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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Tuesday, March 2nd, 1999

      I S S U E # 2 8 5

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
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      >> Raw demolishes Nitro in the ratings ...
      >> RAW Is WAR report ...
      >> Nitro Report ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Welcome to another issue! Not much news today, RAW and Nitro results
      took most of the space. Be sure to check out the WCW section for the URL
      to the Kevin Nash article, where he speaks on the state of pro wrestling
      and the recent media bashing. VERY interesting article!


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Once again, RAW demolished Nitro in this week's ratings, getting huge
      numbers, and breaking the record of head to head advantage.

      First hour of RAW received a 6.4 while the second hour got a 6.3.
      Composite for the two hour show was 6.35.

      Nitro's first hour got a 5.1, second hour got a poor 3.7, and the third
      and final hour received a 4.0. Composite for the three hour show was

      In head to head competition, RAW received 6.35, while Nitro got 3.85.


      By Joe De Leon

      • Vince McMahon Interview, with Team Corporate.
      - Vince McMahon said that last week was the only time that he showed
      weakness, and he admitted he was weak. McMahon told the crowd that none
      of them knew the capacity he had to love, care, and charrish. He said he
      shouldn't have been humiliated like he was
      the previous week on Raw is War. He said he had a surprise for The
      Undertaker. He then went onto Kane, and said that he lied, and didn't
      beat The Undertaker in their Inferno Match. McMahon fired Kane right
      then and there. Kane walked out, as McMahon told
      him, and out came the orderlies from the mental institution.
      Surprisingly, Chyna came out of the ring to help Kane destroy the
      orderlies. The Corporation was shocked. Chyna said McMahon couldn't fire
      Kane, since he was a good asset. Chyna said for McMahon to give Kane
      Stone Cold Steve Austin later in the show and she would be responsible
      for Kane. McMahon said if Kane lost to Austin, not only would Kane be
      fired, but so would Chyna. Mankind then came out. He said he wanted
      another chance at being a referee. He said he could officiate the Austin
      vs. Kane match later in the show. McMahon said he could, only if he beat
      The Undertaker later in the show. The Undertaker's voice was heard
      throughout the Gund Arena. He said he would take what he promised, and
      started laughing.

      • Backstage, Earl Hebner informed Stone Cold Steve Austin that he would
      fight Kane later in the show. Austin said he didn't mind, since he was
      going to WrestleMania XV.

      • Backstage, Billy Gunn was informed he couldn't participate in the
      three-way Intercontinental Title match with Ken Shamrock and Val Venis,
      due to a sickness, possibly pneumonia. Goldust would replace him.

      • Val Venis defeated Ken Shamrock and Goldust (w/The Blue Meanie) via
      Countout, to retain the Intercontinental Title.
      - During the match, Ryan Shamrock made her way down to the ring. Goldust
      went to the outside of the ring, and took Ryan. Shamrock was distracted
      and Goldust laid one on Ryan, which caused Shamrock to go crazy and run
      after Goldust. Both men were counted out, letting Venis take the win.
      Following the match, Billy Gunn ran down and attacked Venis.

      • Backstage, Jim Ross was shown talking with Al Snow and Mankind, almost
      like a welcome-back.

      • Bart Gunn Interview, Conducted by Jim Ross.
      - Jim Ross was obviously in bad condition, with the left side of his
      face suffering from Bell's Palsy. He called out Bart Gunn. He announced
      Gunn would fight Butterbean at WrestleMania XV in a Brawl For All match.
      Ross asked Gunn why he couldn't look into
      his face. Ross started criticizing Bart, saying months ago, he was
      backstage saying, "I knocked out JR's boy (Steve Williams) in the Brawl
      For All." Ross said he was humiliated by that. Ross got very upset and
      slapped Gunnacross the face. Ross told Gunn to look
      at him. Gunn did so, and told Ross to never slap him again, only to be
      atacked by Steve Williams from behind, who was in a suit, and no longer
      in the mask. Williams suplexed Gunn a few times, while Ross was
      screaming at Gunn. Ross said, "Stomp his ass!"

      • Backstage, Debra was shown in a rain coat-type clothing, looking in
      the mirror.

      • Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart (w/Debra) vs. Triple H and X-Pac went to a
      Double Disqualification, to let Jarrett and Hart retain the Tag Team
      - At first, Jeff Jarret and Owen Hart said they had an open challenge to
      anyone. Debra said if the Tag Team Champions' opponents won the match,
      she would take her clothes off. X-Pac and Triple H ran down and the
      match was underway. Debra got up on the apron, distracting the referre.
      When X-Pac was whipped off the rope, Debra got knocked off. X-Pac came
      out to help her up, only to be attacked by Shane McMahon from behind.
      X-Pac got up and ran after him. Ivory came down and both teams were
      disqualified due to a brawl in the ring. When Jarrett and Hart were
      walking up the ramp, D-Lo Brown knocked them down from behind. Ivory
      snuck behind Debra and ripped her shirt off, revealing Debra in her bra
      and panties. Jarrett tried to cover-up Debra with the belts.

      • Backstage, Debra told Kevin Kelly she wanted Ivory later on.

      • Luna, Torrie Interview.
      - Luna called out Sable. When Sable came out and Luna was facing her,
      Torrie attacked Luna. Both her and Sable started stomping on Luna.
      Torrie was also laughing.

      • Backstage, The Rock prepared for his upcoming Heavyweight Title match
      with Jesse James.

      • The Rock defeated Jesse James with the Corporate Elbow, to retain the
      Heavyweight Title.
      - During the match, Paul Wight made his way down to the ring. He threw
      Road Dogg outside the ring. He took Michael Cole's headphones and said
      at the Smackdown Hotel, you receive a complimentary fist in the mouth,
      and a kick in the ass, which he gave Road Dogg. When both men were back
      in the ring, The Rock caught the Rock Bottom on Road Dogg, followed up
      by the Corporate Elbow, to take the win. Al Snow made his way down to
      the ring. He said, "I shouldn't have done the J.O.B on the PPV to
      B.O.B." Jesse James took a chair, and hit Snow with it. Bob Holly came
      down and got nailed with a chair. James said if Snow and Holly wanted
      more, he would be in the parking lot.

      • Backstage, Jesse James was screaming, "Where are they now?"

      • Public Enemy made their ways down to The Brood's music. They were
      dressed like Edge and Gangrel. They said they were not afraid of The
      Brood. The lights went out, and when they came back on, Flyboy (Rocco
      Rock's new name) was gone, with only Johnny Grunge left in the ring.

      • Backstage, Bob Holly was beating on Jesse James. When returning from a
      commercial break, James and Holly continued to brawl.

      • Kendo Stick Match: Droz defeated Steve Blackman.
      - Both men got hit a few times with the kendo sticks. The referee got
      caught with a swing, which caused Steve Blackman to check on his
      condition. Droz knocked Blackman over the head, causing Blackman to land
      on his feet, which let Droz take the match.

      • In the parking lot, Al Snow attacked both Jesse James and Bob Holly.
      They went all the way into a street of Cleveland, Ohio, and were broke
      up by officials.

      • They showed a video of Shane McMahon's friends saying he was the
      toughest in Greenwich, Connecticut. The streets of Greenwich were shown.

      • Backstage, Flyboy was shown from Public Enemy hung up on a barrier
      with blood all over him. Johnny Grunge was screaming for help.

      • The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Mankind went to a Double Countout.
      - Vince McMahon joined Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for color
      commentary. He announced that The Undertaker would take on The Big
      Bossman in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania XV. Cole asked McMahon
      a few times what the teddy bear meant the previous week on Raw is War.
      McMahon's response was that it was personal and he wouldn't say anything
      about it. When The Undertaker and Mankind went to the outside of the
      ring, Mankind got hit with a chair. The referee counted them both out.
      The Undertaker nailed McMahon and threw him on the table about to
      chokeslam him. The Big Boss Man ran down to to make the save for
      McMahon. The Ministry of Darkness ran in and threw Bossman into the

      • Backstage, The Big Boss Man and Vince McMahon escapted in their

      • Debra and Ivory went to a No-Contest.
      - When the two women locked up, PMS came down. Jacqueline attacked
      Ivory. D-Lo Brown ran down to break up the two.

