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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Thursday, March 4th, 1999

      I S S U E # 2 8 6

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> The Enquirer interviews Sable ...
      >> More celebrities at WM Road Rage Party ...
      >> RAW and Heat taping results *spoilers* ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hello people! Nothing important to say today, enjoy the issue!


      By Philip Smith
      Credit: The Enquirer

      'I love to stay home & cook & clean house'

      If she doesn't knock you out with her looks, she can floor you with a
      right to the jaw!

      She's Sable -- the World Wrestling Federation's women's champion whose
      looks rival those of international supermodels.

      The versatile vixen recently posed for the April issue of Playboy. But
      she's equally at home in the wrestling ring or in the kitchen -- where
      she enjoys cooking up a storm.

      "At heart, I'm just a home-loving girl," she confides. "When I'm not
      wrestling, I'm very domesticated. I love to stay home and cook and clean

      But don't let that fool you. She really knows how to mix it up in the
      ring -- where she's strained her back, neck and ribs and broke her toe
      in three places.

      In a no-holds-barred exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Sable revealed how
      she keeps her knockout 38-24-35 figure despite a passion for Dunkin'
      Donuts . . . the reason she posed for Playboy . . . why she had plastic
      surgery on an already perfect body . . . and how she went from a
      lingerie model to one of pro wrestling's hottest stars.

      The blonde bombshell grew up with three brothers and two sisters in
      Jacksonville, Fla. -- where she still lives. Her dad was a construction
      worker. "We were like the Brady Bunch," she says with a smile.

      "I was a kind of bad girl in school, so I wasn't voted most likely to
      succeed. I hung around with the crowd that skipped school and sneaked
      out of the house at night. But I never got into trouble. I was never

      After high school, she made her mark as a model -- doing ads for Pepsi
      and Guess? jeans as well as swimsuits and lingerie. Three years ago, she
      began grappling with a whole new career -- at the World Wrestling
      Federation, which threw out her real name Rena and dubbed her Sable.

      "I was hired as a valet to escort the guys into the ring." Then a year
      ago, she started wrestling. "I've always been very athletic, so it was
      fairly easy for me to pick it up," she said.

      Soon she established herself in the ring, not just for her ability --
      but also for the skimpy outfits that made couch potatoes sprout new
      eyes. The 5-foot-61/2 beauty tips the scales at only 115 pounds. She
      works hard to stay in shape -- and to overcome her
      devotion to donuts.

      "I work out five days a week. I train for two hours at a time -- 11/2
      hours of weights and then a half-hour of aerobic activity on a treadmill
      or StairMaster.

      "I'm very active. I roller-blade, ride my bikes, swim and ride horses.
      I also ride motorcycles and jet-ski and water-ski.

      "I try to stay on a very strict diet, which is low-fat and high protein.
      But I love to
      splurge. I love pasta with lots of cream sauces. But my number one
      splurge food is Dunkin' Donuts. I can easily eat a dozen at a time."

      Even though she had an extraordinary figure, three years ago Sable
      underwent plastic surgery on her breasts. "They weren't particularly
      small, but I wanted them enlarged so I'd look better. I'm extremely
      pleased with the results."

      Sable -- who'll only admit she's under 30 -- realizes her beauty will
      fade and is thrilled that Playboy has decided to picture her in her

      "I've worked hard for the body I have -- so I am going to use it while I
      have it. Playboy gave me a wonderful opportunity to show off my body in
      a very classy way."

      A whirlwind of energy, Sable travels the globe about 250 days a year but
      when she returns home, she's a domestic goddess for her husband,
      wrestler Marc Mero, and her young daughter.

      "I grew up in the South, so I love to cook things like buttermilk
      biscuits and country fried steak. I love to bake cakes and pies and
      breads. For Christmas I had more than 50 family and friends. They all
      came to my house and I cooked dinner for everyone.

      "I have a great life."


      By WWF.COM

      WWF.COM has just learned that Isaac Hayes, better known as the voice of
      "Chef" on the hit animated series "South Park," has been added to the
      list of musical attractions that will perform at the Rage Party in
      Philadelphia one night prior to WrestleMania XV!

      In addition to his success on South Park, Hayes is also an Academy-Award
      winning composer for his work in the R and B genre. In the early 70s,
      the soulful singer gained celebrity status in "Shaft" and went on to
      star in several major motion pictures before joining the crew of South

      Also, we can announce that a young up-and-coming band by the name of the
      "Beer Nuts" will also be performing along with Isaac Hayes and Big Pun
      on March 27 in Philadelphia! Plus, MORE MAJOR ACTS are slated to be
      released in the upcoming weeks! For information on how to get your
      tickets to this huge party, contact Ticketmaster!


