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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2557

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Thursday September 13th 2007 Issue #2557
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      If any of you Spanish or French readers are attending the WWE live events in
      your country right please drop us a line with some results and notes.

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      - There have been a lot of discussions lately suggesting that Booker T and
      Sharmell have both quit the company after Booker T's name surfaced on the
      clients list of Signature Pharmacy. After McMahon ordered a meeting with all
      the Superstars who were suspended, Booker T failed to show up after missing
      his flight to Stamford. Booker is rumored to be the one who is being
      suspended for sixty days. Dave Meltzer of the Observer reported last week
      that Booker has quit the company along with his wife although no official
      confirmation from any of the two sides was announced. Both of their profiles
      are still visible on the WWE.COM website and usually that section is the
      first updated when a wrestler is fired or released. The 42 year old former
      five time WCW champion has enjoyed a nice run lately and wrestled Triple H
      in his return match at SummerSlam last month. If Booker and his wife were to
      comeback, their return would be sometime in November.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5216]

      - Exit Sandman. The ECW original who during the draft was transferred to RAW
      was released on Tuesday by WWE for reasons yet to be made public. Sandman
      was booked on Monday Night RAW this week and wrestled Santino Marella and
      was later 'short listed' in the final angle to reveal who was Mr McMahon's
      bastard son. Sandman joined WWE in June of 2006 as part of the new ECW and
      never won any titles in his year and a half as part of WWE.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5218]

      - Well the curiosity among fans to see who would be revealed as the bastard
      son of Mr McMahon was big and RAW this past Monday scored a 3.9 rating, up
      from last week's 3.6. The first hour did a 3.6 while the second hour did a
      very good 4.1. RAW is now facing hard competition considering NFL is back on
      the air head to head. ECW on Tuesday did a 1.4 rating, down 0.3 from the
      previous week. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5206]

      - In his latest blog update, the voice of RAW and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross
      updated his contract negotiations status with WWE. JR's contract is up soon
      and he says that he fully expects to sign a new contract with the company in
      the next few weeks unless "something pops up unexpectedly." JR said that
      with this new contract he'll be with WWE for the foreseeable future and
      ripped on those websites who are spreading false information about his
      contract dealings with the company. "If you want to read the absurd, check
      out the websites who allegedly have all the details on this matter. Either
      these sites are talking to someone inside the WWE, who 'might' have limited
      knowledge on this matter, and I stress 'limited,' or they are simply running
      with a rumor and making it a bona fide news story..."
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5217]

      - We have received the TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view poster which
      features a black and white image of Kurt Angle and Sting with the PPV logo
      at an angle with sparkles all around the bottom half of the poster. The TNA
      logo and a part of Sting's face paint are the only two things that have
      color in them in the whole poster. The PPV will be done in Atlanta and the
      biggest crowd in TNA history is expected for their main pay-per-view. You
      can view the poster at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d


      By George Brazzel -[georgebrazzel@...]-

      It's funny how life forces us to make choices. Choices we make affect so
      many people, and their choices, and so on. Lately, in the WWE, choices have
      been made... out of necessity, more than anything else. Sometimes a legacy
      has to be challenged to prove itself. Sometimes, people or groups,
      businesses, whatever; need to be given a wake up call. Hopefully, WWE is
      taking theirs seriously this time.

      With so many wrestlers "suspended" because of their association with a
      not-so kosher Signature Pharmacy, choices and changes have been made. I
      think there may be more to come. A part of me is hoping the lack of stars to
      fill five hours of weekly programming will lead to an end to the "brand"
      extension. Please, let me dream for a moment. Unify the WWE once again, and
      let's get back to the way God intended- one brand, one world title. Let's
      push more tag teams as teams, and keep from throwing two singles together
      just for filler. Push the women's division more, because they're ready. I'd
      like to completely do away with ECW, because it isn't what the name implies.
      Or, I guess, change it to WWE Extreme, and actually have extreme matches on
      the program. Anyway, this is just what I'd like.

      Do you really think that Ric Flair is trying to quit WWE because of the use
      of his character? Is he trying to bail before he gets suspended, and even
      worse, investigated? Does he actually want to go to TNA? Here's my thoughts,
      for now anyway. Flair has always said he's got one more run in him. Whether
      it's in WWE or TNA, does it really matter? I know how old he is, and I know
      most want him out of the ring for good. Not me. If an organization will put
      a world title on a guy like Khali, or Randy Orton- who lacked the maturity
      for the spot to begin with, or "mini me" Rey Mysterio, then why not Ric
      Flair? The fans would rally behind him. Admit it or not, the majority of us
      usually do. Flair can still work the mic. He can still work the fans. Most
      importantly, even at his age, he can still go as well as some of the younger
      "talent". If WWE sticks with the brand extension (please don't), then give
      Flair what he wants.

      As entertaining as Chris Jericho is, and he is; is he the best choice to be
      Vince's bastard son? Not really, but it'd work. I still say the more
      entertaining, and yes twisted choice, is Triple H. Won't happen, I know.
      Shawn Michaels would be another great option; though from what I hear, he
      isn't interested in coming back early. How about Jeff Hardy? He's about
      opposite of McMahon, physically especially. Right now, this could go a
      million different ways. Sandman would be cool. So would X-Pac.

      It is truly sad the circumstances behind C M Punk winning the ECW title. At
      least Batista lost to different title holders, though Edge schooled him a
      few times. ECW, on the whole, blows. They put on some decent matches, at
      times. They have some talented guys... no, not the Miz. The show needs an
      overhaul man. No Sabu, no Rob Van Dam, no Sandman, and a neutered Tommy
      Dreamer equal a not so Extreme Championship Wrestling. In short, ECW is a
      high speed car chase starring two cars that don't run.

      Random Thoughts: I missed mentioning my buddy's birthday in my last column,
      and I feel like an ass for it. Anyone in the Denver area, hunt down Charles
      Griffith and slap his ass and scream happy birthday, you dumb bastard. Or,
      you can send him a birthday wish at his e-mail at cstgriffith@....
      He's almost as big a wrestling nut as I am. I sure he'd love to hear from

      Anyone watch the Republican Debates this past week? Interesting, and that's
      as far as I'll go with that. I'll just say that it's not good when a person
      who hadn't even officially entered the race has been placing second in most

      It's odd to hear about Chris Benoit having extensive brain damage. It makes
      a hell of a lot more sense than the news media's roid rage theory. Now, how
      will Marc Mero twist this to further his fifteen minutes of fame? Speak up
      now Debra, you bimbo.

      As always, I'd love your feedback. Send it to georgebrazzel@..., or
      harass me at www.myspace.com/geovinbra. Keep your head to the wind, and your
      tail to yourself.

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