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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2007
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      Monday April 2nd 2007 Issue #2444
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      I liked the show. Yeah, it didn't have any surprises whatsoever but it was
      still a solid show. The fans voting on their cell phones seemed that they
      are smarter than the fans in the arena who were rooting for HBK. They knew
      Cena was winning. The Ford Field looked awesome, especially in those wide
      angle shots. The massive stage, lights and pyro were top notch as well. And
      the most important thing, they delivered what they promised - somebody got

      And I need to get driving lessons from the person who was driving that Ford
      Mustang. I drove a similar Mustang last year while in the US however I
      didn't try any of those moves. I don't think Hertz would've been happy with

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      - WrestleMania 23 has come and gone and we have a new World Heavyweight
      champion. In the first main event, the Undertaker with almost 100% of the
      crowd behind him managed to keep his undefeated record - now 15-0 - by
      defeating Batista in one of the best matches of the night. Taker and Batista
      worked hard during the match with the two big spots being Undertaker flying
      over the top rope and on Batista on the floor and Batista doing a running
      power slam from one announce table to another.

      The second title match saw John Cena - booed all the way to hell - keep his
      title for the second straight WrestleMania main event by making Shawn
      Michaels tap out. Cena had an entrance from way out of the Ford Field,
      coming in 'driving' a Ford Mustang and splashing through a big glass with
      the WM23 logo. The moment his music hit, boos filled the stadium. The two
      wrestled an old school type of match with HBK attacking Cena's leg
      throughout the match. Both of them bled and the original referee Mike Chioda
      got knocked out with a super kick. HBK finally tapped to the STFU as an
      emotional Cena celebrated in the ring.

      It was McMahon's real hair after all! One billionaire is bald and his name
      is Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Lashley gave Umaga his third defeat after Umaga
      was the recipient of the Stunner and a spear by Lashley afterwards. During
      the match Umaga attacked Austin and Shane McMahon interfered, removed his
      shirt and revealed a referee gear underneath. When Shane went for the count,
      Austin pulled him out and attacked him and then Umaga. During the match,
      Donald Trump gave McMahon a flying clothesline (holy crap) on the outside
      which got a huge pop from the crowd. Lashley and Trump proceeded to shave
      McMahon's head with Austin holding the Chairman's head. After some beers,
      Austin gave Trump the Stunner, which he botched, of course.

      In other matches, Mr Kennedy won the Money In The Bank ladder match in a fun
      and entertaining match. Edge and Jeff Hardy were taken out early after Edge
      - who was on laid down on a ladder placed between the ring and the
      barricades - received a sit down splash from the tallest ladder in the
      building from Jeff Hardy. The ladder got broken in half from the move, with
      Edge in between.

      The Great Khali defeated Kane after a tree slam. Kane managed to slam Khali
      but still that wasn't enough for the monster to be knocked out; Chris Benoit
      retained his US Title after defeating MVP with a head butt off the top rope.
      Good reversals in the match with MVP keeping up with the rabid wolverine;
      The ECW Originals also surprisingly won their match against the New Breed in
      an eight man tag team match which had RVD scoring the 5 Star frog splash on
      Matt Striker for the pin; And Melina retained her Women's title by pinning
      Playboy cover girl Ashley in a Lumberjill match. After the match all the
      Divas entered the ring for a brawl.

      Some notes from the show, there was a dance segment with Cryme Tyme, Eugene,
      Extreme Expose and WWE Legends Sgt Slaughter, Jerry Brisco, Dusty Rhodes,
      IRS, Mean Gene Okerlund, Moolah, Mae Young, Patt Patterson, Ricky 'The
      Dragon' Steamboat - who got a large pop - and surprise surprise the Doctor
      of Style, Slick! Ron Simmons interrupted to give his usual 'DAMN!' line;
      When WWE said there were going to be a lot of pyro, they meant it. Largest
      pyrotechnic display in a WWE event ever; All Hall of Fame inductees received
      a large ovation after being introduced to the crowd by The Fink. Mr Fuji had
      to be wheeled out on a wheelchair; And did you notice that the timekeeper
      rang the bell before Austin hit the three count in Lashley vs Umaga? I guess
      he couldn't wait to see McMahon bald!
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4435]

      - Many media outlets were skeptic about the hair vs hair match noting that
      the event falls on April Fools' day and McMahon and Trump were working the
      fans. But it wasn't the case. After McMahon assuring those skeptical that
      one of them will be bald after the match, the promise came through as
      McMahon was the one who got his head shaved. The Associated Press ran an
      article about the confrontation while FOX News had the headline in the
      'Features & Faces' section with a picture of McMahon getting shaved and used
      the same AP story. "The 'sports entertainment' event was held fittingly on
      April Fool's Day," the article read. Several other news sites such as Access
      Hollywood, CBS and E! Online also carried the Trump involvement and local
      news outlets carried the news accompanied by a video clip which was made
      available by WWE after the show was over.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4437]

