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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2007
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      Sunday February 11th 2007 Issue #2409
      Visit our website at http://www.wrestling-online.com

      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Nothing to say today. Enjoy the PPV tonight if you're watching!

      The Special Report on the death of Owen Hart,
      Eddie Guerrero and the sale of WCW.

      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - Live from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL., TNA Wrestling present its
      February pay-per-view 'Against All Odds'. The card is as follows. NWA
      Heavyweight champ Christian Cage vs Kurt Angle with Samoa Joe as special
      enforcer; Abyss vs Sting in a Prison Yard match; Chris Sabin vs Jerry Lynn
      for the X-Division title; Team 3-D vs LAX in a Little Italy Street Fight
      match; Rhino vs AJ Styles in a Motor city Chain match; Petey Williams & Gail
      Kim vs Cowboy James Storm & Miss Tennessee plus a 'Basebrawl' special with
      Team Eckstein vs Team Pierzynski. You can check out the preview video for
      the PPV at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4215]

      - The official TNA website posted the listing of what will be aired this
      coming Monday as part of the two hour 'This is TNA' show on Spike TV at 9PM
      EST. There will be five matches from the 'Bound For Glory', 'Slammiversary'
      and 'Genesis' pay-per-views from the last year. The site also says that all
      the matches airing will be "enhanced by TNA Film, giving viewers a unique
      perspective with never-before-seen footage!" Apart from the matches,
      different segments will air including a countdown of the top five moments in
      TNA, a new concept match which debuts at next month's PPV, the legends and
      celebrities that appeared on TNA, a music video from Chris Jericho's band
      'Fozzy', highlights of the most bloody and gruesome moments in TNA and a
      look at the X-Division. The full line up is Jeff Jarrett vs Sting; AJ Styles
      & Christopher Daniels vs The Latin American Xchange; Christian Cage vs
      Rhino; Christian Cage vs Jeff Jarrett vs Sting vs Abyss vs The Truth; Kurt
      Angle vs Samoa Joe.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4189]

      - IGN.COM has an interview up with current NWA champ Christian Cage. In the
      interview, Captain Charisma himself talks about tonight's match against Kurt
      Angle, leaving World Wrestling Entertainment, being free to do things in TNA
      and much more. It's quite an interesting read which you can check out at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewforum.php?f=9]

      - Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Hulk Hogan's
      plans of appearing at WrestleMania 23 may have gone up in smoke after yet
      another fall out with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Meltzer says that Hogan
      was supposed to be involved at WrestleMania wrestling Shane McMahon with the
      Great Khali in his corner as part of the McMahon vs Trump storyline, which
      is expected to be played out until Mania. According to sources, ECW champ
      Bobby Lashley is expected to be filling in instead of Hogan but we all know
      the Hogan/McMahon relationship over the past years so they could "kiss and
      make up" in time for this to actually happen.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4216]


      //->> THE SLAM FEST!
      By Graham A. Harper -[kingalex_2010@...]-


      WWE is beyond me, one minute they are the laziest federation out there
      flogging worthless matches and pushing faceless wresters who are dull at
      best. Then the next minute they are putting on stellar shows, pushing
      deserving performers and enticing us with great possibilities. Going into
      the 2007 Royal Rumble we were been told how it was the "most star studded"
      Rumble yet. I still disagree with that slogan but what we did get was the
      best Royal Rumble since 2001.
      Looking back on the show there are still areas where I think WWE needs to
      address - aside from ECW. Firstly, Umaga is NOT a future WWE Champion, at
      least not the sort that I've been brought up to believe in. My kind of
      champions still stem from the Attitude Era so for me unless he has a Steve
      Austin, Rock, Mankind, Triple H or even Kurt Angle quality I can't believe
      in him becoming WWE Champion. His character is effectively a re-hash of the
      mid-90's New Generation era with the only difference being that Umaga is
      much more violent that say Yokozuna. Also I have to agree with George
      Brazzel when he says that Ken Kennedy isn't ready for the Main Events.
      Kennedy has stunning talent, of that there is no doubt but he is not ready
      to carry either brand. I know I must bore so many of you with this, but the
      BEST World Heavyweight Champions, be them WWE, TNA, ECW or even past WWF and
      WCW, have all spent years feuding with a myriad of wrestlers over every
      title (or just about) before they headed off for the big belt. WWE needs to
      focus on developing its wrestlers by taking the time to harness their
      skills, I'm sure that given another year Kennedy will be much better than he
      is today.

