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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2392

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2007
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      Thursday January 18th 2007 Issue #2392
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Seems like the people up in Stamford are doing some spring cleaning
      today....I wonder who's next. Usually they start firing people after
      WrestleMania but I guess this time it's different!

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      - WWE has released the Gymini tag team as well as David Heath, who fans knew
      him better as Gangrel. The Gymini had a short stint on Smackdown! and WWE
      creative threw in Simon Dean to be with the team. However one of them
      suffered an injury and they were pulled off television. In Heath's case,
      originally he was signed to appear on ECW but never made it out of the
      developmental territory Deep South Wrestling.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4161]

      - Just before this newsletter was sent, WWE reported that it has released an
      additional three people. These are ECW veteran Al Snow, Tony Mamaluke and
      Doug Basham who was part of the Paul Heyman security team along with Danny
      Basham. Mamaluke was under the standard one year contract given to all ECW
      members while Basham and Snow have been employed by the company for quite a
      while, especially Snow.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4161]

      - The following matches have been taped for tonight's iMPACT! on Spike TV.
      LAX vs Team 3-D; James Storm vs Lance Hoyt; AJ Styles vs the number one
      contender Kurt Angle and the new NWA champ Mr Captain Charisma himself
      Christian Cage will be in da house.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - Las Vegas and Orlando seem to be the two cities in contention for hosting
      WrestleMania 24 next year. Initial rumors moved toward Sin City, where
      WrestleMania 9 was held in the parking lot of Caesar's Palace in 1993. An
      article by Jeff Wilen carried yesterday in the Daytona Beach News-Journal
      contained comments from John Saboor who is the President of the Central
      Florida Sports Commission regarding the rumors of Orlando hosting next
      year's 'Super Bowl' of wrestling. "We are currently exploring a variety of
      options related to WWE in future events," Saboor said. "There are on-going
      discussions, and those discussions have been productive to date." Usually
      WWE announce the location of the next WrestleMania during the show itself
      although sometimes it was announced at a later date. "Any announcement would
      go through them first," he added. There are no big stadiums which can have
      their roofs closed in either city, so it will be interesting to see if WWE
      will opt to go back to hosting the show in a normal arena rather than inside
      a football or a baseball stadium.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4162]

      - WWE.COM has an article about Chicago Bears offensive guard Ruben Brown
      purchasing replica WWE championships for the entire offensive line as a gift
      for finishing in the top place of the NFC North division. Brown admitted
      that the whole offensive line are WWE fans and Ric Flair will be at the game
      this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints with the winning team moving to
      the Super Bowl. Two years ago, NBA's Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit Pistons
      bought a replica World Heavyweight Championship for each team member and
      they all wore the title while they were introduced for their first game of
      the new season as NBA champs! It's a pretty good article which you can read
      at http://www.wwe.com/inside/news/rubenbrown
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4163]


      By Oren Kurtz -[syxx_ok@...]-

      For those who wonder where I went to - I didn't disappear, didn't have a
      major crisis, and I actually did have what to write about, but I kept hoping
      to that I'd find one positive thing to write about, as the majority of you
      seem so intent on me writing positive stuff. Well, I can't take it anymore,
      I've been pissed off one time too many, and for those of you who prefer the
      happy, positive, "wrestling is on the right track" sort of column - stop
      reading now. To paraphrase Ice T - This is not a pop Column.

      The WWE has been urinating on us fans and most of you seem content thinking
      that it's rain. Vince McMahon is a genius; I'm not stupid enough to
      insinuate that a man with such a track record is not one. The fact is that
      we are the stupid ones. If McMahon can go on Raw and tell us that he gives
      us what he wants to give us and we like it, he's right. And the fans that
      boo him are pathetic, because 10 minutes before that they cheer the hell out
      of that Hulk Hogan remake, The doctor of Wiggernomics (and thank you Ric
      Scaia for the catchphrase) and the biggest piece of misused charismatic
      talent I've seen in the 20 years I've been watching wrestling - John Cena.

