedy! I've
      missed hearing his intros, even though he's only been gone for thirty days.
      Did you all hear the ladies in the crowd screaming when Cena took off his
      shirt? Yeah, when I'm at the shows and he takes his shirt off I scream, too!
      Guilty as charged! I enjoyed the match a lot because Kennedy and Cena are
      both really talented and work off of each other well. When the match ended
      with Kennedy tapping out to the STFU, I knew something was up because there
      was still plenty of time left before "Raw" would go off the air. So it was
      really no surprise to me when Randy Orton, who was supposedly in Chicago
      where "No Mercy" will be this Sunday, flew into the ring and RKO'ed Cena. He
      then proceeded to slam Cena with both the ring stairs and a monitor from the
      commentary table before RKO'ing Cena again on top of the table. Orton then
      did his own 10-count, which Cena could not get up for. A foreshadowing of
      "No Mercy," perhaps? We'll see this Sunday!

      And now a few more random jumblings!

      So just what is "Save_us.222?" Is it simply a clever intro to a new wrestler
      with a "Matrix" type character or is it really a sly way to announce to the
      wrestling audience that Chris Jericho is on his way back? If you slow down
      the video, you can make out some words and phrases that can be linked to
      "The Ayatollah of Rock and Roll-ah." I'm hoping this does mean Jericho is
      coming back because I've always been a fan of his and would like nothing
      more than to see him in a WWE ring again!

      Congratulations to Randy Orton and his new bride, Samantha Speno! The couple
      was married on Saturday, September 21st, which is why Randy did not appear
      live on "Raw" last week. Best wishes to you both!

      Thanks to everyone who has sent in their reviews of Stone Cold Steve
      Austin's movie, "The Condemned." The opinions have been pretty mixed,
      although most seem to like Austin in the role he played. I have to say, I
      liked watching him play Jake Cage on "Nash Bridges" a few years ago. He was
      really good in the part, so I can see where an action movie would be right
      up his alley. Most of the reviewers said it was the writing and directing
      that was lacking and those things can't be overcome even with good actors.

      Speaking of movies, congratulations to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on "The
      Game Plan," his new film where he plays a football star who suddenly finds
      out he has a young daughter. It opened this past Friday and made over
      $22,000,000, making it the number one movie for the weekend! Very
      impressive, especially considering another movie that also opened last
      Friday was "The Kingdom," starring two well known stars in Jamie Foxx and
      Jennifer Garner. Their movie made over $17,000,000, not a drop in the bucket
      but not as much as Johnson's!

      I hate to end this column on a somber note, but I wanted to take a moment to
      remember a wrestler who I used to love watching and who I felt a sort of
      connection with because we were both from the same area of the country. That
      wrestler was Brian Pillman. He passed away ten years ago this month and I
      still miss him to this day. He was from Kentucky, but he was always billed
      as being from Cincinnati, Ohio, which is where I'm originally from. He also
      played for the Cincinnati Bengals, a team I've cheered for since I was a
      kid. My favorite memory of Brian is still the night he got down on one knee
      in the middle of the ring on "Monday Night Raw" and prayed for Bret Hart's
      recovery from knee surgery. He even got Owen and Davey Boy down on one knee
      with him and they all sent their wishes to Bret who was at home that night.
      Owen and Davey ended up being chased away by Shawn Michaels and Brian was
      attacked by Stone Cold, but it is still one of my most favorite memories
      involving the man known as "The Loose Cannon."

      That's it for me this week! Take care and I'll see ya in The Jumble!

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