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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2549

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Sunday Septemebr 2nd 2007 Issue #2549
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      The 'after shocks' - so to speak - from the suspensions continued this
      weekend at the SD! and ECW tapings yesterday and the RAW tapings today.
      Following the television shows you will have a pretty clear idea of those
      who are getting punished!

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      - WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt has confirmed that another suspension was
      handed out in connection with the Signature Pharmacy drug ring
      investigation. McDevitt added that one of the eleven will be having his
      second suspension, meaning he will be out of action for 60 days without pay.
      According to the Wellness Program, there are three chances: first time you
      get suspended for 30 days; second for 60 and the third is a contract
      termination. The other ten will be suspended for 30 days without pay. There
      will be no more suspensions in connection with this case. P. David Soares,
      district attorney for Albany County, thanked the WWE for helping in their
      investigation. "We appreciate the continued cooperation of World Wrestling
      Entertainment in our ongoing investigation into Signature Pharmacy and their
      distribution network," Soares said in a statement
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5151]

      - There is one casualty in this steroid case so far and Mike Bucci,
      otherwise known as 'Simon Dean', has been fired from the company. Although
      Bucci's name didn't surface in the Sports Illustrated list, the New York
      Daily News released his name earlier as one of the clients of Signature
      Pharmacy, the company under the microscope by New York prosecutors. Bucci
      decided to hang up his boots and get involved with the management side of
      the company and first was assigned to Deep South Wrestling as booker and
      later was promoted to the talent relations department.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5151]

      - Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that all those that
      received suspensions were flown to Stamford, CT., for a meeting with the
      Chairman Vince McMahon at the WWE Headquarters. All ten reported to the
      meeting except for the eleventh Superstar - whose name wasn't mentioned yet
      - because apparently he missed his flight. Meanwhile the folks at
      PWInsider.com added to the story that a meeting was held with the Smackdown!
      and ECW Superstars yesterday before the television tapings. Stephanie
      McMahon and John Laurinaitis - who are in charge of talent - informed the
      wrestlers that the company will be testing for marijuana use as well and if
      they get caught they will fined at least $1,000. They will also test for
      anti-estrogen drugs which is usually taken to decrease the after-effects of
      human growth hormone and steroid use. And finally they will also be testing
      those individuals who would be hired prior to the actual signing.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5151]

      - In another firing, WWE Superstar Eugene was shown the door yesterday. No
      reasons were given why he was given the boot and his name didn't show up on
      the list of clients for Signature Pharmacy. Eugene - real name Nick Dinsmore
      - made his WWE debut on RAW in April of 2004 as the nephew of the then
      General Manager Eric Bischoff. Dinsmore portrayed the character of a
      mentally retarded person to somewhat of a perfection during his on-screen
      time. His last appearance as at Friday's Smackdown! getting beat up by Mark
      Henry. During his time in WWE, he won the World tag team title once with
      William Regal.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5160]

      - The upcoming WWE New York live events at the end of September was canceled
      and rescheduled for January 2008. The live event from Syracuse on September
      28th has moved to January 18th. The show from Utica on September 29th has
      moved to January 6th, and the show from Jamestone on September 30th has now
      moved to January 19th. Any ticket issued or sold with the original dates
      printed will be honored on the rescheduled show dates. These shows will be
      performed by the RAW brand.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d


      By George Brazzel -[georgebrazzel@...]-

      I have a question: What the hell is going on?!? Sorry, I guess things are
      just a little out of sync for me right now, as far as wrestling goes. I
      think it's gut check time for World Wrestling Entertainment.

