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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2550

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Monday Septemebr 3rd 2007 Issue #2550
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Nothing to say today, back tomorrow.

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      - Turmoil in the ranks of World Wrestling Entertainment continues as the
      popular tag team Cryme Tyme were fired from the company yesterday. The
      release of Shad Gaspard and Jayson Paul - the two members of the team - have
      nothing to do with the Wellness Program and apparently it had something to
      do with Saturday's live event in Terra Haute, IN. The popular tag team were
      scheduled in a match against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch and JTG got
      counted out for exiting the ring and not returning by the count of ten.
      According to people who were at the show it made no sense since the count
      out was in the early stages of the match. After the match, Cryme Team beat
      up on the referee. It is believed that there was an argument backstage
      between all four which resulted in Cryme Tyme bailing out in the middle of
      the match. The duo made their RAW debut in late 2006 after they were brought
      in from Ohio Valley Wrestling.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5161]

      - RAW tonight is not live as it was taped yesterday evening due to the RAW
      brand going to South Africa for their four day tour. Tonight's show kicks
      off with Umaga defending the Intercontinental title against Jeff Hardy and
      Triple H taking on Carlito. The whole McMahon family will be in the house as
      the next chapter in the bastard son angle unfolds. With all the suspensions
      being handed out this past week, you will get a clear picture tonight of
      who's staying and who's going to be missing in action for the next 30 days
      and for someone, 60.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - The following WWE DVDs are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports chart
      for the week ending September 8th. 'The Ladder Match' stays in second place
      and so does 'WrestleMania 23' in the fourth. 'Vengeance 2007' drops to the
      fifth place and 'One Night Stand 2007' drops to sixth.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - TNA has announced plans for the Bound For Glory pay-per-view weekend as
      the show moves away from Orlando, FL., and lands at the Gwinnett Center in
      Atlanta, GA., on October 14th. More than 40 TNA stars will be available on
      the eve of the show at the InterAction Fanfest on Saturday October 13th at
      the Busbee Center at Gwinnett Technical College. Fans will have the
      opportunity to take pictures with their favorite wrestlers as well as having
      their stuff autographed. Tickets are $40 at www.ShopTNA.com or $50 at the
      door if available. Tickets go on sale at 9AM on Monday September 10th. All
      tickets ordered in the first 48 hours will be receive a $5 discount. Doors
      will open at 11AM for ticket pickup and merchandise sales. The autograph
      signing will begin at Noon and end at 4PM. Tickets for the actual
      pay-per-view go on sale this coming Saturday at Ticketmaster.com
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5164]


      //->> THE MAIN EVENT
      By Jorden Taylor Jr. -[LongDaddy1911@...]-

      Hello, everyone. I am a brand new writer for Wrestling-Online Newsletter,
      and this is my first article. I have named this column 'The Main Event'. I
      have been an avid wrestling fan since 1982, and have been a subscriber to
      this newsletter since the very beginning. I am very honored to be here, and
      welcome feedback from you all.

      There are so many things that I believe could make wrestling so much better.
      All complaints aside, the WWE and TNA both have good products, and talented
      individuals on their roster. If utilized correctly, wrestling could reach
      new heights.

      For starters, why do they have the commentators insult our intelligence? For
      instance, before John Cena defeated The Great Khali, they stated he was
      "undefeated." I clearly remember his last match on Smackdown (before he went
      to RAW) being a match where he was absolutely massacred by The Undertaker.
      It is one thing to say that he is "hard to beat," but, to say that he was
      undefeated is complete lunacy. This discredits what The Undertaker did. They
      could have said, "He has not been defeated by anyone on the RAW roster."
      This is not the 1990's version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where before
      each commercial break, the mutagen would be seconds away from destroying the
      turtles, only inches from their faces, and after the commercial break, it
      somehow retracted to the ceiling. Come on, folks. We have memories that
      expand beyond a couple of months.

