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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2505

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Saturday June 30th 2007 Issue #2505
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Yay another late night newsletter, well at least for this side of the world.

      Back tomorrow.

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      - In the upcoming issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter there is a huge
      story on the death of the Benoit family with some revealing information.
      Investigators found bruises on the neck and arm of seven year old Daniel and
      couldn't figure out what was used to cause that kind of bruising.
      Authorities realized what was done after they saw a tape of Benoit applying
      the 'Crossface' during one of his matches and eventually it was ruled that
      he used a variation of the move on his son to kill him. While police said it
      was a choke hold during media appearances, they didn't want to make it sound
      worse releasing the information how the kid got murdered. Another
      interesting point is that recently Chris Benoit made a life insurance and
      included his ex wife and two kids from that marriage as the beneficiaries,
      leaving out Nancy and Daniel. The general theory why the murders happened is
      that Nancy was going to inform him that she was leaving with their son and
      that's when Chris went crazy. It is believed that he killed his son because
      he thought he would never live a good life considering his medical
      conditions without his parents.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4802]

      - Martina Benoit, the ex wife of former World champion of Chris Benoit gave
      some comments to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper saying that her
      ex husband was the "most loving person anyone could imagine." Telling the
      newspaper that she "loves him", Martina Benoit called the allegations of the
      killings "crap" before hanging up and ending the call. The two have two
      other children from their previous marriage. She lives in Ardrossan,
      Alberta, Canada with their two kids.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4821]

      - Chris Benoit's personal physician seems that he has gone missing in action
      as the DEA did a second raid in his offices in Georgia and also raided his
      mother's home, who also was not there. This is now an official DEA
      investigation which spells trouble for the doc as they will get information
      on those other personalities who he prescribed steroids in the past. Benoit
      visited Dr. Phil Astin on Friday of last week, just hours before he murdered
      his wife Nancy.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4812]

      - In another twist in the Wikipedia posting saga, authorities managed to
      locate the person who posted the entry on Wikipedia regarding Nancy Benoit's
      death hours before Georgia police even knew and took away the computer used
      to make the posting. While the anonymous user - who lives in Stamford, CT.,
      - said it was just a coincidence and posted the information without credible
      sources, police are going to look deeper into the story as they feel the
      person could be hiding something and his computer might contain important
      evidence. The person who made the posting apologized yesterday and his
      unedited letter appeared yesterday on Wikinews.org.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4816]

      - For the first time since the tragedy, the parents of Nancy Benoit, Paul
      and Maureen Toffoloni, released a statement through their attorney to
      ESPN.COM. "We're trying to stay out of their way right now," their attorney
      said. "In the meantime, Maureen and Paul and Sandra (Nancy's sister) have
      asked me to ask members of the media and public to remember that this is an
      investigation of the death of their daughter and only grandchild. And even
      though Chris and Nancy led public lives, the family, specifically Daniel,
      did not lead a public life." Nancy's parents said that they often baby-sit
      seven year old Daniel but never noticed any medical issues with him. "There
      has been a lot of speculation and rumor in the media that is doing nothing
      to advance the investigation and doing everything to cause the Toffolonis
      intense pain," the statement said.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4822]


      //->> THE SLAM FEST!
      By Graham A. Harper -[kingalex_2010@...]-

      I'm not sure how to get this one started so bear with me.

      For this column, I've decided to take a calm approach to recent happenings.
      I apologize if I sound a little distant and stoic, but I'm trying to be both
      gentle and firm at the same time.

      What I'd like to do first is to congratulate the WWE on the scrapping of the
      McMahon "death" storyline. I was never a fan of this whole angle and felt as
      though it brought far too much attention to Vince McMahon and not enough to
      the wrestlers. But of course the real reason that this angle came to an end
      was due to recent happenings and I feel that it was both a wise and
      considerate choice to not pursue the storyline any further.