      Ten Suspensions?: How serious is this, I mean really? Will these ten
      "superstars" actually be suspended from all action entirely, or just from
      the live non televised events? Chavo Guerrero, Shane Helms, Randy Orton,
      John Morrison, Funaki, Charlie Haas, Umaga, William Regal, Edge, Booker T,
      Santino Marella, Mike Bucci, Ken Kennedy, Batista, and Chris Masters were
      all listed as having been customers of Signature Pharmacy, and receiving
      illegal steroids and/or other performance enhancers. Honestly, some of these
      guys mean just about nothing to me, and I couldn't care less if they stay
      off television for awhile. However, can the WWE story lines stand to lose
      guys like Kennedy and Orton? Morrison is the ECW world champion, for
      Christ's sake. I guess some could "take him out" in the locker room area,
      and Estrada could deem him unable to defend his title; blah, blah, blah, and
      we end up with some kind of tournament for the title. And hey, if anything,
      Umaga should've been popping some Stacker 2.

      I'm not sure I like stating this, but thank God for the McMahon Saga on
      Monday nights. The Bastard son angle can continue without Kennedy, for now.
      Hell, you never know, Triple H could end up being the illegitimate son we're
      looking for. It's had to have crossed everyone's mind at least once. This
      way, we'd have the incest angle Vince McMahon has always wanted, as well as
      Triple H sticking it to McMahon in a way no one else could. Nice.

      Surprised: Yes I am. Sting is one half of the TNA tag champions with Kurt
      Angle. I didn't see it coming. Then again, I wasn't looking all that hard.
      It's tough to get past Karen Angle's fun bags. This could make for some
      interesting matches, but I'm not a big fan of taking two singles wrestlers
      and throwing the tag titles on them. TNA has too many decent tag teams that
      deserve a run.

      Favorites: Long live Black Machismo! Oh Yeah! Brittany doesn't like him.
      Damn kids. They don't know what cool is anymore. My daughter wants Melina to
      adopt relatively the same Savage gimmick and be called the Latina Machisma.
      Awesome. Guess they do know something. Melina could pull it off. Now, all we
      need is Brooke Hogan to get a WWE contract, so the Mega Powers can explode
      once more.

      Speaking of Hogans...: I'm probably in the minority here, but maybe Nick
      Hogan needs to spend a few days in jail. How about losing his license for a
      year? He got pulled over what, three times in the span of ten to fifteen
      minutes? Something like that. Now, his buddy's in the hospital because
      little Nicky is basically an irresponsible prick. Sometimes, we have to make
      people grow up, no matter who their daddy is.

      Divas: Kristal is, in fact, too hot for Teddy Long. I wish she would be more
      active in the ring. Beth Phoenix is buff dude. Candice is carrying herself
      well as the champion, and it wouldn't surprise me to see her beat Beth and
      retain. I do like the idea of Smackdown having it's own women's title. I'm
      still waiting for Nattie Neidhart to pop up on television. I'm frustrated,
      yet amused, how Victoria is being made to look like a dork. I still say
      she's hot. Of course, so is Lacey Von Erich. I'm telling you, the Divas need
      their own show.

      Game On: Triple H has returned, in Degeneration X fashion. He looks good,
      leaner and meaner. I'm sure his leaner physique has nothing to due with the
      recent push for stricter drug testing. Nah. Anyway, he looks great, and was
      hysterical as usual. Now, I don't think he's as sexy as some of our other
      writers to be left nameless, but I'm man enough to admit he's looking that
      damn good. And not that Cena isn't carrying the company well- because he is,
      but eleven times world champion sounds good to me.

      Random Thoughts: I understand there's some problems in the Hogan household:
      marriage shaky, Brooke's music career going nowhere, blah blah blah. Hey, I
      sympathize to a point. My mother has been married five times, so I have an
      idea about an unstable family life. That being said, we're responsible for
      our actions- no one else. We cannot blame our parents, or television, or
      those whipper snappers and their rock and roll. Bottom line is Nick Hogan
      needs a time out.

      I still like the King Booker gimmick. It's funny. I will admit, though, that
      Booker T is too good of a wrestler to be saddled with such a "short bus"
      gimmick. It's still funny.

      Hornswoggle has had his run, so now give Victoria the cruiser weight title.

      Though I'm not a big fan of pushing Rey as a world title contender again,
      especially so soon; I guess it's good we're getting a break from the Batista
      title quest. Now, what to do about C M Punk?

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