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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2512

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Tuesday July 10th 2007 Issue #2512
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      There will be no newsletter tomorrow as I will be out most of the day but
      check the site for any updates. Back on Thursday.

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      - John Cena, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Ted DiBiase, Steve Blackman, WWE
      attorney Jerry McDevitt, Dr Phil Astin's attorney Manny Arora and Fayette
      County DA Scott Ballard were all guests on last night's Larry King Live on
      CNN to talk about the Benoit family tragedy. All were live in the studio
      except Hart, Arora and Ballard who were connected via live links. King did
      not ask the hard questions and everyone talked highly of Chris Benoit
      although in the final moments they agreed that his last few hours of his
      life will overshadow everything he did for the wrestling business. Chris
      Jericho did his homework very well and certainly came out as the most
      intelligent from the show. The show had clips of Benoit provided by WWE
      including his WrestleMania XX celebrations, wrestling Bret Hart in WCW,
      winning the Rumble and other memorable moments in his wrestling career. Bret
      Hart called for a wrestlers union during the closing minutes while answering
      an e-mail question.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4843]

      - Celebrity gossip websites have put Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke under
      their radar again after the singer was spotted in Maui in a bikini while on
      holiday sporting her brand new set of boobs. She is often citicized on
      celebrity gossip sites about her horrible choice of clothing and excessive
      make-up however this time it seems that the apparent plastic surgery is the
      latest to hit eighteen year old Brooke. You can see a before and after
      picture at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4849]

      - PWInsider.com is reporting that WWE has signed Teddy Hart to a
      developmental deal and has been sent to Tampa, FL., to continue his training
      there. The 27 year old is the son of one of the Hart siblings, Georgia. This
      is the second time that he signed a developmental deal with WWE after in
      1998 he became the youngest person to ever sign a deal with WWE however his
      time didn't last long as WWE fired him over his antics and bad attitude.
      Teddy joins cousins Harry Smith - son of the late British Bulldog - and
      Nattie Neidhart - daughter of Jim Neidhart - who were already signed to
      developmental deals. He previously wrestled for Ring Of Honor, TNA and
      recently for MTV's Wrestling Society X.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4848]

      - WWE Hall of Famer and RAW announcer Jim Ross will open his 'J.R.'s Family
      Bar-B-Q Restaurant' - located just south of Oklahoma City, OK., on
      Interstate Highway 35 in Norman, OK., - tomorrow and the restaurant will be
      open for business seven days a week from 11AM till 10PM. JR will have a lot
      of wrestling memorabilia on display, some of which were donated by WWE
      Superstars and some which are from his personal collection. For more
      information you can go to jrsbarbq.com or else call on (405) 360-4BBQ.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4850]

      - TNA's Traci Brooks will be the special guest tomorrow in the monthly TNA
      conference call. The event will start at 2PM EST on 7/11. To RSVP e-mail
      Salil Gulati at salil.gulati@... for the dial-in information. In the
      press release issued to announce this conference call, there was a note at
      the bottom saying that this is a TNA Wrestling conference call and Brooks
      will not discuss "anything related to the unfortunate Chris Benoit
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d


      By Jen Robinson -[jenwrestlingonline@...]-

      Hello, Wrestling-Online readers, and Welcome to the Jumble!

      I know we've all heard more than we ever wanted to hear about the Benoit
      Family tragedy, but something I saw on TV this past week bothered me a bit.
      Last Friday during "SmackDown," a vignette was shown featuring Michelle
      McCool at a clothing boutique. She was trying on different outfits and
      showing how clothes can make you feel playful or conservative, sexy or
      sweet. I was totally okay with the vignette until right at the end when
      Michelle said, "I'm Michelle McCool, and I'm loving life!" Now I know, or at
      least I'm pretty sure, that WWE didn't mean to be tactless in playing the
      vignette when they did. It was cute footage, I will honestly admit that. I
      have nothing against Michelle at all. However, it just bothered me a little
      that WWE would air the vignette with Michelle "loving life" less than two
      weeks after the murder-suicide at the Benoit residence. For whatever reason,
      Chris Benoit was not "loving life" that weekend, and it just seemed sort of
      like an extra slap in the face to the grieving families and friends. Maybe
      I'm being a little too sensitive with the pain and the bewilderment still
      fresh in my mind and my heart, but I wish WWE had held off on showing
      Michelle's vignette a little while longer.