      By Matt, Jeff Jacobson, RRR Magee

      WWF Raw is War, Sunday Night Heat, and Dark Match Results from
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - March 2, 1999

      • DARK MATCH
      - Too Much defeated The Hardy Boyz. ... Same kind of the match as the
      night before in Cleveland, Ohio, except a different finish.

      - The Rock made his way out to the ring and started talking about Paul
      Wight being the special Guest Referee for his WrestleMania XV
      Heavyweight Title match with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock stated
      that he was not at an advantage because he felt Paul Wight was on
      Austin's side, after throwing a chair into the ring the previous Monday
      on Raw is War in Austin's main event match with Kane. The Rock
      challenged Wight to a match for next night's Raw.

      - Road Dogg defeated Jeff Jarret. ... During the match, Owen Hart came
      down, and while Debra had the referee distracted, Hart and Jarret
      double-teamed on Road Dogg. The [African-American] Blue Blazer came to
      the aid of Road Dogg by knocking Hart off the top rope and giving
      Jarrett "Sky-High." The Blazer turned out to be D-Lo Brown.

      - Goldust and Ken Shamrock vs. Val Venis and Billy Gunn resulted in a
      No-Contest. ... Immediately when the match started, Ryan Shamrock came
      down to the ringside area. Shamrock kept an eye on his sister while he
      was wrestling. The Blue Meanie came down to distract Shamrock, letting
      Goldust, Ryan, and Meanie all run away.

      - Backstage, Michael Cole tried to interview Billy Gunn, but he was
      attacked by Ken Shamrock. Val Venis and Goldust then entered the
      picture. A huge brawl broke out in the back.

      - Stone Cold was shown making his way into the arena.

      - Public Enemy defeated The Acolytes by Disqualification. ... Public
      Enemy came down with tables and they came into play. The Acolytes
      dominated the entire match but ended up getting disqualified because
      they wouldn't stop beating Public Enemy with the table and chairs.

      - Tiger Ali Singh ame out and ripped the people of Pittsburgh and said
      they would do anything for money. He asked for someone to blow their
      nose on the U.S. Flag for $500. They showed a close up of Kurt Angle,
      and he climbed in the ring. He said he would not do it for $500, but
      then Singh said $2,000. Still no. Then $5000 and Angle agreed. When
      Singh turned his back, Angle blew his nose in Singh's flag, and
      belly-to-belly suplexed Singh twice. Singh retreated to the back while
      Angle returned to his seat at ringside.

      - The Big Boss Man defeated Al Snow with the Sidewalk Slam. ... Snow
      tried to hit Boss Man with Head, but Bossman reversed it into the
      Sidewalk Slam for the win.

      - Paul Wight made his way tot he ring and talked about The Rock and how
      Vince McMahon told him to protect the WWF Heavyweight TItle. The Rock
      then came down and started to argue with Wight. The glass broke; The
      Rock demanded Wight to cut Austin off at the ramp and stop him. Austin,
      however, came from the crowd and stunned The Rock and retreated through
      the crowd to end heat.

      • RAW IS WAR TAPING, AIRDATE: March 8, 1999

      - In a Pittsburgh Street Fight, D-Lo Brown (minus Ivory) defeated Owen
      Hart. ... A cookie sheet and broom were the only major weapons used in
      the match until the end. Jeff Jarrett made his way out and tried to
      throw Hart the guitar, but D-Lo intercepted and nailed Hart with it, to
      let him take the win. Hart was cut very bad. (looked legit), or it could
      of been that Hart just bladed. We'll see on television.

      - The Godfather and Steve Blackman went to a No-Contest. ... Blackman
      took the Ho's at first, but The Godfather attacked Blackman anyway.
      Droz made his way out as the lights went out, and The Ministry of
      Darkness made their way to the ring. They attacked all thre men and The
      Undertaker basically said that he would have his way in the WWF and
      nobody could stop him.

      - The opening to Raw is War was taped, and then and The Rock made his
      way out. He talked trash about Paul Wight and what happened on Sunday
      Night Heat. Wight made his way out along with Vince McMahon. The Rock
      and Wight got face to face, as McMahon tried to calm them down. Mankind
      then walked to the middle of the ramp and said that since he was
      offically the #2 Guest Referee for the Main Event at WrestleMania XV (I
      guess he beat The Undertaker on Raw is War), that he would want another
      try and being the referee between The Rock and Wight. McMahon said that
      the only way that Mankind will be the referee at WrestleMania was if he
      defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in the main event of the show, with
      Paul Wight as the Guest Referee, and The Rock doing color commentary.
      Glass broke and Austin appeared on the top step and basically said that
      he ws going to WrestleMania regardless and he didn't mind taking on

      - Ken Shamrock defeated Goldust. ... Shamrock's sister, Ryan, once again
      came to the ring with The Blue Meanie and Goldust. The Blue Meanie
      kissed Ryan and got slapped. Goldust tried Shattered Dreams, but
      Shamrock escaped. Shamrock won with a Super-Plex. Blue Meanie then
      distracted Shamrock, while Goldust and Ryan escaped.

