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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2007
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      Wednesday May 30th 2007 Issue #2482
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Quite a slow news day today.

      Back tomorrow or Friday...in the meantime, keep checking the site as it's
      always updated even if no newsletter is sent on any particular day.

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      - PWInsider.com is reporting that WWE champ John Cena and former NWA
      champion and TNA star Ron 'The Truth' Killings had an altercation at the
      Charlotte Douglas International Airport in NC., this past Monday morning.
      Cena was the one who spotted Killings and took the decision to approach him.
      Killings recently made some negative comments on Cena on YouTube.com in a
      TNA-produced promo and the comments did not sit well with the champ.
      According to sources at the scene, Cena stared down 'The Truth' but Killings
      didn't say anything about it apart from staring back at Cena. Afterwards
      Cena continued to his route, catching a plane to Toronto and Killings going
      to Orlando for TNA.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4720]

      - More matches have been announced for this Sunday's One Night Stand
      pay-per-view. Announced on Monday was the Hardys vs The World's Greatest Tag
      Team in a ladder match for the tag team gold; Melina vs Candice Michelle in
      a non-title pudding match; Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam in a stretcher match;
      CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer & Sandman vs Elijah Burke, Matt Striker & Marcus Cor
      Von. The whole pay-per-view will be under extreme rules and all matches are
      gimmick matches including the three World title matches.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4706]

      - 'The Condemned' is finally out of theaters surviving just under a month.
      The movie started playing in 2,310 cinemas initially and then dropped to 508
      theaters in fifteen days and finally to 207 before getting kicked. It
      gathered a total of $7,371,706 in domestic box office revenues and as of May
      20th another $121,316 in worldwide box office. The movie was only screened
      in Philippines and Iceland so far. Either way you look at it, the movie was
      a total disaster and DVD sales and rentals is the only thing that can save
      the movie to at least break even.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4571]

      - Smackdown! last Friday did a 2.4 rating with a 4.8 share, down from the
      usual average while TNA iMPACT! did a 1.0 rating for Thursday's show.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d


      By George Brazzel -[v-man@...]-

      Hola humanoids! It's been a while. Thanks to Jim and "Just Jen" for
      remembering my birthday yesterday. I may be somewhat out of the loop,
      admittedly so. Honestly, have I really missed that much? WWE is still cross
      promoting its "brands". Vince McMahon is still wasting what I assume is
      valuable airtime every Monday night with his gaga. Tuesdays also now,
      apparently. I've still been paying attention-well, a little.

      Understanding McMahon owns WWE, and can do whatever tightens his sack; he
      has still degraded yet another world title by holding it himself. It makes
      me long for a David Arquette comeback. I guess with great power... comes
      great stupidity. My apologies to Cliff Robertson.

      The WWE Divas have had their fair hare of positives and negatives. Melina is
      showing improvements in the ring about every week, as is Candice Michelle. I
      also like Maria, who has also improved in the ring; and hopefully will be
      more of a title threat one day soon. Why release Ariel? She had to have just
      pissed someone off. She would've easily been repackaged and moved to Raw or
      Smackdown. She has true wrestling talent, and was undervalued by WWE. You
      talk about undervalued, what is going on with Victoria now? Build her up to
      knock her down seems to be WWE Creative's way of thinking. Hmm.... as
      unpopular as this may be, I liked the Bikini Battle Royal; so much so that
      it is now on the main page of v-man-online.com, if anyone wants to watch it
      again. It was fun to watch, and a great twist with Michelle McCool taking
      the win. Nice. Maybe she'll get into the title hunt as well. It pains me to
      say this, but I'm not sure I even care about this non-title mud match at the
      pay-per-view. Guess I am getting old.

      My personal view, and my alone here; is that Cena isn't, never was or will
      be "Hulk Hogan". Try as they may, there will never be another Hulkster-
      ever. Though he is overcoming some major obstacles in the past few months-
      ala Hogan. I've never been a big Cena fan, or a fan of his Sergeant
      Slaughter / Stone Cold gimmick blend he's been saddled with. That being
      said, I can't help but respect him. Doesn't matter how the fans react, he
      maintains and puts on a great show. I have yet to hear of him showing his
      ass behind the curtain because he doesn't like the "plan" for the evening.
      People seem to forget that Stone Cold became somewhat of a backstage diva,
      even quitting more than once because he didn't like the way his story line
      was playing out. Like it or not, John Cena is more of a man, in that
      respect. And yes, His movie did better in the box office, didn't it? I don't

      I'm jacked about Edge winning another world title. Yes I know, he always has
      to cheat to win... blah blah blah, whatever. He's a devious thinker, and is
      smart enough to cheat and take the easiest route to victory. People don't
      have to like it. That is what makes him a heel, after all. I think he's
      great. He reminds me of a younger Ric Flair actually, only a modern version.
      I guess all he needs now are a few horsemen to help him dominate for a

      Time for another draft. I guess that's good. I'd still rather just nix the
      whole brand idea. I miss having one world title, one set of tag titles,
      intercontinental and women's title; all contested on the various shows. I
      guess we sort of have that now, though with WWE maintaining the security of
      its precious brand extensions. Guess I'm old fashioned. We're being teased
      with all of these cross brand matches, and I like them. I guess with all of
      the injuries lately, WWE needs to regroup. I'm glad they're making an

      Kane, Victoria, Chris Benoit... common thread? All competitors that dominate
      one minute and get jobbed down to Randy Mulkey status the next. I hate it.

      Now that TNA has parted ways with the NWA, will they step it up another
      notch or what? I love how Sting put Angle in his place; stating that without
      guys like him paving the way, Angle would be a gold medal winning gym
      teacher. Ouch! Also, that you for the latest reunion of the Steiner
      Brothers. I love it. Scott tore into Team 3D, and it rocked. And I still
      love how aggressive Gail and Jacqueline are in and out of the ring. TNA has
      it all really, in the talent department. If their creative and promotional
      aspects can advance, the next level is not far away.

      Random Thoughts:
      Why isn't Trinity wrestling? Why is Mark Henry still wrestling? Why isn't
      JBL running for President in 2008? Why doesn't Vince McMahon spend less time
      on camera, and more time promoting a quality product? Why doesn't everyone
      just put a dollar in the box? Is there really such thing as an overachiever?

      I did, in fact, turn 34 yesterday. My daughter turned 14 on May 25th. She's
      starting high school this fall. Ugh. She started in their summer basketball
      program yesterday, and I'm sure she'll do great. Defensively, she's an
      unstoppable monster. And they say watching wrestling doesn't help a child's
      development. She's awesome to watch.

      I understand Batista won yet another title shot, but let's give an unlikely
      a shot... like Funaki! Edge versus Finley sounds good to me right now.
      Hornswoggle? Dammit, where are you David Arquette?!? Honestly, I'd love to
      see Edge lock up with C M Punk right about now. Michelle McCool won her
      battle royal... watch out Edge.

      Why don't the divas have a Money In The Bank match? This is normally where
      I'd make a sexist comment about women and mishandling money, but I just got

      Short and sweet. Find me at v-man@... with all your juicy
      thoughts, or at www.myspace.com/geovinbra. Warm kisses to all your pink

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