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane (w/Chyna) went to a No-Contest.
      - Chyna interfered in the match. Both men fought into the crowd and into
      the backstage area. Chyna continued to get some cheapshots on Stone Cold
      Steve Austin. The referee got knocked out right before Austin caught the
      Stunner on Kane. Paul Wight made his way down to the ring. He threw in a
      chair that Austin caught. Austin used it on Kane's head, and then Chyna
      low-blowed him. Kane held Austin up for Wight. Wight went for a boot to
      Austin's face, but Austin ducked, which saw Kane get nailed by Wight.
      Austin got out of the ring and gave Wight the finger, as the show went
      off the air.


      By Joe De Leon

      The show opened with a tribute-picture to the death of Rick Wilson, also
      known as Renegade. The bell sounds rang three times.

      • David Flair and Torrie Wilson were together in their limousine. David
      played a tape over a mini-recorder of his dad leaving messages on
      David's answering machine. Flair kept asking his son to pick up the
      phone, because they needed to talk about things.
      David mocked his father while he and Wilson heard the messages.

      • Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell Interview.
      - They were supposed to go to Nitro Party coverage with Ricky Rachtman,
      but Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell interrupted the segment. I thought
      Eric Bischoff said on a Cincinnati radio show Steiner's interviews were
      banned from television and angles would
      tone down ... Anyway, Steiner called the crowd rednecks, genetic junk,
      losers, etc. Steiner called DDP, Diamond Dallas Trash and himself a
      genetic freak. Buff Bagwell gained heat by saying he and Steiner were
      Duke fans. Bagwell said because of the result of Goldberg vs. Steiner
      match the previous week on Nitro, and because Rick Steiner was the one
      who helped Goldberg and injured Bagwell's neck back in April, he and
      Steiner would take on Goldberg and Rick Steiner later in the show. It
      would be Bagwell's official return to the wrestling ring after suffering
      a neck injury.

      • The Nitro Party, with Ricky Rachtman, took place at the University of
      North Carolina. Segments of the party aired throughout the show.

      • Wolfpac Interview.
      - As The Wolfpac made their ways out, Disco Inferno made his way to the
      ring. Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, and Elizabeth all laughed at him, telling
      him to come back to the entranceway for the interview. Luger talked
      about his arm injury, and said he forgave Rey Mysterio, Jr. Nash said
      after "Mysterio's upset victory over him," he would forgive the
      newly-unmasked wrestler. Nash asked Mysterio to come out to join The
      Wolfpac. Mysterio never showed. Elizabeth held out a Red and Black shirt
      for Mysterio. Nash pulled out his celluar phone, with Tony Schiavone
      saying, "I guess everyone has one now." Mysterio told Nash he was not
      interested, which put an upset look on Nash's face.

      • Kidman defeated Psychosis with the Shooting Star Press, to retain the
      Cruiserweight Title.
      - Kidman and Psychosis executed many high-flying maneuvers, and the
      match was non-stop action. One move saw Psychosis execute a Guillotine
      Legdrop off the top rope to the outside of the ring, with Kidman's head
      hanging out of the apron. Another saw Kidman nailed Psychosis with a
      springboard huracanrana from the guardrail. Kidman later executed a
      Shooting Star Press for the win.

      • Backstage, Arn Anderson walked into David Flair and Torrie Wilson's
      locker room. David, at first, basically told Anderson to leave. Anderson
      asked David if he was willing to throw away his family and friends.
      David said, "That's right." Wilson claimed that Anderson and Ric Flair
      were just jealous they couldn't get a woman like her. Anderson blew her
      off. Anderson continued to praise Flair, saying The Wolfpac and Wilson
      were using him. David said Anderson was wrong, saying it was supposedly
      jealousy. David said The Four Horsemen were old and done with. Anderson
      said the only thing that was old was the conversation and it was a
      warning for David.

      • Backstage, Hollywood Hogan told Vince was his man. Hogan said Vince
      had his permission to take on Stevie Ray if he caused any trouble. Hogan
      said, "One rotten apple out."

      • Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Bam Bam Bigelow via Pinfall.
      - The announcer's called Rey Mysterio, Jr. "The Giant Killer." Although
      that was his new nickname, he was dominated by Bam Bam Bigelow. As the
      match went on, WCW introduced the second hour out of no where, with
      fireworks going on near the entranceway and above the ring. As Bigelow
      picked up Mysterio, ready to slam him down to the canvas, Mysterio
      fought off Bigelow, and rolled him down for another pinfall on a big
      man. Following the match, Gene Okerlund interviewed Mysterio in the
      backstage area. Okerlund siad he thought since Mysterio lost the mask,
      he's been on a role. As Mysterio discussed his success, he was
      interrupted by Lex Luger and Elizabeth, asking if he would join The
      Wolfpac. Mysterio was attacked from behind by Kevin Nash. Okerlund said,
      "Stop the insanity," while Disco Inferno said, "Give him a wejie."

      • Backstage, Bam Bam Bigelow and Raven got into a huge hardcore brawl.
      Hak also got involved, using a signapore cane. Hak nailed the camera man
      with the cane.

      • Backstage, Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, and Disco Inferno convinced Stevie
      Ray to take out Vince.

      • Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) defeated Jerry Flynn.
      - Before the match, Jerry Flynn, the man on a winning streak, said he
      was sick and tired of Ernest Miller, and would put his karate skills on
      the line to see who was the better man. Sonny Onoo had a discussion with
      Miller in the backstage area, and Scott Norton
      walked in. Norton told Miller to get in the ring to face Flynn. Miller
      said he would beat up Norton later, but Flynn was first. Miller came out
      to some James Brown music with his Glacier entarnce. After both men were
      knocked out, Dave Penzer announced that the referee said the first one
      up, would be the winner. Flynn was up first, but the referee didn't
      know, since Miller held onto the referee, and Sonny Onoo came in and
      kicked down Flynn.

      • Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Saturn with the No Laughing Matter
      - As Saturn was set to nailed Hugh Morrus with the Death Valley Driver,
      Jimmy Hart was all over the referee. Chris Jericho ran in, hit Hugh
      Morrus with an object, causing Morrus to fall on Saturn for a pin.
      Instead of making the pin, Morrus executed the No
      Laughing Matter Moonsault for the win.

      • Footage was shown of Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell travelling in
      their spring break bus and hummer, meeting with women throughout.

      • Footage was shown of Meng playing a role on Mortal Kombat, which aired
      after Nitro.

      • Chris Benoit defeated Bret Hart by Disqualification.
      - Bret Hart and Chris Benoit wrestled an excellent technical match. At
      one point, after Benoit missed a missle dropkick, Hart strapped him in
      the Sharpshooter, but Benoit countered it into the Crippler Crossface.
      Hart made it to the ropes, as the show cut to a quick commercial break.
      When returning, Hart had Benoit in a figure-four leglock. Later, Hart
      strapped Benoit in the Sharpshooter once again. Even though Benoit had
      his hand on the rope, Hart would not let go, causing a Disqualification.
      Dean Malenko ran in to make the save for Benoit, but then was attacked
      by Curt Hennig and Barry Windham. The crowd chanted, "We want Flair."

      • Wolfpac Interiew.
      - Members in the ring were Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Disco Inferno,
      Stevie Ray, Horace, and Vince. Nash first hyped up the crowd. Hogan
      ripped The Four Horsemen, and bragged about David Flair turning on his
      dad to join The Wolfpac. Hogan said Flair
      owed it to the fans to come out and announce his retirement. While Hogan
      did his interview, Stevie Ray and Vince started to brawl in the ring.
      They were separated. • Ric Flair Interview, Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
      - Ric Flair received a huge ovation in his home country. Gene Okerlund
      asked about how Flair felt about his recent troubles with his son,
      David. Flair mentioned how he had met a blonde woman in the past (his
      wife), who changed his life forever. He said after he woke up the next
      day, he paid a price. He said unlike the girl David was seeing (Torrie
      Wilson), his wife knew who the Nature Boy
      was. Flair then pumped up. Flair said at Uncensored, he would finish
      things with Hollywood Hogan. He announced he would take on Hogan in a
      Heavyweight Title match at the Uncensored PPV in a steel cage, with no
      doors, and barbed wire at the top.