      - The New Age Outlaws vs. Harecore Holly and Al Snow resulted in a
      No-Contest. ... Road Dogg and Billy Gunn did their normal opening
      remarks. The Ministry of Darkness came and took out everyone. The
      Undertaker said, "How many innocent people must be hurt until you come
      to me Boss Man?" He then stated he would not stop until he got want he

      - Test defeated X-Pac (w/Triple H). ... Test came down with Chyna and
      Shane McMahon, who did color commentary. Chyna helped Test win while the
      referee was busy with Triple H. Test pinned X-Pac. Triple H said enough
      was enough, and things would be settled once and for all later in the
      show. He said he was going in the back, and even if he had to drag Chyna
      to the ring by her hair, they would get it on later in the night in the

      - Tori with Sable defeated Luna by Disqualification. ... Sable had the
      Playboy Magazine with her on the cover, teasing the crowd and Jerry
      Lawler. Luna attacked Tori and would not stop, causing the DQ. Sable
      was mad at Tori for not taking care of Luna and started kicking her.

      - Chyna came to the ring and called out Triple H. He did, but soon the
      lights went out and Kane appeared. He entered the ring and while Chyna
      held Triple H, Kane shot a fireball at him, but missed, hitting Chyna in
      the eyes, which seemed very real. Triple H came to the aid of Chyna but
      was thrown off by Kane. Same story with the dedical officers. Kane
      carried Chyna to the back.

      - Jim Ross came out to a mixed reaction, and demaneds Michael Cole to
      get in the ring. Ross gave the whole schpiel to Cole that he gave to
      Bart Gunn about not looking in his face. He talked about how the Steve
      Williams Japanese mask gimmick ridiculous, and Cole probably had
      something to do with it. Ross said he wanted it to be a great night, as
      he sacked Michael Cole, and took his broadcast position. Soon after,
      Vince McMahon, Terry Taylor, Williams came out to get Ross out of his
      seat. Jerry Lawler seemed serious throughout all of this, as Taylor took
      Ross' position.

      - The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness brought out The Big Bossman.
      They hung him on The UT symbol (ala Stone Cold Steve Austin), but Boss
      Man broke free. He fought The Undertaker hard, but he eventually got
      beaten down. The Undertaker got arrested by Vince McMahon and the cops.
      As The Undertaker left, the cross burned over a beaten Boss Man.

      - Mankind defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin via Countout. ... As
      mentioned, Paul Wight was the Guest Referee and The Rock did color
      commentary. Wight made very slow counts for both men. Both men tried
      their finishers, but failed. They fought on the commentating table, but
      did not break it. Austin exited the ring for what apperaed to be only a
      few seconds and the bell rang after a quick count by Wight, awarding the
      match to Mankind. Vince made his way out during the match and watched.
      Wight chokeslamed Mankind following the match and he rolled to the
      outside. Austin and Wight went face to face, with McMahon trying to be
      the peacekeeper. Wight backed out of the right, but McMahon wasn't so
      lucky as Wight. Austin grabbed him and pulled him inside. The Rock then
      came to the aid of McMahon, but Austin quickly grabbed the upper hand.
      Stunner! The Rock, McMahon, and Wight went backstage followed by
      Mankind. Austin celebrated with some beer.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - WWF The Music Volume 3 lost 6 places from last week in the Billboard
      Top 200. Now placed in number 16, this week the album received the RIAA
      certification for selling over one million CDs and going platinum.

      - Dave Meltzer says that "Road Dogg" Jesse James got in trouble this
      past Monday (3/1) on Raw is War for shouting out "pu—ies" to Al Snow and
      Hardcore Holly. Not sure why the WWF gave James heat, but it could be
      they want to at least remove some of the more stronger language from the
      show. James is expected to take on Holly for the Hardcore Title at
      WrestleMania XV, or possibly a triple-threat match with Snow involved.

      - It is now reported that the WWF wants nudity to be part of
      WrestleMania XV. Does the name Debra ring a bell? That's right, it seems
      now that the former wife of NFL player Steve McMichaels will have her
      shot on March 28th!

      - Be sure to listen to Byte This tonight, as Jim Ross will be the
      special guess of the evening!

      - E! Gossip said that Mariah Carey WILL be at WrestleMania XV. Her role?
      Possibly performing the national anthem before the event!

      - Weekend ratings: LiveWire - 1.9; Superstars - 2.2


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Chris Benoit will be make an appearance on TSN's Off The Record on
      Tuesday, 23rd March.