      I want to thank all of you for staying with me during these last two weeks
      and for reading my thoughts on what happened in Georgia. I don't think we'll
      ever know for sure what happened, but I believe it's time for me to start
      getting back to what brought me to Wrestling-Online in the first place - the

      Let's do a smorgasbord of matches from the last week, starting with the
      Divas tag team match on "Raw." It was originally going to be Mickie James
      and the Women's Champion Candice Michelle against Melina and Jillian Hall,
      but Melina had conveniently "sprained her ankle." So she decided to choose
      someone to replace her - the returning Beth Phoenix! Let me tell you, Beth
      is awesome! She's strong and beautiful without being a total skinny minny.
      I'm really glad she's fully recovered from her injury and has come back to
      the squared circle! But let's not forget Mickie, Candice, and Jillian, of
      course! Beth is a great wrestler, but so are the others. Mickie and Jillian
      are once again getting the opportunity to remind us of what great wrestlers
      they are (and not just T&A), but Candice has surprised the heck out of me!
      She's really getting quite good with her wrestling! She may not be on the
      same level as the others yet, but she can definitely hold her own! Kudos,

      Great match on ECW between CM Punk and Kevin Thorn! I like the "Pick Your
      Poison" matches, where bitter enemies choose each other's adversary for
      their respective bouts, mainly because they create an almost spontaneous
      atmosphere. They're obviously set up ahead of time, but they just have that
      "you don't have a clue who I'm going to pick until I announce his name"
      feeling to them. In a way, the "Pick Your Poison" matches are like the
      Draft. No one supposedly knows who is getting drafted to what show, so
      everyone has to act surprised when his/her name is announced. The fans, on
      the other hand, might have an inkling about who will go where, but we don't
      know for sure until it's announced. This just makes it all seem
      spur-of-the-moment and unplanned. It adds to the excitement of the event,
      whether it's the Draft or "Pick Your Poison" or even the entrance order of
      the Royal Rumble.

      Umaga is still the Intercontinental Champion. Let me contain my excitement.
      Can you tell I'm containing it? I'm just so thrilled. (Yeah right!)

      When Teddy Long told Edge he would choose a surprise guest for Edge's talk
      show, "The Cutting Edge," and that this would be the "biggest" guest the
      show had ever seen, who didn't know he was talking about Kane? I had The Big
      Red Machine pegged right from the start. Honestly, I think this might prove
      to be an interesting feud. Kane often seems to be written off as a
      mid-carder when he truly is a talented heavyweight. He just doesn't get the
      chance very often to show his stuff. Hopefully this new feud with Edge will
      allow Kane to find his moment in the sun. (If all else fails, at least it
      will give Edge the chance to perfect his facial expressions! He's got some
      good ones!)

      Okay, I must have a mark-out moment here - Woo hoo! Triple H is coming back
      soon! It's almost time to play The Game again! Yay!!

      I like Batista. Really, I do. But his fashion sense is lacking! I just do
      not like those brownish colored boots and belt he wears! Maybe they would
      look better with a different color suit or something, but the pale gray suit
      and those brownish belt and boots made my stomach turn.

      While we're on the subject of Batista, he accepted the open challenge made
      by The Great Khali for a match at the upcoming PPV, "The Great American
      Bash." I'm definitely not a big fan of Khali's, that's for sure, but what
      was the point of destroying people like Jimmy Wang Yang, Eugene, Deuce, and
      a backstage WWE employee? It certainly didn't do anything to help Khali's
      image as a (to borrow a phrase from Chris Jericho) "bad mamma jamma." He
      only proved that he's nothing but a bully, and you can't get by doing
      nothing but bullying people around. What goes around comes around and all
      that jazz. Thank goodness Batista was man enough to stand up for "the little
      guy" and accept the challenge. It may not be the best match ever but it will
      definitely make the ring shake!

      R-e-s-p-e-c-t. Yes, it's part of a famous Aretha Franklin song, but it's
      also been coming up on "Raw" lately, too. Why? Because there's a certain
      third-generation superstar who doesn't respect his fellow wrestlers. At
      least, he doesn't respect them in the ring. (Outside of the ring might be a
      totally different story, so we'll stick with in the ring for now.) Randy
      Orton has "injured" and/or defeated superstars like Shawn Michaels and Mick
      Foley, names that will forever be talked about in wrestling, yet he has no
      respect for them or their accomplishments. He doesn't care that Shawn was
      part of one of the greatest ladder matches ever at "WrestleMania X" and the
      unbelievable "Iron Man Match" at "Mania XII." He doesn't care that Mick was
      thrown off a steel cage by The Undertaker and crashed through the announce
      table during a match or that he was really good at getting extreme in ECW as
      Cactus Jack. Randy only cares about one thing - Randy. Now "The American
      Dream" Dusty Rhodes has decided to try to smack some respect into Orton in a
      "Texas Bull Rope" match at the PPV. I don't know, Dusty. No one else has
      been able to make Orton smell the coffee yet, so what makes you think you
      will? But perhaps I will be surprised and Rhodes will come out the victor
      after all. Will Randy respect Dusty if he wins? Highly doubtful, but it
      would be nice to see Orton knocked down a peg or two by some "blue-eyed

      Well, ladies and gents, that will do it for me this week. Take care and I'll
      see you soon!

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