      • Goldberg and Rick Steiner defeated Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell via
      - Buff Bagwell looked really well, considering it was his first match
      since a neck injury. Rick Steiner had some ringrust. The match turned
      sides once Rick tagged in Goldberg, after he was being dominated by
      Bagwell and Scott Steiner. As Rick took out his brother, Golderg stunned
      Bagwell. Scott was able to come back in the ring, to stop the Jackhammer
      on Bagwell. As Goldberg battled with Steiner, Rick pinned Bagwell for
      the win.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Sunday Night Heat got a 3.7 rating.

      - RAW could be going 3 hours within 3 months from now. Insiders are
      saying if RAW can get getting a 5.0 minimum rating for RAW for the next
      5 or 6 weeks, USA Network is very interested in making RAW go 3 hours.
      Would the WWF do this? Yes, to combat Nitro, as RAW would start an hour
      earlier and run to 11pm. (sCt)

      - During his standup tonight (3/1), Jay Leno said on his Tonight Show,
      "Did you all see that Stone Cold Steve Austin appear on Nash Bridges
      last week? Yeah I guess he's trying to make that jump to acting from
      acting." (RWIN)

      - Meltzer says the deal of the WWF signing Paul Wight was actually set
      in December 1996.
      Brian Wickens (Luke of The Bushwackers) was the man to go in between to
      avoid contract tampering, to help set up Wight's agent Jim Strausser
      with Vince McMahon. Wight told McMahon that Strausser had the right to
      negotiate with him, saying it would avoid tampering. The sides then
      agreed to a 10-year-deal with at least $1,000,000 per year for Wight,
      and that is exactly what Wight has signed. Meltzer says the only part
      Hollywood Hogan played in the deal was convincing Wight to go to
      McMahon, when Wight was about to change his mind, because McMahon could
      make Wight a bigger star. Most would speculate Hogan only told Wight
      that because it would be best for himself (Hogan). Hogan definitely
      wanted Wight to take the 10-year-deal, because if Wight signed a shorter
      deal, he could always have time to jump back to WCW, which would
      endanger Hogan's power. (De Leon)


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - If you noticed last night on Nitro, during a commercial they were
      advertising Chris Jericho merchandise. There is a reason for this. WCW
      wants to see how popular Jericho is, and to do that is sell his
      merchandise. If alot of people buy Jericho's
      merchandise, that will influence WCW to offer him a lucrative deal,
      upwards of near a 7 figure deal. But Jericho seems to hold his ground
      for now. But if WCW offers his a big deal, WCW will be forced to send
      him to main-event status for spending all the money on him. Thus Jericho
      would get some gold in the future, and probably would resign with WCW.
      We shall see. Still many say, Jericho is Titan bound in the

      - Bret Hart's new website is now at http://www.brethart.net

      - Hogan/Flair match announced on Nitro for Uncensored. It will be in a
      15 foot high steel cage, with barbed-wire on the top. This match should
      be a winner, but Flair won't get the title. Bischoff is rumored to be
      apart of the match, and do a lifetime fall, even better than Vince
      Mcmahon did.(sCt)

      - There is a lot of things that will keep the Hitman Hart: Wrestling
      With Shadows documentary alive. First off, the documentary will be
      released in several video stores - specifically Blockbuster - very
      shortly. Meltzer says the video that will be in stores will be a
      two-hour version (originally 90 minutes), with the last 30 minutes added
      being an update on the story a year later. The movie will also be made a
      motion picture, with real actors playing the role of Bret Hart, Vince
      McMahon, Julie Hart, and many others.
      Meltzer says, "[I] told you this story was never going away." Don't
      forget you can order the Hart documentary at brethartvideo.com. (De

      - Kevin Nash wrote a huge article on the state of pro wrestling, and the
      recent bashings of the media on the sport. You can read this excellent
      article at: http://wrestling-online.com/newsstation/messages/902.html


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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