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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2473

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Wednesday May 16th 2007 Issue #2473
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Hey hey hey. Well nothing to say today, but there's quite a bit of news.
      Back tomorrow.

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      - WWE hired two new employees for the publicity department. These are
      Jennifer McIntosh who will be Vice President of Publicity and George Cabico
      as the Publicity Director. McIntosh will report to the recently promoted
      Geof Rochester who is Executive Vice President of Marketing while Cabico
      will report to McIntosh. McIntosh will be responsible for the placement and
      exposure of WWE Superstars in national and international broadcast, print
      and digital media. In addition, McIntosh will oversee the promotion of WWE
      products, including films, books, home video releases and music releases.
      Before joining WWE she worked as VP of General Entertainment at mPRm Public
      Relations. As Publicity Director, Cabico will focus on promotion and
      placement of WWE Superstars and products with national and international
      media. Before joining WWE, Cabico managed television clients at
      entertainment firm B|W|R Public Relations.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4648]

      - WWE has released another WWE Superstar, this time it's Vito who's biting
      the dust. Vito joined WWE in 2005 and spent most of his days at Ohio Valley
      Wrestling before being called up to the Smackdown! roster. In May of the
      next year, Vito started a gimmick where he would be wearing dresses for his
      matches and even appeared in April 2007 edition of Playgirl Magazine. Just
      like when he started, he ended up in Deep South Wrestling after his run on
      Smackdown! and was never used on WWE television again.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4649]

      - The numbers keep adding up as the post-WrestleMania firings seem to be in
      full effect. Sabu is the latest victim to be released from World Wrestling
      Entertainment, making him number four after 2 Cold Scorpio, Rob Conway and
      Vito. According to several insiders, the former ECW champ arrived very late
      at the ECW/Smackdown! tapings yesterday and wasn't happy doing the job to
      Kevin Thorn on the show later in the evening which was the final nail in the
      coffin for him. Sabu joined the revived ECW brand in April of 2006 and just
      three months afterwards he was arrested along with RVD for possession of
      drug paraphernalia and fined $1,000 by WWE afterwards. Despite being one of
      the most recognizable stars of the original ECW, he never made it big in the
      revived version and was even taken out of the Elimination Chamber at the ECW
      PPV December To Dismember.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4647]

      - RAW on Monday night did yet another 3.6 rating with a 5.6 share off hours
      3.5 and 3.7. AM RAW on early Sunday morning did a 0.9 with a 3.9 share.
      Smackdown! did a 2.6 rating with a 5.0 share for Friday's show, clearly
      showing that giving out the outcome of Taker vs Batista with Edge winning
      afterwards all week long didn't help to spike the number. (Ratings compiled
      by Nielsen Media Research and put online by PWInsider.com)
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - TNA has revealed two of their three new championship belts during their
      'TNA Today' show on YouTube.com. Yesterday the new TNA World title was put
      on display and today the new X Division title took center stage. Tomorrow
      they will show the new TNA Tag Team titles. The new titles were ordered
      after NWA decided to halt their relationship with TNA after five years. You
      can check a picture of the new titles at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4638]

      - This week will probably be 'The Condemned's' final run in theaters as the
      movie was dropped from 2,310 cinemas to just 508. Last Friday the movie did
      $86,491, $122,908 on Saturday, $91,895 on Sunday and $33,070 on Monday
      bringing the total to $7,103,581 over an 18 day period. That's around $13
      million short of the production budget, not counting the print and
      advertising campaign. It will take some very, very strong DVD revenue to
      make this movie at least break even.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=]

      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports DVD
      chart for the week ending May 19th. 'Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen' remains
      in the top spot for the third straight week. 'Royal Rumble 2007' is in sixth
      place, 'The New And Improved! DX' in seventh, 'No Way Out 2007' in eighth
      and 'Mick Foley: Greatest Hits & Misses' in tenth place.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d


      By Jen Robinson -[jenwrestlingonline@...]-

      Hello, Wrestling-Online readers, and Welcome to the Jumble!

      We now know why Mr. Kennedy lost his "Money in the Bank" title shot to Edge
      last week on "Raw" - he's the latest wrestler to fall victim to injury. They
      seem to be dropping like flies, which is definitely not a good thing for
      WWE! Kennedy and the Undertaker will both be out probably 6-8 months
      following their respective surgeries. That means they could possibly be back
      in time for the "Royal Rumble" but there's no guarantee for that. Meanwhile,
      what does WWE do to make up for their lack of star power? Now is the time to
      begin pushing guys like Chris Benoit, MVP, Kane, Carlito, Chris Masters, and
      Johnny Nitro. While some of these men don't have the "big name" quality that
      Shawn Michaels or Triple H have, they should still be given the chance to
      take the ball and run with it. Move Benoit and Kane back into the hunt for
      the Heavyweight title, and move the others I mentioned up to feud for the
      U.S. and Intercontinental titles. Make their feuds mean something and allow
      them to really showcase what makes them superstars!

