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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #284

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Sunday, February 28th, 1999

      I S S U E # 2 8 4

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> Stampede Wrestling returns ...
      >> McMahon replies to media critics ...
      >> Playboy Buddy Rose listed as "deadbeat dad" ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Slow news day today. Enjoy the issue.


      Credit: Stampedewrestling.com

      Stampede's Grand Re-opening Show will take place April 2nd at The
      Pavilion, Calgary Stampede Grounds.

      Tickets are available through Ticketmaster (403) 777-0000. Tickets are
      $18 ringside, $15 general admission and $12 children/seniors.

      This is a TV taping! Net proceeds benefit Quest Children's Society.
      Show begins at 7:30.

      Main Event:
      Native Superstar Tatanka
      Arc Angel

      Tag Team Action:
      British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith & Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart
      Giant Titan & Powerhouse Anderson

      Plus a first look at the new generation of Stampede stars in action!

      JUST IN! There will be a show the next evening at the Northlands
      Agricom in Edmonton. Pricing as above.

      Also, Bruce Hart has announced that the Hart Brothers Training Camp is
      accepting new
      applications. The Dungeon is open!

      Write to:

      Hart Brothers Training Camp
      Suite 727
      105-150 Crowfoot Cr., NW
      Calgary, AB T3G 2T2

      or call: (403) 247-6274


      By Vince McMahon
      Credit: NY Daily News

      The World Wrestling Federation is one of the most popular shows in the
      world, reaching a diverse population. There is nothing like our show on

      It draws upon so many other successful forms of entertainment. The
      continuing story lines are familiar to viewers of soap.

      The action, adventure and racier elements draw their inspiration from
      the best that sports and Hollywood have to offer.

      Our superb performers, as though in a classic cartoon, get knocked down
      over and over, only to get up again, like Wile E. Coyote.

      So why is the WWF held to a different standard?

      We engage in controversy with a sense of fun and yes, naughtiness.
      That's why we ran a critically acclaimed spot in the Super Bowl that
      launched our "Get It?" campaign. The spot was entertainment with a
      captial "E." And not surprisingly, a guy with no sense of humor sprung
      into action. Bob Peters of Morality in the Media accused of us placing
      "one of the most vile commercials ever aired on network TV." When
      pressed, he admitted he'd never seen our spot. Oh yes, there's also a
      bishop in Scranton, Pa., who banned the WWF from his small youth center
      (its OK, we'll move the show to the 10,000 seat Wilkes Barre Civic
      Center for our next event). A principal in Winnipeg, Canada, and an
      egghead professor, also objected to our program content.

      Responsible Broadcasters

      Our two-hour program "RAW IS WAR," airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m on USA
      network, and is apparently the lightning rod of this narrow-minded
      criticism. They don't seem to get, or choose to ignore, that more than
      70 percent of this show's audience are 18 years of age or older. "RAW"
      is rated TV14 and is within the bounds of this television rating. We
      also have other shows rated PG and edited carefully for youth; those
      one-hour weekend
      morning shows, "Livewire" and "WWF Superstars," air at 10.00 am on
      Saturdays and Sundays, respectively. Our show on Sunday nights at 7:00
      p.m. on USA, "Heat" is rated PG LV (editors note : Language and
      Violence). We and other TV producers take these ratings seriously and
      edit accordingly. We take particular care because we know the World
      Wrestling Federation has grown and evolved into something that isn't
      "your father's Oldsmobile." It may, however, not be suitable during
      prime time for the youngest members of the house. We leave that for you
      to decide.