      I really don't know how to go about writing this, but I'll try to keep some
      form of continuity. The deaths of Chris Benoit and his family were saddening
      at first, and now with all the new information I am left without words. None
      of what I read about this case makes sense, to think that this is the same
      Chris Benoit who left fans eager for more after his matches is unreal. All I
      can say is that something must have happened in his life to force him to
      take the action that he did. When I think of how he talked about his passion
      for wrestling in interviews, and then I read about the investigation, I
      can't understand what has happened?

      Whatever it was that drove Benoit to this action is something we may never
      truly know, and for anyone struggling to decide how they feel about the man
      now, I would suggest that you remember Chris Benoit the wrestler. And if
      you've already decided that you'll take the alternate route, then do not use
      it as a way for winning an argument against those who wish to remember the
      Chris Benoit we watched for many years. I feel that it is best to let this
      incident pass and move on. As yet we don't know the full facts and even
      if/when we do, I believe we should not keep this event ongoing, I say let it
      go and get on with things.

      Chris Benoit was always a favorite of mine; some would say that he was the
      Bret Hart of a new generation. I myself don't like to compare too much, I've
      always felt that it is important to strike an identity of your own and not
      mirror others. My first experience of Benoit was in WCW as a member of the
      Cruiserweight division. There was always something "right" about Benoit in
      WCW - I'm talking about his days before the Revolution. He fit well into
      that young area of talent with careers still in the making.

      I never saw much of Benoit while in WCW unfortunately, however I do have one
      match that I am very fond of, and that is the Lumberjack Tag Team
      Championship match at WCW Uncensored 1999. With the "Iceman" Dean Malenko as
      his partner and their opponents - and reigning champions - Curt Henning and
      Barry Windham, Benoit participated in a match that is quite easily one of
      the best tag team matches that I have ever seen. The lumberjacks made it fun
      along with Henning's talent for playing the over-confident character, but it
      was Benoit who arguably sold that match with his ability to make it seem as
      if he would take any pain to get the win. Matches like that I will always
      remember fondly, you had 4 wrestlers of superb skill in the ring at once,
      along with a feud that fans were into.

      The Benoit/Malenko tag team to this day remains one of my favorite pairings,
      and if you have yet to see this match, than I strongly recommend that you
      view it.

      To say that I was annoyed when I saw Benoit along with Guererro, Saturn and
      Malenko appear in the WWF would have been an understatement. I was furious,
      I couldn't believe that they had turned their backs on a company that I felt
      more strongly for than the WWF. But at the time I wasn't scouring the net
      for any information, I had no real idea as to WCW's reputation for
      holding-back younger stars and the like. Benoit easily benefited the most
      from the jump to the WWF, his feud with Chris Jericho over the
      Intercontinental Championship was flawless and even at that time you could
      see that the WWF was grooming him for the main event.

      In the WWF/WWE, Benoit also met a man whom I consider to be his greatest
      rival. And that is Kurt Angle.

      Benoit and Angle were made for each other, both having different characters
      yet both so similar. The feud between these 2 was one of those feuds where
      it matured over the years, it began with the Intercontinental Championship,
      before it became a series of grudge matches, Tag Team Championship matches
      and finally WWE Championship matches. This was a feud not centered on the
      spectacle of character like The Rock or Steve Austin, with Benoit and Angle
      it was about pure skill, not catchphrases or signature moves but how good
      they were in the ring. This was a feud that I felt never got the "big match"
      that it deserved. Should Benoit and Angle have headlined a WrestleMania
      one-on-one? Of course they should have.
      But either way, Kurt Angle for me was Benoit's arch-nemesis; they could
      match each others skills and yet still surprise one and other.

      This is how I will be remembering Benoit, as a master of the squared-circle.
      What happened over the weekend was a tragedy, the reasons why we have yet to

      But I would encourage you all not to get angry and venomous over these
      events. Just let them pass and move on. Chris Benoit the wrestler is who
      I'll remember.

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