      And now a quick follow-up to the above paragraph - When I started writing
      this week's column, I had just read about Mr. Kennedy's injury and the
      possibility of him being out until 2008. Now Dr. James Andrews has some good
      news not only for Kennedy but for wrestling fans, too! It looks like Kennedy
      will not need surgery and should be out only two months rather than six or
      eight. Rock on! WWE really needs Mr. Kennedy right now, especially since
      he's already involved in a feud with Edge and being out only two months will
      insure that the feud doesn't grow cold.

      I'm reluctant to admit this, but I missed ECW's show last Tuesday night. The
      program that is actually getting really interesting, and I missed it. Shame
      on me! However, I did take the time to read the results posted on WWE.com so
      I have an idea of what went on. Here's just a couple of quick thoughts -
      Stop the presses! Elijah Burke actually wrestled! When was the last time
      anyone saw him do that? Plus he cost CM Punk his match against Marcus Cor
      Von. Sounds like Burke is finally realizing how much he needs the New Breed
      so he's going to try to stay chummy with Marcus. Vince and his posse (well,
      mostly the posse since Vinnie Mac doesn't do much of his own fighting) beat
      up RVD, sending a "message" to both the Originals and to Bobby Lashley.
      What's the message, Vince? That you're too chicken to fight your own

      Great tag team match to start off "Smackdown!" last week! Chris Benoit, Matt
      Hardy, Finlay, and MVP are four talented wrestlers who work quite well
      together. It's about time the WWE woke up and listened to what their fans
      want - honest to goodness wrestling matches with honest to goodness

      I'm still digging the pairing of Kane and The Boogeys! Too freaky for words
      but so right for each other!

      I have to take a moment to get down on my knees and thank God for putting
      some sense into the WWE's writers! Why am I happy with them? Five words -
      Mark Henry is NOT champion! When Colin posted in the W-O Newsletter that
      someone was crowned champ at the "Smackdown!" taping but wouldn't say who it
      was prior to the actual airing of the show, I automatically thought of Mark
      Henry. They've been hyping his return for a month or two (at least) so it
      wouldn't have been surprising for the belt to be handed over to him as soon
      as he got back. Luckily that was not the case! The steel cage match with
      Batista and The Undertaker was very good, although having it end in a draw
      just like their previous match didn't seem like the right answer to me. When
      Henry appeared, my stomach cringed because I figured the worst scenario was
      about to come true. Yet all Henry did was pummel the already bloodied Taker
      for a few moments and walk away. What a shock! Then came the surprise of the
      night - the arrival of Edge on "SD" to cash in his newly won "Money in the
      Bank" title shot! Now I know a lot of people don't like Edge, but he is a
      much better choice for champion than Mark Henry! Cashing in a title shot
      when the champion has already been flattened isn't exactly proving how great
      a wrestler Edge is, but it does prove one thing - he's a smart wrestler. If
      you've got a title shot that you can use at any time, then why not take
      advantage of the situation and defeat your opponent when he's already down?
      It worked for Edge before and it worked again last week. If it ain't broke,
      don't fix it. He truly is "Mr. Money in the Bank."

      "Monday Night Raw" was okay this week, but still nothing to write home
      about. It just isn't as enjoyable to me anymore, although I still love
      wrestling and won't stop watching it. I support the men and women in the
      ring and believe that one day the WWE will finally get their act together
      and bring the company back into it's former glory.

      The Great Khali actually had someone to translate for him, which is what he
      desperately needed. Hopefully this "trainer" person will become his
      permanent mouthpiece. Otherwise Khali is never going to be a good champion.

      Candice Michelle continues to show improvement in her wrestling skills! The
      outfit wasn't exactly what I would think of as wrestling gear, but I'm sure
      the guys in the audience liked it!

      So will HBK follow Edge to "Smackdown!" now that he's defeated the Champ in
      a non-title match? Or will he be content to stay on "Raw" and feud with
      Randy Orton? I'm thinking he's going to stay on "Raw," especially since
      Triple H should be coming back soon (hopefully this summer).

      Once again, Vince and the posse got the drop on Bobby Lashley. That means
      Lashley should be taking his title back at the PPV for sure!

      Finally, let me end with a few comments regarding Vince McMahon and his
      unhappiness with Lions Gate, the company that produced and distributed "The
      Condemned." Apparently McMahon thinks Lions Gate didn't promote the film as
      highly as they did Kane's "See No Evil" and didn't feature Steve Austin in
      enough trailers, and those are his excuses as to why the movie tanked at the
      box office. Uh, Vince, not so much! For starters, I honestly don't remember
      seeing many promos for "See No Evil" except during WWE programming, just
      like with "The Condemned," and yet "SNE" did way better than "The Condemned"
      in it's opening weekend. And if Austin wasn't the big bald guy in all of
      those promos shown on TV, then who was it? Vin Diesel? No, Vince, that was
      Austin all over the screen. He's the only person I know for sure WAS in the
      movie, so don't tell me he wasn't spotlighted enough because that's baloney!
      The movie tanked because no one cares anymore about Austin! He's only good
      for the occasional pop on television. That's it. Stick a fork in him, he's
      done. If you want to do another movie (and who knows if WWE Films will after
      this debacle), then you better stick with your current stars who the fans
      actually care about.

      That's it for me this week! Take care and drop me a line anytime!

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