      How are We Doing

      The WWF is a company of 500 people. And while we sometimes court the
      "bad boys of TV" perception, the reality for a company celebrating
      nearly 30 years in business, is, of course, very different. Because our
      appeal crosses over several demographics, youth under 11 (15% percent of
      our TV business), 12-17 years old (another 15%), young adults and a
      little older (70%) we attempt to please as many people as we can. In
      fact, we
      take the temperature of the television audience by examining the ratings
      and by taking our cues from live audiences that pack the arenas where
      our shows are held. Roughly 3 million people will attend WWF events this
      year. That may be the "largest focus group" ever assembled. Beyond
      making us the No. 1 show on cable, this cross-section of Americana tells
      us how we're doing with their pocketbooks. These hard-working people buy
      our T-shirts (we're in the Top 5 of all our liscences in the U.S), music
      )our CD WWF The Music, Volume 3 went platinum this week), home video
      (WWF titles are currently 13 of the
      top 20 in 1998 with 4.6 million households buying our shows from their
      local cable provider). Folks don't buy what they don't want.

      Lofty politicians, out of touch, moral crusaders who don't have a clue
      and egghead professors with flimsy studies treat the comman man with
      comtempt. They think out fans
      must have their viewing decisions made for them. We treat our audience
      with respect for its likes and dislikes and they know it. They also know
      we will do anything to entertain
      them. We have the hardest working and smartest superstars in the
      entertainment business. (And unlike Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson, these
      highly skilled men and women do their own stunts!). I am thorougly proud
      of the television programming we produce and it pleases me to no end to
      know how much enjoyment it gives so many people. We're not everyone's
      cup of tea, but we think our audience understands us.

      If someone doesn't, they grab the remote control.

      In other words, "They Get it!" Vince Mcmahon is chairman and owner of
      the Titan Sports Inc. that does business as the WWF.


      Credit: Associated Press

      MINNEAPOLIS - Former Ventura partner on `deadbeat' list: Child-support
      officials in Washington state are hoping to put the squeeze on a former
      professional tag-team wrestling partner of Gov. Jesse Ventura.

      Paul Perschmann, who billed himself as ``Playboy Buddy Rose'' at World
      Wrestling Federation events in the 1970s, is among four ``deadbeat
      dads'' featured on a new Web site posted Thursday by Washington's
      Department of Social and Health Services.

      Perschmann owes $36,620 to Lanette Perschmann, a laboratory technician
      at a Minneapolis
      hospital from whom he was divorced in 1978.

      ``Our daughter was born in 1977 and I came back to Minnesota when she
      was 3 months old,'' she said Thursday. ``He has not paid anything, any
      child support or alimony.''

      People on the Web site owe at least $10,000 and have gone at least six
      months without making payments, according to Washington state officials.

      Lanette Perschmann said she remains friends with Ventura and his wife,
      Terry. ``I told him (Ventura) about the Web site, and he said he hasn't
      heard from him in years,'' she said.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - WWF SuperStar, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was on Nash Bridges last
      night, on CBS. He was a special star on the program, which by the way
      did very well. Austin helped Nash Bridges score an impressive 9.8
      rating/17 shares, and that'a HUGE jump from last
      week's 7.6 rating. Don't be surprised if other WWF stars will be on Nash
      Bridges in the coming weeks. (sCt)

      - The weekend of March 26 will be huge for the WWF. WrestleMania XIV
      Rage Party will be broadcasted live on USA Network, at 10PM EST.

      - With exactly one month left until WRESTLEMANIA XV, the action in the
      World Wrestling Federation is more intense than its ever been! And no
      rivalry is more intense these days than the one between Chyna and Triple

      Last week on RAW IS WAR, The Corporate Ninth Wonder Of The World ended
      up on the losing end to X-Pac after Triple H got involved by executing a
      devastating "Pedigree" on her.
      Now Chyna wants revenge against HHH live on HEAT from the Nutter Center
      in Dayton, Ohio.

      Due to the extremely close relationship these two shared over the past
      two years, their break-up has been extremely personal and intense...and
      it's going to spill over this Sunday night because Chyna is going to
      call out Triple H LIVE on the USA Network for a

      It may not be the most logical decision Chyna has ever made, but this
      feud has got nothing to do with logic. There's so much emotion involved
      that neither superstar is thinking about consequences! Can you imagine
      what is gonna go down between these two LIVE this Sunday night on HEAT?