      But anyway, the Undertaker has after 16 years of loyal service to the
      McMahon family won the Royal Rumble. Is this a hint at his retirement that
      we've all been talking about for years? I don't think so, I can remember
      talking about Taker's retirement back in 1999, and then later in 2000 when
      he became the American Bad Ass. Everyone was saying that he'd retire with
      that gimmick NOT as the Phenom and yet here we are and he's returned to the
      character that made him famous. Undertaker will retire when he's good and
      ready and I feel he'd rather step aside when the federation he's stayed
      loyal to is in better shape than it is today.

      But one thing people seem to have forgotten is that 10 years ago Undertaker
      won the main event for the WWF Championship at the disgrace that was
      WrestleMania 13. His match with Syco Sid is perhaps best remembered not for
      his win but for Sid's alleged "accident". Anyone who remembers the stories
      will know what I'm talking about. Anyway I find it strangely co-incidental
      that Taker's going to main event the same show 10 years after he main
      evented the last one. It's just a little history that people seem to have

      I just want to follow-up on something George Brazzel mentioned in his latest
      column and that was his fear of Undertaker jobbing to Cena - should the two
      meet at WrestleMania. While I wouldn't put it past WWE to do something
      stupid like that, I can't see it happening.

      Firstly, the fan backlash would be overwhelming whether it was Cena OR
      Batista that Taker jobbed to. The Undertaker is loved by all fans especially
      the hardcore fans who WWE can't afford to upset. If Taker looses at
      WrestleMania then Vince might as well give us glimpses of his rear-end every
      night because no one will care because no one will be watching. Maybe that's
      the old-school fan in me, but I doubt WWE would be very popular for ending
      Taker's streak. But it isn't just Taker's streak; let's take a look at
      WrestleManias where the Royal Rumble winner HASN'T won the main event. Take
      WrestleMania XI for example, Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel. Michaels was the
      Rumble winner and lost, yes he was a heel but still it devalued the whole
      point of the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania XI - for that match and others -
      is to this day regarded as the WORST WrestleMania ever to be broadcast. Then
      there was WrestleMania 2000, going into this show we had The Rock as the
      Royal Rumble winner yet he lost to Triple H. Yeah I know we had Big Show and
      Mick Foley in there also and Rock would get his BIG match the following
      month but the fact is he should've won at WrestleMania. That WrestleMania
      was perhaps the most hyped show WWE has ever put on and today it is regarded
      as one of the biggest let-downs in WWE history. A Royal Rumble winner should
      win the belt at WrestleMania otherwise their victory at the Rumble is

      For this year's Big show I'd like to see SmackDown! get the main event. RAW
      has had the last match at Mania since 2004 and last year despite not having
      a Rumble winner they got it again. If WWE wants us to take the blue show
      seriously then give them the last match, let us have Undertaker vs. Batista.

      Onto a few random thoughts, I think Carlito needs to turn heel, his run as a
      face is a distaster and he's lost the edge he once had. I really hope
      Victoria gets that Women's title back, please don't give us Candice at
      Mania. In fact give us a Triple Threat, Melina vs. Victoria vs. Mickie,
      don't tell me that doesn't sound interesting. And give us one set of Tag
      Team titles, I'm thrilled that WWE is taking the division seriously again
      but right now there's too much confusion over who belongs where and who
      holds what title.

      Well that's all for now, feel free to email me and say your thoughts.

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