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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2462

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2007
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      Sunday April 30th 2007 Issue #2462
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      I watched Backlash with very low expectations and I must say that I was
      surprised with the way things came around. I liked this show, especially the
      main event which featured a great story and an awesome finish. Yeah most
      fans hated that Cena won, but this time it was different. He won by accident
      so to speak. I suggest a Hell in a Cell match between HBK and Cena for the
      next PPV.

      There were some problems today at playflashonline.com but all the games are
      up and running again including six new ones.

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      - A pretty interesting Backlash with six title matches delivered after some
      boring television shows leading up to the PPV. The main event with Cena,
      Michaels, Orton and Edge had the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats
      with a fantastic finish that saw HBK super kicking John Cena who landed on
      Randy Orton to get the pin and retain the title. With chaos in the ring,
      Edge speared Orton who was then on the receiving end of an FU by John Cena
      who turned around to get some sweet chin music from HBK. However HBK
      couldn't wake up to break the pin fall after Cena landed on top of Orton for
      the final count.

      In other matches from the card. Super-over Matt and Jeff Hardy retained
      their tag team gold after defeating Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. The crowd
      was really into the Hardys who received a large ovation from the fans in
      Atlanta; Melina also retained her Women's title by defeating Mickie James in
      a better than expected match. The highlight was both women in a split in
      front of each other and just punching away; Home-town favorite Chris Benoit
      defeated MVP after an inside cradle to keep his United States title; Vince
      McMahon became the new ECW champion after along with his son Shane and their
      partner Umaga defeated Bobby Lashley. Vince barely wrestled and only went in
      for the pinfalls. After the match, McMahon - wearing the title around his
      waist - taunted the ECW originals backstage; Undertaker and Batista ended in
      a no contest after both men failed to make it on their feet after a ten
      count. The ending came with Batista spearing 'Taker off the stage landing on
      a pad with fireworks and part of the set falling on them. Pretty cool visual
      however the fans didn't like it that no one came out on top.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4573]

      - We have received the poster for the 'One Night Stand' pay-per-view which
      this year, just like every other PPV will not be about ECW only but all
      three brands. The poster has a very big close up of Bobby Lashley's face
      sporting quite an angry and intimidating look with a new One Night Stand
      logo at the bottom. On the left side of the logo is the WWE logo rather than
      the ECW logo just like in the previous two years. You can see it at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4576]

      - Two matches have been announced for tonight's RAW. These are Randy Orton
      vs Edge and Umaga vs Rob Van Dam. The new ECW champion Vince McMahon will
      certainly be in the house as well. For those of you attending the show live,
      note that the show will begin at 7PM CST rather than 7:30PM so be there
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - Financial website Motley Fool tackled the disappointment of Austin's movie
      'The Condemned' at the box office with an article titled 'A Cold Weekend for
      Steve Austin', noting that after three movie releases, WWE should review its
      developmental process. "I honestly would have thought that fans would have
      come out in larger numbers for Stone Cold's major motion picture debut, but
      it didn't happen," said the writer Stephen Ellis. Motley Fool usually covers
      WWE events like this and rarely goes hard on the company when they fail. You
      can read it at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4571]


      //->> THE CHAIR SHOT
      By Kevin I. Dodge -[kidodge@...]-

      Hey everyone, is it me or has the wrestling world been pretty mundane
      lately. With the WWE coming of it's LONG European Tour. And TNA just kind of
      on cruise control. I think they finally got tired of out wrestling the WWE
      and not getting the credit or ratings they wanted or deserved. So there
      really isn't a whole hell of a lot to report in this issue. So I thought I'd
      do something a little different. Let's just try some random thoughts and see
      where it lands.

      First off I want to talk a little bit about the Undertaker. I really think
      for the first time in his career he is going to get to be a long term
      champion. He's held the WWE Championship on 4 separate occasions. But his
      longest tenure was less then 6 months long, March 23, 1997 through Aug. 3,
      1997. Taker has been with the WWE since Oct. 1990, he's 15-0 in
      WrestleMania, and has done more then needed to deserve a long title run.
      Besides, there really isn't anyone on Smackdown who is much competition for
      him. I see him keeping the belt through the summer and possible into this
      winter. He will end up losing it to MRRRRRRR. Kennedy when he wisely uses
      his money in the bank contract.

