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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2404

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2007
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      Sunday February 4th 2007 Issue #2404
      Visit our website at http://www.wrestling-online.com

      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Well it's Super Bowl Sunday. Millions and millions and millions of people
      will be glued to their television screens in just a few hours as the
      most-watched television broadcast anually in the United States comes live
      from Miami, FL. I wish I could stay up to watch it live, but work at 8AM is
      preventing that. Although I will tape it, it's Mission: Impossible to avoid
      spoilers since anything online will have the result. Oh well!

      Enjoy the game if you're watching.

      The Special Report on the death of Owen Hart,
      Eddie Guerrero and the sale of WCW.

      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - The Undertaker will be appearing on RAW tomorrow to announce his decision
      as to which title he will be going after at WrestleMania 23. The Phenom will
      be opening the show with his announcement. While the choices are against
      Lashley for the ECW title, Cena for the WWE title and Batista for the World
      title, it's pretty obvious that either Cena or Batista will be facing the
      Undertaker in the main event and while 'Taker vs Cena seems like an exciting
      match-up, sources are suggesting that it will be against Batista and Shawn
      Michaels taking on Cena in the other main event.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4198]

      - Several industry insiders are reporting that TNA has reached an agreement
      with Spike TV to extend the iMPACT! television show from one hour to two. An
      announcement is said to be coming in the next week or probably during the
      Monday night TNA special on the 12th of February. TNA started on Spike TV on
      October 1st 2005 after being stranded without a television deal for three
      months. Back then, TNA offered their weekly show on PPV on Fox Sports Net
      starting in July of 2004 but the deal expired a year later and was not
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4199]

      > iMPACT! RATING
      - Thursday's TNA iMPACT! did a 1.0 rating, up to its normal level after the
      show had a 0.8 rating the previous week due to the broadcast airing on
      Wednesday instead of Thursday. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research
      and put online by PWInsider.com)
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - W-O Newsletter reader Irving Campbell sent in word that satellite provider
      DirecTV will only add the WWE 24/7 SVOD service depending on the amount of
      responses they get from their subscribers across the nation. A recent e-mail
      to DirecTV was replied stating that the company only put channels in
      response to the requests of their members. Anyone who has DirecTV and wants
      to see WWE 24/7 on their system can e-mail directvcustomercare@...
      with the request.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4200]

      - W-O Newsletter reader Eric Flores attended the Smackdown! and ECW tapings
      earlier this week and sent in some off air notes from the show. After the
      cameras stopped rolling an eight man tag team match took place with MVP, Mr
      Kennedy, Finlay and King Booker against the team of John Cena, Shawn
      Michaels, Batista and The Undertaker. The faces ended up winning the match.
      After the match, the Undertaker grabbed both heavyweight titles and held
      onto them for a few and after staring down both champs he laid the titles on
      the mat and walked back to the locker room.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d


      By George Brazzel -[v-man@...]-

      I'm going to start off on a somewhat relative topic to the time of the year:
      race. Now, if you're the type that is either hyper-politically correct, or
      just overly sensitive; you may want to stop reading now.

      The Superbowl is coming up, and it seems to be more prevalent on the
      majority's mind that both of the coaches are black. Okay, can I say "black"?
      Am I going to be type cast as a bigot because I didn't say African American?
      Whatever. I always thought football was about just that- football. I
      understand that throughout time, many races have been discriminated against
      and held back for whatever asinine reason racists have had. I say
      insecurities in themselves play a role in racism. It's the typical "bully"
      persona, where if something or someone is different, it can cause
      uncomfortability (is that a word?).

      My views on this are simple- to a point. The longer we make race an issue,
      the longer it will remain an issue. Case in point: Ron Simmons. Touted as
      the first black world champion, it is an accomplishment- not because he's
      black, but because he won the world title. Why haven't there been several
      black world champions since? Racist bookers maybe? Possible, I suppose. I'd
      lay it more squarely on the shoulders of the talent. Recent history has
      given us Ron Killings and Bobby Lashley as world champions. Ron killings is,
      to me, a great in-ring talent, but not world champ material. Lashley, as
      well, is in the same mid-card boat; again, in my opinion. I truly hope he
      either better develops his character, or drops the title.

      On the flip side, Ron Simmons and Tony Atlas were great- in their day.
      Granted, later on, Tony Atlas got screwed over with the whole Saba(sp) Simba
      thing. In my mind, when I was growing up, Ron Simmons and "the Black
      Superman" were two of the greats. Of course, I also loved Bret Hart- a great
      in-ring talent, with the charisma of a dead rabbit.

      I guess what I'm trying to say is this: I choose not to live in the past,
      just learn from it. I wish others would do the same. Let's focus on talent
      and ability. Am I prejudicial? I don't think so. However, I do not support
      affirmative action- which, to me, is a form of discrimination all its own.
      Any who hires someone because of race or gender is just as bad as those that
      don't hire someone because of race or gender. Will the world ever be racism
      free? No. It'd be nice if people FROM ALL SIDES would make more of an effort
      though. It ain't all the fault of the white man.

      Rey Misterio was a mistake of a world champion. Cute as it was, I didn't
      care for it. It was almost as bad as David Arquette with the world title.
      Rey is awesome in the ring, and fun to watch. My kids love him. His size,
      not his race, made it an unbelievable scenario. Then again, with Lashley, he
      has the size without proving ability. He's an athlete in all aspects, but
      over-rated just the same.

      I know, I'm looking bad here. Let's go at it a different way- a way close to
      my heart. When someone breaks the law, for whatever reason, and flagrantly
      resists arrest; I feel they deserve to have the crap kicked out of them.
      Now, have police ever abused their authority? Many times. Have criminals
      ever taken advantage of racial stereotypes in print and media to wrongfully
      discredit good police officers? Many times. Nothing is as simple as "black
      and white", pun intended.

      Back to wrestling for a minute, Miss Jacqueline (Miss Texas) was probably
      one the better female wrestlers of the past twenty years. She had a double
      stumbling block to overcome in the business, being a black woman. However,
      in my mind, she overcame. I wish she was still working in a WWE ring right

      Super Crazy is another Latin superstar that is exciting to watch, but will
      most likely never be the world champion. He's just not the total package
      that could sell out an arena in the U.S. honestly. Same with the Ultimo

      Overall, it must be hard for anyone to make it in the wrestling business-
      period. There's an "it" factor that makes the good ones great. Hulk Hogan
      has it. The Rock, Stone Cold, and like it or not Triple H have it. Even the
      Undertaker has it. Batista, Lashley, Umaga- all big boys, but they just
      don't have it. WWE is trying to give it to Cena, and it's somewhat working,
      I guess.

      Basically, I cannot completely say that gender, race and/or religion never
      play a role in creative of wrestling. It's all about money and marketing.
      The only color that truly matters is green.

      Side Note: Time and time again, people complain about the divas. Either
      their ring work in the ring isn't up their standards, or their mic skills
      are poor, or whatever. If it's so damn bad to watch the hottest of the hot
      mix it up in the ring for four minutes of your life, get another hobby man.
      Change the channel. I'd bet the majority of people that complain don't have
      the athletic ability to bend over, much less lace up the divas boots. Keep
      complaining, limp wristed fat boys; I'm enjoying the view.

      Thanks for reading. I can't wait to hear your views on this.

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