      We're being urinated on because when I started watching wrestling, when a
      contender lost a title match clean - he'd get to the back of the line
      because it is not believable that he can beat the champion the second time
      around. Hell, give title shots to heel after heel - maybe one of them will
      get over, but if you want them to be perceived as actual title threats, then
      at least once in a while - LET THEM BEAT SOMEBODY!

      When I started watching wrestlers charismatic and talented in-ring
      performers weren't squashed like bugs by Andre the Giant wannabes whose sole
      purpose could be served if they were comic relief because they are even less
      understandable than Ahmed Johnson.

      You chant that "You want wrestling"? Then here's a clue on getting it -
      cheer Shelton Benjamin. Cheer Carlito. Boo Mr Kennedy. Be totally silent
      when The Great Khali gets in the ring. Be totally silent when that
      overrated, immature, heat killer, "Daddy got me here because the army was
      too hard for me" Randy Orton gets in the ring.

      I feel so bad for Edge. I mean, I think he has also been misused and should
      have been shown in a more cocky light (like he's being shown right now) and
      not look like a wuss throughout his feud with Cena, but the fact is that he
      carried the main event of RAW for almost all of 2006, and now he has to
      carry Orton and get heat on him. I guess that just shows you how talented
      Edge is.

      And don't think that TNA is any better. First, let's clear something - TNA
      is not a wrestling company as of right now. A wrestling company has house
      shows, and presents its live TV product to more then 800 people who see it
      for free. TNA is a TV entity. And before you start blasting me with "TNA was
      in my local high school gym two weeks ago" sort of emails - those are not
      TNA shows. Your local independent feds book those shows; TNA just brings the
      wrestlers and the ring.
      Secondly - Vince Russo is as good as the talent he works with. But on the
      other hand, he's much worse than the talent he works with. What do I mean?

      When he had Austin, The Rock, Foley and DX he used their charisma and
      created characters that were an extension of the personality of all those
      involved. All the top characters of the WWF Attitude era had say in their
      gimmicks - and it showed. The same goes today with TNA - The gimmicks that
      work are those who were already successful - Kurt Angle, Christian, and
      above all - Kevin Nash. The guy is simply hilarious and he is single
      handedly getting tons of heat on four guys who would never have gotten it
      other wise. The only one who'll be a big star with Nash or without him is
      Alex Shelley.

      But when they suck, my god, they stink up the whole neighborhood. AJ Styles
      lacks any personality, and giving that guy air time just kills off any
      credibility that he has. Put him on mute for the next five years and let him
      talk when he stops sounding like a stupid redneck, and let his character
      grow through his in-ring psychology.

      And that Sting-Abyss angle... I was actually expecting Abyss to answer
      Sting's "Chris" remark with a "Steve?" instead of his usual screams. Abyss
      had no place in the main event, he's perfect as the "midcard holly sh!t act"
      against TNA's resident psychopath, but at the main event he just slowly
      sucked away the heat from the crowd.

      That whole main event lacked logic, because as much as I hate triangle
      matches, there's at least a reason for the wrestlers not singling out one
      wrestler. But that wasn't an option because the only logical teaming
      would've been of Sting and Abyss, and anyone with a brain could see on last
      Thursday's Impact that Angle and Christian are going to main event the next
      few PPVs, so that wasn't an option.

      The near falls in the end were cool, but will TNA please hire someone who
      can bok a match to end in a finish that includes the two wrestlers and
      nobody else? I've given up on hoping that they'd be creative enough to have
      clean finishes - but at least let the winner win by his own cheating ways.

      As for Joe and Angle - Hyped feuds have a tendency to be somewhat of a let
      down and this was no difference. The really big feuds are those who gain
      heat as they go, and there was so much anticipation for a Joe VS Angle feud
      that no matter how much chemistry they had together - it would never exceed
      what the fans hoped for.

      But that feud is over and it elevated both of their TNA status so I guess I
      can't complain. Now it's time to put the two of them back in feuds they're
      best in - Angle against loud mouthed technically based wrestlers (Christian
      is a great start), and Joe against quick high flyers.

      Anyway, that was me venting out my aggression. If you wish to have any
      comments - syxx_ok@... Until next time, take care.

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