      Plus, there is going to be much more on HEAT...stay tuned to WWF.COM for
      all the latest details! (WWF.COM)


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - The Big 3 Newsboard is reporting that WCW will be coming out with
      Hogan, Bret Hart, Hall, and Nash in six inch beanie form starting around
      the beginning of May. (Scott Wilson)

      - Strange and crazy rumors heated up about a month ago with some
      claiming Bret Hart would return to the WWF anytime soon now (i.e. late
      1999). Recently in the latest WWF magazine, there was an article in the
      Informer section stating Owen Hart would arrange for a secret
      negotiation between his older brother (being Bret) and Vince McMahon.

      Bret Hart has answered the question of will he ever go back to the WWF
      in his latest column for SLAM! in Canada. He said no and that there was
      no truth to the WWF magazine column. You can read it for yourself at:

      http://www.canoe.ca/SlamWrestling/hitman_home.html (Michael Tavares)

      - WCW's Bret Hart and MAD TV's Will Sasso had an Arm Wrestling Match on
      the 2/27 episode of the FOX program. Michael Buffer ran through the feud
      between Hart and Sasso. He said it started on the 2/6 episode of MAD TV,
      when Hart attacked Sasso in the middle of a segment. It then continued
      when Sasso costed Hart the United States Title in a match with Roddy
      Piper on the 2/7 Nitro. On the 2/15 Nitro, Sasso and Hart wrestled a
      match, which saw Hart win, after Sasso's cast teammate, Debra Wilson,
      turned on him. Buffer then did his "Let's Get Ready" introduction and
      introduced Sasso and Hart to the arm
      wrestling table.

      Hart came out to his entrance music, was in crutches, and had Wilson
      with him. Sasso wanted to know why Hart was in crutches, and Hart once
      again claimed he had a groin
      injury. Sasso claimed that Hart just didn't want to be embarrassment by
      being beaten.

      Sasso couldn't believe Wilson was with Hart again. They started to
      argue. Sasso had some footage shown, where Wilson and Hart were shown
      hooking up a deal before the 2/14 Nitro, which Sasso secretly saw behind
      equipment. Sasso and Wilson got into another argument over the footage.
      Sasso claimed Wilson was on Hart's side since the beginning, and she
      responded by saying that she was only trying to keep the match from
      happening. She said
      she remained with Hart because Sasso yelled out her backstage at Nitro
      in front of many people.

      The referee told them to keep it clean. Hart and Sasso argued before the
      arm wrestling match officially got underway. At one point, Sasso said
      Hart had greasy hair and, all of a sudden, wasn't limping anymore. Hart
      claimed Sasso had a watch on, but he didn't. Sasso ended up winning in a
      matter of seconds, after Hart's groin started to give him trouble. Hart
      held his groin area as if he was in pain. As Sasso celebrated, facing
      the crowd, Hart attacked him from behind with a crutch, with Wilson
      holding back the referee with the other crutch. Hart continued the
      attack Sasso, until Roddy Piper made his way in through the crowd. Piper
      sprayed hairspray into Hart's eyes. The referee tried to break up the
      altercation, but Hart punched him out. Hart was then taken off the stage
      by security.

      Piper said he wanted to talk to both Wilson and Sasso, but they blew him
      off, remaining on bad terms. In the very end of the show, Wilson and
      Sasso made-up, with Piper, who
      still had the United States Title although Scott Hall beat him for it at
      Super Brawl IX on 2/22, in the middle of them to help get things
      settled. Wilson, crying, said she only teamed up with Hart to convince
      him not to do the match, because she didn't want to see Sasso get hurt.
      They both hugged. Piper wanted Sasso to hit Wilson with a chair, since
      she hit him with one on the 2/15 Nitro. Sasso and Wilson, at first, both
      thought it was a bad idea, but with encouragement from Piper and the
      crowd, Sasso jokingly chased Wilson to the backstage area with a chair.
      (De Leon)


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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