      Now for a little bit on the Raw Champ, John Cena. This may sound a little
      off, but hear me out. Cena seems to be falling into the same category that
      Steve Austin created. That kind of grey area for a wrestler. Not a good guy
      or a bad guy. In Austin's case it didn't matter what he did, the crowd
      cheered him. Hell, he assaulted his ex-wife, Deborah, in real life, and
      people still loved him. Now I see just the opposite happening with Cena.
      Vince keeps insisting on pushing him as a good guy. Build him up even more
      by having him star in your movie as the hero. But, as you can tell by last
      Monday's Raw, the crowds boo the hell out of him. He really almost looks
      perplexed at the crowds reaction sometimes. I think when a wrestler that
      falls into this grey area it's great. Because the fans are in charge at that
      point. Not the writers, wrestlers, or even Vince. Fan interaction is so
      important in this sport. And because of the fans world wide professional
      wrestling is as big as it is today.

      Speaking of fan interaction...There were some videos that showed up on
      youtube with a lot of the wrestlers who just finished the European tour.
      These were just home video's of guys waiting outside that hotel the WWE
      superstars were staying in. Some wrestlers stayed in character, some were
      very cool and cordial with the fans, and some were just outright rude. First
      I want to give Kudos to Bobby Lashley and especially the Hardy's. They were
      great with the fans. Stopping to talk and take pictures with everyone there.
      I was really impressed. You can tell these guys really care. Most superstars
      acknowledged the fans and just moved on. But some, like Shawn Michael and
      Umaga were just rude. Sure Umaga can just say he was staying in character,
      but Shawn has no excuse. Same thing with Batista at a local autograph
      session. He wouldn't take any pictures, wouldn't talk to the fans, he even
      sent one kid home crying. I'm not sure why someone would treat another
      person like that, especially if that person is the reason your there in the
      first place. I guess there is just some things that I will never understand.

      The last comment on one of the tapes is of Randy Orton. Apparently it was
      before his big temper tantrum. I don't care what anyone says, he is just an
      A-HOLE. He brags about how his fiancé is his high school girlfriend, which
      is great. Yet he's on the video asking the local fans in Europe where all
      the girls are. I'm not making any judgment on or about his relationships.
      But saying stupid stuff like that to fans is just ignorant. Then he ends up
      being found the next morning passed out in his room with over $50,000 worth
      of damage to the room. Yes, $50,000!!! What the HELL??? What is wrong with
      this idiot. Now I think Orton's character, look, and ability are some of the
      best in the business. But he needs to grow up. It's time to be an adult. And
      what does he get for punishment??? He gets sent home from Europe early, and
      possibly sent to Smackdown or ECW. Since Raw is considered the top brand,
      being sent to another show is a step down. But what are they expecting Randy
      to learn from that. It's a slap on the wrist. It show's that Vince will
      sweep things under the rug pretty easily. Especially if you are the "future"
      of wrestling.

      And speaking of sweeping under the rug...I recently read an article about
      the WWE's marijuana policy. First off, apparently, weed is not something
      that is tested for in any of the WWE's wellness tests. Backstage, does not
      seem to have a problem with pot usage by the veteran wrestlers. The guys
      who's body has been beaten and bruised over the years. They also feel that
      the veterans have proven their desire to succeed. But the younger wrestlers
      and looked at a lot differently. If a young wrestler seems "unmotivated" and
      it is known that they smoke marijuana, then they are more then likely to get
      a "Pothead" stamp put on them. Then they get put on the back burner and no
      good pushes until they can kick (or hide) their habit. It sounds like a
      pretty unfair way to run things, but you know Vince, he makes his own rules.

      Finally, I want to send my best wishes out to Andrew "Test" Martin. He was
      recently diagnosed with a severe infect that was shutting his body down. He
      lost 45 lbs. in less then 2 weeks. He is currently rehabbing and will
      hopefully be back on his feet soon. He has posted a blog on his myspace page
      with a complete explanation. So I hope you get better soon. The ring and the
      fans miss you.

      Well, that's about it for this week. Feel free to drop me any comments or
      questions. They are always greatly appreciated.

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