      Next, the "undefeated" Mean Gene Snitsky, our favorite wrestler hailing from
      Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania (currently living in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania,
      for those of you keeping score at home). Umm... how is he undefeated? Let's
      take a look at Mr. Eugene Alan Snitsky, who went to my undergraduate school
      (Go University of Missouri: Columbia!). OK, he was not undefeated as Mean
      Gene Mondo in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was not undefeated as Mean Gene
      Snitsky in World Xtreme Wrestling (congrats to him, though, on being former
      world heavyweight champion there), and he is not undefeated in the WWE. It
      wasn't my fault that he lost to Kane. It wasn't not my fault that he and
      Tyson Tomko lost to Kane and The Big Show in the tag team championship
      match. Considering that he has multiple losses, how is he "undefeated?"
      WWE, please stop insulting our intelligence! Four bonus points for anyone
      who remembers why I used the phrase "It wasn't my fault."

      I also think that the WWE truly should make John Cena heel. When a face
      wrestler is getting booed, and you turn them heel, they draw MEGA heat.
      Let's look at Shawn Michaels right before Degeneration X was first formed.
      He was getting booed out of the building as a face (especially after his
      chair shot costing the Undertaker the WWF title to Bret Hart... but even
      before then, look at his match against Psycho Sid in Survivor Series 1996).
      Shawn Michaels was a hated face, and then became a MEGA heel. Next, look at
      The Rock. When he was Rocky Maivia, he became the youngest Intercontinental
      Champion in WWF History (defeating HHH), and got booed out of the building.
      He was being called Pineapple Head (well, with that ridiculous haircut he
      had... you saw it coming), and people even had signs that said, "Die, Rocky,
      Die!" He became a heel, and drew GREAT heat. Then, when Ron Simmons
      no-showed after the Montreal Screw Job in Survivor Series 1997, and he got
      to take over Ron's feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin, he became a mega heel.
      Cena NEEDS to become a heel. His career will soar to new heights.

      Randy Orton needs to stop coming to the ring with a t-shirt and those black
      trunks. He does not look intimidating at all; he looks like he has on a
      t-shirt and panties (I can hear Adina Howard and Jamie Foxx singing
      "...t-shirt and my panties on..." every time I see him come out to the ring
      like that). He looks absolutely ridiculous, especially the way he squats.
      Secondly, he needs to go back to his "Line In The Sand" theme song, made by
      Motorhead (it was also used as the Evolution theme song). It much better
      fit his personality. Also, Randy Orton needs to go back to the segments
      "Randy will make [insert wrestler's name] his b*tch." It worked VERY well
      in his feud with Mick Foley. He would have those segments come on before
      commercials, and it REALLY drew him a lot of heat. He needs to get away from
      this little kicking to the head, bring back his old theme music, and bring
      back those segments.

      King Booker needs to go back to being Booker T. Period.

      The Great Khali needs to drop the title to Batista. He is a complete bore.
      People may talk bad about Mark Henry, but I would rather see Mark Henry
      wrestle any day than Khali. Speaking of which, I would like to see Khali and
      Mark Henry feud in no-holds-barred matches.

      Shelton Benjamin needs to die his hair back to his regular hair color, and
      he and Charlie Haas should change that ridiculous theme music. It sounds
      like they are going to the circus.

      CM Punk NEEDS to be ECW Champion. He should stop being jobbed out to Johnny

      I will have some criticisms for TNA on the second article. In the meantime,
      please feel free to drop me a line at LongDaddy1911@... with any
      questions or comments. I do have a question for some of my old school
      wrestling fans. Does anyone know if the theme song used by The Artist
      Formerly Known As Goldust on the episode on RAW where he wrestled as
      "Pimpdust" against Flash Funk is the same theme song used by former WWE
      wrestler, The Godfather?

      My name's Jorden, everyone. I look forward to hearing from you all.

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      C Copyright 1996-2007 Wrestling-Online.com
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