      - Dave Scherer reports that Eric Bischoff had a meeting with wrestlers
      before the 3/1 Nitro in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He went over the
      fact that WCW would be toning down their product, becoming a "G" rated
      wrestling company. He also mentioned that even though the WWF is number
      one in the ratings at this time, he feels that the advertisers (or
      sponsors) of the WWF will not want to be associated with the company
      when they start making decisions in April, especially with the recent
      criticism from the media. Bischoff
      feels that sponsorship is more important than ratings. He also mentioned
      that WCW will be focusing more on things that they do much better than
      the WWF. (DeLeon)

      - WCW Hotline Report 3/4/99, Host: ‘Deli Boy’ Chad Damiani, Report: Curt

      - Chad runs down the Uncensored card for March 14th Hollywood Hogan vs.
      Ric Flair WCW World Heavyweight Championship Fist blood 15ft high Steel
      Cage, Extreme Hardcore Match Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Raven vs. Hak WCW U.S.
      Heavyweight Championship Match Scott Hall vs. Booker T. WCW World Tag
      Team Championship Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs. Curt Hennig & Barry
      Windham, Sonny Ono & Ernest Miller vs. Jerry Flynn, Rey Mysterio, Jr.
      vs. Kevin Nash.

      - WCW did decree that they will ‘G’ rated program. Certain things now
      being banned from
      the television says Chad: Norman Smiley’s spanking dance, The nWo’s
      crotch chops, Scott Steiner’s love talks and Konnan’s food references in
      his speeches.

      - One thing that was debated very heavily by management was the action
      when Saturn pulls his dress over the head of another wrestler. Saturn
      wanted to continue to do the move but WCW was hesitant. It was decided
      that is Perry does the move his opponent must be turned in the other
      direction in the corner.

      - Chad confronted K-Dawg about his food references in his ring speech.
      And Konnan replied that he makes them up to see the reaction and that
      peel the potato and what-not has no meaning. Konnan is working on a new
      ring monologue.

      - Chad runs down what he has heard about the Flock members we haven’t
      seen much of. Sick Boy has died his hair silver for his ring appearance.
      Riggs was going to debut as an Escape from New York look-a-like with a
      trench coat and a snake but is going to hold
      off on it till he thinks it will receive a decent push. Ron Reese is
      still employed with WCW and is in training. Lodi has made weekend
      wrestling appearance but his future is
      uncertain. Van Hammer could be in line for a push he was supposed to
      wrestle Booker T recently but it was scrapped.

      - Kanyon wants to get involved in the Hardcore matches that will be
      taking place in
      WCW soon. No word on how this will effect the ‘G’ rating attitude. Kayon
      was upset at
      DDP friend Ernie Watts when he used Kanyon’s finisher recently at a

      - Jimmy Hart is planning on making an exit from the WCW. Hart has been
      unhappy with his on air role but several other instances have pushed him
      to this too. Jimmy was upset that he could not play himself in the Man
      on the Moon movie starring Jim Carry about
      Andy Kauffman’s life. WCW didn’t like the idea of him working with WWF’s
      Jerry Lawler.
      Jimmy has also been frustrated that the music he produces in WCW has not
      been released on CD. There have been some deals that have fallen threw
      and watching WWF’s CD rise on the chart has probably worsened the

      - Chad address the rumor about Hogan maybe leaving the federation when
      his contract
      is up. Remember Hogan is always about money first. He has deals with his
      WCW contract that he would not get anywhere else including the WWF. Chad
      does not see Hogan going anywhere when the time comes.

      - Meng made an appearance on Mortal Kombat like Wrath has done in the
      past. The televison people were very impressed with there skills and
      they should be appearing in
      the future. Bill Marh on ABC’s Politically Incorrect talked about the
      Indian University
      study on his program the other night.

      - Chad discusses the ‘State of the Wrestling’ column Kevin Nash placed
      at his web site.
      It is a good read and Chad suggests everyone should check it out.

      - Kevin Nash wanting to bury wrestlers for personal gain? No way. He is
      working hard at
      getting everything back on track. And as far as burdening Flairs chance
      at another title
      reign. As a dad Ric Flair had a chose to have a run to be 14 time World
      Champion or get
      his son in the wrestling business.

      - The broadcasters haven’t discussed the stipulations on the air but the
      15ft cage match between Hogan and Flair will barbwire at the top.
      WCW.com is preparing to have a Ric Flair section soon about his storied

      - Chad says he has big news on Chris Jericho but won’t share until next
      week, when he
      gets more info on the subject.

      - Playboy has taken down dozens of sites because of the pictures of
      Sable. They will try
      there hardest to confront everyone of them.

      - Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts is writing a book about his life. Topics
      included is sexual abuse he received and his problems with alcohol.


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      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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