      - Earlier this morning, Donald Trump and Vince McMahon appeared on The Today
      Show on NBC to talk about their WrestleMania hair vs hair match. McMahon was
      out of character for the interview which is exactly what should have been
      done. "I've got to tell you, in terms of entertainment, the audience loved
      it. It was entertainment. Donald Trump is a great entertainer, in addition
      to everything else," the bald Chairman said. WWE.COM has a review along with
      a picture of McMahon looking like Star Trek's Spock at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4437]

      - The previous record of 78,129 at the Ford Field for a basketball game was
      shattered as WWE's WrestleMania 23 managed to break the stadium's attendance
      record of 80,103 fans. Several thousands of tickets were released earlier
      this week including standing-only spaces. WrestleMania 23 was the second
      biggest WrestleMania in terms of attendance after WrestleMania III, also in
      Detroit at the Pontiac Silverdome. This year's WrestleMania generated more
      than $5.38 million in ticket revenue and $25 million into local economy.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4435]

      - It took guts, a lot of it, but this fan at WrestleMania decided to get
      ejected out of the building and probably face jail time just before the main
      event. Surpassing all security officials, one crazy fan jumped the
      barricades and entered the ring with just shorts and an open shirt. Referee
      Mike Chioda who was checking Shawn Michaels quickly turned around the block
      the fan as security tackled him down. Shawn Michaels waved to the kid as he
      was being taken out with Cena almost starting laughing. You can see a
      screenshot of the incident at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4436]

      - The Nutter Center in Dayton, OH., will be the site of tonight's
      post-WrestleMania RAW. While no matches have been announced, the first show
      after Mania usually gives us new angles and hopefully a surprise. One thing
      is for sure, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will be in attendance and he won't
      be happy! WWE.COM's official RAW preview lists appearances and angles for
      Shawn Michaels and John Cena who are still tag team champs and Melina.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d


      By Darrin Hill -[insideslam@...]-

      Post WrestleMania 23 thoughts

      The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight title. Every year at WrestleMania,
      everybody else's entrance looks pitiful when compared to the one used by
      "The Deadman". He didn't disappoint this year either. It was so electric
      inside Ford Field after "The Phenom" tombstoned "The Animal" and got the
      1-2-3, even I marked out. It blew the roof off Ford Field. This match should
      have been the main event. This was the Hogan/Andre match of WM 23.

      BUMP OF THE NIGHT: (Tie) Undertaker being power slammed through the
      announcer's table by Batista; Shawn Michaels pile driving John Cena on the
      steel steps, Jeff Hardy putting Edge through a ladder. Ron Simmons could sum
      it up in one word. "DAMM!"

      SURPRISE OF THE NIGHT: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair/Carlito vs. Chavo
      Guerrero/Gregory Helms. It was just nice to see that the 16-time Heavyweight
      champion wrestled on the biggest card of the year, even though it was a dark
      match. Also, Donald Trump really didn't sell that appearance in his dressing
      room by The Boogeyman.

      DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE NIGHT: (Tie) Melina vs. Ashley, Kane vs. the Great
      Khali, Chris Benoit vs. MVP. I already talk about two of these matches. I
      though that the battle for the United States Title would be better than it
      was. It was boring. Plain and simple.

      DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE NIGHT: (media related) I was highly disappointed that
      the list of local celebrities did not include the Pistons' Rasheed Wallace.
      I would have never thought that a guy like Sheed who's as knowledgeable
      about pro wrestling as I am would miss this event. Guess I was wrong. Also,
      NO MEDIA PARKING, NO MEDIA DISCOUNTS! I had to park next to St. Andrew's
      Hall and walk to Ford Field. And I had to pay full price for a WM 23 XXXL
      football jersey. This might be the closest thing I do to wearing a actual
      Lions jersey. BTW, The food in the media room SUCKED!

      I want to give a shout out to some of the media representatives that I met
      while covering WrestleMania 23 at For Field on Sunday night. That list
      includes: Muneesh Jain from Motor City Sports Magazine; Tim Meeks from Real
      Detroit Weekly; Brandon Peters from XXL Magazine; Arash Markazi from Sports
      Illustrated; Matt Mackinder from Slam! Pro Wrestling; Jaime Jensen and Ben
      Collier from THQ and last but certainly not least, Kevin Hennessy, Rich
      Hollis, Chris Nowinski, and Gary Davis of World Wrestling Entertainment.

      It was great to see my old buddy, pro wrestling photographer Blackjack Brown
      covering this massive event for the New York Time and the Chicago Sun-Times.
      I've known him since the 1990's. It's too bad that he was busting my chops
      regarding my predictions. I though I did great predicting 6 out of 8 matches
      correctly. The two that I missed was the two most worthless matches on this
      stacked card. The Kane vs. the Great Khali (I fell sleep trying to watch
      this bout), and the WWE Women's Title match between Melina vs. Ashley (I
      told you that the only thing that would improve this match is if it was a
      bra and panties match). Why this match was the seventh match on the card
      I'll never understand.

      As quiet as it's kept, I might have to buy WM 23 when it's released on DVD.
      Thanks to an invite to THQ's fifth level suites, I eat well and enjoyed
      myself. Until next time, stick the fork in me 'cause I'm done.

      Darrin Hill is a freelance writer and a longtime Detroit-area wrestling fan.
      You can reach him at: insideslam@....

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